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April 10, 2012 Volume 26, Issue 18

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` .2;4DB^3'($4.9()4<$%<(M;4/*_.2@()3%&%<=` E$$*.2@()3%&(/(<3&*.)(*.;;(D3(2*.<2*D"#$%&'(2*#B*3'(*D"#$%&'()*"D4<*3'(*)(D)(&(<3.3%4<*3'.3*3'(*.=(<;B*.<2Y4)*.2@()3%&()*%&*."3'4)%a(2*34*D"#$%&'*3'(*(<3%)(*;4<3(<3&*.<2*&"#b(;3*/.33()*3'()(49M?'(*.=(<;B*.<2Y4)*.2@()3%&()*]%$$*%<2(/<%9B*.<2* &.@(*3'(*D"#$%&'()*'.)/$(&&*9)4/*.<B*$4&&*49*(ND(<&(*)(&"$3%<=*9)4/*;$.%/&*4)*&"%3&*#.&(2*"D4<*;4<3(<3&*49*.<B*.2@()3%&(/(<3J%<;$"2%<=*;$.%/&*4)*&"%3&*94)*2(9./.3%4<J$%#($J)%='3*49*D)%@.;BJD$.=%.)%&/J.<2*;4DB)%='3*%<9)%<=(/(<3M


If you don’t already have your ticket to the Thirsty Orange Brew Extravaganza on April 14th in Johnson City, it’s time to scoop one up. With Johnson City’s premier craft beer event just a few days away, tickets are limited (there were just a few left when this went to print.) More than 40 unique and specialty beers will be represented at the one day event, happening outside of the Mellow Mushroom in Johnson City. Breweries from around the southeast are displaying the best in their craft beer, with some very unique brews. “The Thirsty Orange is the only place you’ll be able to sample many of the beers represented. Several breweries are sending us ‘one time’ combinations for the event, and several brewers aren’t even sold yet in Tennessee,” said event organizer Stephanie Carson. Beer, Sample, Then Repeat Your ticket to the Thirsty Orange will get you a souvenir tasting glass for unlimited sampling of !"#$%&'((")&*+,&!#-&.-/&#&!+012(%(&234%&+$&'"(5("3(4&+-&%6(&5('43%(&7555)%63"4%8+"#-9()!+0:'"(5("4;)& Among those bringing brew is Smokey Mountain Brewery from Knoxville, Bird Song Brewery from Charlotte, Moccasin Bend Brewing from Chattanooga, Pisgah Brewing from Asheville, Olde Hickory from Hickory, NC and many others. General admission tickets ($30 in advance) get you access starting at 1pm on April 14th. In addition to the variety of beers, there will also be special infusions and tappings happening throughout the day. If you follow Thirsty Orange on Twitter, you’ll be able to track those announcements throughout the day on your Smartphone. Get your tickets while you can. If there are any General Admission tickets left, they will be $35 at the gate, so save money and make sure you get a ticket. With a VIP ticket ($38 in advance), you’ll gain entry to the event an hour early at 12pm. In addition there will be a special beer and artisan cheese pairing event where you’ll be able to sample a very limited quantity of extra special beers including Lazy Magnolia Sweet Potato Cream Ale, a Pisgah Brewing Pale Ale infused with jalapenos, and Highland Brewing’s Bourbon Barrel Mocha Stout. Each beer is paired with an appropriate cheese for the VIP hour. Also, specialty beer such as the Black Cherry Cask from Thomas Creek, Highland’s Port Wine Barrel Gaelic and the Rum Barrel Maple Ale, Olde Hickory Brewing and many others. VIP Tickets will SELL OUT, so make sure to get your tickets before they sell out. VIP tickets will not be available the day of the festival. Thirsty Orange attendees will also be able to sample and vote in the one and only Tennessee Iron Brewer Competition. A handpicked group of brewers have been given identical ingredients and are each allowed one mystery ingredient. Studio Brew of Kingsport will also be enlisting some audience participation. A fan favorite at Kingsport Oktoberfest last fall, Studio Brew will be sampling two versions of a beer they have in development. By celebrating the Art of Cinema they have created a beer “Gone with the Wheat “. They’ve made two versions, a German Dunkel style and a Hefeweizen. With a touch Peach and Butter Pecan these beers will bring southern grace and appeal. Infusers and Nitro infused beer will be running throughout the day including Duck-Rabbit’s Milk Stout with Nitro. Some of the many unique combinations on the infusers will be Pisgah Brewing’s Pale Ale infused with jalepeno, mandarin orange, chocolate, hops, ginger and other fresh ingredients. Thomas Creek will have chocolate shavings for their Vanilla Cream Ale, so you get a dessert in a glass.

?'%)&3B* c(3d*

Brewery’s Debut Faddy Maddy located just across the Tennessee state line in North Carolina will be making their brewing debut with some very creative, tasty and artisan brews. First Time in TN <349#6&="(53-9&$"+0&=2#!>&?+,-%#3-&5322&'(&0#>3-9&%6(3"&."4%&#11(#"#-!(&#%&#&@(--(44((&=(("&A(4tival. They’re bringing their signature pale ale, as well as a blueberry wheat bear that’s unique for this spring. Charlotte’s newest microbrewery, Birdsong is bringing their Free Will Pale Ale and Lazy Bird ="+5-&B2()&C-D,(-!(/&'8&5(4%&!+#4%&4%82(&'"(53-9E&=3"/4+-9&#304&%+&!"(#%(&,-.2%("(/&#-/&D#F+"$,2& craft beer. Olde Hickory Brewing from Hickory, North Carolina will have their Table Rock Pale Ale and Ruby Lager on site for sampling. First Time to East TN Blackstone Brewery from Nashville has never sampled their beer on this side of the state. To make their debut, Blackstone is bringing their Nutbrown Ale and American Pale Ale. Designated driver tickets ($15 in advance) are also available and will get you access to the entertainment and unlimited sampling of craft root beer from Heinzelmannchen Brewery in Sylva, North Carolina. The beer sampling will continue until 5:30pm. Get Your Swag Festival organizers will have merchandise available for you to take home. There will be Thirsty Orange t-shirts, pint glasses and visors available for purchase. Also, they’re selling some unique products including a brew caddy that holds your tasting glass at beer sampling events so you can have both hands free. There will also be the debut of a new product called a growler koozie. The insulated wrap

?'(*89:;%.$*C"%2(* 34*3'(*

?'%)&3B*8).<=(* ,)(]*1N3).@.=.<a.


zips around your beer growler to keep it cold and safe. If you want to try something new, hops candy will be for sale. LIVE Local Music There will be live musical entertainment throughout the afternoon at the Thirsty Orange. The day will kick off with fan favorite Annie Robinette with her powerful voice and lyrics. Family band Wise Old River will be up next with their original Americana music. Great Disaster will perform next with their folk, independent rock feel and Beth Snapp will close out the day with her ….. In addition to live music, there will also be the Beer Booth, where you can take pictures inside the Photobooth (included with your price of admission). In the spirit of fun, local hula hoopers will be rocking at the festival with the Tennessee Beer Girls and Brewski the Gigantic Orange. Women and Beer The Thirsty Orange will be the site of the inaugural meeting of the Southeast Chapter of Barley’s Angels, a women’s beer group. Barley’s Angels will be meeting at noon in a tent inside the event. Barley’s Angels is a growing collection of individual chapters around the world dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe, educational place for women to learn about and enjoy craft beer. One of the main purposes of the Barley’s Angels is to create more women beer enthusiasts, and to create a support system for women interested in joining the brewing industry. If you’re interested in joining the group, email and you’ll be connected with the group leader. Support your Local Brewery Campaign @6(&@63"4%8&G"#-9(&="(5&HI%"#F#9#-J#&34&%6(&."4%&'(("&$(4%&3-&%6(&-#%3+-&%+&'(&1#"%-("(/&53%6&%6(&="(5("K4&B44+!3#%3+-4&L&M,1port Your Local Brewery Campaign. Support Your Local Brewery is a national, grassroots partnership of beer enthusiasts, professional trade associations and brewers dedicated to supporting and protecting the legislative and regulatory interests of small, traditional and independent craft breweries. For a Good Cause G-(&6,-/"(/&1("!(-%&+$&%6(&1"+!((/4&$"+0&%6(&@63"4%8&G"#-9(&9+&%+&<3-%4&$+"&<"+4%#%(4E&#&-+-L1"+.%&+"9#-3J#%3+-&%6#%&"#34(4& money and awareness for prostate cancer through beer events. Pints for Prostates will be on site to educate men about the importance of prostate health screenings. Parking Information @6("(&5322&'(&.F(&ANHH&46,%%2(4&",--3-9&+-&%6(&/#8&+$&%6(&$(4%3F#2&",--3-9&!+-%3-,+,428&%+&%6(&1#">3-9&2+%4&#F#32#'2(&%+&#%%(-/ees of the event. The following lots are designated for parking to Thirsty Orange goers. O&P+23/#8&Q#8&C--&+-&N+#-&M%"((%E&563!6&34&#24+&%6(&+$.!3#2&6+%(2&+$&%6(&@63"4%8&G"#-9( O&A"+-%&2+%&+$&N((2&%+&N(#2&@6(#%("4&+-&N+#-&M%"((% O&R+%&+-&S(4%&G#>2#-/&'(%5((-&HLT&N(-%#24&#-/&M%,/3+&UV&@#%%++4 The shuttles will be running beginning at 11:30am on the day of the festival and stop at 7pm. Event organizers will have plenty of signage and volunteers guiding people to the lots. @6("(&#"(&.F(&46,%%2(4&",--3-9&'(%5((-&%6(&1#">3-9&2+%4&#-/&%6(&(F(-%&#%&%6(&?(22+5&?,46"++0&(F("8&UW&03-,%(4&%6"+,96+,%& the day. Volunteers will be on site at the lots to help guide people to the shuttle as well as monitor the lots throughout the day. Ticket Information You can purchase VIP and General Admission tickets in advance at the Mellow Mushroom locations in Johnson City and Bristol and by going to There will be no VIP tickets on sale the day of the event. General admission tickets will be $35 on the day of Thirsty Orange, if there are any left.



>%33$(*7%3B*K4$$()*C%)$&*D)(D.)(*94)*&(;4<2*'4/(*#4"3 The Little City Roller Girls are excited to announce their second home bout of 2012! Saturday, April 14th, 2012. Little City vs. the U.R.G.E. will be held at the Appalachian Fairground’s Farm and Home Building. Q++"4&+1(-&#%&X&1E0)&#-/&%6(&."4%&'+,%&'(%5((-&%6(&R3%%2(&Y3%8&Z,-3+"&N+22("4&#-/&%6(&?#/&Q3F#4&+$&?#/34+-& County NC (ages 14-17) will begin at 5pm. Then, at 7 p.m., the Little City Roller Girls will take on the U.R.G.E. from Greeneville SC. Tickets are $10 in advance, or $12 at the door. Kids under 12 ALWAYS get in free! Bring the >3/4&%+&%6(&A#3"&(#"28&%+&9(%&4+0(&12#8%30(&3-&%6(&?(9#1#"%8&3-D#%#'2(4[&@6("(&5322&'(&\&"3/(4&$+"&%6(&>3/4&563!6& include a bounce house and a giant slide. $10 advance tickets can be purchased at the following local locations: Johnson City Family Skate Center, Lefty’s (Johnson City), Light House Market (Elizabethton), or from you local Little City Roller Girl league member. G-23-(&%3!>(%4&#"(&#F#32#'2(&F3#&="+5-&<#1("&@3!>(%4&#%&6%%1]::23%%2(!3%8" A portion of the proceeds of our Little City vs. the U.R.G.E. bout will go to '(-(.%&%6(&Z,F(-32(&Q3#'(%(4&A+,-/#%3+-) It is a tradition for both teams to celebrate with the fans afterwards, so the over-21 after party will toast the victors at Halo on East Main Street in downtown Johnson City. Formed in September 2007, the Little City Roller Girls, LLC, are a Johnson Y3%8E&@^&'#4(/&5+0(-K4&D#%&%"#!>&"+22("&/("'8&2(#9,()&@6(&9+#2&+$&+,"&2(#9,(& is to represent the Tri Cities TN & VA in national level WFTDA competition while positively contributing not only to women’s health and well-being, but the health and well-being of our community. LCRG also has derby teams for girls and boys ages 6 to 11 and girls ages 12 to 17.

E*]4/.<e&* $(=.;B An exhibit this month at East Tennessee State University’s James H. Quillen College of Medicine focuses on a woman whose name may not be well known, though her story and her legacy are considerable. The Quillen College of ?(/3!3-(&R3'"#"8&#-/&%6(&G$.!(& of Women in Medicine are cosponsors of a traveling exhibit, “The Literature of Prescription,” that tells the story of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a woman who challenged the intellectual and professional limitations placed ,1+-&5+0(-&3-&%6(&2#%(&U\%6& century. Through a now-famous short story, she also rebuked the unusual treatment a physician prescribed for her nervous exhaustion. On loan from the National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine, the exhibit of large, free-standing graphic panels is located in the mezzanine of Stanton-Gerber Hall. It will remain at ETSU through April 20, and viewing hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. For more information or for assistance for those with disabili%3(4E&!#22&7X_V;&XV\L`ab\)



7$.&&%;*I%D$%<=*%<*<(]*,.)3()*D)42";3%4< The Barter Players give a contemporary spin on the classic tales in “Just So Stories” by Rudyard Kipling as they launch the 2012 season on April 10. “Just So Stories was one of the three shows The Barter Players just toured across the east coast this winter,” said Katy Brown, artistic director of The Barter Players. “This show has been heralded as the best show for elementary students that we've ever sent out on tour. Students and teachers raved to us about it. They loved the up-to-datemusic, the stories and how much fun they all had at the show. Many said that it made them want to read the book right away." Will Bigham adapted Just So Stories in 2001. Bigham is a former Barter Player and more recently winner of Steven Speilburg’s and Mark =,"-(%%(K4&.20&!+-%(4%E&On The Lot which landed him a contract with Dreamworks. Young audiences have loved Bigham’s adaptation of Kipling’s Just So Stories ‘How the Leopard Got It’s Spots,’ ‘How the First Letter Was Written,’ ‘How the Whale Got His Throat’ and ‘How the Camel Got His Hump’, said Director and Barter Resident Actor Rick McVey. “Kipling called his collection of stories the Just So Stories in memory of his daughter for whom the stories were originally created. She wanted her father to tell them ‘just so,’ said McVey. “Thus, what begun as a private telling of simple bedtime tales has become one of the best-known collections of whimsical and fantastic origin stories in literature, delighting countless children and adults for more than a century. “Will Bigham's script puts a fun and funny 21st century spin on the stories and give these classic tales a new twist while maintaining all the Kipling charm and wit that have made these stories ‘just so’ for over 100 years,” said

McVey. Brown added that many schools attend The Barter Players productions, but special Saturday morning performances are added for families. Just So Stories Saturday performances are April 14, April 21 and the closing performance, April 28. Season Sponsors Alpha Natural Resources and Blue Ridge PBS make the 2012 Barter Players season possible. Call _cb)b_`)V\\U&+"&F343%&555)=#"%("@6(#%"()!+0&$+"&%3!>(%4)

Little Women Based on Louisa May Alcott’s own family experiences, Little Women follows the adventures of Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March as they grow up in Civil War America. Now, this wonderful narrative has been brought to life as an exhilarat3-9&-(5&0,43!#2&.22(/&53%6&43-93-9E&/#-!3-9&#-/&6(#"%)&R3%%2(&S+0(-& (0'+/3(4&%6(&!+012(%(&%6(#%"3!#2&(I1("3(-!(E&9,#"#-%((3-9&#&-396%&.22(/& with laughter, tears,and a lifting of the spirit. Little Women 5322&",-&B1"32&UV%6&%6"+,96&_\%6E&53%6&46+54&A"3/#84E& Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30 p.m. with Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2 p.m.



Opening on April 6, 2012 in the Arts Depot’s Founders Gallery is a display of a variety of photographic media presented by the spring, 2012 graduating seniors of Virginia Intermont College’s Photography and Digital Imaging Department. This show will continue through May 6, 2012. The show is the culmination of years of dedicated study by the nine students. A reception celebrating this and the other current Arts Depot shows will be held on Sunday, April 15th from 2 - 4 p.m. The reception and exhibit are free and open to the public. The graduating seniors exhibiting are: Audrey Bevins- Abingdon, VA; Kayla Brooks-Gate City, VA; Morgan Davis-Charlotte County, FL; Kelly Hammonds-Mt. Carmel, TN; Katy Haupt-Boonsboro, Maryland; Jared Ladia-Roanoke, VA; Chrissy McClean- New Kent County, VA; Sarah Pelton-Houston, TX. and Nikkie Miracle-Sandifur-Middlesboro, KY. E"2)(B*,(@%<&&5+">4&3-&0(/3,0&$+"0#%&!+2+"&.20d&4!#--(/&#-/&1"3-%(/&/393%#228)&P("&5+">&(I#03-(4&"(2#%3+-46314)&S6(-& asked about her inspiration? Audrey states that “even through heartache, I still believe in love…. I wondered how so many couples had made their relationships and marriages work for so many years and ours had not.” After graduation, Audrey 6+1(4&%+&#!e,3"(&#&f+'&#4&#&"#-!6&6#-/&3-&M+,%6("-&g%#6:^+"%6("-&B"3J+-#&+F("&%6(&4,00(")&M6(&%6(-&12#-4&%+&4%,/8&1"(L veterinary at Virginia Tech with hopes to become a large animal veterinarian. Kayla Brooks’ exhibit titled, ‘Til Death Do us Part” is “a celebration of marriage.” Kyla hopes that as people view her photos they will “use the clues that she has provided about each couple to develop an idea of that special bond that each share, which is something that cannot be photographed.” Kayla currently co-owns her own professional wedding photography business. 54)=.<*A.@%& is exhibiting a series of nighttime cityscapes. Morgan says her digital photographs are “a representation of my journey home from work late at night. In them I am looking to convey what I see, they represent my mile markers, showing me the way home.” I($$B*f.//4<2&&34&!,""(-%28&5+">3-9&3-&%6(&Y"(#%3F(&M("F3!(4:<6+%+9"#163!&Q(1#"%0(-%&#%&H#4%0#-&Y6(03!#2&Y+01#-8& where she photographs employees for various job related ID’s, projects and special events. In this exhibit she states; “By exploring multiple imagery and nature, I have created single images from several different images. . .This method gives the viewer the opportunity to study the intricacies on an individual level as well as combining the photos to be viewed as one, on a more complex level”. Katy Haupt’s&%6(0(&34&hP+0(:&<(+12(&#-/&<2#!(4:&<#-+"#0#4i&#-/&6("&0(/3,0&34&Q393%#2EU_IVb&1#-+"#03!&1"3-%4)&M6(& says this series of images “represents a connection between people and place… The people in my photographs all have a strong bond with the place in which they are standing. Technically, I have stitched together multiple frames to make a panorama of the place, to emphasize its importance.” After graduation Katy plans on an internship in the commercial photography industry. H.)(2*>.2%.e& exhibit is “a documentary of a pregnancy and birth” in black and white, digital photography. This series documents the moments and emotions he experienced through his transition from “normal-hood, to parenthood” during his senior year. After graduation Jared plans on moving to Cincinnati, Ohio to be with his new family and hopes to join a local newspaper as a staff photojournalist. 7')%&&B*5;>(.<*will be showing traditional black and white, selenium toned silver gelatin prints. The theme of her show is “The Blue Collar Worker.” Chrissy says “I wanted to capture the different aspects of the worker at work. The grunginess, the labor intenseness, and the perks of the job such as the personal reward the worker gets.” After graduation Chrissy plans on pursuing a career as an equine and agricultural documentary photographer. F.).'*!($34<*is exhibiting metallic digital prints of modern architecture in cities using natural lighting to illuminate her 4,'f(!%4)&&M#"#6&i5#-%(/&%+&$+!,4&+-&%6(&#!%,#2&',32/3-94&#-/&%6(&'(#,%8&+$&#&%81(&+$&0+/("-&#"!63%(!%,"(&%6#%&8+,&!#-K%&.-/& anywhere else but in a city.” After graduation she plans on moving back to Houston to start her photography business. S%66%(*5%).;$(+F.<2%9")*will be exhibiting digital color images of the barns along the Appalachian Quilt Trail as a tribute to her grandmother and the many other quilters in her family. Along with her images she is also having a quilt made with the patterns from the barns she has photographed. After graduation Nikkie plans on pursuing a career as a freelance photographer, shooting nature and sports, and will be based in the Tri-Cities area. The Depot Artists Association is #&-+-L1"+.%&F+2,-%(("&+"9#-3J#%3+-& that operates the Arts Depot and is dedicated to promoting the arts in the community and features the region’s artists. The Arts Depot is located in the historic Depot Square area of downtown Abingdon, VA. The gallery and artists studios are open for your viewing pleasure Thursday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., or by appointment. There is no admission charge. For further information, please contact the Arts Depot at (276) b_`L\a\UE&+"&(L0#32&#%&#'3-9/+-#",



S!E7*'4&3&*/"&%;*.<2*2.<;( M+&8+,&!#-K%&9(%&8+,"&.22&+$& Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance? Take your obsession with live talent-based reality TV shows to the next level! Coming out of the TV and into your venue is Ballroom with a Twist with its spectacular dancing and singing – live at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center – on Sunday, April 22, 3 p.m. Watching the cha-cha rattle on the television screen is one thing, but getting up close and live beneath the fringe, sequins, and booming sounds of Rumba bass is a whole other ballgame. Ballroom with a Twist brings a frenzy of sizzling dance moves by professional international dancers spanning the hot moves of Samba, Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, and Jive. As if the jaw-dropping dancers aren’t enough to keep you ogling at smooth moves and high kicks, several of your favorite American C/+2&.-#234%4&5322&#24+&'(&f+3-3-9& the bill with their powerhouse hit songs. Ballroom with a Twist gives audiences thrills with its varieties of music providing a concert soundtrack to the evening. It’s the who’s who of the dance and singing world, joining together for an evening of grace, athleticism, and passion. So You Think You Can Dance&M(#4+-&W&.-#234%E& Randi Lynn Evans, will be joined by M(#4+-&`&.-#234%E&@#//&j#//,#-9E& #-/&M(#4+-&b&.-#234%E&R(9#!8&<("(J)&& From Dancing with the Stars, Jana Petrova, and American Idol .-#234%4E&Q#F3/&P("-#-/(J&7M(#4+-& 7) and Gina Glocksen (Season 6), will show how they brought Idol crowds to their feet with their amazing vocals. @#//&j#//,#-9&5#4&#&.-#2ist on the eighth season of So You Think You Can Dance. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, he began dancing as a hobby, but later pursued it upon graduation. He specializes in 631L6+1)&P(&.-346(/&%6(&4(#4+-&3-& fourth place. Randi Lynn Evans has been dancing since the age of three and trained at the dance club in Orem, Utah. During that time, she has won many regional and national titles including New York City Dance Al-

liance National Outstanding Dancer. She moved to New York and danced for “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular” as an ensemble dancer. She has had an amazing experience with So You Think You Can Dance making it all the way to the top 10 and touring on a 40-city national tour. He might not have won the entire competition, but Legacy Perez certainly was the sentimental favorite of So You Think You Can Dance’s season 6. It is quoted quite often that he provided some of the season’s most memorable performances. Jana Petrova is a Russian ballroom dancer most known for being the champion of the Second Dance World Championship celebrated in Mexico. Jana won the national Junior & Youth 10 dance championships in Russia and also the United States. Petrova has danced with Nick Novikov and Tony Dovolani, appearing in the 10th season of Dancing with the Stars. She is currently partners with Paul Barris. j3-#&j2+!>4(-&5#4&#&.-#234%&+-& the sixth season of American Idol and previously appeared in season .F()&&M6(&9"(5&,1&3-&@3-2(8&<#">E&C22)E&

a southwest suburb of Chicago, and has been singing since age seven. She had classical music training in high school, where she learned to 12#8&%6(&13#-+&#-/&D,%() David Anthony Hernandez is an American singer and the twelfth 12#!(&.-#234%&+$&AGkK4&American Idol. Hernandez was born in Phoenix, Ariz., but grew up mostly in Glendale. He was raised by his single mom, Spring Hernandez. He began singing at age six. His grandfather took him to his ."4%&#,/3%3+-&#%&#&2+!#2&%6(#%("&!+0pany, Valley Youth Theater. David was chosen for one of the lead roles, and decided on a career singing and performing. He was a young gymnast and won medals in the Grand Canyon Olympics. Hernandez had some acting experiences and was in #-&3-/(1(-/(-%&.20&'($+"(&B0("3!#-& Idol. He recently moved to Los Angeles, Calif., to pursue his music career after his time on American Idol. For ticketing information, call the ^<BY&=+I&G$.!(&#%&7X_V;&bV`LUbc\& (Open from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday).


Jessica Nixon at Capone’s Saturday night, April 14th, popular vocalist, Jessica Nixon, and her talented band, River Run, will make the stage come alive at Capone’s, 227 East Main Street, in Johnson City. She will be performing some of her original songs along with many of your favorite traditional songs. Jessica’s special guest will be Taylor Cochran. The show begins at 10:00pm so make plans now to come out and enjoy some fabulous country music. Tickets are only $5.00 and will be available at the door. !"##$%&'($)*+'$#'&+',-'&+.'%*/$+0'%*,+123'#$+0"24#*+052$1"2'&+.'6&#'7,#1'8+$#6".' 2"%*2.$+0'6"2'+"5'9"/*':9'5$16'#*/"'*;'(&#6<$==">#'8+"#1'/,#$%$&+#'&+.' songwriters. Over the past few years, Jessica has accomplished so much in her music career, while %*/-="1$+0'6"2'8+&='3"&2#'*;'%*=="0"'1*'?"%*/"'&' Doctor of Pharmacy! She has opened for Linda Davis, Ty Herndon, Ricochet, and Bradley Gaskin. This past December, Jessica recorded a new project at Sound Stage Studio in Nashville and was fortunate enough to 5*2@'5$16'#*/"'*;'(&#6<$==">#'8+"#1'/,#$%$&+#'&+.' record music she wrote, along with other amazing songwriters, including Lady Antebellum’s, Hillary Scott. This next year is sure to be the start of an exciting new chapter in Jessica’s life as she propels her career to the next level.



E)3%&.<&J*/"&%;%.<&*.<<4"<;(2*94)*8$2*8.6*[(&3%@.$ The Old Oak Festival is returning to the Tusculum College campus B1"32&U\L__E&#-/&5322&3-!2,/(&#"%34%4& from a variety of genres, as well as live music ranging from blues to blue grass. The arts and music festival will span four days and will feature something for everyone, including music, art, theater and poetry, as well as gallery and museum exhibits on the campus of Tusculum College. “We have had a tremendous response from the community regarding the revival of the Old Oak Festival on the Tusculum campus,” said Susan Vance, associate vice president for Institutional Advancement at Tusculum and coordinator of the event committee. “We are expecting a wide variety of artists, including painters, craftsmen and sculptors, whose work will be available for purchase. Arts will include pottery, woodcrafts and folk art,” said Vance. In addition, on stage, the festival will present the sounds of the region, with a wide variety of music from bluegrass to jazz to local vocalists and musicians. The festival runs from Thursday, B1"32&U\&%6"+,96&M,-/#8E&B1"32&__)& Activities will be going on all four days; however, vendors, artisans and musicians will be performing and have their wares available for sale Friday and Saturday. For complete schedule of events please visit the website at Artisans whose work will be on display during the festival include Collins Lane Art which specializes in wheel-thrown pottery for use in baking and serving, as well as glass assemblies such as the tree of life and abstract places using silver, bronze and copper wire enhancements. The Evergreen Woodcarvers will demonstrate the art of woodcarving and provide lessons for those who wish to learn the skill. Art vendors vary from images painted on feathers by Buckthorn Artistic Originals to Nick Hankins mixed media paintings, which include oil, watercolor and acrylic. Other vendors are Tusculum College art students; Richard and Freda Donoho, artists in glass; Jimmy and Judy Rader, artists in wood; Joan Beaver, pencil and oil prints; Broyles Oak Rockers; Ben Clark’s ink prints; Josh Swatzell, photography; Crafty Lady, crochet rugs; Betty Goudy, oil paintings and bird houses; W.T. Hines, cooper (metal arts); Light Images,

photography; Channa Payne, jewelry; Walnut Ridge Llamas, spinning and weaving; Rew Art, acrylic painting, and Mike Willis, wood items. Music held at the Old Oak festival will feature acoustic rock, blues, blue grass, electric rock, R&B and gospel. Musicians participating in the festival include the Tusculum College Jazz band under the direction of David A. Price, Stephen Winslow, Michael Cable and his Hot Mountain Caravan, T#!>&S#012("E&S#8-(&#-/&Z(#-&=(#-E& Lonesome Pine, Shiloh Rd, Mike Joy, The Kevin Wilder Group, The Scat Kats, Mud Bugs, Jamie D and the B Movie Blues, Sandy Ray and the Cold Shoulders, The Madisons, Boot Leg Turn and The Foundation. There will be three performances during the festival of “The Diary of Anne Frank,” presented by Theatreat-Tusculum. Show times are Friday and Saturday, April 20 and 21 at 7 p.m. and Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m.

Tickets may be reserved in advance '8&!#223-9&X_VLc`\LUb_a) The play is based on the diary of Anne Frank, a young Jewish teen whose family is in hiding in Germanoccupied Holland. The diary covers a two-year span and is a both a coming-of-age story and a peek into the daily existence of a family in hiding during the Holocaust. The college’s Allison Gallery at the Rankin House will be open throughout the weekend, featuring top student work in a “best of” show for student painting, sculpture and photography. Food vendors will be on campus and will include the Pioneer Perk; John Price, hotdogs and Polish sausage; Ella Price, strawberry shortcake and hot fudge cake; Debbie Haney, gyros and phillly cheese steak sandwiches; Rural Resources, health food including veggie wraps; Karly’s Kettlecorn, and the Creamy Cup offering

coffee and ice cream. The festival is being coordinated by a committee of college and community representatives who are working to bring the historical event back as a major arts and music event in the East Tennessee region. G-&@6,"4/#8E&B1"32&U\E&#&2#,-!6& party will be held for the “Tusculum Review,” the literary journal produced by faculty and students. The journal features works of top creative .!%3+-E&-+-L.!%3+-E&#"%&#-/&1+(%"8& from writers across the country. Special guest readers are essayist Katie Fallon and poet Gary McDowell. The event will begin at 7 p.m. in the Shulman Atrium. Both the President Andrew Johnson Museum and Library and the Doak House Museum will be open to visitors during the festival and will have special activities planned for adults and children. A special Civil War exhibit, “Schol-

ars then Soldiers” will be featured during the weekend of the Old Oak Festival at the President Andrew Johnson Museum and Library. Exhibit 6+,"4&#"(&@6,"4/#8&#-/&A"3/#8E&\& a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. The festival will also feature children’s activities and storytelling performances, as well as a chapel service on Sunday morning at the Garland Library. There is no fee to attend the festival. Art vendor hours will be Friday from noon until 5 p.m. and M#%,"/#8&$"+0&\&#)0)&,-%32&W&1)0)&A+"& more information, contact Vance at 423-636-7303. Parking will be available off Shiloh Road and across the Erwin Highway. No alcohol will be sold or permitted on campus. No pets allowed on campus during the festival, however, service animals are welcome.


5;>.%<J*54)('(.2*5"&%;*1<&(/#$(*;4/(*34*?'(*[4$2 Saturday, April 14th, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. the Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, Virginia, will present a concert of bluegrass music by Raymond McLain and the Morehead State University Traditional Music Ensemble. Admission to the concert is $7 for adults, $1 for children 6 to 11, under age 6 free. Raymond McLain has been performing at Carter Family 46+54&43-!(&Z#-(%%(&Y#"%("&."4%& began presenting concerts in the old A.P. Carter Grocery 3-&U\cX&L&."4%&53%6&634&$#0328E& the McLain Family Band - and later with ETSU when he was head of the ETSU Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music program. Raymond is currently the Director of the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music at Morehead State University. He also performs, produces, and records. Raymond serves on the

Carter Music Center’s board of directors in addition to serving as the Artistic Director at the Fold. Raymond’s father served on the Music Center’s board from the time it was created 3-&U\c\)&&S6(-&634&$#%6("&/3(/E& Raymond agreed to occupy the board seat his dad once held. The long and loving friendship between the McLain and Carter families dates back nearly 40 8(#"4&%+&%6(&(#"28&U\ca4) Raymond’s 40 plus years of entertaining have taken him to performances in all 50 states and 62 foreign countries, including a tour as a musical ambassador of the U.S. State Department. For 21 years with the McLain Family Band, Raymond performed at hundreds of thousands of festivals and concerts internationally and as a soloist in appearances with over 230 orchestras. Raymond was with Jim & Jesse’s Virginia Boys for ten years. He cur-

rently performs with Canadian harmonica whiz, Mike Stevens. In fact, the duo just performed at the Fold a few weeks ago. Through the years, the McLains have produced dozens of CDs and records. Performing with Raymond will be students from the Morehead State University Traditional Music program. Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina have traditionally 1"+/,!(/&4+0(&+$&%6(&.-(4%& country, bluegrass, and old time musicians in the world. Carter Music Center strives to preserve not only the music of the mountains but the traditions of the mountains as well. Come out and support the next generation of mountain musicians. There 5322&'(&2+%4&+$&.//2(&%,-(4E& outstanding harmony, haunting instrumentals, and lots of fun for all ages. Bring your dancing shoes, and bring along your friends for a memorable night of Appalachian music and dance. To learn more about the KY Center for Traditional Arts go to 6%%1]::555_)0+"(6(#/4%#%() (/,:>!%0:&+-&23-() Carter Family Memorial Music Center, Incorporated, is #&-+-1"+.%E&","#2&#"%4&+"9#-3zation established to preserve traditional, acoustic, mountain music. For further informa%3+-&+-&%6(&!(-%("E&9+&%+&6%%1]:: Shows from the Carter Family Fold can be accessed on the 3-%("-(%&#%&6%%1]::555)!#" Carter Music Center is part of the Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail. You can visit the Crooked N+#/&?,43!&@"#32&43%(&#%&6%%1]:: Partial funding for programs at the center is provided by the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. For more information on Saturday’s concert, contact the Mountain Music Museum at 276-645-0035. For recorded information on shows coming up at the Fold, call 276-386-6054.



,.$&./*K%2=(* 34*D()94)/*4<* C).<29.3'()*54"<3.%< The award-winning bluegrass band Balsam Range will appear at the Grandfather Mountain Nature Museum on Sunday, April 22 at 2 p.m. Balsam Range, named after the Haywood County, NC mountains where the members of the group call home, was nominated for the Emerging Artist award by the International Bluegrass Music Association in 2010 and 2011 as well as Album of the Year in 2011. They were honored with the IBMA Song of the Year award last year for “Trains I Missed.” This “up close and personal” concert by the Western North Carolina tradition-bearers at Grandfather Mountain is a can’tmiss opportunity. “We are excited to welcome the members of Balsam Range back to Grandfather Mountain,” said Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation President Penn Dameron. “The group delighted our visitors last September and we hope even more folks will take advantage of this great opportunity in April.” B/F#-!(&%3!>(%&4#2(4&'(93-&?+-/#8E&B1"32&\&#-/&(-/& Saturday, April 21 and are available on Adults ages 13 and up are $25 and children ages four to 12 are $15. Children under four are always free. The ticket price includes all day admission to Grandfather Mountain and admission to the concert. Grandfather Mountain annual pass holders and others who have already purchased admission to the park for the day can buy tickets to the concert online for $7 in advance or at the Nature Museum for $12 the day of the show.



544<*!%(*%<*3'(*F/46%(& Do you remember a time when a MoonPie and a “yeller dope” were a special treat? Do you love car shows? Do you want to try your hand at a corn-hole tournament? Then the Cocke County A& I Fairgrounds is the place to be on Saturday, May 26, 2012 when the Cocke County Partnership will present its inaugural “ MoonPie in the Smokies – Mountains, Music and Memories” festival from 10 a.m. – 6p.m. “The Cocke County Partnership is pleased to be able to add a new event for 2012; “MoonPie in the Smokies” will invite visitors to enjoy all that Newport and Cocke County have to offer while partnering with such well known companies as MoonPie and Pepsi,” Cocke County Partnership President Don Hurst. “You are known by the company you keep and we could not be more pleased with this event and the sponsors”. The original marshmallow sandwich’s inventor, Earl Mitchell, was born in Caney Branch near Cocke County #-/&634&."4%&f+'&5#4&"396%&6("(&3-&^(51+"%)&C-&$#!%E&g-3+-&Y(0(%("8&34&%6(&3-F(-%+"K4&.-#2&"(4%3-9&12#!()&@6(&$(4tival is an opportunity to celebrate the summer season and to honor Mitchell. “Memorial Day weekend is known #4&%6(&+$.!3#2&4%#"%&+$&4,00("&#-/&5(&6+1(&$+2>4&5322&5#-%&%+&9(%&+,%E&(-f+8&%6(&4,00("&5(#%6("&#-/&f+3-&,4&#%& the Fairgrounds,” said Cocke County Partnership’s Tourism Director Linda Lewanski.”What better way to start the season!” Newport Grammar School will present a specially created tribute play that will tell the history of the iconic treat and Newport Dance and Cheer Academy’s own MoonPiettes (students of both) will dance the afternoon away. Then get ready to tap your feet to the sounds of local bluegrass favorites Steve Brown and Hurricane Ridge. If Southern Rock is your game then get ready for a treat ! The Loose Change Band is sure to please. And to end up the festivities, The Saturday Night Special Band featuring Austin Crum are back together again and ready to rock! Festival-goers will be delighted by one of the “World’s Largest” MoonPies. Children can play inside the bouncy MoonWalk and get their faces painted while Mom and Dad stroll among the cars displayed on the grounds. And don’t forget to enter the MoonPie eating contest or corn-hole tournament.” We are so excited with partner with Chattanooga Bakery and Pepsi for this unique festival,” said Cocke County Partnership’s Chamber of Commerce Director Valerie Fancher.” We hope to make this an annual event – we can’t wait. “MoonPie in the Smokies” is co-sponsored by Chattanooga Bakery, Pepsi and the Cocke County Partnership.



Milligan hosts a Collaboration

Win Lose & Draw continues at The Casbah in Johnson City.

Milligan College voice students and accompanists will present a concert titled “Collaboration!” on Friday, April 13, at 7:30 p.m. in Milligan’s Walker Auditorium, located in the lower level of Seeger Memorial Chapel. The event is free and open to the public. The concert will feature the voice students of Dr. Charlotte Anderson, Noah DeLong and Rachel Ellison, along with the accompanying students of Anne Elliott. The name of the concert comes from the idea that collaboration is implicit in the art of making music. The collaboration between the singers and the pianist will be the featured through duets during the night’s performances. “In a duet, the two singers and the pianist are of equal importance, #-/&%6(&4%,/(-%4&6#F(&'((-&5+">3-9&%6"+,96&%6(&4(0(4%("&+-&.-(L%,-3-9& that relationship,” said Dr. Charlotte Anderson, assistant professor of the practice of music at Milligan. @6(&!+-!("%&5322&63962396%&0,43!&$"+0&#&F#"3(%8&+$&3-D,(-!(4&3-!2,/3-9& spirituals, operas by Mozart, movies (Tangled and Prince of Egypt) and musicals (Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables and Anything Goes). Anderson said, “Come prepared to enjoy an evening of variety in song and... collaboration!” For more information, call ?32239#-K4&0,43!&+$.!(&#%& 423.461.8723. For more information about arts events at Milligan, F343%&555)032239#-)(/,:#"%4)




f.<2&*8<i*5"&("/* ED)%$*1@(<3&

Art Studio Schedule l&R(%K4&9+&D8&#&>3%([]&B1"32&34&m3%(&?+-%6[&R(#"-&56("(&>3%(4&!+0(& from and design your own! * Egyptian Frieze: Learn about Egyptian art by designing a small mural (known as a frieze) that tells a story. Special Events E$$*54<3'*>4<=*+*A%<4&.")*K(@4$"3%4<*1N'%#%3 Uncover the facts and fossils about dinosaurs in Dinosaur Revolution as you LIVE LARGE in reptilian role-play activities, undertake three Mesozoic Missions spanning 150 million years and 0303!&/3-+4#,"&'(6#F3+")&=(!+0(&#&f,-3+"&1#2(+-%+2+934%&#-/&.-/& evidence of your dinosaur doings; learn why dinosaurs are one of the most successful survivors in earth’s history; and unearth a shocking discovery: dinosaurs may not be extinct! ?')4"='*F"<2.BJ*ED)%$*hP3'*+*H"/D%<e*H($$B*,(.<&i Let’s celebrate National Jelly Bean Day with some silly experi0(-%4)&@(4%&%+&4((&3$&#&F("8&,-,4,#2&1#"%&+$&#&f(228&'(#-&D+#%4&#5#8E& try out some jelly bean chromatography, and even try the jelly bean switch-a-roo won’t believe your taste buds! (***Allergy Information: this program may contain traces of nuts or soy.) The Eastman Discovery Lab will be open by announcement periodically throughout each day.

F"<2.BJ*ED)%$*hP3'*+*F.3")2.BJ*ED)%$*Vh&3*+*7'.+7'%<=i Z+3-&,4&3-&%6(&m3/K4&=#->&#-/&Y"(/3%&g-3+-&$+"&4+0(&.-#-!3#2&$,-& in honor of coin week. Learn about coins and bills, measure your height in coins, and test out your money skills. Programs will be by announcement periodically throughout each day. ?"(&2.BJ*ED)%$*hT3'*+*F"<2.BJ*ED)%$*VQ3'*+*C4*-%3'*3'(*[$4] Learn all about keeping our planet beautiful for years to come in 6+-+"&+$&H#"%6&Q#8)&j(%&#&."4%6#-/&2++>&#%&56#%&6#11(-4&%+&5#%("& in our environment with our 3-dimensional EnviroScape. Pollution and runoff are colorfully evident when falling rain carries soil, chemicals, and oil through a watershed to a body of water. Can you help save the watershed community and our planet? The Eastman Discovery Lab will be open by announcement periodically throughout each day. [)%2.BJ*ED)%$*VU3'J*QWOU./*+*hVWOUD/*+*1.)3'*A.B*1N3).@.=.<a.* -4)6&'4D Learn all about keeping our planet beautiful for years to come in recognition of Earth Day. Build your own alternative energy vehicle, create a miniature terrarium, and put your creativity to use with a recycled art masterpiece. A healthy snack will be included as well. Cost is $12 for members, $15 for non-members. Ages 7-13. Payment is required with registration by Wednesday, April 11th. @+&1"(L"(934%("E&12(#4(&!#22&X_VLXVXLX_bV&(I%)&UaaE&@LA&\LW&+"&(0#32&

F.3")2.BJ*ED)%$*VZ3'J*QWOU./*+*hVWUUD/*+*f43*?(.*j*?43(&*["<2).%&()*+*F((*H.<(*,%2*.<2*K(b"@(<.3(* Join us in your Sunday best for an auction celebrating women #9(4&b&%+&\b[&j,(4%4&5322&'(&%"(#%(/&%+&%(#&#-/&'",-!6&'8&Y#$n&R+2#d& a presentation by Natalie Manor, CEO and Executive Business and Life Coach; and an auction of unique and designer purses and bags, each holding a special surprise. Moms and women do so much for others - taxi driver, cook, mom, wife, employee, and more - this event is the time to take time for yourself and rejuvenate! Tickets are $35 each and are limited. To purchase tickets, please !+-%#!%&m"34%3-(&#%&>"34%3-(o6#-/4+-0,4(,0)+"9&+"&7X_V;&\_`LbWa`E& ext. 108.

If you have any questions on these or other programs, please call (423) XVXLPB^Q)&S3-%("&6+,"4&7M(1%(0'("&L&?#8;&#"(]&@,(4/#8LA"3/#8&\#0LW10E& Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday 1pm-5pm. Closed Monday. Admission fees apply. All programs and activities are subject to change without notice.


%/0-12%34'%&43&%.%()$%*+",$-'%!"#$%3? +-4%"#%(&1"303%3F(&D3-%&>-#113-9E&#-/&Z(--3$("&=#,("&5322&46+5&%6(&#"%&+$&-#%,"#2&/8(3-9) Other activities throughout the weekend will include Tours of the Carter Mansion: Tennesseeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s +2/(4%&$"#0(&6+,4(E&?323%3#&Q"322E&?,4>(%&#-/&N3D(&/(0+-4%"#%3+-4E&@"#/3%3+-#2&#-/&G2/&@30(&?,sic, Storytelling, Colonial Military Music by the Watauga Valley Fifes and Drums, and much more. Come join us for a weekend of History, Entertainment, and Family Fun! The Carter Mansion is located on the Broad Street Extension in Elizabethton, TN. For further questions or directions to the Carter Mansion, contact: Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area is located at 1651 West Elk Ave, Elizabethton, TN.

Washington Co. regiment

7.)3()*5.<&%4<* 7($(#).3%4< Carter Mansion Celebration will e held Saturday, April 14 and Sunday, April 15, sponsored by the Washington Co. Regiment of North Carolina Militia. Travel back to the 1780s... The American colonies have declared Independence, but the outcome of this bitter struggle is still in question. Hardy frontiersmen have crossed the moun%#3-4&3-&/(.#-!(&+$&="3%346&2#5&#-/&6#F(&!#"F(/&+,%&6+0(4&3-&%6(& 532/("-(44)&&Y+-D3!%&34&"343-9&'(%5((-&B0("3!#-&<#%"3+%4E&R+8#2ists who support the Crown, and native Indians who struggle to "(%#3-&%6(3"&5#8&+$&23$()&&=,%&%6(&1(+12(&+$&%634&%30(&4%322&.-/&!#,4(& for celebration, merriment, music, and the arts; so come out and see it all come together at the oldest frame house in Tennessee. The Washington County Regiment of North Carolina Militia will be celebrating its three-year anniversary during this exciting celebration! The Militia will be encamped on the grounds of the Carter Mansion and will present demonstrations of the daily lives of 18th century backwoods settlers. As part of the activities a re-enactment of a small battle between patriots and tories will be presented each day. Local craftsmen and artisans will include James Garland as he showcases gourd instruments and artwork. Bob Estep will dem-

!"#$%3@'%()$%*+",$-%.%/0-12%34'%&43& VIPER WV recently set up what would become an excellent investigation at the St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia. Representatives from several teams were invited to participate in the pursuit of reported ghostly beings, said to roam the hallways and reside in the rooms of the old insane asylum. Amanda Adams Cline and Angie Cline are the founders of VIPER WV. These two fearless ghost hunters lead a predominately female team. Shane Toler is the lone male and serves in the important capacity of mechanical technician and investigator. Other VIPER WV team members on the investigation that night were Jennifer Toler, case manager and investigator and Lora Cline, investigator and historical researcher. “The night was shattered by a pretty powerful storm that swept through the area,” said Amanda Adams Cline. “We were looking forward to documenting the possible effects on paranormal activity of any thunderstorms that may have




L3*].&*.*2.)6*.<2*&34)/B*<%='3 developed that night.” She continued, “It seemed that as the storms dissipated, so did some of the energy.” Another member of the intra-team who investigated the reportedly haunted site that evening was Mike St. Clair, the founder of VIPER. The team’s acronym stands for Virginia Investigators of Paranormal Education and Research. “This 5#4&%6(&."4%&%30(&%6#%&5(&6#/& real access to the location to conduct a thorough investiga-

tion. The sanatorium was not very active on this occasion, but I have experienced unexplainable events on previous visits,” said St. Clair. When pressed as to what he had experienced at St. Albans, he said, “Teammate Jason Lundy, of Roanoke’s Investigation of the Paranormal (RIP), and I have booth seen objects move. I have also had a really intense experience in the women’s isolation ward, where I physically felt as if I was being directly affected by an unseen

force,” said St. Clair. Other members of the VI<HN:NC<&%(#0&+-&43%(&/,"3-9& the investigation were: James N+9("4E&NC<:pC<HN&3-F(4%39#%+"E&#-/&="8#-&?#%%+IE&NC<: VIPER investigator-in-training. Mattox felt he had an encounter with a ghostly presence that night. “Just for a moment, it felt like my body was being taken over by some sort of an energy force. I had to leave the building for a few minutes in order to become grounded before

returning to the investigation,” said Mattox. During an investigation, there is often a discrepancy in the way a group of paranormal investigators may experience phenomena. Some may have distinct and separate experiences while other will have absolutely no contact with disembodied energy, or other phenomena. Case in point, although St. Clair had no personal experiences to report from the night’s investigation, Angie Cline heard distinct footsteps walking through the darkness near the “suicide room.” Amanda Adams Cline felt a wave of nausea wash over her before a sudden rush of light headedness and the unnerving feeling that she might pass out, while investigating the isolation area on the lower level. Jennifer Woodward, founder of HAUNT Paranormal and I also explored the dark recesses +$&%634&0#9-3.!(-%&2+!#%3+-)&B%& this point, we have not evaluated all of the possible evidence. C$&5(&.-/&#-8%63-9E&5(&5322&


Amanda in St. Albans Tunnel

%/0-12%34'%&43&%.%()$%*+",$-'%!"#$%3A report back to you. St. Albans has a long and rich history. The gorgeous buildings of the old sanatorium began, innocuously enough as a boys’ school. The school opened in U`\_E&/,"3-9&%6(&p3!%+"3#-&("#)& Even then, the dark energy of the place wound its tentacles around the unlucky inhabitants of the buildings. The following is an excerpt from the St. Albans Sanatorium website, www. “The atmosphere at the school was rough and competitive. It clearly favored the stronger boys (or bullies as we would say today) and made short work of the more cerebral types like one E. Blackburn Runyon, whose painful experience at the school was poignantly summed up by a yearbook (/3%+"&3-&U\aX]&qH)&=2#!>',"-& Runyon did not return after Christmas, much to our sorrow, as it put a stop to the football games on the terrace in which 6(&.9,"(/&1"+03-(-%28&#4&%6(& football.’” Whether any of these unfortunate students lost their lives by foul play, suicide, or other

circumstances, is unknown. There are no records, but there are many rumors that there were deaths associated with the buildings of St. Albans, even at that early date. C-&U\UbE&#$%("&%6(&'+84&4!6++2& had been closed for four years, the property was purchased by Dr. J.C. King. The doctor transformed the property into an asylum for the mentally ill. During this early chapter in the history of psychiatry, patients were often treated to a number of treatments now considered archaic. Potentially bad medical practices resulted in the deaths of some patients. There were others who took their last breaths on the wards of the old asylum as a result of suicide or natural causes. The number of patients who died spaced over 80 years has led to a populace of spirits within the old asylum. Interestingly, there is a bathroom in the sanatorium nicknamed the “suicide bathroom” in which four documented suicides took place. This site of multiple-suicides is located on %6(&%63"/&D++"&+$&%6(&$#!323%8)&Z,4%& one of the many locations para-

normal sleuths check out when they investigate the massive 106,800 square foot structure. For those who are interested in learning proper paranormal investigative and equipment techniques, check out St. Clair’s instructional videos on his YouTube channel at Scream$"(#>c\)&?3>(&M%)&Y2#3"&+$&pC<HN& has posted a series of videos for both the novice and the advanced investigator. St. Albans Investigation: Paranormal Investigation Teams pC<HN&SS]&6%%1]::555) F31("5F)!+0:3-/(I)6%02 pC<HN]&6%%1]::555)F31("1#"#-+"0#2)!+0: PBg^@&<#"#-+"0#2]&6%%1]:: 555)6#,-%1#"#-+"0#2)!+0: @6(&j6+4%&S"3%("4]&6%%1]:: 555)%6(96+4%L5"3%("4)!+0: Pat Bussard is the author of Thirty True Tales of the Weird Unusual and Macabre: From the Notebooks of the Paranormal Journalist. She is also the founder of the team of paranormal investigators, The Ghost Writers,

!"#$%&4'%()$%*+",$-%.%/0-12%34'%&43& The transition of winter to spring not only warms our bones and give us a boost with the new life springing up around us, but it’s a great time to learn how to stargazer. With some of the most recognizable constellations saying goodbye in the west, new ones are replacing them, including the annual appearance the Big Dipper in the north. So here are some real life tips on how to survive under the stars while learning about them. Always remember, you are connecting with every human who has looked up on the celestial night and wondered why…no one owns the original when it comes to a star or the ancient constellations. The practical necessities for stargaz-



)*+$,+-"$ F3.)=.a()*hUh

ing are: 1. Star maps - The heart of stargazing are maps of the unchanging stars and the imagined patterns they make. You’ll need a road map to the night sky that will be a trusted friend. Whether a wheeled planisphere (available at most nature museums or some bookstores) or charts from a library book, these tools will help you to become familiar with the constella-

tions and bright stars that reappear for months at a time, year after year. At, you can download and print for free a map with notes on plenty of places in the night sky to visit. The two popular amateur magazines, Sky & Telescope and Astronomy, always have a monthly centerfold of the sky, and highlight what’s visible. The magazines also have free websites to see their night

sky reports, and 2. Red Flashlight – If you’re going to read and keep your night vision, you need a red light. A red light is used because it doesn’t affect the eye’s sensors like white light, and you maintain a dilated pupil, allowing maximum night vision. Use red cello16#-(&+-&#&"(9,2#"&D#462396%E&+"&1#3-%& %6(&',2'&"(/&53%6&.-9("-#32&1+2346)& And there are many battery powered 2396%4&53%6&"(/&.2%("4&#F#32#'2(&3$&8+,& look around hardware and sporting goods. 3. Lounge chair – Oh, yeah. You want to be comfortable. Lying down in a comfortable lounge chair settles you

in to look around the sky, sometimes concentrating on the right sight, other times the left side. And you are able to look overhead easily and watch for faint satellites—which are more common than you may think! 4. Dress for night – The dip in night temperature creates a dew point when water in the atmosphere condenses as a liquid on everything. Dew is the enemy of maps, binoculars and telescopes, which can get quite wet around the 2-5 am coldest part of the night. Putting your maps and gear on a table with an umbrella will keep them dry. And you might need a light jacket, hoodie or a blanket to keep the chill of you. 5. Computer planetarium program – It’s best to prepare for your night observing by reading your maps and looking at a desk top planetarium show of the night. The best planetarium program out there is the free Stellarium sky program. Download it in less than 5 minutes at www.stellarium. com. Play with all the features, in a few sessions of an hour or so you’ll have the program under your control. You can go to any date in history—like your birthday or 2,000 years ago—and see what the night sky looked like! 6. Binoculars before a Telescope – There is a lot to see with just the naked eyes. But adding binoculars of any kind will reveal fainter stars that might not be on basic beginner maps. With

66678)$2+",$-+9219$7:+; Celestial events in the skies for the week of April 10, 2012, as compiled for The Loafer by Mark D. Marquette.

Change is happening quickly in the evening skies. The setting giant Orion is relinquishing his command of the night to the king of the jungle, Leo the Lion. Climbing from high in the east to overhead, the constellation actually looks like a Lion with its mane of stars that make a backward question mark, while a triangle of stars is his , hindquarters. In the belly of the beast is a red star, the planet Mars. And dotting the question mark that makes the Lion’s mane is the yellowish star Regulus. Following behind the lion is the sprawling stars of Virgo the Virgin and the rest of the stars of Spring and early Summer. Tues. April 10 Jupiter hovers in the evening twilight ,-%32&3%&4(%4&#"+,-/&\]Va&1)0)E&5632(& Venus is still high and bright until around 11 p.m. Between the two planets is The Pleiades star cluster. Wed. April 11 How many Pleiades do you see? Called The Seven Little Sisters, it takes a dark viewing location and excellent eyesight to see all seven.

Thurs. April 12 “Yuri’s Night” world-wide celebration +$&%6(&."4%&0#--(/&41#!(D396%)&@634&34& forever the beginning of man’s adventure into the cosmos as on this date 3-&U\bU&N,443#-&*,"3&j#9#"3-&D(5&634& crude and cramped spacecraft Vostok 1 on a rocket ride to space. After one weightless lap around the Earth and t #&.("8&"((-%"8E&%6(&'"#F(&_bL8(#"L+2/& spaceman ejected from the spacecraft, both parachuting safely. Gagarin was killed in a jet crash while training for a voyage to the Moon, and remains one of Russia’s most beloved national heroes. Fri. April 13 The Bristol Astronomy Club meets tonight at 7 p.m. at the King College Burke Observatory. Visitors are welcome. The Moon is at Last Quarter this Friday the Thirteenth. Rising around midnight, the Moon becomes a beautiful crescent in the early morning skies. Sat. April 14 Stargaze with the Bays Mt. Amateur Astronomers tonight at the Kingsport Park’s Observatory. The free event will show you the planet Venus, Mars and many other celestial wonders in the early evening sky. Sun. April 15 Saturn is at astronomical “opposition,” meaning it rises at sunset and begins the best time to see the ringed 5+"2/)&&C%&34&(#48&%+&.-/&M#%,"-)&&C%&34& to the left of the slightly brighter white star Spica in Virgo the Virgin. Mon. April 16 The Ursa Major, the Big Bear is crawling around the North Pole, its famous ladle-shaped seven stars now easy to see. Follow the curve of the handle of the “Big Dipper” to the bright orangish stars, Arcturus, and then keep the curve going to two more bright stars. @6(&."4%E&8(22+5&+-(&34&M#%,"-E&#-/& the second white one is Spica in Virgo the Virgin.

%/0-12%34'%&43&%.%()$%*+",$-'%!"#$%&3 binoculars, you can also begin to see some of the faint, fuzzy spots of light that are galaxies and nebula, as well as resolve some of the larger star clusters. You don’t have to buy a telescope right away to enjoy the night sky, but when you do buy one, you want to get the biggest and best you can afford. 7. Snacks, beverages and the radio – Unless you’re stargazing with a friend, you’re going to get a little lonely—though neighborhood sounds will keep you alert. A radio for music or late night talk shows will help pass the time. And you probably will want to sip on a beverage and enjoy some snacks. Get them on hand early in the observing so you don’t go inside and ruin your night vision. And take periods of time walking around between lying in the lounge chair to keep you alert and your body awake. 8. Give Time some Time. Stargazing is like an athletic event in some ways... the longer it goes on the more invigorated you get into what you’re doing. As your eyes adjust to the dark and stay that way after about 30 minutes, you start seeing the sky (as well as your night neighborhood) in ways you never imagined. After about an hour of continuous looking around the sky, you’ve seen things like airplanes, satellites and maybe some strange lights! And you’ve gotten used to looking at

your star maps, then up at the constellations and bright stars that are your /(4%3-#%3+-&%+&.-/&#-/&"(0(0'(")&C$& you get two hours under your belt, 5(22E&8+,&5322&.-/&%6(&-396%&4>8&9"31& you. In that amount of time, the stars you began looking at have shifted to the west and in the east there are new constellations and stars to see (maybe a planet or two) in the east. It’s the continually changing parade of constellations and their treasures that keep you stargazing for hours. 9. Make Notes and Photos – Keeping an observing log of your own “discoveries” is fun, and duplicates the steps all stargazers - amateur and professional - have taken in their quest for knowledge about the Universe. And with today’s digital cameras with high sensitivity, it is easy after a little practice to photograph constellations and the Moon among the stars. 10. Read, read, and read – There is always something new being found among the stars above. The libraries are full of great books that document the history of astronomy as well as how-to observe with and without telescopes. And the Internet is an amazing resource for everything astronomical—just Google subjects at your heart’s desire. And, of course, keep up weekly with what’s up in outer space by reading The Loafer!


This Week In The In order to meet the high demand for free medical, dental and eye care services in the Tri-Cities region, Remote Area Medical® (RAM) and local organizers have extended next month’s RAM clinic to a three-day event instead of two, +$.&!3#24&#--+,-!(/&%634&5((>) The event will now be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, B1"32&UV&r&UW&+-&%6(&3-.&(2/&+$&%6(& Bristol Motor Speedway. “We initially intended to hold the clinic on just Saturday and Sunday, but as we moved through the planning process, it became apparent that the need in this region really demands a three-day event,” said Helen Scott, chair of the Tri-Cities RAM board of directors. “We are

grateful to Bristol Motor Speedway and to all of the volunteers who are willing to donate that extra day in order to make sure people don’t have to go without the care they need.” Remote Area Medical events are volunteer driven. Medical, dental and vision professionals from across the region and other parts of the country will gather at BMS to provide free care to the uninsured and underinsured. There are no eligibility requirements, and no personal ID is required for treatment. Services offered include den%#2&.&223-94E&!2(#-3-94&#-/&(I%"#!L tions; eye exams and corrective eyewear; mammograms; hearing screenings and hearing aids; bone density screenings; pap

Mountain Empire

smears and general physical exams. Patients will be treated on #&.&"4%L!+0(E&.&"4%L4("F(/&'#434)& The parking lot at BMS will open to patients on Thursday evening, April 12, and numbers for Friday’s clinic will be distributed beginning at 3:30 a.m. Friday. Subsequent clinic days will follow the same pattern. Patients are encouraged to prepare for long wait times. Donations are still needed in order to cover the cost of equipment and supplies used to treat the 2,000 patients expected at this year’s event. Crossroads Medical Mission in Bristol, Va. is 4("F3-9&#4&%6(&.&-#-!3#2&4%(5#"/& for Tri-Cities RAM. Donations may be made online at www.

Checks may be made payable to Crossroads Medical Mission with “Tri-Cities RAM” in the memo line and mailed to P.O. =+I&Ub`W_E&="34%+2E&p#)E&_X_a\L 6852. Additional volunteers are needed. Tri-Cities RAM is actively seeking ophthalmologists and dentists, as well as general volunteers to help with setup on Thursday, April 12. For more information or to register to volunteer, visit +"&!#22&X_VLWcVLab\W) World Heritage Student Exchange Program, a highly "(41(!%(/E&-+-L1"+.&%E&1,'23!L '(-(.&%&+"9#-3J#%3+-E&34&4((>L ing local host families for high school boys and girls from Scan-

dinavia, France, Germany, Italy, Thailand, China, South Korea, and the former Soviet Republics. Students are already awaiting word on their host families for the 2012-2013 academic school year. Host families provide room, board, and guidance for a teenager living thousands of miles from home. Couples, single parents, and families with or without children in the home are all encouraged to apply. The exchange students arrive from their home country shortly '($+"(&%6(&_aU_:UV&4!6++2&8(#"& begins and each World Heritage student is fully insured, brings 634:6("&+5-&1("4+-#2&41(-/3-9& 0+-(8&#-/&(I1(!%4&%+&'(#"&634: her share of household responsibilities, as well as being included in normal family activities and lifestyles. If you are interested in opening your home and sharing your family life with a young person from abroad, please call local Area Representative CarolLynn Baker at (423) 767-1645 or UL`aaL```L\aXa&7%+22&$"((;)&<2(#4(& also visit our website at www.

Wednesday, April 11 East Tennessee State University will hold the annual Unity Fest on Wednesday, April 11, from 12:30-6 p.m. in the Amphitheatre. In case of inclement weather, activities will take place in the Cave and patio area of the D.P. Culp University Center. The free event celebrates the diverse cultures on campus. Festivities include a variety of ethnic and international foods, giveaways, interactive games and a live band. For further information, or for special assistance for those with disabilities, contact Nate Tadesse at (423) XV\LbbVV&+"&0#!4%#$$o(%4,)(/,)&&& Thursday, April 12 The 12th Annual Heroes Ball, when the Bristol Tennessee Fire and Police Departments play rival Bristol Virginia Fire and Police Departments for the traveling trophy. It is an evening .&22(/&53%6&$,-&#-/&0+4%&301+"L tantly an opportunity to meet


your heroes y o o in a relaxed e e u setting. l s ar Viking Hall Civic Center’s d o 6 p.m. There o e is no r doors open at charge, but donations will be aaccepted at c the door c for a local e ccharity.. F For h moree information a i o ron this great event please contact, Assistant Fire Chief Jack Spur9(+-&#%&X_VL\`\LWcaU+"&(0#32& him at Award winning singer, songwriter and performer Alan Rhody will make his debut appearance at The Down Home in Johnson City at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10. His songs have been covered by a long list of major artists in country, folk and bluegrass and include several other top hits. Some of those artists are: Del McCoy; Maine’s David Mallett; Canada’s Murray McLauchlan, The Good Brothers and Ron Hynes; The Atlanta Rhythm Section; Suzy Boggus; Michael Martin Murphey; Kevin Welch; Kieran Kane; The Oak Ridge Boys; Lorrie Morgan; George Jones; Toby Keith; Lee Greenwood; John Schneider; Lynn Anderson; Ricky Van Shel-



ton hx and n Tanya e Tucker. e a d


s Saturday, o n p April 14 p Marble Springs t eStorytelling d from n iFestival, r t m f y 1-8 o pm. A Dogr o wood Arts Festival Event, Marble Springs State Historic Site, 1220 West Gov. John Sevier Hwy, m-+IF322(E&@^&&Vc\_a&&&ANHH& Parking. FOOD on site. Bring seating. $5 all day, $3 student, under 6 FREE. Family: $20. Get hand stamped to come and go. Discounts for groups Call: 865573-5508 marblesprings@gmail. comSponsored by Gov John Sevier Memorial Association & Smoky Mountain Storytellers Assoc. i


Song of the Mountains will be taping another episode of the award winning concert series at the Lincoln Theatre in Marion, Virginia on Saturday, April 14th. “This show is a tremendous lineup of talent,” says Tim White the program’s host and executive coordinator. “Our entire lineup is made up of headliners.” states White. Scheduled to appear on

the rs April 14the concert is t Sierra t Hull and Highway 111, Roni and o Stoneman e n MountainaCountry which includes her sister Donna Stoneman, a t Lou Reid t and mand Carolina r a the Cockman t i Family. Tickets for the Saturday, April 14th concert at the Lincoln Theatre in Marion, Virginia are $25. Reserved tickets may be purchased at the Lincoln Theatre =+I&G$.&!(&3-&?#"3+-E&pB&+"& online at The concert begins at 7:00 pm. For information or tick(%4&'8&16+-(&!#22&_cbLc`VLba\V) Sunday, April 15 “Wake,” a photography exhibit by Milligan College senior Brennan Seth Tracy, opens from 2 to 4 p.m., in the Milligan Art Gallery, located in the lower level of Derthick Hall. The exhibit will remain open through April 20. It is free and open to the public. Wednesday, April 21 The Annual Junior League Food Drive in Food City stores.

iMost nneeded items g include pea. nut butter, canned meats, canned t 6 soups, canned fruit and pvegetables, boxed meals and macaroni hand cheese.e When league d members o ask, please n consideromaking a food donation. Many face hunger in their lives every day. They depend on Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee and our partner agencies that run the local food pantries and soup kitchens. With your help we can make sure that no one in Northeast Tennessee goes hungry. Thank you for your support. A portion of all donations received March 1 through April 30 will be included in the annual Feinstein Challenge. Wednesday, April 28 Carver Recreation Center, 322 W. Watauga Ave., will offer a Community Side Walk Sale: April 28; 7 a.m.-2 p.m.; $10 for six-foot table and two chairs, extra tables available for $4 each. All proceeds will be used for an educational trip to Washington D.C. for Carver’s youth.

Saturday, May 12 .m .T National Association of Letter oCarriers Food o Drive –r Simplyf leave n a bag of non-perishable food items by your mailbox. Your letter carrier will pick you your donation. Second Harvest volunteers help carriers unload vehicles when they return to the 1+4%&+$.&!(&56("(&%6(&A++/&=#->& and Food Bank agencies pick up donations. Many face hunger in their lives every day. They depend on Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee and our partner agencies that run the local food pantries and soup kitchens. With your help we can make sure that no one in Northeast Tennessee goes hungry. Thank you for your support. A portion of all donations received March 1 through April 30 will be included in the annual Feinstein Challenge.


66678)$2+",$-+9219$7:+; Ladies and gentlemen, this is the 300th Batteries Not Included column; an achievement that I am most proud of, and one that warrants some recognition. It seems everyone has an award show or ceremony today, so that is why I am pleased to announce my new award: The Andrew W. Ross Award for Excellence Going Onward. My goal with this award is to establish an achievement for those who have set the bar high in their par%3!,2#"&.(2/)&@6(&%"(-/&4(%%("4E&%6(&-(54& makers, those who work hard, but are humble and stay in the background. I’m #24+&12(#4(/&%+&#--+,-!(&%6#%&%6(&."4%& recipient of The Andrew W. Ross Award for Excellence Going Onward is none other than that modern day Hemingway, Mr. Andy Ross. @6(&!("(0+-8&$+"&%6(&."4%&#--,#2& EGO award took place recently, I rented a convention center for the grand affair. G"9#-3J3-9&%6(&!("(0+-8&5#4&#&/3$.!,2%& %#4>E&%634&'(3-9&%6(&."4%&8(#"&$+"&08& EGO award, there was no established template for the award or the style of the (F(-%)&@6(&."4%&%63-9&%+&/+&5#4&%+&4(-/& out a press release and get everyone excited and interested in covering the event. I also had to send out invitations %+&-+%#'2(&1(+12()&@6(&."4%&"+,-/&+$& invitations went to my family and good friends, the 2nd round went to some of the more heavy hitters in our modern 5+"2/E&%6(&."4%&%5+&+-&%6#%&234%&5("(& Bono and Bill Clinton. I had a menu tasting, worked hard with the staff to make sure the food went off with out a hitch. I had to have posters made, more press releases - I even rented #&40#22&+$.!(&%+&6#-/2(&%6(&3-4&#-/&+,%4& of the ceremony. It was a very busy time,




./+**"$#"0&1'*&#12(3%"% ?'(*1C8*E].)2&

I gave interviews, told the press that I would emcee the event personally. Much to my surprise, none of the information I gave out was given much coverage - I’m still not sure why. As we got closer to the date of the ceremony, I realized that I had actually spent the entire budget on the marketing, venue, and food for the (F(-%)&@634&0(#-%&%6#%&%6(&."4%&(F("&HjG& award, would have to be represented by a plush toy of the red bird from Angry Birds - it was budget friendly. Planning the event was getting to be quite the undertaking, I knew I couldn’t keep going at it alone, so I hired an assistant. I found myself a spunky college girl named Nikki, she seemed perfect for the job, and she also told me it would be perfect for her business major. Nikki’s main job was keeping everything coordinated with the convention center that had been rented out for the event. About a week after the invitations had been 4(-%&+$$E&^3>>3&!#0(&3-%+&%6(&+$.!(&#-/& told me there was a problem. It seems the convention center requires a certain set number of attendees before they

fully give the OK. And since Bono was in Africa and Bill Clinton doesn’t know who I am, they canceled on us and gave us back the deposit. Out went another press release, announcing that due to such dynamic 3-%("(4%&3-&%6(&."4%&(F("&HjG&#5#"/E& we would be moving the ceremony to a reception room at the Best Western. The return of the deposit and change in venue meant that we had a little bit extra to spend on promotional materials for the event. I had a series of T-shirts made that said “Have you seen my EGO?” The Best Western folk asked us for a head count - sadly only about 10 people had responded that they would be coming the BW required at least 200. We got our deposit back. @6(&-(I%&0+"-3-9&#%&%6(&+$.!(E&^3>>3& and I began brainstorming for where we could move the event to. I also began to notice that most of the phone calls were beginning to dry up, at this point we at least had a solid head count for who would be coming to the ceremony - 20 people. The interest the press had in the

(F(-%&5#4&/"83-9&,1&%++)&C&%63->&%6(&.-#2& -#32&3-&%6(&!+$.-&!#0(&56(-&C&4(-%&+,%&#& release telling everyone that we had now moved the event to a church fellowship hall. There was no more press releases, and 5(&0+F(/&+,%&+$&%6(&+$.!(&#-/&3-%+&08& basement. A post card was sent out to each of the attendees, to inform them of %6(&!6#-9(E&#-/&#22&',%&.F(&+$&%6(0&"(sponded back that they wouldn’t be coming. Who was coming? My dear friends: Tommy, his wife Jessica, their daughter Bailee, our friend Casey, and Nikki. The church didn’t want to waste their electricity on a party of six, so they asked us to .-/&#-+%6("&F(-,()&S(&/3/E&#-/&%6(&."4%& ever ceremony for The Andrew W. Ross Award for Excellence Going Onward %++>&12#!(&#%&#&S#$D(&P+,4() @6("(&5(&4#%E&%6(&.F(&,4&!"+5/(/& 3-%+&%6(&'++%6)&@6#%K4&"396%E&.F(&+$&,4E& Nikki had to pick up her boyfriend at the airport. I sat there, stuffed Angry Bird beside me, and was wondering if I should even bother. “Well, what do you think?” I asked Tommy, and he told me

“Not sure, still debating if I want them scattered and covered.” hC&5#-%&#&/#">&5#$D(Ei&Y#4(8&4#3/)& “You think the press will show up?” I asked, Tommy smiled and said “You don’t need any press. I’ve got my iPhone, we can just tweet the whole thing!” The EGO Award Ceremony turned into a night of laughs and overloading on hash browns, I think I had more fun than if the big shindig I had in my mind had actually happened. Still, this is the 300th column, I am proud of that - and amazed. Thank you for reading it, the ones that came before, and the ones that will follow. It’s a lot of words gang, maybe soon I’ll get around to sticking most of them in a book - some of them never need to be seen by human eyes ever again. ]Here’s to 300 more, cheers! Follow me on Twitter @ThatAndyRoss


Odd Couple*%<*:<.$*]((6 The Blue Moon Dinner Theatre located at 215 East Main Street in Johnson City is 1"+,/&%+&#--+,-!(&%6(&.-#2& two performances of Neil Simon’s classic comedy, The Odd Couple. @6(&.-#2&1("$+"0#-!(4&#"(& Fridays and Saturdays, April 13 and 14. Doors open at 6 p.m. Dinner service begins at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. This laugh out loud comedy is perhaps one of Simon’s funniest. Felix(portrayed by James Allen Andes) has just broken up with his wife. Oscar (Clayton Van Huss), a divorced man himself, invites his friend to live with him /,"3-9&%634&/3$.!,2%&%30()&&G4car is a disorganized, casual, incurable slob and Felix is an uptight, neat, and neurotic control freak. Inevitably, the couple begin to drive each other crazy with their various idiosyncrasies. Things go from bad to worse when Oscar sets them up on a double- date with a pair of British sisters, the “coo-coo” Pigeon sister’s (portrayed by Blue moon regulars, Colleen Dunne and Linda Wakely). Still, in this hilarious tale of mismatched buddies they’ll learn that love, trust, and

friendship are more important than living in different worlds. Rounding out the cast are Oscar’s poker playing buddies, Murray the cop (Dave Carter), Roy (Bill Campbell), Speed(Bill Beagen), and Vinny (Kyle Walter). The dinner menu for Odd Couple begins with an appetizer of “Oscar’s messy

meatballs”, continues with an (-%"n(K&+$&h@6(&<39(+-&434%("K4& stuffed chicken”, and for dessert a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie ala mode covered in a generous chocolate drizzle. For an additional cost, patrons may also upgrade their menus with an `&+,-!(&.2(%&039-+-&+"&#&b&+,-!(& 9"322(/&4#20+-&.2(%)&p(9(%#"ian option is available. Menu upgrades and vegetarian dishes require 48-hour notice. Ticket prices for the threecourse candlelit meal and show #"(&sXX)c\&@#I&3-!2,/(/)&&@3!>(%4& are also available for show only and dessert only. Group discounts are available for parties of 10 or more. The Blue Moon is a BYOB facility. Glasses, chillers and openers will be supplied at no additional cost. The Blue Moon serves sweetened and unsweetened tea, water, coffee and Pepsi products. Pepsi products are an additional sU&53%6&$"((&"(.224E&563!6&0#8&'(& added to your reservation total, or paid in cash or check the night of the event. Available upon request, the Blue Moon also has celebration cakes, a dozen roses, +$.!3#2&=2,(&?++-&@LM63"%4E&!2#448&=2,(& ?++-&!+$$((&0,94E&93$%&!("%3.!#%(4&#-/&9"(#%& savings on all season ticket purchases.

66678)$2+",$-+9219$7:+; I will begin this week by stating I am impressed Hollywood was able to produce a sequel to Clash of the TitansE&!+-43/("3-9&%6(&+"393-#2&U\`aK4& D3!>&5#4&+-(&#-/&/+-()& &0#-8&.20&$#-4&0#8&5+-/("&568& there was the need for a sequel to the 2010 remake, I say, why not? I am 1("$(!%28&.-(&53%6&#&!+-%3-,#%3+-&+$& the adventures of Persseus (Sam Wor%63-9%+-;E&%6(&/(039+/&4+-&+$&T(,4& 7R3#0&^((4+-;)&B$%("&#22E&%6(&."4%& .20&6#/&<("44(,4&D83-9&#5#8&+-&634& winged horse Pegasus, so I consider that ending a set up for a sequel. Wrath of the Titans continues the adventures of our ancient Greek hero, and the action in this sequel is full throttle. The story begins 10 years after the defeat of The Kraken, with Persseus living the good life in a seaside village with his son Helius (John Bell), and the two are dealing with #&2+44&3-&%6(3"&23F(4)&G-(&-396%&T(,4& F343%4&<("44(,4&3-&%6(&40#22&.463-9& village and warns him the powers of the gods are failing due to lack of devotion to them from humans. The weakening powers of gods is causing the walls of the underworld prison @#"%#",4&%+&'"(#>E&#-/&T(,4&5#"-4& Persseus all the armies of the world 5322&'(&-((/(/&%+&.96%&+$$&%6(&%6"(#%& which will be unleashed from the underworld. B%&."4%&<("44(,4&46+54&-+&3-%("(4%& in helping in the pending battle, until some nasty two-headed dragons are ,-2(#46(/&+-&6,0#->3-/E&#-/&T(,4& is captured and held in the underworld prison. In an effort to free his father, Persseus teams with Queen




)2$""1&)2"1"0 E*3%3.<*49*.*&(G"($

Andromeda (Rosamund Pike) and the demigod son of Poseidon, Agenor (Toby Kebbell), to head to the underworld to face Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and Ares (Edgar Ramirez) the god of 5#"&56+&'(%"#8(/&T(,4)&P#/(4&#-/& B"(4&#"(&,43-9&%6(&1+5("4&+$&T(,4&%+& bring Kronos, the father of the gods, who is basically a lava monster. Why in the world Hades and Ares want to free Kronos is beyond me, but I suppose they feel he will being them

,2%30#%(&1+5("&3-&"(0+F3-9&T(,4& from his leadership role. C-&%6(3"&($$+"%&%+&$"((&T(,4E&<("4seus and his partners must navigate the tricky Tartarus prison, and the three nearly die in the process. The three manage to escape with T(,4E&',%&-+%&'($+"(&m"+-+4&34&4(%&$"((& to wreak his havoc on the soldiers and villages. Kronos loves to sling 2#F#&#-/&."('#224&#"+,-/E&#-/&34&-+%& a creature you would want to upset.

The battle on the surface of the earth is exciting and leaves Kronos wishing he had stayed underground. @6(&.20&34&.22(/&53%6&5+-/("ful creatures and characters of all varieties, including Cyclopes and a 03-+%#,")&C-&4+&0#-8&5#84&%634&.20& reminded me of the old “sword and 4#-/#2i&!6((4(&$(4%4&+$&%6(&U\Wa4&#-/& ‘60s, albeit with a larger budget and '(%%("&#!%+"4)&@6(&.204&+$&P("!,2(4& and Sindbad were so fun, and always

proved to be a pleasant diversion on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Worthington is in full heroic mode 3-&%6(&.20E&#-/&0+"(&%6#-&6+2/4&634& own with the powerhouse acting talents of Neeson and Fiennes. I also enjoyed the performance of Kebbell, who provided some much needed !+03!&"(23($)&@6(&.20&0+F(4&#%&#& quick pace, and has a brisk running %30(&+$&\\&03-,%(4)& @6(&.20&34&1"(4(-%(/&3-&'+%6&_Q& and 3D, and I chose the 3D version more for a convenient starting time than any other reason. Wrath is far superior to Clash in %6(&VQ&$+"0#%E&#-/&C&#!%,#228&D3-!6(/& several times during the movie, as "+!>4&#-/&+%6("&+'f(!%&D(5&#%&08& face. If you take Wrath of the Titans for what it is, a “popcorn” movie, then you will have a fun time at the cinema. I, for one, hope for more adventures with Persseus and crew.

(Rated PG-13) B



Drunken Prayer at Coho Asheville, NC and Portland, Oregon'#4(/&+,%.%&Q",->(-&<"#8("&34&63%%3-9&%6(& road to celebrate the release of Into the !"##"$%&'()*&%6(&+,%.%K4&4(!+-/&$,22L2(-9%6)&& C-%+&%6(&?3443+-.(2/&34&#-&(2(F(-&%"#!>&!+2lection of dark tales and darker melodies. A journey down a path less traveled, but always more rewarding.

Drunken Prayer will perform at the Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City April 11. Some may categorize it as alt. country, Americana, folk-rock, or a number of other genres, but, to Drunken Prayer mastermind Morgan Christopher Geer, the songs aren’t trying to be anything; they’re just his way of letting out a howl formed by life and the history of music. Not representing any one style of music - not representing at all, just being. Making music out of the reservoirs left by living and listening to humanity. Drunken Prayer makes an honest tune, an un-ironic narrative of the harsh and beautiful harmonies and discords every human faces: a kind of holy blues. There is a unique genuineness here born of pure inspiration. Described by music journalist Fred Mills as “ part the Band, one part Tonight’s The Night and several parts sinner’s remorse... Bad Seeds-in-New Or-leans noir,” Drunken Prayer pulls no punches. A tall man with a menacing presence, a towering stage persona, and a raspy voice that commands attention with stories where sin and redemption bleed into each other, Geer’s entertaining wit and charismatic /(23F("8&#&2#&S#""(-&T(F+-&!+0(&(#48E&3-&#&45#99("&+$&56341("4E&46+,%4&#-/&4-(("4)&& Q",->(-&<"#8("K4&4+-94&.-/&%6(&6+-(4%&12#!(&56("(&1++2&6#22&92++0&#-/&%(-%&"(F3F#2& 92+"8&>((1&+-(&#-+%6("&'+-#&./() He’s a showman, “a barking ringleader with chops between Tom Waits and the Butthole Surfers’ Gibby Haynes,” says Portland’s Willamette Week. All of this comes to life on +%,$-,.'-!"##"$%&'()*-an anything-but-ordinary “singersongwriter” record. The album is heavy on percussion, some songs featuring two drummers. The gut-bucket guitars and keys are dense, blues-y and psychedelic; the horn arrangements are as loose and buoyant as a New Orleans Jazz funeral. Best of all, the lyrics are as sweet as they are damning. When Geer sings “don’t say never, when you really mean not yet. Don’t say for forever, forever tends to forget” on the album closer, Never Tends To Forget, the urgency in his voice is coupled with such sorrow and vinegar that you can’t help but be pulled in. Album opener, Brazil, instantly smacks of melancholy and remorse, both in Geer’s words and voice, offering up a haunting folk number which contrasts sharply with the roots-rock meets pop Always Sad, a jangle-y number you can’t help but dance and sing along with. The garage rock comes alive on Geer’s Ain’t No Grave, a soul-rocker that will set 8+,"&41(#>("4&+-&."() Then there is the title track, !"#$%&''&()*#+,-&#&4+-9&%6#%&(I(0123.(4&j(("K4&#'323%8& %+&5"3%(&#-&#!!(443'2(&"++%4L3-D,(-!(/&4+-9E&3-!+"1+"#%(&23'("#2&/+4(4&+$&&4+,2E&#-/&%+1& it all off with lyrics that will haunt the listener for days. Including guest appearances by players from The Breeders, Beck, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, Supersuckers, Kristen Hersh, and I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The P+,4(E&j(("K4&$"3(-/4&6(21&D(46&+,%&%6(&4+-94&+-&C-%+&%6(&?3443+-.(2/E&13!>3-9&,1& where Drunken Prayer’s acclaimed self-titled debut left off, and moving the band toward uncharted territory. And, to think, Drunken Prayer was born out of a strange turn of events, sometime 3-&_aab&#%&#&.46&0#">(%&3-&%3-8&M('#4%+1+2E&Y#23$+"-3#)&&j(("&$+,-/&6304(2$&3-&#&!+-F("sation with one of his heroes, Tom Waits, about life and art. The talk moved Geer to ,-2(#46&634&%"#/(0#">&4+,-/)&&@6,4&3%&!#0(&%+&1#44&%6#%&3-&#&.46&0#">(%&'(%5((-&@+0& Waits and a bin of dead salmon, Drunken Prayer came to life. Not bad for a melancholy boy born to a New Orleans folk singer and a California mushroom farmer.

!"#$%54'%()$%*+",$-%.%/0-12%34'%&43& Q(2&N((F(4K&U\b`&!+,-%"8&0,43!& hit, Looking At The World Through A Windshield, didn’t sound very prescient at the time, but it could easily become the theme song for Google’s much-talked-about Project Glass, a technological marvel that might see the light of day later this year. If Google’s plans materialize, as they surely will, Reeves’s song could take on a whole new meaning and will no doubt make the folks in my hometown of Sparta, North Carolina really proud (Del was born there in the early thirties, taking his name from the newlyelected President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt). By now you might have seen Google’s promotional video for Project Glass, but if you haven’t, here’s what it’s all about (and, I checked - it doesn’t appear to be another one of those infamous Google April Fool’s jokes). Imagine, if you will, being able to access the entire online world, including social networking, from a futuristic pair of glasses that look like something straight out of Star Trek. And this world will be visible to you right in front of your eyes, meshing seamlessly with what you used to call “the real world.” According to a recent piece in USA TodayE&hC$&D83-9&!#"4&#-/& uncannily dexterous robots haven’t tipped you off already, know this: the future is here. We’re living in an age when Star Trek tech is getting realized little by little, and Google’s just revealed a secret undertaking that checks one more 4!3L.&3--+F#%3+-&+$$&%6(&1"+F("'3#2& list.” Project Glass is described as “augmented reality,” but I really don’t think that once-trendy term has much meaning today, especially now that we’ve pretty much erased the very thin line between what’s “real” and what’s “virtual” or “augmented.” Today, we probably should describe the entire world we live in as “real,” regardless of whether we’re experiencing 3%&+-23-(&+"&+$D3-(&73$&%6#%&/34%3-!tion means very much either). The Project Glass video gives you a POV tour of the world as it might look when you’re wearing the special glasses (which, according to press releases, !#-&(#4328&.%&+F("&8+,"&1"(4(-%& eyeglasses if you wear them). Walking down what appears to be a street in New York, our POV avatar strolls past businesses and




?')4"='*.*]%<2&'%($2* +*2.)6$Bd

locations that instantly provide detailed information, including D++"&12#-4E&+-&%6(&h53-/463(2/i& of the glasses. Facebook updates, weather reports, Google searches (naturally), and Skype chats all appear there too, blending in with the street life. On his way to meet a friend at the Strand bookstore, our avatar receives updates on his friend’s location until the “actual” (or at least we are led to believe) meeting takes place outside the bookstore. Believe it or not, the two friends converse face-to-face for a few minutes before resuming their voice-activated texts. Needless to say, this scenario takes “multitasking” to a whole new level. Let’s just hope we can arrive home safely without being run over by a real automobile while we are engaged in our Skype conversation.

And, we probably don’t want to imagine what might happen out on our highways when drivers begin wearing these glasses. Project Glass, when it becomes more than just a project and is available for purchase (online of course) will represent, for now at least, the ultimate (until something else comes along) fusion of worlds. By donning these glasses, the user will no longer have a sense of being separated from technology - at that point, technology and what used to be called nature will become one, and Google Maps will become as real and as natural as walking down a city street (in fact, we will no longer need to distinguish between map and street). And at this point, the meaning of words like “computer,” “smart phone,” and “online” will

change forever, placing us in a world where Second Life will seem as distant and antiquated as an eight-track tape. What will familiar terms like “having a conversation” mean when taking a trip to Wal-Mart or going to a concert involves little more than putting on our Glasses? Will we ever want, or need, to take them off? Sherry Turkle, who has made a career of writing about the effects of technology, once upon a time asked us to consider “the second self” as a way of visualizing what video games were doing to us. In her study of children involved with these games - and we’re %#2>3-9&#'+,%&%6(&U\`a4&6("(&L&46(& found that these games were often seen as literal playmates rather than as boxes full of circuit boards. Turkle’s description of “the second

self” will soon be replaced by a concept more in keeping with the stuff going on over in the Google lab. C-&#&$,%,"(&4++-&%+&'(&/(.-(/&'8& Project Glass, there will only be one self, a self fused with the artifacts of mobile technology in a way that makes speculation about what’s real and what’s virtual rather meaningless. Perhaps we will need to fashion a new political language as well. Instead of old-fashioned terms like “liberal” and “conservative” we will need to describe our constituency by whether they wear Google glasses or not. There will, needless to say, always be those who are not viewing their world through a windshield or constantly ,1/#%3-9&%6(3"&A#!('++>&1"+.2(4)&& And these outcasts will need to be included in the new political dialogue. Don’t be surprised if you see candidates wearing prototypes of the new Google glasses at the upcoming political conventions - reading their speeches from their screens and getting constant polling update information, as well as whether there are hostile critics in the audience. And, as you can well imagine, their screens will be constantly monitoring the location of nearby Starbucks shops. I’ll leave you to meditate on the deeper meaning of all this; to help you out, as well as to provide a convenient summary of what I’ve said, here is some food for thought from the aforementioned USA Today column: “The idea of a system like Google’s Project Glass is to steep reality in immersive, non-disruptive data. All tasks would be integrated right into 8+,"&F34,#2&.(2/E&>((13-9&8+,"& hands free while still providing the informational amenities we’ve come to expect from smartphones and tablets.” And if that’s not enough to spin your head around, consider this: “In the world of Project Glass, our devices’ screens would melt away altogether in favor of translucent data draped right over the world as we know it.” Or, the world as we used to know it. How much longer can it be before you’re reading Kelly’s Place from the lenses of your new Google glasses while strolling down your street? Just beware of that open manhole cover you’re about to step into. See you - maybe through a windshield - next week.




April 10, 2012 Edition  
April 10, 2012 Edition  

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