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The Crooked Road, Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail, winds through the mountains of Southwest Virginia. Here, the Bluegrass, Old Time, and Traditional Country music is as beautiful and rugged as the landscape itself. Treat your family to a trip down The Crooked Road, Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail.

And my oh my-The Music--October Events!

Music Heritage Trail” "egan as an idea in *anuary .//01 2he goal was to generate touris8 and e9ono8i9 de:elo;8ent in the <;;ala9hian region of >outh? western @irginia "y fo9using on the regionAs uniBue 8usi9al heri? tage1 Ces;onse to the 9on9e;t fro8 9o88unities, 8usi9ians, 8usi9 :enues, and touris8 organiEations was ;ositi:e and

S9to"er .W ? Qlue Cidge Folklife Festi:al Qlue Cidge Onstitute and Nuse? u8??Ferru8, @< . Galleries are o;en and ad8is? sion is free1 2he Far8 Nuseu8 is o;en during the Qlue Cidge Folklife Festi:al

The Crooked Road: Virginia’s 

S9to"er ./ ? Ceal To8en Ui9k Uink Festi:al Qirth;la9e of Country Nusi9 <lli? an9e ?? Qristol, 2V


Nid Yay Nusi9 at Qlue Cidge Nusi9 Center??2he Qlue Cidge Uarkway

The Communities

S9to"er ZW ? Qill R Naggie <nderson

F2he Crooked CoadI in9ludes ten 9ounties, three 9ities, ten !"#$%&'()*+',+-)"$./'0/.$$)$-' distri9ts, four state agen9ies, two touris8 organiEations, and a large nu8"er of 8usi9 :enues1 < steering 9o88ittee re;resent? ing these entities 8eets on a 8onthly "asis to 8ake de9isions and i8;le8ent ;oli9y1

S9to"er ./ ? >ugarloaf Nountain Qand

S9to"er .Z ? Fisher Ueak 2i8"er Cattlers

2he Floyd Country >tore?? Floyd @< S9to"er Z[, aM// b [M// Hotel Floyd Con9ert >eries with <fter *a9k S9to"er Z\, aM0/ >ue Vester R Friends, WM0/ catie R 2he Qu"? "atones, \M// 2he Cound Ueak Ca8"lers S9to"er ./, Z.M// <8eri9ana <fternoon with calis;ell, ZM0/ <8eri9ana S;en Ni9, WM0/ Sld 2i8e Country Yan9e 2he Thite? to; Nountain Qand S9to"er .Z, .M// Youth *a8, .M// Sld 2i8e Nusi9 *a8

Open jam sessions – Family Fun, Old time, County, Gospel, Bluegrass, flat footing, square dance, line dance… Tednesdays aM0/?\M//;8 2he Z\/[ Courthouse?? Onde;en? den9e, @irginia 2hursdays \a8?Z/a8 Yairy Queen??Co9ky Nount, @< Fridays aM0/;8 <llison Ga; Curitan R Co88unity Center >alt:ille, @<

S9to"er Z[ ? Nark Vewton R *eff Qrown WM//;181 <d8ission is freee donations reBuested 2he Ui9kinA Uor9h Qluegrass Cir9le 2he Center >tage Cloggers WM0/ ? Z/M0/ Lays Hardware Center for the <rts ?Coe"urn, @irginia .M// UN ? Fall Heritage >eries 2ri"ute to GalaK Fiddler, J88ett Lundy S9to"er .. ? Qu9k Nountain Qand

The Venues

JK;erien9e authenti9 8ountain 8usi9 where it was "orn at eight 8aLor :enuesM Cal;h >tanley Nuseu8, Country Ca"in OO, Carter Fa8ily Fold, Qirth;la9e of Country Nusi9 <llian9e, CeK 2heater R Sld FiddlerAs Con:en? tion, Qlue Cidge Nusi9 Center, Floyd Country >tore R County >ales, and Qlue Cidge Onstitute R Nuseu8 of Ferru8 College1

S9to"er ._th ?Ha88er >te; with Ya:e Jggar Yeoro ?WM0/;8 Cal;h >tanley Nuseu8??Clint? wood, @< S9to"er ./ ? <;;ala9hian >;rings Country Ca"in`Vorton, @<

S9to"er Z[ R .0 ? >9ott Free8an and Tillard Gayheart S9to"er ./ ? Qig Country Qlue? grass 2he Carter Fa8ily Fold?? Hiltons, @<

S9to"er ./?>tan >9ott R Friends S9to"er .Z? Con Oreland Qig Talker Lookout R QT Coun? try >tore??Tythe:ille, @< S9to"er Z\??2he THJS *a8? "oree, W;18 fg ad8ission1 2he shows are re9orded in front of a li:e audien9e and re"road9ast in half hour seg8ents on 2uesh 2hurs THJS radio Z.W/ <N at ZZM0/ <N1 2he Histori9 >tar 2heatre?? >tu? art, @<

Fridays W?Z/;8 *a88in at the *ettie?? Clintwood, @irginia Fridays WM//? Z/M//;8 Tillis Ga; S;en *a8?? <rarat, @< Nondays W;8 Cadford Fiddle and QanLo *a8??Ci:er City Grill? ?Cadford, @< ._Z_Z Nondays aM0/;8 >8yth County *a8 Chilhowie Lions Clu"??Chil? howie, @irginia ._0Z\ 2uesdays a?\;8 Nit9hell Nusi9 Co8;any in Floyd ?? Floyd, @<

S9to"er Z\ ? *i8 Narshall and Friends

2uesdays WM//;181 Country Ca"in`Vorton, @< Zst R 0rd 2hursdays aM// ? \M//;81 Heartwood??<"ingdon, @irginia ._.Z/ <8eri9an Legion @ariety Yan9e with li:e "ands1 >aturdays WM0/? Z/M0/ ;81 <d8ission is fg1//1 <8eri9an Legion Uost jZ/g??>tuart, @irginia



Big Country Bluegrass Hard driving and Heartfelt Bluegrass Music October 20th

>aturday, S9to"er ./th, WM0/ ;181, the Carter Fa8ily Fold in Hiltons, @irginia, ;resents a 9on9ert "y Qig Country Qluegrass1 <d8ission to the 9on9ert is f[ for adults, fZ for 9hildren a to ZZ, under age a free1 Qig Country Qluegrass was for8ed "y hus"and and wife 2o88y and 2eresa >ells in the late Z\[/s and took itsA na8e fro8 2o88yAs 9oon?hunting "uddy *i88y NartinAs instru8ental Big Country.  2he grou; deli:ers their own hard dri:ing and heartfelt style of "luegrass 8usi9, and it 8akes the8 9rowd fa:orites where:er they ;erfor81 <ll the "andAs 8e8"ers li:e in and around the @irginiahCarolina Qlue Cidge, and their 8usi9 ,+(/+1!%'!2+'3++0'45%)1./'2+,)!.-+' found in this region1 2o88y >ells ;lays 8andolin and handles the e89ee work1 2eresa >ells ;lays rhyth8 guitar and sings lead and high har8ony :o9als1 Jddie Gill handles 8ost of the distin9ti:e lead :o9als and also ;lays the guitar1 Lynnwood Lunsford, a for8er 8e8"er of "oth the Lost  and  Found  and Jimmy  Martin’s  Sunny Mountain Boys, ;lays "anLo and sings har8ony for the grou;1 2ony cing ;lays u;right "ass for the grou;1 Big  Country  Bluegrass ;lays 8usi9 that is known to 8any as Galax or Mt. Airy style "luegrass1

Ot is straight ahead, hard edged "luegrass with no frills1 2he rhyth8 and ti8ing are solid, the instru8ental work is 9lean and tasteful, and the :o9als are fro8 the heart1 2he "and released o:er a doEen al"u8s and CYs1 2heir latest release, The Boys  in  Hats  and  Ties,  has garnered the ;restigious j Z s;ot in "oth the Qluegrass knli8ited 8agaEine

.$3'!2+'6/5+-,.%%'75%)1'8,"()/+%9' radio air?;lay 9harts1 2o8 21 and YiKie Hall wrote the title tra9k1 For 8ore infor8ation on the "and, go to htt;Mhhwww1 "ig9ountry"luegrass19o8h1 Of you lo:e to dan9e or if you ;refer Lust listening, Big Country  Bluegrass wonAt disa;;oint1 On fa9t, the "and has "e9o8e a fa:orite of Fold audien9es1 For so8e of the "est traditional "luegrass 8usi9 the region has to offer, donAt 8iss the8 at the Carter Fa8ily Foldl Carter Fa8ily Ne8orial Nusi9 Center, On9or;orated, is a $"$0,"()!&',5,./'.,!%'",-.$):.!)"$' esta"lished to ;reser:e traditional, a9ousti9, 8ountain 8usi91 For further infor8ation on the 9enter, go to htt;Mhhwww1 9arterfa8ilyfold1org1 >hows fro8 the Carter Fa8ily Fold 9an "e a99essed on the internet at htt;Mhhwww19arterfoldshow1 9o81 Carter Nusi9 Center is ;art of the Crooked  Road:  Virginia’s  Heritage Music Trail. You 9an :isit the Crooked Coad Nusi9 2rail site at htt;Mhhthe9rookedroad1 org1 Uartial funding for ;rogra8s at the 9enter is ;ro:ided "y the Virginia  Commission  for  the  Arts  and the National  Endowment  for  the  Arts. For 8ore infor8ation on >aturdayAs 9on9ert, 9onta9t the Nountain Nusi9 Nuseu8 at .Wa?a_g?//0g1 For re9orded infor8ation on shows 9o8ing u; at the Fold, 9all .Wa?0[a?a/g_1


Arts, Galleries and Film

The William King Museum: Center for Art and Cultural Heritage welcomes two new studio artists. Pam Hagy has

"een tea9hing 9hildrenAs art 9lasses at the Tillia8 cing Nuseu8 sin9e .//_1 >he also tea9hes art at Qlount:ille Jle8entary >9hool in >ulli:an County, 2V1 >he is a graduate of @irginia Onter8ont College with a Q1<1 in <rt Jdu9a? tion and a Q1F1<1 with an e8;hasis in ;ainting1 On .//_, Ua8 was awarded a s9hol? arshi; to study Otalian art "y the Qerger Foundation in Floren9e and Co8e1 >he ;arti9i;ates in the @irginia Highlands *uried Fine <rt >how and is ins;ired to ;aint oil ;ortraits1 www1 0.4+/.()$+.,!;1"41 >tudio artist Tracy Ference was raised in Vorthwestern Uennsyl:ania1 >he earned a Q> in Usy9hology fro8 Uenn >tate

ings1 www1tra9yferen9e19o81 For 8ore infor8ationM www1 Tillia8cingNuseu81org or rea9h us "y ;hone at .Wa?a.[? g//g1

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” Arts Array Of you ha:e

and attended graduate s9hool at Co"ert Norris College in Uitts"rugh1 On .//0, while li:ing in 2eKas, she took the o;;ortu? $)!<'!"'=5/()//'.'/)=+/"$-'3,+.4'!"' study art and has "een ;aint? ing and studying e:er sin9e1 Thile not for8ally trained, she attended worksho;s with so8e of the "est ;ortrait artists in the 9ountry1 Her 9urrent ;roLe9ts in9lude working on ;ortrait 9o88issions and eK;loring her new ho8e through her ;aint?

ne:er seen the 8ost fa8ous 15/!'()/4'"='.//'!)4+&'$"#')%'<"5,' 12.$1+>'?2+'@,!%'@,,.<'()/4' series ;resents the 9ult 9lassi9 Nonday and 2uesday, S9to"er .. and .0 at _M// and WM0/ ;181 at the <"ingdon Cine8all1 2he ABCD'()/4')%'.$'.3.0!.!)"$'"=' the Qritish ro9k 8usi9al and a 0.,"3<'"='6E4"*)+&'%1)+$1+'()1? !)"$&'.$3'2",,",'()/4%'"='!2+'/.!+' Z\_/s through the Z\W/s1 Qrad and *anet, an all?<8er? i9an 9ou;le, are dri:ing along #2+$'.'3+.3E+$3F(/.!'!),+F stor8y night 9auses the8 to seek refuge at the ho8e of Yr1 Frank?V?Furter1 2he do9tor ma 8ad s9ientistn is a 9ross?dresser fro8 F2ransseKual 2ransyl:aniaI who is a"out to 9reate a 8an

na8ed Co9ky for his ;ersonal ;leasure1 >till in li8ited release 0W <+.,%'.=!+,')!%'0,+4)+,+&'!2+'()/4' has "een the longest?lasting !2+.!,)1./',+/+.%+')$'()/4'2)%!",<;'' G$'HIID&'!2+'()/4'#.%'%+/+1!+3' for ;reser:ation in the knited >tates Vational Fil8 Cegistry "y the Li"rary of Congress as "eing “culturally, historically, or  !"#$%"$&'!(()*#&+,&-&'!,$./ ?2+'@,!%'@,,.<'()/4'%+,)+%' is ;art of the 9o8;rehensi:e 9ultural outrea9h ;rogra8 of @irginia Highlands Co88unity College1 <d8ission is free for the fa9ulties and students at the su;;orting institutions1 Ne8"ers of the general 9o88u?

nity 8ay attend for fW1g/1 For a "ro9hure on the series or 8ore infor8ation, 9onta9t Qen *en? nings at .Wa?W0\?.__W or e8ail "Lenningso:h991edu1

Boston rock band Guster performs at ETSU >aturday, S9t1 ./, at [ ;181 at the J2>khNountain >tates Health <llian9e <thleti9 Center1 Yooors o ;en at W ;181 Guster is an alternati:ehindie ro9k and ;o; "and that for8ed in Z\\Z "y then?2ufts kni:ersity fresh8en Cyan Niller, <da8 Gardner and Qrian Cosenwor9el1 2he "andAs 9urrent lineu; in? 9ludes guitarist Luke Ceynolds1

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On a re:iew of the "andAs latest al"u8, “Easy Wonderful,” on all8usi919o8, 9riti9 2i8 >endra 9alls Guster “a tuneful, thought­ ful and consistently good pop  band whose albums are reliably  full of sweetly tender lyrics, richly  crafted performances, and an  overall feeling of warmth and  peacefulness.” <n o;ening ;er? for8an9e is gi:en "y Black Vio­ lin, a duo of 9lassi9ally trained :iolinists and their Y* who 9o8"ine LaEE, hi;?ho;, funk and 9lassi9al to ;rodu9e a signature sound that is des9ri"ed on their we"site as “not quite maestro,  not quite emcee.”


Get ti9kets at the Y1U1 Cul; kni? :ersity Center "etween [ a181?W ;181 J2>k students with :alid OY 8ay re9ei:e one free ti9ket and ;ur9hase u; to three guest ti9kets at fZg ea9he 9ash and OYQu9f are a99e;ted1 Uur9hase ;u"li9 ti9kets online for fZg ea9h at htt;Mhhtinyurl19o8hetsu? guster1 For 8ore infor8ation or s;e9ial assistan9e for those with disa"ilities, 9all m_.0n _0\?_a0a1

“Watercolor in the Round” Ellen Elmes Arts Depot Workshop <

two and one half day water9olor worksho; fro8 \?_ on Friday and >aturday, Vo:e8"er . and

0 and fro8 ZM// to _M0/ on >unday, Vo:e8"er _ at the <rts Ye;ot in <"ingdon, @irginia1 2he 9ost of the worksho; in fZg/ and ;re registration is reBuired .Wa?a.[?\/\Z or e8ail a"ing? donartsde;otoe:a1org Uarti9i;ants utiliEe the water9olor 8ediu8 to 9reate 8andalas1 FMandala” is the >an? skrit word for F9ir9le1I *ose;h Ca8;"ell, in 2he Uower of Nyth, said that when 9o8;osing a 8andala, “…you are trying to  coordinate your personal order  with the cosmic order.” Fro8 the sand ;aintings of Va:aho Ondian healing 9ere8onies to *ungian ;sy9hology to the ;otterAs F9en? teringI on the wheel, the 9ir9ular )1"$'2.%'%+,*+3'!"'3+()$+'!2+' ;ower of the Fun9ons9ious selfI in indi:iduals and 9ultural 9o8? 8unities for ti8e i88easura"le1 Qeginners to ad:an9ed ;aint? ers are wel9o8e1 >o8e drawing eK;erien9e is hel;ful, "ut it is not reBuired1 Jllen Jl8es is a water9olor ;ainter and 8ural? ist who has li:ed and worked in southwest @irginia1 >he utiliEes her ;aint 8ediu8 to eK;ress the intrigue of her rural 9o88unity and *ewell Cidge ho8e ;la9e,

and to rea9h out to others as an as;e9t of the 9ou;lesA so9ial a9ti:is81

‘Maul of the Dead’ The Blue Moon Dinner 2heatre adds two ;er?

for8an9es of horror 9o8edy "y Nit9h Qrian Friday and >aturday, S9to"er Z\th and ./th1 “We are  extending our run of the show  by popular demand” say <rtisti9 Yire9tor Jdward Qreese “ I don’t  know who is having more fun, the  audience or the cast” l 2he po8"ies are taking o:er1 >iK strangers take refuge in an a"andoned sho;;ing 8all as the dead rise to terroriEe and de:our e:eryone who 9rosses their ;ath1 >et in Z\W[ the era of dis9o, ;unk ro9k and ;oly? ester, ‘Maul of  the Dead’ is fast ;a9ed fun1 >e;arated fro8 the po8"ies "y no 8ore than a frail se9urity gate, who will sur:i:e the deadly e;i?

de8i9q Till any of the8 8ake it out ali:eq Yinner in9ludes a ras;"erry :inaigrette salad to;;ed, a 0 9heese stuffed ra:ioli in a red sau9e with 8eat"alls and sausage followed "y a 9ho9o? late 9hi; 9ookie a la 8ode with a 9ara8el driEEle1 2i9kets for the 0 9ourse dinner and show are f0\1\\1 mkse 9ode word “Brains” online for g dollars off ea9h dinner and show ti9ketn Yessert and >how ti9kets are also a:aila"le1 For 8ore infor8ation _.0?.0.? Z0g/ or "uy ti9kets online at ww1"lue8oondinnertheatre19o8 Continued on page 8

!"#$%`'%()$%*+",$-%.%/01+2$-%34'%&53& Continued from page 7

ETSU Theatre presents ‘Beautiful Bodies’ o;ens the season with this 9o8edy ;erfor8ed 2hurs? day >aturday, S9t1 Z[?./ at WM0/ ;181 and >unday, S9t1 .Z, at . ;18 in the Qud Frank 2heatre, lo9ated on the lower le:el of Gil"reath Hall1 “Beautiful Bodies” tells the story of siK "est friendsM Claire, Lis"eth, Nartha, Vina, *essie and >ue Carol who ha:e gathered on a 9old, snowy e:ening to 9ele"rate ClaireAs ;regnan9y1 2he night was intended to "e a"out wine, fun and gossi;, "ut instead "e9o8es a ti8e of re:elation as the wo8en dis9uss "oyfriends, 9areers, life 9hoi9es, and "iologi9al 9lo9ks that kee; ti9king1 Laura Cunningha8, author of “Beautiful Bodies,” :isits the J2>k 9a8;us and leads a talk?"a9k ses? sion at the 9on9lusion of ea9h ;erfor8an9e1 Cun? ningha8 will also "e a guest s;eaker in se:eral J2>k 9lasses and do a reading and "ook?signing on Nonday, S9t1 .., at _ ;181 in the Jast 2ennes? see Coo8 in the Y1U1 Cul; kni:ersity Center1 “Beautiful Bodies” stars J2>k students Cal? lie Qar"er, Hannah Has9h, <ryn cing, Chelsea cinser, catherine Uatterson, Courtney >;en9er and <leKis 2urner1 2he show is dire9ted "y Uat Cronin, with Tillia8 Cate as stage 8anager, J8? ily Terner as assistant stage 8anager, Yel"ert Hall as set designer and Nelissa >hafer as lighting designer1 2he ;rodu9tion is also an N1<1 thesis show for 9ostu8e designer Christine TaKstein1 2i9kets are fW for students and fZg for general ad8ission and 9an "e reser:ed "y 9alling m_.0n _0\?WgWa or e8ailing theatreoetsu1edu1 2hose needing to reBuest s;e9ial a99o88odations for ;ersons with disa"ilities should 9onta9t that sa8e nu8"er1

“Speed Killed My Cousin” For 8ore than _/ years 2he Car;et"ag 2heater has "een telling stories of e8;ower8ent and 9ele"rating <fri9an?<8eri9an 9ulture through the 9reation of original ;lays and 8usi91 2hey 9ontinue this tradi? tion with the ;re8ier of their new ;lay F>;eed cilled Ny CousinI at WM0/ ;8 S9t1 .g at the J8;oriu8 Center for <rt and Culture with additional ;erfor8an9es on Vo? :e8"er Z, . and 01 F>;eedI is the Continued on page 9



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story of a young <fri9an?<8er? i9an fe8ale :eteran of the OraB war and her struggle with Uost 2rau8ati9 >tress Yisorder1 2he show eK;lores 8ulti;le issues related to war in9luding the his? tory and otherness of <fri9an? <8eri9ans in the 8ilitary, and the eK;erien9es of wo8en in 9o8"at1 Ot is a 9onte8;orary story of sur:i:al and 9o;ing in a 9onfusing and da8aging world1 F>;eedI is a ;roLe9t 9entered in the eK;erien9es of wo8en that has "een led "y a 9reati:e tea8 9onsisting 8ostly of wo8en and is a Vational Uerfor8an9e Vetwork mVUVn Creation Fund UroLe9t 9o?9o88issioned "y 2he Car;et"ag 2heatre in ;artner? shi; with *une"ug Urodu9tions, NasonhChynes Urodu9tions and VUV1 2i9kets fZg in ad:an9e and f./ at the door1 2o ;ur9hase ti9kets, www1knoKtiK19o8 or [ag?g.0?Wg.Z1

“Art Beyond Sight Awareness Month”'?2+'J=()1+'"='?+$?

nessee >e9retary of >tate 2re Hargett and the >tate Li"rary and <r9hi:es are 9ele"rating “Art Beyond Sight Awareness  Month”1 2he li"rary is eKhi"iting artwork 9reated "y students at the 2ennessee >9hool for the Qlind m2>Qn1 >;onsored "y <rt Jdu9ation for the Qlind1 Ote8s on dis;lay in9lude ;aintings, shadow "oKes and ;ottery1 On kee;ing with tradi? tion, the 9enter;ie9e of the dis;lay is the s9hoolAs 8as9ot, Yot, a ;a;er 8a9he tiger 8ade of s9ra;s of "raille ;a;er, whi9h was 9reated "y 2>Q students in ./Z/1 2he tiger, on ;er8anent loan to the 2ennessee >tate Li"rary and <r9hi:es, is 8eant to "e tou9hed, unlike the ite8s in 8any art eKhi"its1 Sther ite8s in9lude “Ugly  Face Jugs,” 9reated during a study of <;;ala9hian history and art1 Histori9ally, 8oon?

shiners were una"le to lo9k their ;rodu9t away fro8 s8all 9hildren, so they 9reated Lugs with ugly fa9es to frighten the 9hildren away fro8 the 9ontents1 2he eKhi"it runs through S9to"er 0Z1 2he >tate Li"rary and <r9hi:es "uilding is lo9ated at _/0 >e:enth <:enue Vorth,

Vash:ille1 @iewing hoursM 2ues? days ? >aturdays, ? [ a181?_M0/ ;181 2he eKhi"it is free and o;en to the ;u"li91 <udio, Qraille "ooks, and large ;rint "ooks and other free li"rary ser:i9es are a:aila"le1 For 8ore infor8ation htt;Mhhtn1go:htslahl";h1


October Show with This Mountain and Dula & Friends !"#$%&'"()#*++,#$%+ Friday, October 19th, 10pm

From Left to Right: Andrew  Gibbens, Cody Ledford, Matt  Martin, Zach Chandley, Taylor  Green, and Patrick Taylor.

This Mountain is a lo9al "and with a ra;idly growing fan "ase1 2heyA:e o;ened for Uale? fa9e at the Yown Ho8e and ;layed the Qlue Ulu8 Festi:al as well as Chyth8 and Coots1 2hese honors are well?deser:ed "e? 9ause while ha:ing for8ed relati:ely re9ently, 2his Nountain has 9o8e on strong and ;ro8ises to 9ontinue on?

ward to national su99ess1 2heir sound is self?des9ri"ed as K"/L'M"1L'#2+,+'!2+),')$(/5+$1+%' are Nu8ford R >ons, the <:ett Qrothers, and Sld Crow Nedi9ine >how1 2heyAre highly original and do not i8itate in any sense of the word1 <ny rese8"lan9e with su9h grou;s lies 8ostly with si8ilarities in their 9hosen instru8ents, as the guitars are a99ented "y "anLo and 9ello1 Natt Nartin su;;lies the lead :o9als and his distin9ti:e :oi9e i8;arts a ;leasant ri9hness to the ins;irational 8essages and ;oi? gnant o"ser:ations1 HeAs a ro9k solid rhyth8 guitarist, too1 pa9h Chandley is a self?taught lead gui? tarist1 His un9on:entional learn? ing 8ethod has "estowed u;on hi8 a 9reati:e a;;roa9h to the art for81 2he eKtraordinary ;i9king of Uatri9k 2aylor "rings the "anLo to life and adds a "rightness and intensity to the sound1 Sn 9ello, Cody Ledford 9ontri"utes lush layers of resounding de;th to the 8iKture1 <ndrew Gi""ens ;aints the ;er9ussi:e ;i9ture while 2ay? lor Green "lends in his hues :ia the "ass1 2ogether these three generate groo:ing 9aden9es and

;ulsing ;hrases with the effe9t of ;ro:iding an a;;ealing under? ;inning to all tunes1 Thile Chand? ley and Green ;ro:ide 8any of the "a9king :o9al har8onies, all 8e8"ers sing at ti8es and their united :oi9es 9reate an en9hant? ing 9horal as;e9t as well1 Nost songs are 8eaningful and "es;eak of the grou;As shared ;hiloso;hyM life is a gift to "e a9? ti:ely eK;erien9ed, nurtured and a;;re9iated1 Core :alues of ;ea9e and friendshi; are eK;ressed through a sound designed to "ring ;eo;le together under the "anner of 8usi91 2he grou; re? 1+$!/<',+/+.%+3')!%'(),%!'=5//E/+$-!2' al"u8, Future Ghost, whi9h 9an "e found at htt;Mhhthis8ountain1

"and9a8;19o8h1 2heyA:e re9ent? /<' ()/4+3' .$' .//E.1"5%!)1' *+,%)"$' of Heavy, :iewa"le on You2u"e1

Kryss Dula  &  Friends ki9k off the night at [;8 "y ser:ing u; a sounds9a;e fro8 a "ank of 9o:er tunes1 Ot is sure to "e a fun e:e? ning and thereAs no 9o:er 9harge1 You 9an hear 8usi9 fro8 This  Mountain atM www1re:er"nation1 9o8hthis8ountain and rLikeA the8 on Fa9e"ook1 Likewise, Kryss  Dula’s original 8usi9 is at www1re:er"nation19o8hkryss? 35/.'.$3'<"5'1.$'NO)L+9'2)%'0,"()/+' on Fa9e"ook as well1 For 8ore infor8ation on 2he <9ousti9 Cof? feehouse, :isit www1a9ousti99of? feehouse1net



Tim Wilson and Bengt Washburn Comedy at the Paramount Theatre October 26th

2i8 Tilson is 9o8ing "a9k to town with his newest offering on Ca;itol Ce9ords, The Real Twang  Thang! Tilson will 8ake an a;?

;earan9e at QristolAs Uara8ount 2heatre on Friday, S9to"er .a, [M// UN1 Tilson is always a 9rowd ;leaser with his ti8ely hu?

8or and off?"eat songs. “Tim’s act  never gets old, because he sees hu­ mor in everything. Because of that  uncanny ability his show always is  new and relevant to what is going  on in the world today. He keeps his  audience in stitches,” said Yarlene Cole, @enue Nanager for the City of Qristol1 As everyone knows the  Paramount it is our crown jewel in  the downtown area, it’s so beauti­ ful and the folks there are so easy  to  work  with  and  have  talented  skill  sets.  We  never  hesitate  to  bring a show to the venue.” Qengt Tash"urn will o;en for Tilson1 Qengt grew u; the youngest son in a s8all Nor8on fa8ily mW kidsn in a large ktah town m.,/// ;eo;len1 He has won the ;restigious >an Fran9is9o On? ternational Co8edy Co8;etition1 He has a;;eared on Co8edy Cen? tralAs Li:e at Gotha8 and the Late Late >how with Craig Ferguson1 He has "een in:ited to ;erfor8 at the Qoston Co8edy Festi:al, 2he @an9ou:er Onternational Co8edy Festi:al and the <s;en Laff Festi? :al where his ;erfor8an9e was "road9ast li:e on sN>irius Cadio1 2i9kets are on sale online on the Uara8ount we"site1 Cli9k on the J?2iK i9on or sto; "y the Uar?

.4"5$!'P+$!+,'6"Q'J=()1+'35,)$-' ,+-5/.,' "=()1+' 2"5,%' .$3' 0)1L' 50' your ti9kets1 For 8ore infor8a?

tion 9onta9t Yarlene Cole, @enue Nanager at _.0?Wa_?_ZWZ or d9oleo"ristoltn1org1


After Jack -,+(!"#$%&'"()#*++,#$%+ October 17th, 10:00 PM 2he "and, 8ade u; of Nary <llison, J8ily Qlankenshi;?2u9ker and Ca9hel Qlankenshi;?2u9ker, "lends sweet :o9al har8onies and un? 9on:entional instru8entation with infe9tious energy to 9reate a new sound of the 8ountains1 2he trio hails fro8 >outhwest, @<, where they take their ins;iration fro8 the di:erse 8usi9al styles of the Qlue Cidge1 2hey 8ade their 2ennessee de"ut on the street during the ./Z. 6,)%!"/'M2<!24'.$3'M""!%'M+5$)"$&'R5!'!2)%'#)//'R+'!2+),'(),%!'.00+.,? an9e in *ohnson City as they tra:el the region sharing their e9le9ti9 and Loyful sound1 2here is no 9o:er for this e:ent1



!oot$ &'( !)int$ ,)-ily ,e$tiv)l So3t45e$t 6irgini) 93$e3:5o 'ig4t$ o; ,3n < =)-e$ ;or :ri>?@or@:re)ter$

2he >outhwest @irginia Nuseu8 Histori9al >tate Uark ;resents the annual Hoots rVA Haints Fa8ily Festi:al on 2uesday, S9to"er 0/th and Tednesday, S9to"er 0Zst fro8 g?[ ;181 Children Z. and under mand their fa8iliesn are in:ited to the front lawn of the Nuseu8 for two days of a9? ti:ities and ga8es1 *oin us on the front lawn of the Nuseu8 on 2uesday, S9t10/th fro8 g?[;8 for the re? turn of the “Haunted Moat” and !2+'$+#')$(/.!.R/+'“Ghost Train.”  Sn Halloween night, weAre 9all? ing all tri9k?or?treaters to take a "reak fro8 your 9andy gath? ering and :isit the Nuseu8 for so8e ghoulish fun and ga8es1 2here will "e s9ary stories, a gy;sy fortune teller, ;u8;kin "owling, 8onster "ingo, 8u8? 8y ra9es, ;i9k u; the ;u8;kin, the “Haunted  Moat,”  and 8u9h 8orel UriEes will "e awarded for ga8e winners as well as ;ar? ti9i;ants1 <d8ission to e:ents at the Hoots rVA Haints Fa8ily Festi?

:al is free1 <ll 9hildren Z. and under will re9ei:e enough free ti9kets to ;lay e:ery ga8e1 <dditional ti9kets and 9on9essions will "e a:aila"le for ;ur? 9hase1 For 8ore infor8ation, ;lease 9all the >outh? west @irginia Nuseu8 Histori9al >tate Uark at .Wa? g.0?Z0..1


Paper Windows Sixth Session Winners Announced

2he Ua;er Tindows ;roLe9tAs siKth session titled “Bristol’s Streets” 9losed with o:er ._ entries1 2he year?long ;roLe9t is one where lo9al ;hotogra;hers 9an eK;ress their feelings a"out their 9o88unity through the

lens of a 9a8? era1 FTell o:er Zg/ ;hotogra;hs ha:e "een entered in the 9ontest1 2hat is an a8aEing nu8"er, "ut it goes to show how 8u9h ;eo;le lo:e our 9ity, its sights, its "eauty and lo:e ;hotogra;hy itself,I said 2errie 2al"ert, Co88unity Celations Yire9tor for the 9ity1 ?2+'(),%!'0/.1+'#)$$+,N%'02"!"? gra;h was one of >tate >treet during the s;ring titled “Spring Dawn on the Line”. 2he ;hoto was taken "y Natthew Nills1 2he se9ond ;la9e ;hotogra;h #.%' "$+' "=' .' 1)!<' %!,++!' ,+(/+1!?


ing a "ig s8ile and titled si8;ly enough “Smile” this ;hotogra;h was also shot "y Natthew Nills1 < ;hotogra;h titled FLayin’ on  the  Line”  took 0rd ;la9e1 2his ;hoto was of the "rass 8ark? ers ;la9ed in the 8iddle of >tate S!,++!' ,+(/+1!)$-' !2+' 0"%)!)"$' "=' the state line1 2he ;hoto was taken "y 2erri Ca8;"ell1 <nyone 8ay ;arti9i;ate in the ;hoto 9ontest1 <ll rules for the ;roLe9t ha:e "een ;la9ed on the 9ityAs we"site at www1 "ristoltn1orge 9li9k on the Ua;er Tindows "oK under the FHo8eI ta"1 For addi? tional infor8ation 9onta9t Lisa Qe9kner, UroLe9t Coordinator at l"e9knero"ristoltn1org or at _.0?Wa_?_ZWZ1



!"at%hing the Past. at /atura2 "istor4 Museu6

< rare look at the life of dinosaurs through their eggs, nests and e8"ryos is showing at J2>k and General >hale Qri9k Vatural History Nuseu8 and @isitor Center at the Gray Fossil >ite1 “Hatching the  Past:  Dinosaur  Eggs,  Nests  and  Young,” a tra:eling 8ulti8edia eKhi"it, is o;en 2uesday?>aturday \ a181?g ;181 2he eKhi"ition offers a wide array of authenti9 dinosaur eggs and nests 9olle9ted fro8 all o:er the glo"e, in9luding those of ea9h of the 8aLor ;lant? and 8eat?eating dinosaur grou;s1   “Hatching  the  Past” ;resents new dis9o:eries a"out dinosaur re;rodu9tion and "eha:ior and introdu9es so8e of the ;eo;le and s9ien9e "ehind these dis9o:eries1 Ot hel;s gi:e 9reden9e to long?de"ated theories that dinosaurs and "irds are 9losely related1 2he eKhi"it in:ites :isitors to tou9h real dinosaur "ones and re9onstru9ted nests b one 8ore than eight feet in dia8eter b as well as dig for eggs, eK;erien9e hands? on eK;loration stations and :iew ani8ated :ideo ;resentations featuring well?known dinosaur eK;erts1 Ja9h s9ien9e?ri9h se9tion is enhan9ed with lifelike 8odels of e8"ryos and hat9hlings, 9olorful illustrations of dinosaur fa8ily life, and ;hotogra;hs of so8e of the worldAs 8ost renowned dinosaur hunters and their dis9o:eries1 < 9entral feature of the eKhi"it is “Baby  Louie,” the nearly 9o8;lete skeleton of a dinosaur e8"ryo with its "ones aligned in the ;ro;er ;osition1 Charlie Nago:ern 8ade this eK9e;tional and rare dis9o:ery in Z\\0 when he was 9arefully 9leaning a large "lo9k of eggs fro8 China1 “Hatching  the  Past” was de:elo;ed "y Charlie and Floren9e Nago:ern of 2he >tone Co1, Qoulder, Colo1, in asso9iation

with the Har:ard Nuseu8 of Vatural History1 2he Nago:erns gained national re9ognition when their work was featured as the 9o:er story in the Nay Z\\a

issue of National Geographic  Magazine1 General ad8ission is fa for adults and f0 for 9hildren ages 0?Z.e “Hatching  the  Past” ti9kets are fa for 9hildren and f\ for adults1 Yis9ounts are a:aila"le for seniors, :eterans, a9ti:e 8ilitary and reser:ists, students, and J2>k fa9ulty and staff1 For 8ore infor8ation, 9all m[aan./.?a..0, or www1etsu1 eduhnaturalhistory8useu8


infor8ation 9all g_/?0Z_?.W[., www1>9aryYa8? Qarn19o8

The Ghosts and History in Abingdon 2he original

<"ingdon >;irit

“The Scary Barn” Damascus VA1 is lo9ated 0 8iles fro8

Ya8as9us on route g[ towards <"ingdon or W 8iles fro8 eKit Z\ towards Ya8as9us on route g[1 <d8issionM fZ/ <dults mZ. and o:ern, f[ High >9hool and College >tudents with College OY and fg cids mZ. and under 8ust "e a99o8;anied "y an adultn1 S9to"er Z\th and ./th fro8 dark to 8idnight1 For

2our takes to the streets for its Zath year1 Led "y Yonna? 8arie J88ert, Haint Nistress of <"ingdon, the tour is a two hour trek through downtown his? tori9 <"ingdon S9to"er Z.?Z_e Z\?0/1 Ot "egins at WM0/;8 at the gaEe"o on the east lawn of the Nartha Tash? ington Hotel and Yay >;a1 Tear 9o8forta"le shoes and a;;ro;ri? ate war8 9lothing1 Vo reser:a? tions are ne9essary1 m2his tour is not suggested for 9hildren under Z/, wheel9hairs, or strollers "e? 9ause of terrain1n Cost is fZ/ ;er ;erson1 For 8ore infor8ationM <"ingdon Con:ention and @isi? torAs Qureau at [//?_0g?0__/1

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/01+2$-%34'%&53&%.%()$%*+",$-'%!"#$%3] "ul"s for Qreast Can9er <ware? ness Nonth, is the ulti8ate "a9k? dro; for the Ceal To8en Ui9k Uink 9on9ert e:ent1 >tate >treet #)//'R+'1/"%+3'"=='!"'!,.=()1&'#)!2' stages lo9ated at "oth ends1   October 20 Real Women Pick  Pink ZumbaParty Cu8"er? land >Buare Uark [M//a81Real  Women Pick Pink Music Event

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Dance to the great music of the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s

on the _th FCOY<Y of ea9h 8onth at the *ones"orough @isi? tors Center1 2his 8onthly e:ent is one of the F"est ke;t se9retsI in the area so if you ha:e "een looking for a fun ;la9e to dan9e look no furtherl 2he S9to"er .ath dan9e "egins at WM// ;181 featuring the "and, “Kids Our  Age”, a :ery ;o;ular grou; in the 2ri?Cities1 J:en if you donAt like to dan9e you will enLoy the 8usi9l Cost is fa1//1 <dditional infor8ation 9all _.0?\g.?/WW.1

Real Women Pick Pink Histori9

Yowntown QristolAs Z//?year? old sign, illu8inated with ;ink

gates o;en at Z/M0/ a8, Nusi9 "egins at ZM// ;8 2he >tate >treet >tage, at Nartin Luther cing, *r1 Ql:d and >tate >treet, hosts celly Tillis R Qru9e Co"ison1 2he Country Nural >tage hosts >uEy Qogguss, with a nu8"er of Yowntown :enues hosting regional a9ts through? out the e:ening1 Learn a"out

"reast 9an9er awareness and ;re:ention, ha:e health s9reen? ings and risk assess8ents and o"tain 8a88ogra8s through the Tell8ont Health >yste8 Health Coa9h1 CealTo8enUi9k? Uink19o8

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2he 9a8;aign had 8ore than ./ grou;s and organiEations ;ut? ting on a 8yriad of fund?raisers, ranging fro8 a 8u8 sale, to a

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Bailey Mountain Cloggers host Halloween Costume Fundraiser1

ThatAs your 9ostu8e idea for Halloweenq < 8asked 8onsterq < ./As Fla;;er Girlq <n Suter >;a9e <lienq Sr a one?of?a?kind designq @isit us at 2he Hal? loween Costu8e and Clothing Yard >ale, >aturday, S9to"er ./ [M// a8 ? ZM// ;81, on Nars Hill College Ca8;us, in N9Connell Qldg1 Qailey Nountain Cloggers 9leaned out our 9ostu8e and 9lothing in:entory and found

you the ;erfe9t Halloween Cos? tu8el 2here will "e great 9os? tu8es and 9lothing at yard sale ;ri9esl Uro9eeds will "e used for tra:el and 9o8;etition eK;enses for the Qailey Nountain Cloggers1

Northeast State’s Because of You campaign

raised 8ore than fZ_a,/// for new and eKisting s9holarshi;s1 2he 9a8;aign raised fg_,/// in ./ZZ1Te ho;e you enLoyed 2he Loafer NagaEine front 9o:er sto? ry whi9h featured the fundraiser1

gc road ra9e, to a 9hili 9ook?off, !"'.'R+$+()!'1"$1+,!'R<'!2+'S0),)!' of >oul1 J:ents were staged at Vortheast >tateAs Qlount:ille 9a8;us, as well as Vortheast >tate at cings;ort1 2he to; three fund?raising grou;s were the Honors Urogra8, the Vurs? ing Urogra8, and the Choral Urogra8 with totals of fZg,a[[, fZ.,_0g, and fZ.,.0Z, res;e9? ti:ely1 2he Honors Urogra8 re? 9ei:ed an additional fg,/// fro8 the Foundation, while Vursing re9ei:ed f0,/// and Choral gained f.,///1

Lakebridge Health Care Center is looking for volunteers to dress up in Halloween


Costumes to hel; with our Halloween JKtra:aganEa1 2here will "e tri9k or treat? ing, ga8es, and a 9ostu8e 9ontest1 Ot is for kids Z/ and under1 2he e:ent takes ;la9e Nonday S9to"er .\th at a;81 For 8ore infor8ation 9onta9tM Uandora <""ott \Wg?//\g eKt1 0/[ or a9ti:itiesolake"ridgehealth? 9are9enter19o81 Kip Rosenthal Speaks at VI Sport Psychology Workshop Oct. 25 and 26 Cosenthal returns for the third ti8e to offer students and the ;u"li9 winning strategies and :alua"le ti;s in de:elo;ing a 9o8;eti? ti:e 8indset1 Her worksho;, titled “Create a Winning Mind,” will 1"*+,'.'#)3+',.$-+'"='!"0)1%'!2.!'#)//'R+$+()!'+T5+%!,).$',)3+,%&'.//' 9o8;etiti:e athletes and 9oa9heshtrainers1 Cosenthal is a li9ensed knited >tates JBuestrian Federation Ludge and s;orts ;sy9hologist1 Cosenthal holds a Uh1Y1 in 9lini9al 9ounseling, a 8asterAs degree in ;sy9hology and tea9hing, and has worked in ;ri:ate ;ra9ti9e1 ?2+'(),%!'%+-4+$!'"='!2+'#",L%2"0&'="15%+%'"$'4+$!./'3+*+/"0? 8ent through hands?on eKer9ises1 2he se9ond seg8ent “Creating  a Winning Mind in Others.” is ideal for 9urrent trainers, 9oa9hes, or as;iring leaders who desire to learn key ;sy9hology ;rin9i;les through hands?on a;;li9ation1 On addition Cosenthal will 9ondu9t a riding 9lini9 on >aturday and >unday, S9t1 .W and .[ at the @O Ciding Center1 <:aila"ility in the 9lini9 is offered to 9urrent @O students, with any re8aining o;enings offered to the general ;u"li91 @O students 8ay register for the worksho; and earn one a9ade8i9 9redit m;assh failn and one Con:o9ation 9redit for a 9ourse fee of f0Wg1 Von?9redit ad8ission is fZg/ for the general ;u"li9 and fZ.g for @O alu8ni, staff and fa9ulty1 Lun9h and teKt will "e ;ro:ided11 <d8ission to this e:ent is li8ited1 2o register for the worksho; or the riding 9lini9, 9onta9t cristen Qowen at .Wa?aa\?[0\[1



Sara Grey and Kieron Means !"#$%&'"()#*++,#$%+.(/#0+12+3(4%& 5'3%&(63+%27&+3'89(),$3",.(/#0+12+3(4:&,

S.,.' U,+<' )%' .' ()$+' @4+,)1.$' singer, "anLo ;layer and song 9olle9tor1 >heAs i88ersed in the song traditions of "oth sides of the <tlanti91 >he has ;erfor8ed throughout the kc, Juro;e, Vorth <8eri9a, and <ustralia for the ;ast g/ years1 cieron Neans is a singer and guitar ;layer of great 8erit1 He was "orn in the knited >tates and grew u; in Qritain with the 8usi9 of "oth traditions1 He is a ;erfor8er of traditional and

9onte8;orary songs1 He has toured in the >tates, kc, and often ;erfor8ed with his 8other, traditional singer, >ara Grey1 2his s;e9ial duo ;erfor8s a wide range of <8eri9an traditions in9luding old?ti8e songs and "allads fro8 the <;;ala9hians, SEarks, Vew Jngland and the Test, "lues and gos;el 8usi9 as well as a few of our fa:ourite written songs1 2he ;assage of songs fro8 Great Qritain and Oreland to <8eri9a is

of ;arti9ular interest and they en9ourage the audien9e to Loin in singing the 9horusl ''?2+'(),%!'1"$1+,!')%'V"*+4R+,'Ast [;8 at the <9ousti9 Coffeehouse1 2he se9ond 9on9ert is Vo:e8"er Z[th ZZa8 during the 9hur9h ser:i9e at the First Ures"yterian Chur9h, JliEa"ethton and followed that e:ening "y a 9on9ert of traditional songs at W;81 For 8ore infor8ation, :isit www1saragrey1net



Regi Carpenter Winner of the 2012 Boston Story Slam Hosts ;&#37&+<<'9=(>'0+?

Cegi Car;enter has "een a star on the storytelling 9ir9uit sin9e Z\\a, was re9ently na8ed the winner of the ./Z. Qoston >tory >la81 >he will ;erfor8 her winning story, whi9h she has sin9e de:elo;ed into a full?length ;ie9e, during her weeklong residen9y in *ones"orough1 Her "ig win at the highly 9o8;etiti:e sla8 is really a story in itself1 “The story slam happened  over a series of months and there  were  hundreds  of  competitors,  so  it was kind of like American Idol,”  she eK;lains1 “But  it  was  really  fun.  I  looked  at  it  as  an  exercise,  like  a  classical  exercise.” For the sla8, tellers only ha:e a few

8inutes to i8;ress the Ludgese ;lus, they 8ust stri9tly adhere to the 9o8;etitionAs the8e1 Yuring Car;enterAs storytelling residen9y, whi9h will run S9to"er Za b ./, the teller will also ;erfor8 a wide array of fa8ily stories and a sele9tion of 8odern fairy tales. “I  change  the  settings  and  make  them  more  modern,”  she says1 “The heroes are women  and  girls,  so  they’re  like  feminist  folk tales.” Her uniBue take on old tales are ;o;ular with fans of all ages1 >inging will also "e ;art of e:ery ;erfor8an9e1 Nusi9 has "een a "ig ;art of the storytellerAs life sin9e 9hildhood, whi9h she

des9ri"es as one long s8all?town talent show1 “Kids who  liked  to  dance  or  sing  or  play  the  piano  went  and  did  all  the  functions,”  she says1 “You had your place, and  my place was to sing. We had these  old­fashioned  variety  shows  that  everybody in town would do at the  high  school. Everybody would go.  It was really fun.”

Car;enterAs daily 8atinees take ;la9e in the Onternational >torytelling CenterAs Nary Q1 Nartin >torytelling Hall at .M// ;181, 2uesday? >aturday1 2i9kets are Lust fZ. for adults and fZZ for seniors, students, and 9hildren under Z[1 Ceser:ations re9o88ended1 <ll ti9ket stu"s will sa:e audien9e 8e8"ers Z/ ;er9ent on sa8e?day dining at

2he Creekside Cestaurant, 2he Yining Coo8, or Nain >treet Caft1 2he Center is o;en Z/ a181 b g ;181, Nonday through >aturday1 For 8ore infor8ation 9all m[//n \g.?[0\. eKt1 ... or m_.0n \Z0? Z.Wa1 < detailed s9hedule of the ./Z. season is a:aila"le at www1 storytelling9enter1net1


We’ve Left Our Trash All Over the Solar System

Nan is a 8essy 9reature1 J:? erywhere we go, we lea:e a ;ile of gar"age1 <r9heologists know that if you want to "egin under? standing a lost 9i:iliEation, the "est ;la9e to look is the trash du8;1 <nd the sa8e also goes for the ;ast half 9entury of s;a9e eK;loration where ro"ots and 8en ha:e 8ade their nasty 8ark on three ;lanets, an asteroid and our Noon1

On fa9t, sin9e the dawn of the s;a9e age gg years ago, 8ankind has du8;ed around _g/,/// ;ounds of high te9h 8etals, wires and o;ti9al glass on our >olar >yste8 neigh"ors1 2he in9redi"le a8ount of ..g tons of 8an?8ade s;a9e gar"age "$'"!2+,'#",/3%')%'+.%<'!"'()-5,+' out "y looking "a9k at the laun9h weight of V<><As inter;lanetary ;ro"es headed for alien surfa9es1

2he Noon has a who;? ;ing 0a/,/// ;ounds of s;a9e9raft de"ris, thatAs Z[/ tonsl < lot of the early lunar ;ro"es were sui9idal 9a8era 8issions, like the Canger series of V<>< in the early Z\a/s1 2he four Lunar Sr"iters and on9e 8anned siK lunar landers were ;ur;osely 9rashed af? ter use1 >o8e third stages of se:eral >aturn @ ro9kets that ga:e the <;ollo s;a9e? 1,.=!' !2+),' ()$./' 05%2' #+,+' also 9rashed into the Noon to re9ord seis8i9 data fro8 the astronaut?de;loyed s9i? en9e stations1 < lot this tonnage on the Noon is in the for8 of the siK <;ollo des9ent stages that ser:ed as a laun9h ;ad for the on9e 8anned 9a"ins that "e9a8e as9ent stag? es for the return to the or"it? ing Co88and Nodule1 2hen there are the doEens of wre9ked ;ro"es, so8e intentional and su99essful, so8e not and failures1 2hose siK <;ollo four?legged landing ;latfor8s weighed 0 tons, and sit there for future lu? nar 8useu8s1 Sther lunar sur? fa9e ;ro"es in9lude the Cussian Lunokhod Z R . un8anned ro:? ers that looked like a "athtu" on

wheels1 <9ross 8ore than ./ lo? 9ations on the 8oon are strewn the twisted 8etal and wires of wre9ked de"ris fro8 those early ka8ikaEe 8issions and the de? or"it of a doEen su99essful lunar ;ro"es1 <lso tossed out the door of the <;ollo 8oonshi;s mwhile the two s;a9e?suited astronauts were hooked u; inside the 9a"? inn was anything that 9reated eKtra weight for the "last off of the 8oonshi; 9a"in1 2hat lunar trash hea; in9ludes ite8s like the outer 8oon suit 9o:eralls, Continued on page 23

66671)$8+",$-+98:9$70+; Continued from page 22

the life su;;ort "a9k;a9ks, Has? sle"lad 9a8eras and lenses, geol? ogy ;i9ks and "ags of fe9es and urinel ?2+' (),%!' 4.$4.3+' "RW+1!' !"' hit an alien world was the >o? :iet knionAs [//?;ound Luna . in Z\g\ during the infant days "='!2+'S0.1+'@-+;''?2+'(),%!'%0.1+' ;ro"e to su99essfully soft land on an alien world was the >o:ietAs Luna \ in Z\aa1 >e:enty 8ore 8issions to the Noon "y <8er? i9a and Cussia ha:e added su9h o"Le9ts as three <;ollo Lunar Co:ers of the early Z\W/s1 2hose _g/?;ound 8oon "uggies are ;arked and ready to ride again` all the neKt generation of 8oon eK;lorers would ha:e to do is in? stall a new set of "atteries1 Looking elsewhere in the >olar >yste8, @enus has nearly .g tons of inter;lanetary s;a9e9rafts on its surfa9e1 2hat in9ludes eight of the >o:iet knionAs @enera /.$3+,%' "=' !2+' ABCI%' X()*+' #+,+' su99essfuln, two 8ore >o:iet ;ro"es in the Z\[/s 9alled @ega with a gondola of instru8ents under a ;ara9hute, and V<><As Z\W[ Uioneer @enus with its four ;ro"es that drifted through the

/01+2$-%34'%&53&%.%()$%*+",$-'%!"#$%&< dense, ;oisonous at8os;here "efore 9rash landing1 Nars, the fourth ;lanet or? "iting the >un, has 8ore than Z[,/// ;ounds m\ tonsn and 9ounting1 *ust last <ugust, the ro:ing Nars >9ien9e La"oratory 9alled FCuriosityI was lowered R<'.'(/<)$-'%L<'1,.$+'!"'!2+'%5,? fa9e1 2he Z,/// ;ound, 9ar?siEed ro:er is the latest weight on the Ced Ulanet and will s;end two years looking for e:iden9e of an9ient 8i9ro"ial life1 2here are Z. s;a9e9raft that ha:e 8ade it to the Nartian surfa9e in9luding three failed Cussian landers, the knited cingdo8As .//0 Qeagle . failed lander, one lander fro8 V<>< that 9rashed in Z\\\ and se:en su99essful V<>< landers that ha:e astonished the world with their i8agesM @iking Z R . )$ABCYZ' 8.!2()$3+,' #)!2' ,"*+,' >oLourner in Z\\We Nars JK9ur? sion Co:ers >;irit mdeadn and S;;ortunity mstill ali:en in .//_e UhoeniK Uolar Lander mdeadn in .//[e and ro:er Curiosity in <u? gust ./Z.1 Sn the giant 8oon of >aturn 9alled 2itan, the Juro;ean >;a9e <gen9yAs Huygens ;ro"e rests on the shore of a 8ethane lake it

;hotogra;hed while des9ending "y ;ara9hute on *an1 Z_, .//a1 Ot weighs WW/ ;ounds, and Buit trans8itting after two hours in the ?.g/ F1 degree froEen 8eth? ane surfa9e, surrounded "y rounded ro9ks and ;e""les1 2he asteroid Otokawa has on its surfa9e a two?;ound disk used as a target for the Haya"usa s;a9e? 9raft, and it has [[/,/// na8es et9hed on it min9luding 8ineln1 Haya"usa headed "a9k to Jarth with a tra9e of the asteroid on "oard, as a sa8;le retrie:ing

de:i9e got a few gra8s of the as? teroid in a reentry 9ontainer that landed on the ktah desert in *une ./Z/1 2he asteroid Jros was eK? ;lored fro8 or"it for a year "y the VJ<C >hoe8aker?Le:y s;a9e ;ro"e in early .//Z1 <nd though not designed for landing, V<>< s9ientists de9ided to end the 8ission in Fe"ruary .//. "y gently setting the Z,///?;ound s;a9e9raft down in the low gra:? ity of the Z/?8ile, ;otato?sha;ed asteroid1 Ot took 8easure8ents

and ;hotos fro8 the surfa9e of Jros until "eing turned off1 2he total of 8an?8ade 8etal, ;lasti9, ele9troni9s and lenses on alien surfa9es around the >olar >yste8 is an a8aEing _g/,/// ;ounds`thatAs 8ore than ..g tons1 Like digging around an old ghost town of <8eri9aAs Tild Test, aliens wanting to know a"out 8ankindAs eK;loration around JarthAs neigh"orhood need only look for the trash du8;sl




Celestial events in the skies for the week of Oct. 16­22, 2012, as compiled for The  Loafer by Mark Marquette.  2he 9res9ent Noon in our e:enings will "e draw eyes skyward as the "are li8"s of trees silhouette against the twilight, their lea:es rustling within earshot1 J:eryone has noti9ed how daylight is es9a;ing us, sunset now around aM.a ;81 2hough out? 3"",'.1!)*)!)+%'.,+'R+)$-'15,!.)/+3&'%!.,-.:+,%'.,+'#.$3+,)$-'"5!%)3+'!"'-+!'!2+),'()//' of starlightuand 8oonlight1 Tues. Oct. 16 @!'C'04')$'!2+'+*+$)$-'!#)/)-2!'!2+'R+.5!)=5/'1,+%1+$!'7""$')%'$+.,'!2+'+/5%)*+'(),%!' ;lanet Ner9ury1 Qut "y [ ;8 the ;air are gone "elow the horiEon1 Wed. Oct. 17 ?"$)-2!',)-2!'.=!+,'%5$%+!'<"59//'%++'!2+'()$-+,$.)/'7""$'1"$*+,-+'"$'7.,%')$'S1",? ;ius1 <nd "elow Nars is the reddish star <ntares1 Qut the o"Le9ts are seen in the twilight and will set "y the ti8e the sky gets good and dark at [M0/ ;81 Thurs. Oct. 18 Sn this Z\[\ date in s;a9e history V<>< laun9hed the >;a9e >huttle <tlantis fro8 Ca;e cennedy with the *u;iter "ound Galileo s;a9e9raft in its 9argo "ay1 Galileo was /)=!+3'"5!'"='!2+'R.<'!2+'S25!!/+9%'.,4&'.$3')!%'+$-)$+'/.!+,'(),+3'=",'!2+'%)QE<+.,'!,)0' to *u;iter1 Yes;ite the huge radio dish that failed to unfurl like an u8"rella, Galileo or"ited *u;iter for eight years and is one of V<><As "iggest su99esses1 Fri. Oct. 19 Ulanet *u;iter is rising in the east around \M0/ ;8 in the 9onstellation 2aurus the Qull1 2o its right is the red star that 8arks the FeyeI of the "ull, <lde"aran1 <s the F@I?sha;ed ;attern of stars rise higher as the night rolls on, golden ;lanet *u;iter and red <lde"aran 8ake a striking ;air1

Sat. Oct. 20 <strono8y Yay j., is for a8ateurs to 9ele"rate an autu8n session for ;ro8oting !2+'2"RR<;''?2+'"=()1)./'@%!,"$"4<'[.<'!2.!'#.%'"R%+,*+3'#",/3E#)3+'#.%'!2+'0.%!' <;ril .[th1 You 9an enLoy hanging out with so8e stargaEers at Qays Nt1 tonight dur? ing their weekly >tarTat9h ;rogra8s "eginning at W ;8 at the S"ser:atory1 Sun. Oct. 21 First Quarter Noon is today at ZZM0. ;8, dire9tly south in the 9onstellation >agit? tarius1 Thile you gaEe at the sil:ery Noon, it is 8o:ing eastward at a s;eed of .,.// 8iles ;er hour1 On fa9t, the Noon 8o:es its own dia8eter eastward e:ery hour1 Mon. Oct. 22 Tith the 8oonlight shining down and rising a"out g/ 8inutes earlier ea9h night, we are heading the Halloween season with a Full Noon in a week and ;lenty to howl a"out1



Sld Qru9e Tillis1 Young Qru9e Tillis1 2i8e tra:el1 2elekineti9 ;owers1 Futuristi9 :ehi9les1 <9? tion1 Yra8a1 >;e9ial effe9ts1 <ll of the afore8entioned are featured )$'!2+'$+#'()/4'\Looper”, starring Nr1 Tillis, and *ose;h Gordon? Le:itt1 ' ?2+' ()/4' )%' %+!' HI]]&' .$3' features "oth Tillis and Gordon? Le:itt in the role of *oe >i88ons, .' -5<' #2"' #",L%' =",' .' 4.().' 9o8;any in cansas, of all ;la9es1 *oeAs "oss <"e m*eff Yanielsn was sent "a9k to ./__ fro8 the year ./W_, a year in whi9h ti8e tra:el has "een in:ented and "anned1 2i8e tra:el is "eing used in ./W_ illegally "y 8o" "osses to trans? ;ort those they want killed "a9k to ./__ where they are killed "y Floo;ersI, who are assassins who are ;aid in sil:er "ars that are stra;;ed to the :i9ti8sA "od? ies1 2he loo;ers always go to the sa8e s;ot to i88ediately kill the ;erson fro8 the future who sud? denly a;;ears "efore the81 <fter Continued on page 27


Continued from page 26

they are killed, the ;erson is erased fro8 the future1 Howe:er, the loo;ers ha:e a li8ited shelf life, and when 8o" "osses deter8ine their ti8e is u;, the loo;erAs future self is sent to the ;ast for eli8ina? tion "y their younger self, thus F9losing the loo;I1 Failing to kill your future self results in an i88ediate death senten9e1 *oeAs life "asi9ally 9onsists of tak? ing out ;eo;le fro8 the future, dri:ing around in an aweso8e s;orts 9ar, and tak? ing a drug :ia eye dro;s1 Sne day, as *oe is at his usual s;ot waiting for his neKt :i9? ti8, the ;erson a;;ears, and he dis9o:ers the ;erson to "e his future self1 Then he (),+%&'2+'4)%%+%&'.$3'2)%'=5!5,+'%+/='"*+,? ;owers his younger self and es9a;es1 2his a9tion results in "oth *oeAs "eing on the run, with <"e and his 8en in hot ;ursuit1 Thile they are on the run, old *oe tells his younger self, that he was a9tually sent "a9k to "e killed "y a 8an 9alled the Cain8aker, who has ad:an9ed telekineti9 ;owers1 Ha:ing sur:i:ed, Sld *oe is out to


()$3' !2+' <"5$-' *+,%)"$' "=' M.)$4.L+,&' %"' he 9an kill the 9hild and regain his life in the future1 Ot Lust so ha;;ens, the young Cain8aker has "e9o8e friends with the <"5$-'^"+&'.$3'!2)%'1,+.!+%'.'1"$(/)1!'.$3' a showdown "etween "oth *oeAs that will )40.1!' !2+' 0,+%+$!' .$3' =5!5,+;' ?2+' ()/4' has a sur;rising ending, 8u9h to 8y de? light, and was a highlight of the story1 O 8ust say, the 8akeu; Lo" done on Gordon?Le:itt was a8aEing, and he dis;layed an un9anny 9o;y of the 8an? neris8s of Tillis1 On addition to the wonderful ;erfor8an9es "y Tillis and Gordon?Le:itt, the 8o:ie features to;? (/)-2!' 0+,=",4.$1+%' R<' [.$)+/%&' .$3' _4? ily Qlunt1 <lso i8;ressi:e was the work of Uier9e Gagnon as Cid aka the Cain8aker1 2his young a9tor was a8aEing, and often stole s9enes fro8 the adult a9tors1 2he !./+$!+3'.1!",%'.%)3+&'!2+'()/4')%'4+%4+,? iEing, and gets ;lus 8arks fro8 8e for 9reati:ity and originality1 2he world of FLooper” )%'5$)T5+&'.$3')%'.'45%!'%++'()/4' for autu8n1 (Rated R) A‐




Here Comes Andy Boo Boo Thy did <ndy Tarhol ha:e to "e rightq You know that whole “in the  future  everyone  will  have  -&0$"",*1&,2$"#*30*0!1"/*thingq Ot see8s that al8ost e:eryone has a reality 2@ show these days, and al8ost all of the8 8ake you wonder 8ore and 8ore a"out ;eo;leAs 8indsets1 2he latest of these to take the airwa:es is that of FHere  Comes  Honey  Boo  Boo”,  a ;rogra8 that O wat9hed all of a 8inute and a half of "efore O had to 9hange the 9hannel1 Jrnie co:a9s on9e saidM “There’s  a  standard  formula  for  success  in  the  entertainment  medium,  and  that  is:  Beat  it  to  death if it succeeds.” >o naturally, other enter;rising 2@ 9hannels are looking for their own

:ersions of “Here Comes  Honey  Boo  Boo”. Considering that, and that 8ost reality 2@ shows 9o8e with a ni9e ;ay9he9k, O de9ided that it 8ight "e wise to 9ash in and get 8y own show, faking a few of the ;arti9ulars1 ?2+' (),%!' %!+0' #.%' !"' -"' "5!' and get 8arried to a W// ;ound wo8an, who 9an only get around with the assistan9e of a fork lift1 O also 8ade sure she had an adora"le siK year old daughter,

#2"'W5%!'0/.1+3'(),%!')$'!2+'_.%!' 2ennessee Uretty Little Niss Uretty ;ageant1 Ny 8arriage to Cu"y >ue, and her daughter Qetty N9VuEEle Uot, also 9a8e with a shinny new "rother in law, >te:en *i8 Qo" Qilly Qo" Qoatwright N9Gintry Co8atose Ya8aha1 O also learned that in 8y new fa8ily, O was the only one who s;oke the Jnglish language1 J:eryone else sounded like a *aEE singer trying to s9at while ha:ing a stroke1

Sn9e word got out of 8y new 8arriage, it didnAt take long for a ;rodu9er to 9o8e a 9alling1 J:eryone tweeted a"out it “Andy Ross  has  lost  it.  #HesMadeaTerribleMistake #HeShouldHaveBought  TheSeawardInstead”. 2he tweets Lust ke;t 9o8ing in, "ut O didnAt ha:e ti8e to ;ay 8u9h attention to the8`for O was "usy shooting the ;ilot for “The  Writer  and  The  Fork  Lift  Mama.” Yes, it showed Lust how

9raEy 8y new life was, "usy with the youngins, and trying to ()$3' 3"",#.<%' !"' -+!' .' =",L' /)=!' through1 2here was a ni9e ;ay9he9k gi:en to us all, a few 8onths went "y, and we heard the news that the ;ilot was not going to "e9o8e a series1 Te were all sad, and O realiEed that O needed to go get a di:or9e Bui9ker than you 9ould say antidisesta"lish8entarianis81 Getting the di:or9e was rather easy, as ole Fork Lift 9ouldnAt 8ake it through the 9ourt doors1 O was reli:ed, and was on9e again 8yself1 Fork Lift 8o:ed to Nontana, and hel;s test the safety of >k@s1 Of all of this see8s farfet9hed to you, Lust take a gander around the dial at what ;eo;le are wat9hing1 OAd "e willing to "et youAll see a show like this in Lust a 8atter of 8onths`hea:en hel; us1 >ee you neKt weeke follow 8e on 2witter o2hat<ndyCoss


The Funhouse: A Reappraisal of the Slasher Film (Halloween Horrors, Part Three)

< 9ou;le of weeks ago O "egan this yearAs FHalloween HorrorsI series "y taking a look at a :ery hefty "ook dealing with e:ery? thing you 9ould ;ossi"ly want to L$"#' .R"5!' ABDI%' %1)E()' 2",,",' ()/4%;'?2)%'#++L&'/+!9%'!.L+'.'/""L' at another si8ilar, yet not nearly as hefty, :olu8e a"out slasher ()/4%`.$' .34)!!+3/<' 5$3+,.0? ;re9iated and often derided genre1 Butcher Knives  and  Body  Counts:  Essays  On  The  Formula,  Frights,  and  Fun  Of  The  Slasher  Film, edited "y @in9e <1 Liaguno mYarks9ri"e Uress, ./ZZn is an indis;ensa"le guide to Lust a"out +*+,<' )40",!.$!' %/.%2+,' ()/4' e:er 8ade1 Thile 9on9entrating on the genreAs FGolden <geI of the Z\[/s, 9ontri"utors to this nearly g//?;age to8e 9o:er a wide swat9h of ti8e, fro8 the Z\0/s through todayAs 8any ho8ages to F9lassi9I slasher ()/4%' X!2)$L' \S1,+.4a' .$3' M"R' po8"ieAs 9onsidera"le oeu:ren1 LiagunoAs "ook is di:ided into ()*+' 0.,!%&' +.12' 1"*+,)$-' .$' )4? ;ortant the8e or ;eriod in slash? +,'()/4'2)%!",<;'8.,!'J$+&'\S/.%2+,' AIA&a')%'.'1"//+1!)"$'"=',+(/+1!)"$%' on the 8any 8eanings of the genre, ranging fro8 the irre:? erent to the su"li8e mand ;er? ha;s slightly ;retentiousn1 2he "est of these essays, FJ:il JightM 2he >e9ret Language of >lasher Fil8s,I "y *ason Talters, outlines !2+' +)-2!' 1+$!,./' %/.%2+,' ()/4' the8es`fa8ily :alues :s1 :al? 5+3'=.4)/<'X);+;'()/4%'3+./)$-'#)!2' i8;eriled fa8ilies, re;resented well "y F2he Hills Ha:e JyesI

and F2he 2eKas Chainsaw Nassa? 9reIne rural :s1 ur"anhsu"ur"an mF2he Last House Sn 2he Left,I et9ne 8ale :s1 fe8ale ma 8ale ;redator h8onster goes after horny teenagers, narrowing his ="15%'!"'\!2+'()$./'-),/&a'.'1+$!,./' 9hara9ter in nearly e:er slasher ()/4'+*+,'4.3+'.$3'.'$"3'!"'!2+' growing fe8inist 8o:e8entne indi:idual :s1 9ulture mteenagers ()-2!' 1"$=",4)!<' .$3' 0++,' 0,+%? %5,+&'.%',+0,+%+$!+3'R<'()/4%'/)L+' FUro8 VightI and F2error 2rain,I "oth starring *a8ie Lee Curtis, fresh fro8 her esta"lishing role in FHalloweenIne natural for9es :s1 9i:iliEation mwhate:er you do, donAt go with your friends to a rural far8house or 9a"inlne the Od :s1 the >u;er Jgo m>ig8und Freud 8eets Ni9hael Nyers and 9o8;any and dis9o:ers how thin a :eneer 9i:iliEation really isne Yarwinis8 :s1 2rans9endental? is8 mthe ;erennial war "etween faith and reason, ungodly and godlyne and u"er8ens9h :s1 der letEte 8ens9h mthatAs Ger8an for Fo:er8anI and Fthe last 8an,I ter8s ;o;ulariEed "y Fried? ri9h VietEs9he and translated, in slasher ter8s, as Fthe thing that 9anAt "e killedI :s1 Fthe :ery 4",!./' ()$./' -5<' ",' ()$./' -),/ab;' 2hese eight the8es, while de? s9ri"ing the tensions ;resent in %/.%2+,' ()/4%&' ./%"' +Q0/.)$' 4512' of 8o:ie history in general, and TaltersA 9on9lusion ;retty 8u9h su8s u; what slasher 8o:ies are all a"outM FFear of the unknown, the terror of death, the lure of 9ruelty, hu8an indifferen9e, re?

;ressed seKuality, anger at inLusti9e, lo:e of fa8ily and friends, a desire to un? derstand the "rutality that is natureM these are uni? :ersal the8es related to the hu8an 9ondition that 9an "e found in slasher ()/4%;' 6<' /+.,$)$-' .R"5!' the8, we learn a"out our? sel:es1I Uart 2wo, FFil8s Sf 2he Ure?Golden <ge,I 9o:ers the ;eriod fro8 the late Z\./s through the Z\W/s, and treats us to thought? 0,"*"L)$-'+%%.<%'"$'()/4%' that ;a:ed the way for the ABcI%' %/.%2+,' ()/4%' #+' know and lo:e so 8u9h1 YidnAt know that the slasher tradition "egan in the Z\0/sq Tell, read C1Q1 UayneAs fas9inating essay, F>lasher Fil8s of the Jarly Z\0/sI to see what youA:e "een 8issing1 Central to this se9tion are 8editations on often?negle9ted ge8s like Qo" ClarkAs FQla9k Christ8asI mZ\W_ .$3',+1+$!/<',+4.3+b&'.'()/4'!2.!' in 8any ways ;ro:ided the ;at? tern for slasher dire9tors who followed its not?so?"loody wakee Clark, in 9ase you donAt know, is res;onsi"le for another holiday fa:orite, FChrist8as >toryI ma horror tale of a different sortn1 J!2+,' %+4)$./' ()/4%' 1"*+,+3' R<' essayists in this se9tion in9lude F>us;iria,I Yario <rgentoAs ultra? "loody Z\WW s;latterfest, Tes Cra:enAs still?9ontro:ersial mand re8aden FLast House Sn 2he LeftI mZ\W.n, two 8u9h?lo:ed @in9ent Uri9e 9lassi9s, F2he <"o8ina"le Yr1 Uhi"esI mZ\WZn and F2heatre of Qlood,I a 8ust for >hakes;eare fans mZ\W0n1 <nd, last "ut 9ertainly not least, no res;e9ta"le slasher fa8ily tree list would "e 9o8;lete with ;ay? ing ho8age to <lfred Hit9h9o9kAs FUsy9hoI mZ\a/n,I 2o"e Hoo;erAs F2he 2eKas Chainsaw Nassa9reI mZ\W_n, Cene ClareAs F<nd 2hen 2here Tere VoneI mZ\_g, "ased on the 8u9h?i8itated <gatha Christie no:eln, and Fran9is Ford Co;;olaAs FYe8entia Z0I mZ\a0n, .'12+.0/<E0,"351+3'()/4'!2.!'%!)//' )$(/5+$1+%' 2",,",' ()/44.L+,%' ma:aila"le in its entirety on You? 2u"en1 knderstanda"ly, the heart and soul of this "ook is Uart 2hree, F2he Golden <geI whi9h eKa8ines the "loody 9rea8 of !2+'1,"0`!2+'()/4%'!2.!'3+()$+3'

!2+' M+.-.$' _,.' .$3' ,+(/+1!' !2+' )$(/5+$1+' "=' !2+' M+*;' ^+,,<' K./? wellAs Noral NaLority, founded in Z\W\ mdare we i8;ly that Fal? well should re9ei:e 8u9h of the 9redit for 9reating the 8odern %/.%2+,'()/4db;'e+,+'#)//'()$3'+%? say a"out all the usual sus;e9ts, ;lus 8any 8oreM FHalloweenI mZ\W[n, FUro8 VightI mZ\[/n, F2error 2rainImZ\[/n, FNotel HellI mZ\[/n, FFriday 2he Z0thI mZ\[/, and in9luding se:en se? Buelsn, F2he UrowlerI mZ\[Zn,I FHa;;y Qirthday 2o NeI mZ\[Zn, F2he QurningI mZ\[Zn, F2he Fun? houseI mZ\[Zn, F2he House Sn >orority CowI mZ\[0n, F>lee;? away Ca8;I mZ\[0n, F>ilent Vight, Yeadly VightI mZ\[_n, the 8any FVight8are Sn Jl8 >treetI in9arnations m"eginning in Z\[_n, and F<;ril FoolAs YayI XABcYb&'.'()/4'%"4+'1"$%)3+,'!2+' "est of the genre1 O a8 ;roud to say O ha:e so8e ;ersonal 9onne9tions to so8e of !2+%+'()/4%;'f2+$'G'#.%'.'-,.35? ate student at the kni:ersity of 2ennessee F"a9k in the dayI mthe late Z\W/sn, O knew >usan GlaEe, who went on to star in F>lee;? away Ca8;I mto date her only ()/4b&' .$3' #2+$' G' 2.3' !2+' 0/+.? sure of 8eeting legendary hor? ror 8o:ie 8ake?u; artist 2o8 >a:ini when he :isited Vorth? east >tate Co88unity College two years ago, O was ;ersonally 9onne9ted to 8any of the 8o:? ies heAs worked on mF2he Qurn? ing,I FFriday 2he Z0th,I and F2he UrowlerIne and, "e9ause he 9reat?

ed the arrow?through?the? throat illusion for ce:in Qa9on in FFriday 2he Z0thI O now ha:e the distin9tion of ad:an9ing to one degree of se;aration fro8 Qa9on hi8self mand 8ay"e e:ent to v degree of se;aration "e9ause OA:e also 8et Yan? ny 2reLo who knows Nr1 Qa9onn1 Uart Four, F2he Uost? 8odern Jra,I 9o:ers the re? 9ent o"session for re8akes and ;asti9hes of 9lassi9 -"/3+$' .-+' %/.%2+,' ()/4%;' Nost nota"ly, Tes Cra:enAs F>9rea8I series rehash? es and la8;oons 8any slasher 9li9hts, as does the F>9ary No:ieI fran9hise1 2he Z\\/s and early .///s witnessed the e8ergen9e of what so8e ha:e ter8ed Ftorture ;orn,I re;resented R<' ()/4%' /)L+' \S.#a' XHII]b' and FHostelI m.//gn, logi? 9al eKtensions of the "loody lega9y of golden?age slasher ()/4%;' 8+,2.0%' !2+' R+%!' ,+0,+? sentati:e of this ;ost8odern era is Co" po8"ie, whose rei8agin? ing of the FHalloweenI 8o:ies and o:er?the?to; ;arodies of Z\0/s NarK QrothersA 9o8edies mFHouse Sf Z,/// Cor;sesI and F2he Ye:ilAs CeLe9tsIn ha:e 9re? ated lasting i8;ressions1 There the genre will go after this is any? "odyAs guess1 Uart Fi:e of LiagunoAs "ook is a series of F>lasher OQI BuiE? Ees designed to 9hallenge our knowledge of e:erything slasher1 O a8 not asha8ed to ad8it that O did :ery well on these tests, "ut O shudder to think how 8any "rain 9ells OA:e wasted in the ;ro? 9ess1 Of youAre e:en the least "it )$!+,+%!+3' )$' %/.%2+,' ()/4%&' .$3' want to think 8ore dee;ly a"out !2+),' %)-$)()1.$1+&' ()$3' .' 1"0<' of this "ook1 <nd if you want to learn 8ore a"out how Z\W/s 8o:ie 8akers like Tes Cra:en, Qrian de Ual8a, Cidley >9ott, and Yan SAQannon ;a:ed the way for the slasher 8o:ie golden age of the Z\[/s, O strongly re9o88end you add *ason pino8anAs Shock Value: How A Few Eccentric Out­ siders  Gave  Us  Nightmares,  Con­ quered  Hollywood,  And  Invented  Modern  Horror mUenguin Uress, ./ZZn to your reading list1 >ee you neKt week with Uart K"5,'"='!2)%'()*+E0.,!'%+,)+%;'





October 16, 2012  

Tri Cities, weekly, arts & entertainment magazine

October 16, 2012  

Tri Cities, weekly, arts & entertainment magazine