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The Hannon Herald Winter 2013

The Thelomathesian Society Newsletter

Vol. 1 Issue 1

Keurig and Vending Machines now in ODY 24hrs. The Thelomathesian Society donated $2,000 to ODY to pay for a permanent Keurig Coffee Machine system and the relocation of the vending machines into the 24Hr room. This idea was proposed by students and translated through the Thelmo Student Life Committee. Students now have 24-hour access to coffee and food for late night study sessions in the library!

Presidential Commission on Diversity President Fox’s diversity initiative is underway. The goal is to analyze the campus community interactions and focus on academics as a core part of the program, then determine a plan to further diversity and plurality on campus. This is a one year commission funded by a generous donation from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Trustee Marion Roach Smith ’77 chairs the committee; Macreena Doyle is staff liaison.

Thelmo Passes Voting Resolution Last Wednesday, the Senate voted to approve a new voting procedure, which requires all non-seated members of the Society to leave the room during voting to ensure a neutral environment for Senators. Proposed by VP of Senate Affairs Kelly Appenzeller, the resolution was wellreceived by the Senate during discussion and approval. The motion passed with majority approval and goes into effect immediately. The Executive Board will be tracking its success over the coming weeks.

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The New Res Hall

Breaking ground in spring 2013, the new residence hall will be a three- and four-story building with 150 beds. The new dorm is a major part of the Facilities Master Plan, which includes increasing the student population and expanding the St. Lawrence campus. This residence hall is budgeted at $12 million and is set to be completed by fall 2014. A major fundraising initiative is underway for the 45,000-square-foot building. The Board of Trustees spent a lot of time collaborating with the architects and this is what the new dorm will most likely feature: • • •

• • • •

Private bathrooms Single, double and triple rooms Small common rooms on each floor a long with a house commons that spans the 3rd and 4th floor and is filled with natural light through large windows and skylights A possible indoor/outdoor café on the first floor featuring large garage-style opening doors to allow for an open air café in the warmer months Possibly heated and cooled by geothermal energy Possibly a GOLD-certified LEED building 300 square feet/bed Possible text message notifications for laundry machines

Winter 2013 1 4

Highlights • Tuition will increase 3.7% for University tuition, room and board, making the comprehensive fee for 2013-2014 $57,900.

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• Admissions reported they have received 4,414 applications so far. That is a 10% increase.



Breakdown: Redesigned The wait is finally over! St. Lawrence is on track to release the new website by early spring. The website features new designs along with a complete overhaul of interactive components. A new SLUwire is being designed to make student accessibility much more efficient and easy to use. Communications and IT have been working diligently to make sure this website redesign is a great new addition to how the University operated online. Here is a breakdown of the homepage: 1.

The search function has been completely redone to be fast and accurate. No more dead ends in the search bar.


Floating text stands amidst a beautiful high-resolution photo. This box expands to display more information and click through links. The text matches the photo.


The homepage features four new high-resolution photos that will act as the background of the homepage. These photos automatically change or can be manually changed by the user.

4. This simple menu bar will be featured on every page of the website for easy access. The drop down boxes feature links and highlight events.


On the homepage, there is easy access to pages geared to a specific audience to ease navigation.


Easy to use social media and Apply Now buttons embedded right on site and throughout news and events page so information can be quickly shared via multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn and YouTube.

Find us on the Web: Twitter: @thelmoSLU

• The retention rate of first semester to second semester first-years was 98%. That is the highest it has been since 1992. • 184 students are studying abroad this semester. That is 7.9%, the highest percentage of students the University has had studying off campus for one semester. •

Faculty Council met the first week in March to discuss possible scheduling changes.

• The SLUSAF Contingency fund is at $35,310 as of 2/20/2013.

• The oldest SLU alumna turned 106 years old on February 10.

The Fox Box “St. Lawrence’s shared governance invites participation by student delegates and representatives in the discussions of the Board of Trustees. Taylor Castator ’15 and Christopher Shrope ’14 earned the trustees’ respect for their conscientious involvement and thoughtful remarks. Both honored the St. Lawrence student body for the power of their voices. I thank Taylor and Chris, and all the students who attended committee meetings, and I thank the Thelmo Executive board for this additional chance to share news with you. This wide involvement is also part of your education as you learn the complexity and heart of a great university.” -- WLF 2

The Hannon Herald Winter 2013  

The first edition of the St Lawrence University, Thelomathesian Society newsletter! Get all the info on the New Residence Hall, university h...

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