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Getting Involved  with   St.  Lawrence  in     Three  Easy  Steps  

Welcome   from  the  Thelomathesian  Society!  

July 2013    

Club Fair                        1  

Get on  SLUwire        2   Be  You  

Come to   Millenium   Way,   th Septermber   6   at   3pm   to   meet    all  the  clubs  SLU  has   to  offer.  Ask  questions  ,  get   infor   and   sign   up   for   meetings!  

Log on   to   SLUwire   to   look   at   bulletins,   upcoming   events,   question   forums   and   to   post   meetings.   This   is   a   great   way   to  find  a  group!  


Have a   group   of   friends   that   want   to   start   a   new   club?   Go   for   it.   Any   group   of  students  can  start  a  club   and  are  eligible  for     SLUSAF   contingency!    

Welcome to  St.  Lawrence  Class   of  2017!   With  over  100  active  student  run  clubs  and   organizations,  there  is  so  much  to  keep  you   busy  outside  the  classroom.  

Welcome to   St.   Lawrence!   The   Student   Government   here,   Thelomathesian   Society  or  Thelmo,   would   like  to   welcome   you   to   our   campus.   We   hope   you   are   excited   about   being   a   part   of   the   Laurentian  Community.   Thelmo   is   a   great   asset   here   on   campus.   The   society   helps   to   allocate   the   SLU   Student   Activities   Fund   (SLUSAF)   to   student   groups   and   clubs   to   bring   great   concerts  and  events  to  campus,  and  even   send   students   across   the   country   to  

The Spring  2013  Thelmo  Society  

attend meetings   and   Thelmo   also   is   responsible   for   budgeting   conferences!   Any   group   of   students   can   student   organizations.   This   money   allows   apply  for  m oney  from  the  contingency  fund.   for   established   organizations   to   get   the   resources   they   need   to   do   projects,   bring   in   The   society   also   stands   as   the   voice   of   the   speakers,   host   events   and   so   much   more!     students.   If   you   have   any   questions   or   Find   something   you   are   interested   in   and   concerns   please   feel   free   to   contact   any   of   join   a   club   or   organization.   We   hope   you   the   Executive   Board   members   or   contact   a   find  your  new  home  to  be  a  perfect  fit.     Senator   or   chair   you   may   know.   Or,   be   a   Senator   this   semester!   Applications   are   Best  of  Luck!     available   for   Senator   and   Junior   chair   The  Thelomathesian  Society  Senior   positions  this  semester!   Executive  Board    

Come to  a  Thelmo  Meeting!  Every  Wednesday  at  7pm   in  the  Hannon  Room  in  the  Student  Center!  


Welcome From  the  Thelomathesian  Society  

July 2013  

The 2013  Thelomathesian  Society  Senior  Executive  Board   If  you  see  us  around  campus,  feel  free  to  express  concerns,  ask  questions  or  just   catch  up  with  us!  We  are  here  to  make  your  time  at  St.  Lawrence  amazing!   President,  Taylor  Castator  ‘15   Taylor  is  a  very  active  member  of  the  Laurentian  community.   Find  her  in  Paysons  admissions  hall  leading  tours  or  in  the   Thelmo  Office  in  the  Student  Center  working  hard  on  University   and  Thelmo  business  and  her  schoolwork.  As  former  Canton   Community  Outreach  Chair  and  Thelmo  senator,  Taylor  is  a   seasoned  veteran  of  the  Society.  Ask  her  anything!  

Vice President  of  Senate  Affairs,  Kelly  Appenzeller  ‘15   As  VPSA,  Kelly  is  responsible  for  organizing  and  seating  the  Senate,   coordinating  Thelmo  meetings  and  agendas,  while  also  assisting  the   President.  Ask  her  about  getting  involved  in  Thelmo,  or  how  to  submit   a  Contingency  request!   Vice  President  of  University  Relations,  Alec  Cote  ‘15   As  VPUR,  Alec  is  the  coordinator  of  Student  Organizations  and   Thelmo  Committees.  Alec  heads  Thelmo  projects  for  the  University   and  attends  faculty-­‐student  meetings!  Ask  him  about  organizations   or  how  you  can  help  on  campus!  

Student Delegate  to  the  Board  of  Trustees,  Evan  Koncewicz  ‘15   Evan  is  the  direct  link  between  the  students  and  the  Trustees  of  St.  Lawrence.   He  is  responsible  for  voicing  the  questions  and  concerns  of  the  students  to  the   Trustees.  Look  for  him  around  campus  and  let  him  know  what  he  can  do  for   you  and  SLU!  

SLUSAF Central  Treasurer,   George  Barrett  ‘14   George  is  your  go  to  for   anything  with  Organization   Budgets  or  SLUSAF   Contingency  Allotment.  Ask   him  how  SLUSAF  can  help   you!    

Secretary, Yibei  Chen  ‘16   Yibei  keeps  records  of  all   meetings  and  business  and   helps  with  Thelmo  executive   decisions.  Ask  her  about   what  Thelmo  is  up  to  this   week  or  what  happened  last   week!    

Welcome to SLU!  

With over 100+ student clubs and organizations, there is so much to keep you busy outside of the classroom!

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