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Vol 10 • Issue 19

Fri, January 16, 2009 • 20 Tevet 5769 • y"xa,

Dear LCDS Family, The next time you are in school, come walk the halls with us, as we do when we tour guests, to see the teaching and learning happening at LCDS. In the art room, students use craypa oil pastels to draw their own version of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” They identify the medium, the artist and the painting for our visitors as they conscientiously work on their creations. Approach the music room to hear sounds of children singing or to watch Mr. Day comparing the notes to the algebraic symbols our students are learning in class. Look at a 3rd grade weekly schedule to see how much LCDS has increased PE for its students this year, to the students’ delight! In a Middle School classroom, students dissect a midrash, a rabbinic allegory, about a purloined item and a jewel merchant who did not profit from honoring his father. The back-and-forth centered on whether the jeweler was a fool or whether Jewish values instead should shape how to conduct business. Then they began to discuss Bernie Madoff. During these days, we focus on heroes, from the midwives Shiphrah and Pu’ah in this week’s Torah reading of Shemot (Exodus 1:15-21) to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In that light, it is not surprising that historically parents retain children in independent schools during difficult economic times - our early re-enrollment indeed is thus far exceeding projections. Our children will confront many future challenges beyond today’s recession and an LCDS education will provide your child with the knowledge, skills and strength to meet those challenges. We’re not an FCAT Factory, though our students do take the more demanding ERB standardized tests. Rather, this community both nurtures and requires much from your child as an individual. We raise the kind of heroes who can recognize Vincent Van Gogh, write a tune, score a winning touchdown - and be resilient and ready to answer any call. Thank you for your continued confidence in us. Shabbat Shalom. Linda K. Schaffzin Jodi Bruce Director of Admissions Dean of Education

,cy 'f

Fourth & Fifth Grade Siyyumim This past week parents and grandparents participated with our fourth and fifth grade students as they celebrated completing their study of Parashat Toldot. Morah Liora Fisher led the students in a discussion on the parashah; guests were also treated to performances, songs, and Biblical-style refreshments.

The Vikings Are Coming! Mrs. Alvarez’s third graders completed their study of the Vikings, and then met face to face with an almost-real Viking—Elliot Michael’s mother, native Swede, Ingrid Kindbom. (Do you know how the Vikings brushed their teeth?)

Re-enrollment deadlines:

TODAY: Jan 16: Tuition Aid materials; Early Re-enrollment Incentive Fri, Jan 30: Guaranteed Placement for Returning Students; New Student Application Deadline

This edition plus The Link archives are available on the web

Candle lighting 5:34 pm

Papa•razzi patrol

Images of Life@LCDS. More at

Bring in the Clowns

It was a circus in the Early Childhood Department as Toddler students prepared for the entrance exam to Clown College.

Tu bi-Shevat Approaches On Monday, February 9—the 15th day of Shevat—students will hold a tree planting ceremony following tefillah. Students are dedicating the Tu bi-Shevat ceremony in memory of Avi Mashvitzky, an IDF soldier killed in action in Gaza City. Avi is the son of Ludmila Mashvitzky, a high school teacher in Yerucham, GMJF’s partnership community in the Negev. LCDS and Hillel have formed an educational partnership with schools in Yerucham, and monies collected for Tu bi-Shevat will be used to build a garden in Avi’s memory. Tu bi-Shevat is the New Year of the Trees. It gets its name from the Hebrew date: the word Tu u"y is actually the combination of the letters tet y, which equals 9, and vav u, which equals 6. Copyright ©2009 Lehrman Community Day School

Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

Community Welfare

Mazal Tov to: • Julie, Gerson and Riley (Ms. Tina) Gerson on the birth January 12 of son and brother Robert. Condolences to: • Andrew and Dessiree Kane and greatgrandsons Samuel (Mr. Schwartz) and Alexander (Mrs. Fein) on the death of Andrew’s grandmother, Selma Kane.

Student Interns-for-a-Day

Jordan Markofsky was Coach-for-the-Day on Tues., January 13. He taught eight classes, alongside Coach Aaron and Coach Mark. By all accounts, Jordan is a natural with the whistle. Mia Markofsky was Interim Dean of Education on Thurs., January 15. In addition to the “Wear Your Favorite T-Shirt Day” event, Miss Markofsky distributed Free Homework passes (see below) in grades K through 7, and arranged to serve cake for lunchtime dessert!

Exciting Sports Program@Lehrman LCDS Basketball Boys Varsity Jan. 25 1:00 vs. Greenfield @ Greenfield Jan. 27 3:30 vs. Sinai @ Lehrman Girls Varsity Jan. 29 3:30 vs. Cushman @ Cushman Junior Varsity Jan. 27 3:30 vs. Sinai @ Lehrman Complete schedule available online

Chalav u’Dvash Words of the Week: This week’s words… In Kindergarten we learned

ohckf wckf KEH-lev, k’lah-VEEM dog, dogs

ohruphm wruphm

tzee-PORE, tzee-poe-REEM • bird, birds and we talked and wrote about them. Ze’eva (Eliza Greenwald) wrote:

Playground Ribbon Cutting

/ohruphm ,cvut hbt AH-nee oh-HEH-veht tzee-poe-REEM. Ribbon-cutters at Wednesday’s playground opening were (from left) Edward Tobin, Miami Beach City Commissioner, Rabbi Seth Linfield, HOS, Roger Miller, Board Chair, Amy Siama and Joi Fiske, PA Co-Presidents, and Jay Meiselman, LCDS Parent.

Passover Matchmaking

reminders! Re-enrollment Deadlines! see page 1. NO SCHOOL: Monday, January 19 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Tues, Jan 20, 8:45 a.m.: Baby Naming! Jennifer & Steven Reiz present Logan Jillian to the LCDS community.

What’s for Lunch? To download a refrigeratorready menu, visit us online… Monday, January 19 Tuesday, January 20

Bagels & cream cheese • Tuna fish • Egg salad Fritos • Oranges • Milk (served Tue & Thu)

Wednesday, January 21

Cream of broccoli soup • Filet of fish French fries • Coleslaw • Peaches Water (served M/W/F)

Thursday, January 22

Friday, January 23 • ouka Mini egg rolls • Oriental salad Sweet & sour chicken • Fried rice Pineapple chunks

Andrea Schleider, Director of Constituent Relations

Please Save the Date

for Lehrman Community Day School’s

Annual Fundraising Event

“Abracadabra” An Evening of Magic and Mind Revelation

PA Meeting: Thu, Feb 5, 8:45 am @LCDS

NO SCHOOL Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Cream of mushroom soup • Pizza Greek salad • Pudding

As the Torah cycle turns to Exodus, springtime and Passover are already in the air! LCDS is committed to enabling each of our families to participate in a Passover seder this year. Would you consider welcoming another LCDS family into your home either on the first night or the second—or both? Please contact Janet Rapp at 305-866-2771 x 24, or via email if you would like to host a fellow LCDS family.

I love birds.


Upcoming Events • Second Annual Movie Night: Camp Rock. Thursday, February 12 (no school Friday!) Pizza, popcorn and a movie on the court. Lots of fun! • Lehrman Olympics: Walk-a-thon, obstacle courses, parent/kid events, fun for the family • Character Breakfast: Come join your favorite characters for breakfast, arts and crafts, games and more. PA Board positions open for 09-10. Contact Amy or Joi for information. Joi Fiske & Amy Siama, Co-Presidents Visit us on the web:

Thursday, May 14, 2009 More details to follow

If you would like to be a part of bringing this event to our community, please contact, Rochelle Finvarb, Co-Chair, Annual Campaign, or Andrea Schleider, Director of Constituent Relations at 305-866-2771 x17, or Thank you.

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Volume 10, Number 19

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