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About The Little Style File Created by Betsy Breuer ( and Kristin Cheuvront (, The Little Style File made its debut in September of 2011 as a lifestyle site dedicated to providing inspiration from apparel to celebrations and everything in between. The Little Style File features the real style of children and moms, personal shopping/styling services, product reviews, giveaways and highlights the latest trends for families.

A little about Betsy: Betsy has been a working mom for the past 5 years until last summer. She is now a stay at home mother to Mia (5) and Dylan (2). Betsy loves good design, cool & hip product and clothing for herself and her kids.. Betsy created the blog Coolkids in May 2010 as a creative outlet and to share her cool finds with other mothers. Over the past year Betsy has built strong relationships with etsy sellers, small businesses and pr firms while doing giveaways and product reviews. She has a passion for social media, partnering with brands, small businesses and bringing the best of the best to her readers.

A little about Kristin: After 'retiring' as an event planner in the Big City, Kristin became stay at home mom to Elizabeth and 2.5 years later, Madeline. She then created the parenting blog "Ellie-Town" as a place to record the adventures of her girls and share the ups and downs of parenthood. Ellie-Town became a creative outlet, reigniting Kristin's passion for writing, style, media and public relations. Through Ellie-Town, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with brands big and small.

Why work with the little style file? The Little Style File is focused on being a one stop style site for our readers. We work hard to give our audience what they want - inspiration that will easily flow into their everyday lives. The Little Style File is the ideal platform to reach your target audience of moms motivated to purchase the best for their families.

Audience The Little Style File recieved over 30,000 site pageviews last month at and The Little Style File Merry & Bright Gift Guide recieved over 136,000 unique pageviews in less than 30 days via Demographics The Little Style File is frequently visited by females who are in the age range 25-34, have children, are college educated and browse this site from home. Statics provided by Alexa. Social Media Reach 1875+ Facebook Fans 1470+ Twitter Followers (@lilstylefile) - Klout 45 3000+ Twitter Followers (@coolkidsmommy) - Klout 53 740+ Twitter Followers (@KristinChev) - Klout 38 Affiliations Girls Lunch Out (Chicago Founders) Clever Girls Collective SITS Girls

Recognitions Nominated for Best Blog Award

Ad Formats and Pricing Pricing Ads can be purchased in the following formats: 107x214 - $55/month 214x214 - $95/month Ads will run for a 30 day period and will include a feature post about your product/shop, product review or giveaway. Looking for more than just an ad on a sidebar? Add TLSF's social media pack! For an additional $40 per month, TLSF will tweet and share your buisness with our readers a minimum of five times per week. Another great way to get more exposure for your brand. Giveaways Giveaways make people happy. We like making people happy. The Little Style file would love to give your product(s) away as long as they fit the nature of TLSF and have a minimum retail value of $50.00. The giveaway will be shared on Facebook and tweeted for its duration. There is a $35 fee per giveaway for nonsponsors. Product Reviews The Little Style File is happy to try your product and produce a video or written review. Betsy has two children - Mia (5) and Dylan (2), as does Kristin - Elizabeth (4) and Madeline (2). The little style file will create an honest, comprehensive review that matches the style of your product. The fee for a written product review is $25 and for a video review is $75 for nonsponsors. Discounts Discounts will be given when purchasing advertisements in six month or one year blocks. Please contact us for more information. Payments Payments can be made via PayPal. Rates for other ad sizes, sponsored posts and additional social media packages are available upon request. Ad Policy No refunds on ads/sponsored posts. We reserve the right to refuse any ad based on content of the ad, or the product or site being promoted. All ads/sponsored posts must reflect the values of The Little Style File. Review & Giveaway Policy Product reviews will only be done when a sample is provided. The Little Style File reserves the right decline posting if a product does not meet our personal standards. Samples will not be returned. The Little Style File is not responsible for charges related to shipping the giveaway item to the winner of the giveaway.

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Twitter Parties Looking for a great way to generate buzz about a product or campaign? Consider a Twitter Party. Twitter parties use a key phrase hashtag that keeps party guests in the loop on the conversation. Topics related to children and parenting are a natural fit for The Little Style File. Let The Little Style File set up the party and get the guests while you have a direct connection to your clients/consumers. The Twitter Party fee is $250.

Facebook Contests A fun way to build your Facebook fan base is with a Facebook contest! Run through a third party app, a Facebook contest consists of driving traffic to a Facebook page and having fans vote for an outcome. Past sucessful Facebook contests for The Little Style File have been a Back To School Photo Contest and Naught or Nice? Holiday Photo Contest. Whether a winner is determined by a panel of judges or popular vote, Facebook contests get users talking about your brand. The fee for a Facebook Contest run by The Little Style File is $250.

Previous Happy Customers "Creative, inspirational, and wonderful women to work with. Witty content, great following this team goes above and beyond. I am very thankful to have them as a part of my marketing strategy," says Maria from Shop Belle. Dana from Tractenburg PR had this to say, "Working with The Little Style File is always a pleasure. Their eye for kid’s style and fashion is dead on and we can’t thank them enough for being a fans of The Children’s Place." "I am so excited to work with The Little Style File as I know that with Besty and her team behind it, it will be a great success! Be ready for this fabulous blog because I know it will be jam packed with style for both Mom and Kids!" Eileen, Red Light PR "I could not believe the amount of traffic we got through our web site from a giveaway! Also, it was the right kind of traffic. The readers are stylish people looking for unique finds. They are the kinds of people you want as your customers." Heather, Lemonade Couture

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