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Before heading off to Europe, wARNING: the boys have a few words of widsom for all punk fandom, new and old.

An inside look at the makings of a new era punk band By Maria Sullivan

the recent release of their new album, “Shot My TV” on the Italian punk label Nicotine Records, an upcoming European summer tour,shows in the meantime in New York City and New Paltz, and schooling fans on what it really means to be punk;the boys of The Gonedaddys are in need of a break, a fun time break.

The Gonedaddys, formerly The Lazy Suns, is the creation of Garrett “Skinny The Gonedaddys, including Garrhett Uhlenbrock, Bones” Uhlenbrock, the Doug Wapner, Tomaxe Goze and Johonny Watson, lead vocalist and guitarist rock out at Snugs in New Paltz, N.Y. best known for co-writing the songs “The Job that description is fitting for the boys since they Ate my Brain”, featured on MTV’s “Daria” don’t really dress up in “Hot Topic” stuff. in the episode, “It Happened One Nut”, “Anxiety”, and “Have a Nice Day” with The project has been a long time passion Marky Ramone for The Ramones’ albums of Uhlenbrock’s and after a revolving door of artists to play, perform and fool around “Mondo Bizzaro” and “Adios Amigos”. with, there is now a Inspired by Tito solid group to record Puente from the with including Doug 1940s, Buddy Holly Wapner on guitar and from the 50s, and the vocals, Thomaxe Goze Kinks from the 60s, on bass and Johnny The Gonedaddys have Watson on drums. a succinct and raw It all started two years sound that takes you ago playing at Snug’s right back to that gritty smell of their fourth influence: the New in New Paltz where they worked out the York punk scene from the 70s. Their style, kinks. One night as the PA system in Snugs according to Uhlenbrock, is if punk rock breaks and Watson expects the show to be got mugged and had all of its cool clothes canceled or delayed, Uhlenbrock steps in stolen, even the tattoos; “that’s what used and saves the day. “He spliced wires and to happen in the city. If you didn’t have things from other equipment and somehow money the muggers would just steal your made that PA work- amazing!” Watson said clothes. Looking back it’s pretty funny, but of Uhlenbrock’s magic hands. The boys at the time it wasn’t.” Uhlenbrock feels the have since been able to move on from the

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WHO THEY WERE BEFORE THE GONEDADDYS: Õ Johnny Watson: previously played in Lara Hope &

The Champtones (50s Rock ‘n Roll / Rockabilly), Naked (Soul/Jazz/Rock), The Punk Blues Review (PBR), Altercation Records with Sarah Perrottapiano rock, Fantom Frequency - electro punk Õ Thomaxe Goze: co-organized a tour for N.Y. origi-

nal Punk Rock legend Walter Lure, guitarist of the Heartbreakers and helped create the live album from the Walter Lure tour released on Nicotine Records.

Top to Bottom: Doug Wapner’s solo steals the performance in Snugs. Johonny Watson bangs away on the drums. Lower: Garrett Uhlenbrock and Thomaxe Goze rock out to some of the classic Ramones hits.

Õ Doug Wapner: released a self-titled album in

2007 with a follow up “The Q Sessions” a year later. Õ Garrett Uhlenbrock: co-wrote with Markey

Ramone on the albums “Mondo Bizzaro” and “Adios Amigos”, played in Joey Ramone’s “Resistance” side project, formed The Intruders with Markey Ramone, had a cameo guitar appearance on Mercury Revs’ “Deserter ’s Songs” and engineered and performed on Vic Chesnutt’s “About to Choke” for Capitol Records.

music is something that Wapner has been able to adapt to and artistically create and put out there. Uhlenbrock feels The Gonedaddys is Thomaxe Goze’s the addition of Wapner to the band first run with the bass. Uhlenbrock keeps the approach a little different, picked up the phone one day when “Not typical. Like making bread with the current bass player couldn’t seven grains, it ain’t gonna taste like make it and a few days later Goze Wonder.” was invited to officially join and take on the role he describes using Arthur Crafting the bread of the band Kane’s,the late bassist of the New requires patience, a good memory York Dolls, words as the “useless and fast instincts. The ideas for bass player”. However, as Goze songs come to Uhlenbrock so fast reflects on playing in the footsteps that sometimes he runs the risk of of personal inspirations such as Sid forgetting them before he writes Vicious and Dee Dee Ramone, he them down, he says. “I’ll get an idea, reveals punk rock is more about the usuallyattheworst time,andthenit’sa scramble heart, blood to record “The only true punk it before and guts rather than i t ’ s musical skills, or rockers I ever met never having one too many beers, “The only true actually called themselves punk rockers I ever punks; Garrett is one of met never actually called themselves them.” —Thomaxe Goze punks; Garrett is one of them.” forgotten. Then I don’t listen to the The revolving door has also brought idea for a while and a week later I a wide range of artists and talent like can tell if it’s any good, add some the singer/songwriter Wapner, who words and it’s done. At that point himself has released two albums, I gotta record it for real in a studio a self-titled in 2007 and “The Q pretty quickly before it gets stale.” Sessions” a year later. As Wapner stumbled into The Gonedaddys, The major theme that churns out of most of the project was complete the spastic writing process is about with the record released and the the struggle of outcasts and misfits European tour already planned; to gain power over the status quo; “I can’t take any credit but I was but really they try to just have fun. fortunate enough to fall into it.” The The boys also want real punk fans to always changing college town to performing in New York City.

realize there are people playing out there that haven’t sold out, that you can now finally turn the radio on and there will be decent punk playing. The Gonedaddys are that saving grace in the punk rock genre who refuse to be over remixed and marketed to sell. They are bringing rock back where it belongs: the streets. Uhlenbrock suggests to his fans to also try some old school punk for the simple reason that it is a part of the band’s history. However, they’re certainly not posing as a branch of new school punk but rather a “love child” of New York punk rock—“I’m pretty happy that way,” said Uhlenbrock. Having some rave reviews from Europe under their belt including the ultimate compliment from Independent Kicks proclaiming their album could have been written by N.Y. punk rock band, The New York Dolls; The Gonedaddys are inspired and ready to take their album on the road. The lineup will consist of material from the album as well as covering the songs Uhlenbrock wrote for The Ramones. “The Ramones had a cult following while they were alive,” said Uhlenbrock, “If we get to that level I will do back flips, I would be very pleased to have that kind of support.” That much-needed break will just have to wait. The Gonedaddys leave for Europe in June making stops in Montpellier, LanguedocRoussillon Madrid, Spain and Bordeaux, Bretagne, just to name a few. The road from New Paltz to New York City doesn’t seem that long in retrospect.

The Gonedaddys  
The Gonedaddys  

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