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o THE Art Beat

ArtWork Submission Guide Please cut the following box and paste it at the back of your submission as demonstrated.

Art Beat


Title of the Art Work:

Name of the Artist: Age: Class: School: School Branch: Email: Phone:

Art Beat


Title of the Art Work:

Participant Name: Date of Birth: Age: Class: School: School Branch: Email:


Turn Over

Instructions: 1: Fill out the above section and cut it. 2: Paste the cut section on the bottom right at the back of the art work. 3: Make sure the pasted section is ďŹ rmly attached. 4: You can make copies of this form as per requirement.

Paste here at the back

o THE Art Beat Registration Form


School Art Teacher/Activity Coordinator Name: School Name: Branch:

Contact Number:

Email: Address:

Registration and Fee Submission: Participation Fee: Rs.500/- (for each artwork submission) Discounted Fee: Rs. 350/- (for minimum 30 artworks from each school campus) Total Number of Participants:

(Number of children participating from your school)

Total Fee: Note: You can also download Submission/Registration Form from ‘’ web site. Submission Deadline: 28th February, 2014 By signing below you are verifying that your school/institute has attached a check /pay order of the total fee in the name of “The Little Art”.

Submit the form, submission fee and art work to: ArtBeat Submission The Little Art 81, F Block, Johar Town, Lahore Ph: 042 352 20796


Signature of the Principal/Authority:


2014 ArtBeat - Artwork Submission & Registration Form  

ArtBeat - National Child Art Competition and Exhibitions - to promote visual culture among children and youth - Win cash prizes, artist resi...

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