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National Child Art Competition and Exhibitions to promote visual culture among children and youth

Paint or Draw

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Win cash prizes, artist residency & appreciation Sponsored participation in Sharjah International Biennial for Children's Arts Studio RM Residency

Art Beat

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The Little Art’s Vision “Empower children and young people from all social, economic and ethnic groups through the arts” Children and Young People Their Art as the Centerpiece Promoting Visual Culture and Creative Expression For Education The Little Art is a non-profit arts education organization. We focus on developing innovative arts education projects to engage children and young people in alternative education and learning opportunities. We value the arts as the most powerful medium to facilitate the dreams of each child; and inspire them to turn their dreams into realities. Our innovative, educational, inspirational and motivating opportunities utilize a wide range of artistic mediums including primarily: Film and New Media, Photography, Visual Arts, Painting and Drawing, Theater and Puppetry.


Welcome Dear Teachers, School Administrators, Parents, Children and Young People ArtBeat – National Child Art Competition and Exhibitions is in its third year now. The project was initiated in 2012 with a vision to promote visaul culture, understanding of issues among children and youth from their own perspective, celebrate children as artists and present children's view as a point of discourse for adults and community. In last two years, we have seen the interest of schools, children and youth growing in ArtBeat. In 2012, we had 38 schools and 10 community organizations participaing, which grew to 141 schools and 13 organizations. Nealry 6,000 children has participated in ArtBeat so far. This year's 3rd ArtBeat is going to be more open and creative for children and young people. We want to allow children this year to freely express themselves, be more observative where they live, connect more with the family and important people they have in their life. We have chosen “Portraits / Landscapes” as the theme for 2014, and hope to see wonderful work coming in, to celebrate child art through appreciations and exhibitions. Shoaib Iqbal, Director The Little Art



Portraits & Landscapes

Each submission: 500 Rs

Portraits ~ a painting or drawing of a person, especially depicting only the face, hear or shoulders. Examples: You can make portraits of people such as your parents, guardian, friend, teacher, a person you like the most, or someone you remember. Landscapes ~ all the visible features of an area of land, often considered in terms of their aesthetic appeal Examples: Make landscapes of the area you live in, what you see while going to school, your city or your village.

For schools in Lahore, cash is accepted on submissions. Fee can be submitted through the following 3 ways; 1: Bank draft drawn on the name of “The Little Art” 2: A Cross Cheque or Pay Order on the name of “The Little Art” 3: Direct fee transfer in our bank account Account Title: The Little Art Account #: 0182‐007‐000‐000‐342 Bank: Faysal Bank Note: Check/Pay Order/Receipt of the Direct Bank Submission has to be delivered along with the artwork at submission.

Age Group

Age Groups



Category A: 5‐9 years Category C: 15‐18 years

ArtBeat offers special discount to schools on group submissions.

Attach the submission form at the back of your artwork, and send your artwork along with fee receipt to;

Category B: 10‐14 years Category D: Special Needs & Marginalized

Submission Deadline Monday 28th February, 2014

Submission fee: 350 Rs upon submission of minimum 30 artworks from each school.

ArtBeat Submissions The Little Art 81, F Block, Johar Town Lahore, Pakistan 54600 Tel: +92 42 35220796 Mob: 0315 4036167


R.M. Naeem, one of the most prominent name in art circles and foremost to promote art education will lead the one‐week residency with children in his studio

Category A: 5-9 years

Category B: 10-14 years

First Prize: 20,000 Rs

First Prize: 20,000 Rs

(10,000 Rs for artist, 10,000 Rs for school)

(10,000 Rs for artist, 10,000 Rs for school)

Second Prize: 15,000 Rs

Second Prize: 15,000 Rs Third Prize: 10,000 Rs

(5,000 Rs for artist, 5,000 Rs for school)

(5,000 Rs for artist, 5,000 Rs for school)

Category C: 15-18 years

Category D: Special Needs & Marginalized

First Prize: 20,000 Rs (10,000 Rs for artist, 10,000 Rs for school)

Second Prize: 15,000 Rs (8,000 Rs for artist, 7,000 Rs for school)

Third Prize: 10,000 Rs (5,000 Rs for artist, 5,000 Rs for school)

Three prizes of 5,000 each for children with special needs Three prizes of 5,000 each for children from marginalized backgrounds

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(8,000 Rs for artist, 7,000 Rs for school)

Each artist selected for the exhibition will receive a speacial Certificate of Appreciation.


(8,000 Rs for artist, 7,000 Rs for school)

Third Prize: 10,000 Rs

Each teacher coordinating from their school will receive an appreciation certificate.


Selected 20 artists will attend a studio residency in Lahore with Studio RM


Upon selection by the Biennial, the winner artist will be given return air ticket & 3‐night stay in Sharjah to attend the exhibition. The winner can also take the first prize in cash instead.

Each artist will receive a certificate upon submission.

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Top prize for Category C is sponsored participation in Sharjah International Biennial for Children’s Arts.

The Little Art will organize exhibitions of selected artworks in 2 cities across Pakistan.

Rules & Regulations  Artwork should be made ONLY on the A3 size (12''x17'') sheets.  Entries with incomplete form will not be accepted.

‐ Size A3 (12’’x17’’)

 Participants from the age of 5 to 18 years are eligible to participate.  Participants may enter up to two pieces of artwork. Only individual entries will be accepted.  Any medium can be used.

‐ 5‐18 year olds

 Participants have to fill in the form attached and paste it on the back of the Art work as per

instructions; Any Art work received without the tag would not be entertained.  The entries will be judged by TLA & a panel of judges, and their decision will be final.  All participants are expected to display good sportsman spirit and maintain courteous behavior towards other competitors and the organizers.  The organizers reserve the right to reject any applicant without furnishing an explanation.  All work should be original. Copied work, if caught, will be disqualified immediately. (References are allowed as an inspiration.)  The copyright of all entries will rest with The Little Art. No artwork & entry fee will be returned.  By sending in your entry, you are agreeing to have your work reproduced/printed by The Little Art for the website, competition catalogue and other media.  All entries should be dropped off at the school office or mailed to The Little Art.  The Little Art is not responsible if some works do not reach them, are not displayed on the website and other places and do not receive any award.  Submitted artworks will become the property of The Little Art, which can use, sell or exhibit it on its own discretion for non-profit and educational purposes.

‐ Any medium ‐ Be original ‐ Paint with your heart ‐ Name your artwork ‐ Know the deadline ‐ Submit as required

ArtBeat 2012/2013 A brief introduction of the project, its achievements in past two years, and the way it is evolving

ArtBeat�National Child Art Exhibitions was launched in 2012. It aims to develop a positive visual culture in Pakistan among children and young people. ArtBeat aspires to set a stage through the arts, where children highlight the issues related to them, to be seen and heard by the society, educationist, parents and media.

ArtBeat 2012 children from



10 schools and

organizations participated.

ArtBeat 2013 children from



13 schools and



organizations participated.

exhibitions in Lahore and Islamabad

Jury and Selection 2012 Jury: Fatima Hussain (artist, curator) Zahra Hussain (a researcher in visual cultures) Zamania Aslam (painter, teacher) Muddassar Aziaz (painter) Our jury of senior artists consisted of; Mr. Shah Nawaz Zaidi (Painter, Ex�Chairman Fine Arts Department, Punjab University) Mr. Ali Azmat (Painter, Lecturer NCA) Mrs. Fatima Naqvi (Ex�Chairperson, Fine Arts Department, LCWU) Mr. R.M. Naeem (Painter)

2013 Jury: Mr. R.M. Naeem (Painter, Teacher, National College of Arts) Ms. Ayesha Zulfiqar Sheikh (Sclupture, Teacher, National College of Arts) Ms. Maryam Tahir (Designer)


Four exhibitions in Lahore and Islamabad

Impact & Feedback Impact Quantitative Impact ‐ 6,000 artwork submissions ‐ 179 private schools from across Pakistan ‐ 23 non‐government organizations who works with marginalized and street children ‐ 23 public schools ‐ 337 artworks in exhibitions

Qualitative Impact ArtBeat provided the children a valuable platform to express themselves and receive appreciation as artists, while having their work exhibitited in the exhibitions. Not only children in schools participated, but also The Little Art ensured the participation of margenalized, speacial and street children. The Little Art received overwhelming response, and throught ArtBeat inspired children to think and explore the world they are living in, and express themselves creatively.

In the Press “...promote understanding of visual culture among children and young people” Dawn June 12th, 2012

“...a recognition of their (children and youth) artistic endeavours.” The Express Tribune May 23, 2012

“...children and young people in Pakistan want to talk about themselves” Dawn October 8, 2013

“...promoting creative expression.” The Express Tribune November 20, 2013

Facilitating Dreams - The Story of The Little Art A short film On the need of arts, & its transformative role in education Host a free film screening and discussion session with your school teachers (Lahore & Islamabad/Rawalpindi Schools only) An interactive discussion on understanding children, how they learn, the role of arts specially media & film and the importance of promoting curiosity through the arts in education in Pakistan View the film online;



A registered non-profit arts education organization Member International Association of Theater for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ) International Center of Films for Children and Young People (CIFEJ) South Asian Children's Cinema Forum (SACCF)

The Little Art | 81, F Block, Johar Town, Lahore | @tlaorg 04235220796 | 03154036167 | |

Our Projects:        

Lahore International Children's Film Festival Karachi International Children's Film Festival ArtBeat - National Child Art Competition & Exhibitions Camera Kehani – Using photography to tell stories National Child Right Arts Festival Life / Play – Theater for children and youth Arts Education workshosps for teachers Children's Performing Arts Festival

Brochure 2014 ArtBeat - National Child Art Competition and Exhibitions  

ArtBeat - National Child Art Competition and Exhibitions - to promote visual culture among children and youth - Win cash prizes, artist resi...

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