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National Child Art Competition and Exhibitions to raise awareness about identity, rights and social justice among children and youth

ArtBeat Partner:

Paint or Draw

Win prizes worth of RS. 400,000 Two winner artists will be sponsored to attend

Sharjah International Biennial for Children's Arts


Me / My Rights It is about you, paint anything that you think is important.



What do you think about your life? What do you feel about your family and friends? How do you see the world you live in?

For each submission: 500 Rs For schools in Lahore, cash is accepted along with submissions. Fee can be submitted through the following 3 ways; 1: Bank draft drawn on the name of “The Little Art” 2: A Cross Cheque or Pay Order on the name of “The Little Art” 3: Direct fee transfer in our bank account Account Title: The Little Art Account #: 0032-0081-002018-01-9 Bank: Bank Al Habib Limited.

My Rights What is the importance of education and play? What are your rights and responsibilities? What you want to be in your future life?

Age Groups Children: Category A: 3-6 years Category B: 7-9 years Category C: 10-12 years

Young Adults Category D: 13-14 years Category E: 15-18 years Category F: Special Needs

Note: Check/Pay Order/Receipt of the Direct Bank Submission has to be delivered along with the art work submission. There is no submission fee for non-profit, foundation or public schools - you can participate in ArtBeat for free.

Submission Deadline Monday 30 April, 2013


The Little Art offers free workshops of visual arts and 5 cash prizes for each category based on age group. rights to non-profit and public Top two prizes for Category D & E are sponsored participation school children and youth. in Sharjah International Biennial for Children’s Arts. Please contact us. First Prize: 10,000 Rs | Second Prize: 8,000 Rs Third Prize: 6,000 Rs |Fourth Prize: 4,000 Rs iti hib on Fifth Prize: 2,000 Rs

Submissions Attach the submission form at the back of your artwork, and send your artwork along with fee receipt to;

ArtBeat Submissions The Little Art 81, F Block, Johar Town Lahore, Pakistan 54600 Tel: +92 42 35220796 Mob: 0315 4036167




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- Each artist will receive a certificate upon submission. - Each teacher coordinating from their school will receive an appreciation certificate. - Each artist selected for the exhibition will receive a speacial Certificate of Appreciation.



Submission Guidelines

Please see the complete submissions guidelines on our website; Or call us at; Tel: +92 42 35220796 Mob: 0315 4036167


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