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The Little Art presents

International Children’s Film Festivals 6 cities across Pakistan Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi

Pakistan’s largest creative venture of new media and film for children and young people


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6 Cities Across Pakistan

4th Lahore International Children’s Film Festival

2nd Karachi International Children’s Film Festival

1st FilmSaar International Children’s Film Festival Peshawar

1st FilmSaar International Children’s Film Festival Rawalpindi

1st FilmSaar International Children’s Film Festival Faisalabad

2nd FilmSaar International Children’s Film Festival Islamabad




Media Partners:


37,543 Attended

A total of

including children young people parents teachers care givers NGO activists educationists


Schools from and




Films Presented

33 from

3,720 Speacial Children

came through speacial education schools Foundations Hospitals Govt. Institutions Margenalized & street children

31 Days

Countries across the world

of total events in




117 Shows

from public schools community shelter homes care centers informal education centers

across Pakistan presenting of world best educational and entertaining films for Pakistani children and young people

The Little Art Vision “Empower children and young people from all social, economic and ethnic groups through the arts� Children and Young People Global exposure and understanding Education and entertainment through films and new media

About We are a non-profit organization that is determined, through numerous artistic avenues, media in particular, to promote the principals and ideals of democracy, equality, civil rights, community, prosperity, higher education, religious and cultural tolerance and sustaining cultural heritage. Children and young people are our audience. We focus on developing innovative arts education projects to engage children and young people in alternative education and learning opportunities. We work with schools, universities, organizations, media houses and networks who share the same values. Our group comprises of young professionals, carrying extensive experience in arts-education, filmmaking, marketing and development, event management and arts. We are deeply committed to arts, and believe that children, irrespective of their social class, gender, family background, income status or education level have an equal right to opportunities of creative expression.

Mission: “To establish arts in Pakistan as a major facilitator for children and young people to realize and achieve their dreams; through innovative arts education projects and creative learning opportunities.�

Welcome A BIG Thanks to all the Children, Young People, Parents, Teachers and Film Enthusiasts We are very excited to complete our Festival Season 2012, through which we presented some of the best films for children and young people to 6 cities across Pakistan, a celebration of some of the best films made for and by children and young people from around the world. We brought yet another exciting year of celebrations of world cultures created for the children of all ages. A new look on the ways to entertain and educate the future generation, while learning through a global perspective made especially for children and young people. This year, the program had 86 films from 33 countries. We presented a range of films, mostly shorts, that included all genres like animation, fiction, short and feature films, documentaries and specially some made by children themselves. Over the past five years working on the Film Festival, I am amazed to see the ideas and possibilities developing through it. A media literacy program is in place especially for under-privileged children and young people living in community shelter homes and from public schools. We are developing an arts education integration program using film and new media for teachers, which focuses on how to use film in classroom setting to engage children for active learning. We are also conducting workshop in film-making and digital storytelling with children, the first of its kind in Pakistan to introduce the creative media to children to express and share. This year was also very special in terms of developing the program. We saw many films, travelled to other countries and kept exploring what are the best films this year to showcase in our Festival in Pakistan. One of the highlight this year in developing program was attending Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival 2012. I was also invited to attend a Film Festival Management program in Deutsche Welle Academy in Berlin during Berlinale, a great exposure indeed and inspiration to grow our Festival in Pakistan and reach out to maximum number of children and young people with entertaining and educational films each year. We were very excited to organize the Festival in 6 cities this year. Our small but very passionate team worked day and night to build up partnerships and grow friendships, so children in cities, large and small across Pakistan, can benefit from the Festival. We held Festivals in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi this year. The Festival has grown up, as so many children who have been attending it since last five years. We look forward to many more years to come. Let's entertain, inspire and educate! Shoaib Iqbal Director The Little Art

Patrons Lahore International Children's Film Festival enjoys the gracious support of the following Patrons to meet its mission and realize future avenues.

Salima Hashmi Steve Ryan Hassan Zaidi

Maheen Zia Jami Mahmood Imran Babar

Selena Anguiano Nadia Riaz Sabir Nazar Valerie Khan

“The Lahore International Children's Film Festival gives children the chance to dream and to imagine other realities. We do so little as a Nation to delight and inform our children. The Film Festival does exactly that. It entertains, enthralls and enriches their lives.” Salima Hashmi Artist/Educationist, Lahore “This is not to say that we should encourage all children to become artists but to at least expose youth to the wonders that the Arts describe, and to encourage an appreciation of art in all its forms, is a means of providing enrichment that will have far-reaching and positive impacts for all of us.” Steve Ryan Educationist, UK “I cant think of no better cultural endeavour in Pakistan than inculcating an appreciation of the arts and particularly film among children. All too often in our country obsessed with the so-called "earning professions", the arts have been marginalized and relegated to the fringes of society and too many children grow up without an understanding of how they enrich our lives, make us less insular and provide an outlet for creative expression that can lead to discourse about other issues. I wish the Lahore International Children's Film Festival the very best for a continuing and bright future.” Hassan Zaidi Director, Kara Film Festival, Karachi “It is indeed a noble effort to work for children's education through arts based activities. As Picasso once said that, 'children are born creative, and through our education system that we make them non creative'. The role of arts or creative work is essential for the critical thinking in education.” Sabir Nazar Painter / Cartoonist, Lahore “Lahore International Children Film festival is not just a festival but it is an institution for professionals, upcoming filmmakers and children, and hopefully will continue to serve.” Nadia Riaz Director, Annemarie-Schimmel-Haus (German Center) Lahore “… a legacy of knowledge and even more...understanding, is far more indispensable and lasting. The Lahore International Children's Film Festival is working to establish that legacy through the films it cultivates, the audiences it reaches and the information it is extending to its young and older audiences and collaborators. “ Selena Anguiano Arts Management Consultant, USA

Press Conference

Festival Program and Tour Announcement

Festival Program Announcement Press Conference was held on Monday 3 Sept, 2012 at Lahore Press Club. All the partners and supporters of the Festival gathered to announce the program and Festival tour to the press.

from left to right: Dr. Thomas Ditt (Head of Press and Cultural Section, Embassy of Germany), Ms. Salima Hashmi (Artist, Teacher, Festival Patron), Ms. Valerie Khan Yusufzai (Country Director Acting for Life, Festival Patron), Mr. Steve Ryan (Educationist, Festival Patron), Ms. Nadia Riaz (Director Annemarie Schimmel Haus, Festival Patron), Mr. Shoaib Iqbal (Festival Director)

Mr. Steve Ryan; “…an opportunity for children to learn innovation and explore creative possibilities” Dr. Thomas Ditt; “…for privileged and underprivileged children both, to experience the joys and colors of the arts and films to make a positive approach towards the world children live in” Ms. Salima Hashmi; “…to awaken and broaden their [children's] intellect and groom their personalities” Ms. Valerie Khan Yusufzai; “…not only a children's film festival but it's the voice of peace, love and brotherhood to all the children around the globe” Ms. Nadia Riaz; “… serves as an intra-cultural exchange project in several ways.”


Touching Thousands for Unique Experience

The Little Art has developed an extensive outreach in schools for the Festival and its arts education projects. Apart from maintaining a sophisticated database of our education partners, we keep a good PR to serve the students and educational community through out unique initiatives. The festival reached near 570 private schools of Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Rawanpindi and Karachi through its publicity campaign. 1,80,000 brochures, containing the program brief were printed and distributed. 3,000 posters were distrusted and placed in schools, family outlets, books store. A team of 60 volunteers worked with the festival in the publicity outreach and event management in 6 cities.

Students from these institutions worked in various capacities with The Little Art in the Festivals. Department of Architectures, Comsats, Lahore National College of Arts, Lahore Beaconhouse National University, Lahore University of Central Punjab, Lahore University of Management & Technology, Lahore University of the Punjab, Lahore University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Kinnaird College, Lahore Lahore School of Economics, Lahore Government College University, Lahore University of Karachi Indus Valley School of Arts, Karachi Agriculture University, Peshawar Agriculture University, Faisalabad Govt. College University, Faisalabad National College of Arts, Rawalpindi

Venue Design

Building the Festival Events

We designed the venue to match children’s expectations of coming to the festival. We decorated the exterior with artistic installations and lights with playful colors. We believe that children should have a memorable experience of watching film in the festival. The content of the film itself is important, which in fact is being reinforced by their wonderful experience of the festival.

Professional artists and design students were engaged to create the installations for this year’s Festival. All the decor was made in a way that it can pack-n-move to each city where the Festival was traveling.


Lahore International Children’s Film Festival

from left to right: Chief Guest: H.E. Ambassador Gajus Scheltema, Kingdom of the Netherlands Ms. Salima Hashmi, Artist, Teacher, Festival Patron Mr. Steve Ryan, Educationist, Festival Patron Mr. Shoaib Iqbal, Festival Director In Lahore, the Festival campaign reached to near 200 schools. We had nearly 8,000 audiences, including children and young people, parents and teachers attending the Festival. Children from all segments of society was brought together to experience world’s best films. The Festival did well, even among the chaos of demonstrations the country experienced we had a great turn up of the audiences.

Social Inclusion The Little Art defines children, irrespective of their gender, class, social status or income background. The invitation of the festival was extended to major foundation schools, child protection organizations, shelter homes and public sector schools. Children coming from the marginalized backgrounds were given festival passes without any charge. Free transport was also provided to children who can not afford it. We ran near 40 buses for children’s pick and drop during the festival. Nearly 20,000 children from the following foundation schools and organizations came to attend the festival. ? Al-Mashal Welfare Foundation, Lahore ?Bostaan e Ilm, Rawalpindi ?Caritas Pakistan, Faisalabad ?Child Care Foundation, Lahore ?Child Protection Welfare Bureau, Punjab ?Darul Massarat, Lahore ?Development in Literacy, Islamabad ?Door of Awareness, Lahore ?Godh, Lahore ?Hamza Academy for Deaf Children, Lahore ?Idara – e – Taleem o Agaahi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad ?Institute of Disadvantaged Children (Fountain House), Lahore ?Laboratory Schools, Faisalabad ?Lahore Language and Speech Centre ?Massage Foundation, Rawalpindi ?National Institute of Orphans, Rawalpindi ?Pahchaan, Lahore ?Progressive Education Network, Lahore ?Punjab Education Foundation, Lahore ?Right To Play, Islamabad ?Roshni Homes, Lahore ?SACH , Islamabad ?Sahil, Lahore ?Sanjan Nagar Trust School, Lahore ?Sheed Foundatio, Lahore ?Skyways School System, Lahore ?SOS Children's Village, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad ?Special Education & Training Centre for Mentally & Emotionally Handicapped Children, Lahore ?Teach A Child Schools, Lahore ?World Vision, Islamabad

NGOs and Public Schools


2nd FilmSaar International Children’s Film Festival, Islamabad

2nd FilmSaar International Children's Film Festival, Islamabad 1-6 October, 2012 Sir Sayyed Memorial Society Auditorium The Festival was a second edition, as in 2011 Children’s Film Festival was organized for the first time in Islamabad. The Festival was marketed to near 80 schools of Islamabad/Rawalpindi. We had lower turn out then expected due to the on-going demonstrations in the capital. The area where the Festival venue was specially affected. We managed to bring nearly 6,500 children and young people during the 6 days of the Festival in Islamabad. Most of the children came from public and foundations schools and organizations working with children in the twin cities. The opening of the Festival was attended by honorable guests and following representatives of the partner organizations; Dr. Thomas Ditt (Head of Press and Cultural Section, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany) Ms. Nabeela Ahmad (Senior Press & Cultural officer, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) Ms. Valerie Khan Yusufzai (Country Director Acting for Life, Festival Patron) and Brigadier (Retd) Iqbal M. Shafi (President, Sir Syed


2nd Karachi International Children’s Film Festival

The Little Art in collaboration with Teachers' Resource Centre presented 2nd Karachi International Children's Film Festival 2012. Entertain, Inspire, Educate 5th-8th Nov. and 12th-14th Nov. 2012 Venue: Zulekhabai Auditorium, Rangoonwala Community Centre, Dhoraji Colony, Karachi The Festival was a second edition, as in 2011 KICFF was organized for the first time in Karachi. The Festival was marketed to selected 30 schools of Karachi. We had to cancel one day of the Festival due to the announced strike in the city. The wave of violence was also erupted in the city during the Festival. Nearly 6,000 children and young people attended the Festival.


1st FilmSaar International Children’s Film Festival, Rawalpindi

1st FilmSaar International Children’s Film Festival 12-14 November, 2012 Liaquat Auditorium, National College of Arts, Rawalpindi The Little Art collaborated with National College of Arts to organize this Festival in Rawalpindi. The Festival was marketed to selected 90 schools of Rawalpindi. Many organizations working with children in public and margenalized schools were also invited. Nearly 4,000 children and young people attended the Festival.


1st FilmSaar International Children’s Film Festival, Faisalabad

1st FilmSaar International Children’s Film Festival 15-20 October, 2012 Auditorium,University of Agriculture Faisalabad In Faisalabad, we worked with University of Agriculture Faisalabad and organized the Festival in their premises. The Vice Chancellor of the University opened the Festival. We reached to nearly 100 schools across Faisalabad with the marketing campaign of the Festival. The auditorium was one of the largest that we ever had with the capacity of near 1,500 seats. A total or more then 13,000 children and young people attended. We even had to run a one day extra as their were children who wanted to attend, along with university students in separate special shows.


1st FilmSaar International Children’s Film Festival, Peshawar

1st FilmSaar International Children’s Film Festival 25-29 September, 2012 (Postponed) 13-14 November, 2012 (Rescheduled) Agriculture University Auditorium, Peshawar , KPK Peshawar was one of the most challenging station for the Festival. One reason was that we were doing it for the first time there, and the second was the alarming security situation. The Festival was planned from 25-29 September but we had to postpone it due to the series of demonstrations across the country against the blasphemous film. We collaborated with Children’s Literature Festival in Peshawar to hold the Film Festival there.


Coverage of our Festival Events

We recorded near 57 press impressions, including news items and articles in local and international press.

“Fostering imagination…” Pakistan Today “…promotes tolerance” Dawn “...a great idea that must become a regular annual event” The News on Sunday "…the stories that were very well told..." The News on Sunday "...a new perspective for the future generation..." The News on Sunday "…an important venture to educate children” BBC URDU “In a higly polarized world, it's rare to have events that celebrate humanness irrespective of existing differences…” Express Tribune

“This is a new perspective for the future generation to observe and comprehend the global trends by introducing the creative media to express and share.” The News “Children in twin cities are in for a treat.” Express Tribune “…a passport to the wonderland” Pakistan Observer “…to promote the sense of filmviewing and film-making among children and young people” Geo TV “…the celebrations of world cultures” Geo TV “[Children's] right to art…” Express Tribune


From Participating Schools/NGOs

We asked some of the participating organizations to share their experience of the Festival with us.

“...a wonderful show and a learning experience and will work wonders to serve the educational development through entertainment." Mohsin Gillani Deputy Director Punjab Education Foundation Lahore

“This event has also reduced the gap between public and private sector schools which has really boosted up the confidence of our students.” Nusrat Jabeen Progressive Education Network Lahore

“The children discussed among themselves and also with us about what they liked in the films and also how much they would want to see more of such films.” Ms Zainab Khan President Almashal Foundation Rawalpindi

“The festival of this kind does add to the children growth getting an experience of the outside world and cultures. An exposure they could never have thought of. Meeting and interacting with others is also growth and a world outside their own village increases their horizon.” Salma Sufi Director Development in Literacy Islamabad

"The event gave exposure to the outer world which is vital in [children's] up bringing." Ms. Shama Khan Director SOS Children's Village Islamabad

"With [Festival] you gave a chance to working children to experience films made for them..." Asher Nazir Program Manager Working Children Program Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad

Report - Lahore International Children's Film Festival Pakistan  

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