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Jazz, blues and classical 01 M AY - 2 5 J U N

04 M AY

0 5 M AY

0 6 M AY

Sunday JAZZ

Jazzfest: Take 6

Lukas Zabulionis – ”Changing Tides”

Jazzfest: Jan Magne Førde "Mezzing"

04 M AY

0 5 M AY

0 6 M AY

Jazzfest: Trondheim Jazz Orchester w/ Sissel V. Pettersen & John Hollenbeck

Jazzfest: Mambo Compañeros and Trondheim Solistene

Jazzfest: Mimmi Hammar

Ila Brainnstasjon, Ilevollen 32B, 7018 Trondheim 14:00, Free Every Sunday at 14.00 local jazz musicians come and play for the hat. Norwegian waffles, a fresh cup of coffee and jazz. Classic Sunday at Ila Brainnstasjon.

01 M AY


Antikvariatet, Nedre Bakklandet 4, 7014 Trondheim 20:00, 100 NOK In the mood for some Steve Earle, Tony Rice, The Eagles, Hank Williams, Ryan Adams, Nancy Sinatra, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, The Dubliners eller Bob Dylan? Then look no further.

Clarion Hotel & Congress 21:00, 490/390 NOK American vocal sextet, with incredible interpretations of RnB, jazz and gospel-inspired music.

Dokkhuset, Dokkparken 4, 7014 19:00, 290/150/200 NOK Vocalist and saxophonist Sissel Vera Pettersen has invited the Grammy nominated American drummer and composer John Hollenbeck to collaborate on a new piece for Trondheim’s Jazz Orchestra.

04 M AY 03 M AY

Jazzfest: Dee Dee Bridgewater

Olavshallen, Kjøpmannsgata 44, 7010 Trondheim

Jazzfest: Elifantree & Eyes of a Blue Dog (double concert)

Brukkbar/Blæst 21:00, 250/150 NOK Double concert. Experimnetal meets vocal.

05 M AY

Trail Of Souls w/ Slettahjell & Reiersrud Dokkhuset, Dokkparken 4, 7014 Trondheim 19:00, 290/150 NOK The five musicians have dived down into the afro-american blues/soul/gospel tradition and have made their own versions with a unique and clear signature.

20:00, 520/390 NOK One of jazz’s biggest names, playing with Knut Lauritzen Big Band.

03 M AY

Karl Bjorå's Aperture Moskus 22:00, 200/100 NOK Simple and beautiful melodies.

04 M AY

Jazzfest: Elefantree + Eyes of A Blue Dog

Brukbar / Blæst, Tmv-kaia 17, 7014 Trondheim 21:00, 250/150 NOK Elefantree delivers experimental pop while Eyes of A Blue Dog has an ambient dreamtronic sound. A perfect way to start the Jazz festival here at BrukBar/Blæst.

Bar Moskus 20:30, 200/100 NOK Melodic, mysterious and magical.

Clarion Hotel & Congress 21:00, 290/150 NOK Salsa.

0 6 M AY

Jazzfest: Open String Department Broen Bar 15:30, FREE

0 6 M AY

Ralph Towner & Paolo Fresu

Dokkhuset, Dokkparken 4, 7014 Trondheim 19:00, 290/150/200 NOK Their CD “Chiaroscuro” has received splendid reviews, and Dokkhuset is excited to present the 76-year old legend Ralph Towner for the first time in Trondheim.

0 6 M AY

Jazzfest: The Cheltenham/ Trondheim Jazz Bridge

0 6 M AY

Mats Eilertsen ‘Memoribilia’

Jazzfest: Ivan Ave

Brukbar / Blæst, Tmv-kaia 17, 7014 Trondheim 21:00, 150/250 NOK Winter 2016 Ivan Ave is doing a Europe tour to celebrate his debut album Helping Hands. With soaring, jazz-influenced beats and heartfelt lyrics, Ivan Ave might well be Norwegian hip-hop’s most exciting artist.

05 M AY

0 6 M AY

Thursday Jam

Jazzfest: Ralph Towner & Paolo Fresu

Ila Brainnstasjon, Ilevollen 32B, 7018 Trondheim 21:00, Free NOK Jam session with local jazz musicians. Hosted by Sava Balic.

Nidarosdommen 23:30, FREE Trombonist.

0 7 M AY

Jazzfest: Katu Keiku Dokkhuset, Dokkparken 4 15:00, FREE Young Finnish band.

0 7 M AY

Jazzfest: Halvard Kausland w/ John Pål Indreberg Broen Bar 15:30, FREE Be-bop guitarist.

0 7 M AY

Jazzfest: Bernhoft & The Fasion Bruises Clarion Hotel & Congress 20:00, 490/390

Bar Moskus 16:00, FREE

05 M AY Dokkhuset, Dokkparken 4, 7014 Trondheim 19:00, 290/150/200 NOK His “Memoribilia” is defined as “events, items and experiences that are memorable” – what we collect and what we’re left with of meaningful memories, items, events and gods in the span of one life.

Nidarosdommen 21:00, 290/150 NOK Introducing trumpeter and composer Jan Magne Forde in concert.

Dokhuset 19:00, 290/150 NOK Duet, guitar and trumpet.

Jarle Bernhoft with his new jazz supergroup 'The Fashion Bruises'.

0 7 M AY

Marius Neset Quintet w/ Svante Henryson

Dokkhuset, Dokkparken 4, 22:00, 290/150/200 NOK Marius Neset is one of the most successful European jazz musicians. Swedish Svante Henryson is a composer and cellist, who also plays the contrabass and el-bass.

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