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Suddenly we turn the page into May and everyone is outside. Together. All of the time. Smiles return in full-force, people shed their snow and rain clothing for the first time since last fall, put their sunglasses back on and suddenly we are reborn with an individual style that may have been abandonned for the winter-functional. Trøndelag is often known as the pratical, yet warmly genuine region in Norway. Yes, we’re still willing to be known as charming and comfortably authentic, but that is not to overlook, nor understate the presence of design, style and art in and around the city. Home to several art and design academies and institutions, Trondheim and region is actually bubbling with artistic expression… if you look. A small group of professionals are delivering daily to a large group of inhabitants. Design and style interest the majority of us, regardless of whether it is interior, fashion, product development, design-thinking. Take a moment to notice the artistic pop-ups on walls, stylised posters from one of the many daily events, new architecture and window shops with the slowly burgeoning traces of a growing local fashion and manufacturer culture, to name a few. The streets are in fact filled with clues of design and living culture. Some of this provided by the City of Trondheim’s Art Advisor and Currator, Ulrika Wallin who, after 12 years of bringing art to public spaces, will return home to Stockholm this summer. Thank you Ulrika for your fantastic, experimental work in the city! Not to fear though, we have some new players in town. This issue of The List touches upong moments of the visual: design in our city.The List has located subcultures, traced local clothing industries and asked for stories of their style-creation. We’ve spoken with stylists and world-renowned hair-artists, testing their skills at local salons. We interviewed artists offering their ideas to public spaces, heard about local design culture, and collected some musings from a local fashionista that chose to make Trondheim her place of study. This is a good time to appreciate your own style. May and June are busy times, with multiple outdoor festivals and celebrations filling many of the long weekends. For some of this it will come on top of final exams, confirmations and graduations. For most of us, there will be National day celebrations on the 17th of May, and hectic cramming to deliver work before a generally much anticipated summer vacation. Come take a look at many of these events featured in this issue, and get to know your neighbouring design community.


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WORDS FROM THE LIST Photo: Laura Morrison, Styling: Andrea, Coma Salon, Trondheim

May / June 2016 issue

The List - Issue 10  
The List - Issue 10