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Juba Juba

Photo: Katrine-Nordli

Ladehammer Festivalen

The most epic children’s festival in Norway is happening again! It will be held at the Festningparken on the 4th and 5th of June 2016. This festival is amazing for so many reasons, crucially its focus is on children and their families, as opposed to a being a ‘family day’ tacked on ti another event. Juba Juba organisers want families to get together and spend some quality fun time fun time. But how will adults enjoy a kids festival, you ask? They will probably just walk around while their kids have all the fun. Boooring! Well, actually - no. Juba Juba wants to bring families together and give them the opportunity to enjoy cultural and educational activities on equal footing. So to clarify, there will be theatre, dance, art, music, games and more, and all intended for children and adults alike. Juba Juba is actually a child itself, it only started last year but it already has an amazing reputation. It also heavily relies on volunteer work and if you apply for volunteering they will reward you with two-day passes for one working shift. The job is interesting, fun and rewarding, and they’ll feed you as well. Priorities, right? One of the most interesting things this year will be the performance by Bare Egil og Aslags, from the super popular children’s show. For the kids that want to see sciencey stuff there will be an explosive physics show with Selda Ekiz. And for those with the “I want to be a rock star when I grow up” attitude, there will be a workshop where they can make their own instrument from almost anything. This is just the tip of the ice berg; there will be so much more, a bit of everything for everyone. In any case, both children and adults will be mesmerised by this festival and will be asking “When’s the next one?!” before this one is even over. Go fetch your tickets. (KS)

And it’s back! The yearly music and family festival located at the top of Ladehammeren rocking out for the seventh time in a row. Featuring two nights of pop, punk, reggae and some metal bands from the Trondheim area, there’s enough to satisfy everyone’s taste. And just like in previous years, there will be simultaneous performances from two stages on both nights. Some of the bands lined up for performance this year include, Painted Romans, Helgeland 8-bit Squad and Østfrost. Of course, not to forget the family day event which is turning out to be very popular among Trønders. Last year this event alone had a turnout of over 1200 visitors with kids being entertained through different activities. This year promises to be even bigger and better with much more activities lined up. For example, the popular Rabalderdansen will be there entertaining and teaching kids “about body language through dance and movement”. There’s also a puppet show presentation from students of ThIS (Trondheim International School) and many more fun activities. Maybe the most inspiring part of this event is that everyone who takes part does it for free! The organisers, bands, performers... everyone involved is doing it as a voluntary effort. And that’s why the organisers are on the lookout for anyone willing to be a volunteer. ‘’We’ve got all kinds of tasks that needs to be done in planning the festival. We cannot give any economic compensation but you get to take part in a great enterprise and have the freedom to shape the festival,” enthuses festival organiser Simon Lie. Also all profits that may be made from the sale of merchandise of food and drinks is given to a non-profitable organisation. This year all proceeds will be given to Selvhjelp for innvandrere og flyktninger (SEIF). “SEIF is a voluntary and independent organisation that helps immigrants in

Norway to find their way in the Norwegian society and acquire enough information to solve their own problems,” according to Lie. He says they are working with SEIF this year because ‘’we are not happy with the way the government is handling the refugee situation. This is our way of trying to make a difference and let the refugees know they are welcome.’’ With the combination of positive philosophy and super live entertainment, I’m assuming there’s no need asking where everyone will be the weekend of 17-18 June!? See you there! (LA) JUNE 17 - 18TH JUNE Våttåhaugen, Ladehammer Friday 17th: 18.00 – 23.00 Saturday 18th: 12.00 -17.00 (Children’s Festival) Saturday 18th: 18.00 – 23.00 Price: Free Extra Information: http://www.ladehammerfestivalen. no/

4 - 5 OF JUNE Festningsparken, Trondheim Time: 11:00 – 18:00h One day pass 290 NOK, Weekend pass 460 NOK Group day pass (4 people) 895 NOK Group weekend pass (4 people) 1400 NOK



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The List - Issue 10