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STYLE // DESIGN Intro by Karianne Skillberg

When it comes to shopping Trondheim is, as any other big city, full of the main high street shops such as H&M, Bikbok, Zara and Weekday. In addition we have the more expensive shops such as Høyer, Retro and Kleins who many of us know about already. In these shops one usually finds lots of nice items, at the same time as they give us somewhere to turn in those cases when you have to run out to buy an outfit to the party happening the same night. In addition to these shops, Trondheim also has several independent shops, and I have especially fallen in love with the little fashion universe which Shine has managed to create in Thomas Angells Gate.The whole atmosphere, not to mention the interior at Shine, separates the shop from most others and it almost feels like you disappear into another world. The owner, Charlotte originates from France, and this is probably where she has gathered her inspiration from when it comes to the interior. Shine stocks, amongst others, Isabel Marant, Aesop, Tom Wood and Lovchild 1979. Aesop, which I purchase both for myself and my dog, Kåre, has the best products. Highly recommended! When it comes to how I dress in everyday life here in Trondheim, this can lead to trouble regarding the weather. In any given day it can be both sunny with blue sky in the morning, and all of the sudden it is raining cats and dogs afterwards. Not very cool when you happily left home with a leather jacket without a hood, and wearing Converse. But the one band-aid is that Johnny Love started designing clothes for girls a couple of seasons ago, and has recently opened a new flagship store in Olav Tryggvasonsgate. He has made a point

out of designing functional and trendy clothes, adapted to the Trønderske weather. The fact that we have a local designer in town, who experiences every-day life in the same way we do, AND can take this into consideration when he designs his clothes is pretty cool. A while back I was lucky enough to be inited to the re-opening of Companys at Trondheim Torg. It was packed with people, and Charlotte Torstvedt ensured there was cool music, sushi, Macaroons and something bubbly in the glass. In addition they gave everyone 20% of anything in the shop, something which gets Trønders who are already fond of shopping in an even better mood. As a fashion blogger one is invited to quite a few events, most of which take place in Oslo. I think this is a bit far to travel for a small goodie bag, and it makes it even more fun to part-take in a smashing opening such as this here in Trondheim. (I also know that Livid in Olav Tryggvasonsgate recently opened a vintage shop in basement, something which alone should be celebrated as there aren’t many concepts like that here in town.



The List - Issue 10  
The List - Issue 10