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which also house a lot of international students. Except from the demand that the artists has a connection to Trondheim, we don’t have any other demands about the whereabouts or origins of the artists. It is an overall goal for us to focus on artists who in some way are connected to Trondheim. For the Skansen exhibition, Pink Shoelaces, a great diversity of artists exhibited, from countries around the world. This resulted in a collaboration between artists from different places in Norway, and also Sweden, Spain, Palestine, and the Netherlands. What are your future prospects and goals? We wish that punktet will continue to live on. By now, we are starting to feel more established as an exhibition site in Trondheim, and the positive responses is a big motivation for our further work. Trondheim is a city with a thriving and vibrant art scene, and to be a part of this has been a great experience for all of us. Therefore, we see that there is a great value to keep building on what we have achieved so far, and that punktet can take new and different forms in the future. punktet is run on a volunteer basis, by students, so we rely heavily on the freedom and flexibility that we are given, by hosting exhibitions on a yearto-year basis. We have seen that there is much to gain on creating this kind of environment, where students can meet across disciplines and gain knowledge by making something together. We also hope to create a scene in Trondheim where young and unestablished artists can be given the opportunity to show their work. For art history students, it is also a good introduction to what is expected from them after they have finished their studies.In working with punktet, we gain experiences, develop networks and get to see our own discipline with new eyes. Furthermore, we get to see the value in giving art experiences to the population of Trondheim. With our theme art and space and the different locations, we hope to reach out to a bigger audience in the public as a whole. For each exhibition, we invite and arrange school classes to come and participate in the exhibition through their own experiences. It is very interesting to witness how children react to contemporary art, where as many of them have never faced it before. In that way, we hope to give them a little introduction to what the contemporary artworld has to provide. Hopefully it will be easier for them to approach art in on their own on other occasions.

Which significant artists would you highlight at this moment? And why?

Guri Simone Øveraas, «Untitled» performance 08.04.16 Photo: Benedicte Weiseth Tangen

It is not possible to name just one, as there is so much exhilarating going on. This year, we have had the pleasure to work with a wide range of artists. All in all, there has been 18 artists involved in the two exhibitions. All of these artists work in Trondheim, some still in the academy, and some have already graduated. This wide selection of artists has proved to us that there is much to gain in paying attention to what is happening on the artscene in Trondheim, especially with the younger artists. We are excited to see how their artistic practise will develop in the future. Trondheim is a city with an open and well-established art scene, which also often features young artists. Upcoming exhibitions? Our way of working with punktet, is the specific process we use when working towards each exhibition.This is, in a way the whole nerve in punktet – we are not absolutely sure how the exhibition will look, until the actual opening night. Working like this, gives us flexibility and freedom which we value, it also entails that our successors are free to give the project new forms in the future.Therefore, it is hard to say at this stage what form punktet will take for 2017, as we enter a new planning phase the coming autumn. We have nothing concrete planned yet, but hopefully, we will find new and exciting locations and continue to work with other artists the following year.

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The List - Issue 10  
The List - Issue 10