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Dannika Nash

Eno Chege

Kjersti Kristin Natalija Hansen Eggen Solhaug Næss Beliajeva

Dannika Nash is a freelance journalist from Iowa, USA, now travelling around where she sees fit. She studied English and Philosophy in South Dakota but now spends most of her time frantically learning Norwegian. She loves entertainment, cooking, and the underdog.

London grown photographer Enock aka “Eno” Chege has been living and working in Norway for a measly 5 months and has already rooted himself in different senses around the city. His ambition to travel the world and soak in new cultures and people is what led this starry-eyed traveler from the big city he calls home. Excelling in his social abilities, he looks to experience all he can in this country working with inspiring people and pushing his knowledge. With past experience in fashion and event photography, Eno looks to making his mark on issues to come...

A freelance graphic designer and illustrator, Kjersti studied visual communication in Oslo and Willem de Koonding Academy in the Netherlands. Kjersti works with businesses and cultural events, and had fun sketching up the hidden gems of Trondheim, along with some of her favourite spots!

Kristin Solhaug Næss, fifth year architecture student, student representative for the learning platform NTNU Live Studio, and co-founder of Studio:Beta. She has spent more time engaging with real life projects outside of the school, than inside the studios of NTNU, and she is one of the reasons wooden stairs are popping up around the city centre. Despite all the wooden projects, her real passion is people and co-creation, and how architecture can be used as a tool of communication in city development.

Born in Lithuania, Natalija moved to Norway more than 7 years ago. She is a selftaught freelance photographer and has been interested in photography since childhood, but became especially interested since moving to Trondheim 2.5 years ago. She takes pictures of everything around her, from portraits and food/interior (restaurants, hotels) photography to glorious Norwegian landscapes, and she considers Trondheim to be her biggest inspiration for creativity. She always has a camera with her so if you ever see her in town, don’t hesitate to ask for a photo or 10! See her work on Instagram, @natalbel .



The List - Issue 9  
The List - Issue 9