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Kids and Family 02 M A R - 2 7 A P R

05 M A R - 3 0 A P R



Baby Cinema

Kids hour

Clown KNUT- Rainbow colours

Doktor Proktors

Prinsens Kino 12:00, 115 NOK Every Monday and Wednesday at midday you get a chance to catch a movie without having to fid a babysitter. Two seats for the price of one (baby seats available, plus ample room for prams), with slightly brighter ambient lighting and more understanding neighbours when you plus one needs to cry, poo or be fed!

Rockheim, Brattørkaia 14, 7010 Trondheim 12:00, Included in ticket NOK Kids hour every Saturday and Sunday. Experience the secret rooms of Rockheim, do some drawings in the Knutsen & Ludvigsen room and experience Rockheim sound-room. Limited spaces so sign up at reception upon arrival. Included in entrance tickets. Age 6-12 years-old.

Ørland Kultursenter, Rådhusgata 6, 7131 Brekstad 18:00, 50/Grown ups Free In Rainbow colours’ clown Knut teaches children about the colours, where they come from, how they mix and all of the magical things they do.

Olavshallen, Kjøpmannsgata 44, 7010 Trondheim 15:00, 295/265 NOK

06 M A R C H 05 MARCH


Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

Family Ski Day Granåsen 09:00, 220/150 NOK

Olavshallen, Kjøpmannsgata 44, 7010 Trondheim 14:00, 445/210/135 NOK Learn about the ‘behind the scenes’ workings of an orchestra. Family ticket for 445 NOK.

Tours of the Erkebispegården Museum

Nidarosdomen, Bispegata 11, 7011 Trondheim 12:15, 90/40 NOK Original sculptures and stories from the Nidaros Cathedral.

20 M A R - 28 M A R


Easter activities at the museum

Open Day at Lerkendal Lerkendal Stadium 10:30-15:00, Free


Slip, sliding along with this day ion family fun. Routes to suit all ages and abilities. Free shuttle bus from Rema 100 Stavseth and City Syd (parking there costs 100 NOK). Free coffee from sponsors Kjelsdberg Kaffe, recommended.

Sverresborg Folkemuseum, Sverresborg Alle 13, 7020 Trondheim 11:00-16:00, 275/110/90/55 NOK

17th May is coming fast, but the gunpowder is missing. Can Doktor Proktor save the day?

24 A P R I L

Trondheim Litteraturhus: Story time

Ringve Museum, Lade Alle 60, 7041 Trondheim 13:00, Free NOK Kari Stai and Øyvind Torseter, two of Norway’s top children’s book writers, will read from their books.

05 M A R - 2 7 M A R

Following last year’s success a big day of RBK-related event for all the family, including Open Training, Open stadium, autographs and of course selfies with your favourite players! Also the first day to get your hands on the new shirt and support the team at the start of the defending the championship. See for more info.

05 M A R - 30 A P R

Free Ice Hockey School

Leangen Idrettsanlegg, 12:00, Free Leangen hockey club organizes free hockey school for children from 3-9 years every Saturday at 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Leangen Ishall. Bring skates and helmet, we will help you with the rest. (if you dont have skates and helmet, we have little for lending there too). Experienced trainers are with the kids on the ice. Any questions, please call us at 90753211.

Touring Nidarosdomen Catacombs

Nidarosdomen, Bispegata 11, 7011 Trondheim Sat 11:00, Sun 14:00, 200 NOK Experience the medieval crypts and tombstones of Nidarosdomen.

Discover a criminal Easter at Sverresborg with a lot of excitement and activities.

05 M A R - 2 7 M A R

Tour of Nidaros Cathedral

Nidarosdomen, Bispegata 11, 7011 Trondheim Sat 12:00, Sun 13:15, 90/40 NOK Walk through time spanning from St. Olaf and the Christianisation of the country until today.

06 M A R - 2 4 A P R

Open Farm

0 6 A P R - 24 A P R

Fairytale stories at Nesset farm

Sverresborg Folkemuseum, Sverresborg Alle 13, 7020 Trondheim 13:00 every Sunday, 275/110/90/55 NOK Old fairytale stories are being told in a new way, both young and old will be surprised, regardless of how many times they`ve heard the story before!

Vollgård, Gamle Jonsvannsveien 1, 7048 Trondheim 11:00-115:00, 50 NOK Open farm every Sunday. Come and pet the animals.

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The List - Issue 9