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March / April 2016 issue


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Join us in urban wandering this spring; traverse and float your way through Trondheim, off the beaten cobblestone and river paths. Hello readers, welcome to the March and April issue of The List. This issue focuses on the allures of the urban core, introducing street art, perspectives on city planning, art and local style. Issue nine invites you to see another side of Trondheim. Walk the city and take in its hidden gems, see it from a new standpoint – be it from the waterways or the streets. Enclosed in these pages of previews and hundreds of event listings, you’ll find iconic city trademarks and gems worth an outside trek. For those in need of cinematic pleasures, it’s that film festival time of the year and things are in full-swing. The List is happy to have collaborated with renowned Kosmorama film festival, bringing you exciting pages filled with film previews and an exclusive question and answer segment with the organisers. Special thanks to our partners Visit Trondheim, who have contributed a tourists’ guide to Trondheim walking tours. Thank-you also to Adresseavisen, for recognising our efforts and the importance of an English-language magazine in the greater region of Trondheim. Though ours is a community effort, we appreciate my nomination for UT-Awards 2015 as ‘cultural personality of the year’. The List is a rich and diverse community and I an honoured to have the role as Editor. On that note,The List team is always in growth. If you enjoy people and have a special knack for sales, contact us. The List is hiring! Check out our facebook page for more information. This magazine is rooted in providing different experiences through the readers’ eyes. Do you have a story idea? Contact us with tips, or if you wish to contribute writing, illustrations, photographs or design. Happy reading.


The views represented in this magazine are not necessarily those of The List AS. Best endeavours have been taken in all cases to represent faithfully the views of all contributors and interviewees. The publisher accepts no responsibility for errors, omissions or the consequences thereof.



Photo: Laura Morrison, Styling: Andrea, Coma Salon, Trondheim

Words: Jaya Thomlison

The List - Issue 9  
The List - Issue 9