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understood where my inspiration comes from; the people and nature around me and my background as a nature- and theatre-loving farmgirl. This together with a lot of technical understanding, made me go from dreaming about VOGUE to creating pictures that are more down to earth and reflects who I am. I no longer dream of living the high-end fashion life in New York, but of taking pictures that are meaningful for me - and surviving when doing just that. Describe your favourite photograph Impossible, it changes from project to project.

Above: Outtake from a fashionseries “Sølv” - shot in Bymarka


Age - 26 Origin - Norwegian Website - -

Which norwegian photographer would you recognize as an inspiration? Oh so many. Oddleif Apneseth, Eivind Natvig, Eirik Knoop, Richard Aal, Kim Jakobsen To, Benjamin A Huseby, Frode&Markus, Knut Bry, Lars Brønseth, BoeMarion, Knut Egil Wang, Sigurd Fandango and Morten Andersen are some of them. How are you feeling? Great. I’m finally working as a full-time freelancer. Its scary as hell, but also wonderful. What can we find in your studio/workplace? Film, different camera-equpitment, harddisks, lots of cables, notes from ongoing projects, outtakes from projects and coins, old receips, post-its etc. How has Trondheim been an impact on your artistic process as a photographer? Trondheim made me believe it was possible to live as a photographer. I studied at Norsk Fotofagskole and was very happy with the school and the people I met. It was during my time at Fotofagskolen I

Notes to self? Shoot shoot shoot. Upcoming publishings? I’m working on a documentary book and exhibition about my hometown, Leveld. I’ll be shooting all the raw-material during 2016 and edit and hopefully publish it in 2017. I’m also working on an everyday documentary-project as well as an art exhibition and multiple fashion-projects. But its too early to be saying more about them now.

GALLERI BLUNK PRESENTS LINDA KARIN LARSEN Linda Karin Larsen is currently based in Stavanger and went out with a Bachelor’s degree in fine art from the Oslo Academy of Fine Art in 2013. On April 15th, she will be channeling ancient truths from the void through sculpture and sound. Hovering in the middle ground between the science of construction and industry, and the superstition of cosmological and spiritual mysticism.

GALLERI BLUNK Strandveien 23 15 - 17th of April Friday 20-­22, Saturday to Sunday 12-­16. T H E L I ST t rd TH E NINTH ISS UE


The List - Issue 9  
The List - Issue 9