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THIS IS TEEKAY IN TRONDHEIM • Global, high-tech offshore oil production business in Trondheim • Largest operator of floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels in the North Sea and fourth largest in the world • Regional offices in Norway, Scotland and Brazil • 1200 employees in a workplace for people with commitment, humour and energy • Part of Teekay Corporation – an operational leader with +40 years of experience, 239 vessels, 28 offices, 15 countries, 7700 employees.






Unearthing the region’s secrets wih Øystein Digre

Morten Wolden salivates over Trondheim’s summer line up



From the time before taco

Festival volunteer Sepideh Jafarzadeh on goat wraps and helping people




TRONDHEIM STYLE GUIDE What breed of summer are you? TECH LIST



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Marie Jacobsen Lauvås just wants to play!



Olavsfestdagene Director Petter Fiskum Myhr talks about the festival’s theme


Andrew’s picks of the Pstereo bunch




The Galacticos are coming to town


OLAVSFESTDAGENE PROGRAMME With over 200 events, what will you choose to see?





Your guide to the yummiest event of the year



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elcome to The List’s summer special, a veritable bible of everything happing in and around our city the next couple of months. And what a line up we have for you! Bruce Springsteen has always been on the tip of Trønders’ tongues when asked which big star they would like to see in Trondheim, and didn’t they prove true to their word when all 35,000 tickets sold out in twenty minutes. See rådmann Morten Wolden’s assessment of what the opening of the venue, Granåsen, means for music lovers in Trondheim on page 14, and if stadium rock is not quote your thing check out local music guro Andrew Anfinnsen’s run down of the best of the fest’ on page 35. We have also teamed up with Olavsfestdagene Festival (pages 30 and 58) and Oi Trøndersk Food and Drink Festival (pages 18 and 46) to bring you detailed highlights of the summer’s two biggest events. We’ll be doing daily blogs from both (, to ensure your tastebuds, ears and eyes never miss a beat. Chuck in the Super Cup Final at Lerkendal (44), EC Dahls’ new open brewery (16), Nor-Fishing Conference in August, Van Morrison at Sverresborg, Maker Faire, Klima Festivalen… and many more. It’s going to be one hell of a summer, so keep your copy of The List at the ready. The List is also sporting a new outfit - let us know what you think at #thelisttrondheim, and don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter for tips, bits and bobs along the way.

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he List is many things to many people: a listings magazine, a lifestyle publication, a forum for technology and innovation in Trondheim, a platform for different creatives to showcase their work. But above all else, it is a community and a bridge between international and Norwegian societies. In April we lost a member of our community, Kris Hewitt, after a four year battle with cancer. Kris, an Englishman who made Trondheim his home, was one of those natural born entrepreneurs and came to Norway with an already successful coffee delivery company, He was involved with The List from its conception, using his background to help whip the rest of us into shape during early doors. He was our friend and he will be missed. Kris, aged just 37 when he passed, leaves behind wife Anna-Linn and son Edison. We dedicate this issue in his honour.

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Solsiden – Royal Garden – Britannia – Torget – Scandic Lerkendal Moholt – Nardo – Nidarvoll

Now running direct to and from Trondheim city-centre

P O T S NONolsiden S

es Værn

New route: Airport Express bus to/from Solsiden in only 25 minutes



David Nikel

Morten Wolden

Nikol Herec

Frode Halvorsen

Laura-Ann Morrison

David Nikel is a freelance writer who works with Scandinavian companies that use English. When he's not writing about oil rigs and mining equipment, he's working on his two blogs Life in Norway and Norway Traveller, and researching the Moon Norway travel guidebook. His thoughts have been featured by BBC Scotland and the Telegraph.

Morten Wolden is the Chief Executive Officer for the City of Trondheim. Morten was previously Director of Communications in the province of Sør-Trøndelag and Municipal Director for Culture & Business in Trondheim municipality. Morten has a long-standing relationship to business sectors in and around the region of Trondheim, as well as extensive experience in journalism.

Nikol is a freelance photographer from Prague, artist and professional minimalist. Her love of discovering simplicity in chaos took her around the world. She believes that even at the furthest and the most alienated places you can find inspiration. Currently she lives in Trondheim where she is collaborating with magazines, works on a lot of interesting projects and teams up with other talented people. Her hope for the future is that her growing personality is going to be seen through her pictures more and more. @nikaherec

General Manager at Trondheim Makers. Organizing the annual Maker Faire in Trondheim, building rather bad robots and teaching kids to 3D-print. When Frode isn’t busy building stuff down in some basement, he is often seen cycling the country roads around Trondheim. Favourite food? There is no substitute for Taco.

A photographer based and raised in Trondheim and Accra, Laura’s roots are in Ghana. With an education from Fotofagskole in Trondheim, her work has involved press and documentary work for the NY TIMES, Natt&dag, TEDxTrondheim and various Scandinavian based cultural magazines. Her current personal art project is called The Borderline Series, which explores mental illnesses and stigma. In addition to photography, she models and hosts an annual poetry slam for charitable proceeds. She loves poetry, wine, visual inspiration, travelling and collaborations.




ØYSTEIN DIGRE The Drawing Concierge Words by Wil Lee-Wright Photos by Nikol Herec


ystein Digre works as a craftsman at Nidaros cathedral. Whilst taking breaks from his work he would observe tourists pouring steadily into the visitor centre, often with their eyes pinned to the free maps they are given on their way into town. Øystein felt these maps - mass produced and framed by advertising - left a lot to be desired, though he admits that they are a staple of many travelling experiences. “Most of us have used these maps when we are travelling,” he explains. “But these free maps alone don’t help visitors gain good experiences, I think. When I’m travelling I always end up asking locals for their tips, and often get them to draw on the map and end up with good, bespoke recommendations.” Øystein’s Treasure Map of Trondheim was borne out of a desire to put all these small details, the things Øystein enjoys about Trondheim and wants others to experience, on the map. It’s a love letter for his home city, and a homage to all the hard working concierges who have ever plotted a biro route for their guests, circled the nearest tram stop or scribbled the name of backstreet cafes on maps all over the world. “I have been working on this idea for 12 years and I’m testing the printed product for the first time this summer. Currently there are 15 places which sell it (see list to the right). The price for the customer is just 20 kroner. I recommend all the places I like or think interesting - bars, cafes, restaurants, culture - regardless of whether they choose to sell the map or not. That way it (the map) retains its integrity and gives people good experiences.” Part of the map is printed overleaf. The flip side of the map is of the wider area, and includes bus routes to help newcomers get out and experience nature, walks, cabins, fjords, mountains etc. All staples of the Norwegian milieu, and often overlooked by commercially-obsessive, introvert, tourist information. Another rite of passage, when settling into Norwegian society, is to pass an afternoon at a ‘Loppis’ (flea market) in one of the many suburban school halls in the region. And Øsytein has got this covered too: Oh yes, I like things! I curate a Facebook page called




Flea Markets loppemarkederitrondheim Naturvernforbundet Map available from: • Nidaros Cathedral • Turistkontoret • Antikvariatet • Simens isbar

• Cafe Frere • Bondens marked • Tante Isabell • Ni muser • Andersen&Gundersen • Ila Brainnstasjon • Lille Skansen • Kafen I ila • Pilgrimsgården • All good clean records • Trondheim vandrehjem

Welcome to Stiklestad! WOW Reklame AS • Foto: Espen Storhaug.

Loppemarkeder i Trondheim, where you can get info of all forthcoming flee markets and secondhand sales events in Trondheim and surroundings,” says Øystein enthusiastically. “I also have a group that’s called dumpster diving Trondheim.” Anyone who has spent any time in Trondheim will have witnessed the astonishing level of materialism on display when it comes to spring cleaning. Perfectly good furniture, clothes, electronics and even food are chucked away on a daily basis, whilst the same products are being bought anew by unsuspecting consumers the next street over. Many people are too proud to take unwanted goods instead of their new, shiny, plastic-wrapped equivalents, and the powers-that-be are not exactly in the habit of promoting such non-profitable, sharing tendencies. But there has been shift in attitudes of late, and Øystein’s popular Facebook groups are facilitating these burgeoning communities. “My hope here is to encourage all the people who throw things away, which can be used by others, to post a photo of it and write where it is,” says Øystein about his dumpster divers. “There’s also lots of info about where to find food thrown away by shops. I see some cafes are now giving away yesterday’s bakery goods on this group. Good stuff!” Øystein does not however come across as a righteous or indignant revolutionary. He is relaxed and laid back, the sort of character who in a novel would be described as wearing cords, carrying a leather satchel and sipping thoughtfully on an ale. So his seemingly never-ending list of activities is impressive and slightly unexpected. “In my backyard I also have a workshop I call Ila Nærverksted,” he continues. “It is basically a wellequipped workbench in the entrance to Skolegate 18, where people can come and get tools or help to repair something.” “Together with this nice guy from Naturvernforbundet (Norway’s oldest environmental and nature protection organisation) we’re hosting a fix-it-if-it’s-broken day\festival on 13th August in the street. We’ll be fixing furniture, bikes, clothing and so on. I will also ask my psychologist friend to join for fixing broken dreams as well.” Øystein hopes his friend Tudor Lakatos, aka Elvis Rromano, will join the event with his family orchestra, to give it a “touch of good craziness”. He and his friends were also the ones who opened the cafe Ila Brainnstasjon (before selling) so he knows a thing or two about throwing a party. And as his Treasure Map is testament to, Øystein is a veritable pro at unearthing the beautiful and unknown. ·

A historical treasure!

SUMMER AT STIKLESTAD 25. JUNE – 14. AUGUST • Farm from the Middle Ages • Folk Museum • Theatres • The Barn Playhouse • Café & Restaurants THE ST. OLAV FESTIVAL 24. – 31. JULY • The St. Olav Drama • Lectures • Concerts & performances • The medieval market at Stiklastadir Farm • Theatres • Guided tours • Games and activities • Café & Restaurants


Saint Olav drama

BY: Olav Gullvåg. MUSIC: Paul Okkenhaug

27. 29. 30. 31. July 19:00 TICKET +47 74 04 42 00 •


This is a section of Øystein’s Treasure Map of Trondheim, reprinted courtesy of Øystein Digre. The full version of this map is available from selected outlets, see list on previous page.




s the media is happy to occasionally remind me, it’s not always the easiest task governing a complex city with multiple agendas, like Trondheim. Thanks to our strong industries and growing knowledge sector, our performance is much more reflective of a larger European city. In many ways we’re an international city with high aspirations and visionary mandates. We aim to be a model for how European cities will mitigate climate changes, and adapt to the movement of people as a result of challenging political international landscapes. Needless to say, it is not always an easy day on the job, but it’s most exciting to work with ambitious partners from different sectors to develop the city and stretch for new common goals. And then comes along a summer like this, where cultural organisers have put together a fantastic myriad of over 400 different events of all kinds, attracting upwards of 350,000 visitors to culture-city Trondheim! Not since the ‘1000-årsjubileet’ (Trondheim’s 1,000th birthday) and the world championships in 1997 has the city buzzed with this much anticipation for the 55 days awaiting us. They are days filled with music, sports, food and innovation. This summer promises to be the ultimate ‘folkefest’ and those who choose to spend their time here will undoubtedly revel in the fact that they’ve made the right choice. Something for everyone, of all ages, and most of the events are free of charge. I’m pleased to boast and host the successes Trondheim concerts, Olavsfestdagene, Trøndersk Matfestival and Bryggerifestivalen, Song:Expo, UEFA Super Cup, Toppidrettsveka, Pstereo Festival, Nor-Fishing, Trondheim Playground and Trondheim Maker Faire, to name just a few. In my opinion, there has never been a better time than now to be Chief Officer of Trondheim. It’s a superb day at work when 35,000 tickets are released for none other than ‘The Boss’ himself, Bruce Springsteen, selling


Words by Morten Wolden Rådmannen i Trondheim kommune

out Granåsen’s mega-arena in less than half-an-hour. July 26th will certainly be a memorable day for our city when Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform their River Tour. The team at Olavsfestdagene have outdone themselves this year, putting together over 200 events within 10 historic days from July 28th to August 6th, surrounding the theme of Mammon (see the full description on page 30). Including debates, memorable concerts, film, and roleplaying – our medieval past will meet the future. On August 4th world-renowned artist Patti Smith will make her modern-day pilgrimage to perform at Vår Frue Church. Oi! Mat's Trøndersk Food Festival will, again, increase in size, offering tens of thousands of visitors a taste of our local culinary delicacies, from vendors all across the region. From August 4th to 6th the Food Festival, and Brewery Festival will be drawing crowds from across the nation and overseas to taste local seafood and brews. For those of you just visiting, I recommend trying scallops combined with a local beer. This year’s Trøndersk Food Festival has a theme of ’historical food’, coordinated to occur in sync with the restoration of our city square. The inner archeologist in you might be pleased to attend the festival and simultaneously witness the excavation of ancient bowls and food preparation artefacts. 14


Soon the eyes of Football enthusiasts from around the world will be tuned into Lerkendal Stadium. The 2016 UEFA Super Cup is taking place on August 9th, bringing Real Madrid and Seville to battle it out right here on our own pitch. This is UEFA’s 41st edition, and the first time it is hosted in Norway. Rosenborg was happy to make room for the visitors in their 21,000-person spectator stadium, Norway’s second largest. After several years of attempting booking, it was a welcomed announcement when tickets went up for sale for Van Morrison, who is scheduled to play an amazing concert on August 10th. A bluegrass favourite since the 1970s, Van Morrison will perform under the stars at Sverresborg arena. Toppidrettsveka (Top Sports Week) has become an anticipated addition to summer, hosting a closing ceremony that has attracted 25,000 to 30,000 visitors respectively, during the past two years. Competing athletes fool us into thinking that roller-skiing up a steep hill in less than 10 seconds is not just doable, but nothing to break a sweat over. On August 19th and 20th you may be able to rub shoulders with some of Norway’s Olympic athletes. Since 1960 Nor-Fishing has been an integral international meeting place for key actors in the nation’s fishing and marine sector. You are invited to Trondheim Spektrum August 16th to 19th to glimpse into the World’s leading knowledge-based fishing and sea sector. And just because Trondheim is the best study city in the Nordics, students will be admitted for free on Friday. Tens of thousands of students return mid-summer just in time for Pstereo Festival, a music festival with atmosphere holding stages for all ages. This year Pstereo has expanded to three days of concerts for local up-andcoming artists and favoured headliners. Iceland’s Sigur Ross and Norway’s Highasakite, amongst others, will draw in crowds of 25,000 people from August 18th to 20th at Marinen. Of course, being that we are in the Tech capital of the country, the summer rightfully concludes during the last week of August with a week full of tech, innovation, and creativity. Trondheim Playground is Norway’s largest independently-organised innovation week, which managed to coordinate 35 arrangers, who happily filled five days with mostly free innovation activities geared towards local residents. On August 26th to 27th Trondheim Maker Faire, the largest in northern Europe, is gearing up to engage you at Solsiden. This is a free event open to kids-at-heart of all ages wishing to test out their robot-making, sculpture-shaping, Lego-building skills and get creative. In short, this summer is a great time to be in Trondheim. ·



Trondheim’s magnanimous local brewery, EC Dahls, has 90% of the local beer market, and is now opening the doors on its new community brewery concept.


here is a new drinking hole coming to town, but the beer it will be serving has a long history. Any beer lover who has spent time in Trondheim will have popped into a bar and sampled the local brew at some point, EC Dahls. Many will also have passed Dahls’ imperial whitewashed brew headquarters down in Lademoen, which is about to become an open brewery, with bar, restaurant and beer garden. Love it or loathe it, Trondheim is saturated in this distinctive pilsner, which has been hitting the spot for 160 years. For most drinkers this beer represents the safe option; cheap (relatively) and refreshing. But there is actually a lot more craft involved then meets the eye, or taste bud. Some brew masters have referred to it as a “pre-industrial lager”, untainted by modern production techniques and made unique by its 70-year old yeast strain which gives it a slight fruitiness, almost banana like. Dahls has been doing something right through its long history and it is now served in 90% of the bars and restaurants in Trondheim; a most enviable market share. Furthermore, American partners in the open brewery project, Brooklyn Brewery, have recently discovered that Trondheim has the highest per capita consumption of their beer of any city in the world. Although Dahls is now owned by Ringes, THE ELEVENTH ISSUE

which in turn is owned by Carlsberg, they have stayed true to their roots and the new development reflects that. “EC Dahls has always had a philosophy of knowledge sharing,” explains Dahls’ Brewery Ambassador Kristian Berger. “Our tradition is to share knowledge. So as well as a being a place to eat and drink, there will also be beer schools, beer dinners, tours and many events.” “We’re going to invite people from beer communities to do specialist stuff. For example making traditional yeast, or home brewing. And we’re going to have technical conferences. Our master brewer, Wolfgang Lindell, could speak about topics such as the ‘German Beer Purity Law’… trust me, it’s an important topic for the brewers.” Trondheim, and Norway in general, has experienced a beer revolution over the past few years, with home brewing and micro-breweries becoming somewhat of a national obsession. Many would simplify this as being a reaction to high prices, but in reality there is a long tradition of local beer production. The Vikings were in fact among the first to develop hand-crafted beers and for hundreds of years Norwegian farmers were even required by (certain) local authorities to brew beer. Anyone failing to do so was fined and risked being exiled. Rumour has it that Iceland was settled as by some of these exiles. 16

However in 1922, in an effort to save its people from strong drink, the Norwegian legislature created the Vinmonopolet, which had the indirect affect of marginalising small breweries. This monopolised scenario has led to Ringnes and Hansa controlling 85% of the Norwegian beer market. The new open brewery at Dahls hopes to marry the reality of the market with the traditional sharing economy of beer production. “A brewmaster meeting another brewmaster will always share knowledge,” continues Berger. “The beer brewing society has always been that way. The wine society is perhaps opposite in that sense. Beer making is something special, and has a long tradition.”


‘Reinheitsgebot’ or German Beer Purity Law A SERIES OF STRICT RULES LIMITING the ingredients in beer in Germany, which were introduced by Duke Wilhelm IV 500 years ago (1516). • According to the Bavarian law, the only ingredients that could be used in the production of beer were water, barley an hops. • The decree, issued in Ingolstadt, aimed to protect drinkers from high prices and ban the use of wheat in beer i order to encourage the production of more bread. • It also targeted unscrupulous brewers who added toxic and even hallucinogenic ingredients to their brews, including herbs and spices such as rosemary and caraway, henbane, thorn-apple, wood shavings, roots, soot or even pitch! • The German Brewers’ Association claims that the Reinheitsgebot is the oldest currently valid consumer protection law in the world. ACCORDING TO THE GERMAN BREWERS’ ASSOCIATION (DBB).

Words & Photos by Wil Lee-Wright

The development will not just be for visitors therefore, but a resource for local home-brewers and small scale breweries. “There will be a laboratory which is something really special for the brewers. This is an expensive resource, which home brewers and small breweries will love to have access to. Infection in the beer (making process) is a big problem and the laboratory can test for that. And of course for the alcohol content.” The building, which Dahls first occupied when it merged with competing provider Akti Brewery in 1966, has an iconic facade which the developers literally drove a truck through in their plan to open up the brewery to the public. “We are reopening the old entrance,” said Kristian. “But the concrete wall which was there was taking too long to drill through. So the builders drilled some holes and drove their truck straight through!” One hopes that drinkers will show a bit more restraint in their wait for the opening of these infamous doors. Their chance to pass through the sacred archway will come on 4 August. There will be an invite-only party during the day, followed by free access for the public in evening (check EC Dahls’ Facebook for updates). Excitingly, the brewery will also be releasing three new brews, enticingly named Lamo Wit, Pepra Saison and Bolt IPA. 17

The restaurant concept has been developed in partnership with local food buffs, To Rom og Kjøkken. “The pub is what you first see when you enter, with a large selection of beer on tap, in addition to an extensive aquavit list,” writes Kitchen Chief, Alexander Skjefte. “The pub menu has homemade burgers, sausages and other small, flavourful dishes. The focus in the restaurant is on a varied menu that changes regularly, as well as great beer pairings. It has an informal feel and no white table cloths.” ·

The Dahls Open Brewery opening party is on the evening of 4 August. Check EC Dahls Bryggeri Facebook page for updates. THE ELEVENTH ISSUE

Daniel Johansen, Food Historian from Sverresborg Museum.





HISTORICAL FOOD IN TRONDHEIM Words by Hans Petter Hårsvær Photo by Nikol Herec


hat can be said about the history of food in Trondheim? What is Trøndersk food culture? Where does our food come from? Is it a frozen Grandiosa pizza as we binge watch Game Of Thrones? Is it tacos with the family on Friday nights? Is it to go to the Tyholt Tower and devour a pizza with béarnaise sauce as we rotate around and around? Did we always eat sodd? And what about drinking? Did we always have to wipe moonshine from our moustaches or is there …? There are a lot of questions to be answered, so we spoke to Kristine Rise from Oi! Trøndersk Food Festival, Ian Reed who is the archaeologist and project manager at the excavations in the center of Trondheim, and food historian Daniel Johansen who is a department leader and curator at Sverresborg Museum. One can see traces of food preparation in Trondheim as far back as there have been settlements here, dating back to very early boiling pits according to Johansen. Reed also cites cornfields dating back to around the year 0, however it is hard to find well-preserved remains from early days because there has been so much development during the intervening years. In the 16th and 17th century there was a rise in cultivation that destroyed many of the remains from earlier days, according to Reed, whose dig can be witnessed live in Trondheim Torg. There are however hopes of finding remains of well-preserved kitchen gardens, as well as a hops garden. There is some uncertainty whether these hops garden was used for honey (for sweetening) or for brewing beer. According to Johansen it was probably beer, as there are written accounts of clergy brewing and this was widespread from the 17th century onward. Last year Oi! Food festival celebrated its tenth anniversary, and it has only gotten bigger and better according to Rise. As there are currently excavations taking place in the middle of Trondheim, which have yielded some exciting finds regarding food, the festival organization thought it suitable to have Historical Food as this year’s theme. One specific find is quite exciting; a bottled soy imported from Japan. This dates back to the 18th century, and has been imported through Holland, as they had a monopoly on trading with Japan at the time. There were not many families in Trondheim that could afford this at the time and it shows that the upper class in Trondheim experimented and tried interesting new trends with regards to food. The wealthy ate well, according to Johansen. He also

states that most people, farmers and such, did not eat poorly. Regions with rich agricultural areas were well fed, and this is and has been the case for our region. Other than that it is hard to talk about a specific Trøndersk food culture, historically speaking, as what you ate was always a question of where you lived and what you had access to in terms of ingredients. If you lived by the sea you ate fish, if you had sheep you ate sheep and so on. There is no mummified version of sodd dating back 3000 years to highlight what our predecessors ate. People ate and drank the same all over Norway, with little variation, except for some very specific local dishes that are mentioned in some written reports. An example of such that Johansen mentions is Røroskål (Røros-cabbage), which does not include cabbage at all. The name comes from the type of pot it was used to cook it in and it was pretty much leftovers boiled in this pot. There are reports of this dish being eaten in Selbu, however here they used a pot with a slightly different composition, which actually made the dish poisonous. A report by Norwegian historian Gerhard Schønning at the time, states the stomachs of Selbu can handle poison. A recognisable Trøndersk food culture in the really started in the 19th century when the “housewife schools”, for lack of a better name, started showing up. This and other simultaneous small occurrences made people aware of methods of storing food, preparing food differently, as well as growing more and more varied types of vegetables. Brewing traditions varied from farm to farm. In the 19th century everyone brewed, and people brewed beer for themselves. There were different techniques that gave different flavours in regards to peat and such, however it was all time-consuming and took much physical space, so the flavours have long since disappeared for the most part. We don't think Olav Tryggvason ate an early version of Grandiosa, his Fridays almost certainly did not include tacos, and it is doubtful that he ate sodd. In this region, it seems our overriding food culture is to eat well and heartily. See the highlights of Oi Trøndersk Food and Drink Festival in their programme on page 46. There are also restaurant guides on pages 50 and 74, and turn to page 16 to read about EC Dahls’ latest venture. 19



WHY WE MATROS Together we are Pstereo Words by Jaya Thomlison


his year marks a jubilieum for Pstereo Festival. Prepping up for its 10th year of music, festivities and togetherness, Pstereo Festival promises to be more epic experience than ever before. Its popularity is ever growing, this year’s ticket sales ended in record time, weekend tickets having sold out months in advance. Volunteers number over 800 with a further 200 people happy to be placed on a waiting list for the chance to sell beer, steer crowds or keep the festival grounds green and clean. The volunteers are called ‘Matros’, which means sailor, seaman, mariner or seafarer. You can identify them at the festival by their sailor boy T-shirts, and of course because of their gleaming smiles and outgoing attitudes. The List caught up with international student and volunteer Sepideh Jafarzadeh to find out why she is volunteering at Pstereo Festival for the second year in a row. We asked Sepideh what we should be looking forward to this year…for those of us lucky enough to have secured tickets, of course! But don’t despair, there are many ways to experience matriculation and the vibes from Pstereo Festival.


So, Sepideh, can you tell me a little bit about yourself, and how you ended up in Trondheim?

About five years ago I moved to Norway as a PhD candidate in the Department of Marine Technology, NTNU. I was sitting in a café in Tehran, my hometown, thinking it is the time to experience living in a new place. I like studying, and Norway is well-known in my field of study. That is how I ended up here. How did you find out about Pstereo?

I like rock music and festival vibes. A Pstereo poster on the advertisement column in front of Samfundet caught my eye. I understand that you were a volunteer last year as well, what brought you back?

Three other people and I were in charge of making and selling goat wraps. While female goats are bred for dairy farming, males are killed at birth and seen as waste products. The idea was to increase public awareness of this problem and show that goat meat actually tastes good. I got the chance to meet new people and try to change the life of a baby goat. I also experienced marketing and


THE LIST Photos by Benedicte Weseth Tangen (top left), Wil Lee-Wright (directly left) and Karianne Kaa (bottow left and below).

I got the chance to meet new people and change the life of a baby goat. SEPIDEH JAFARZADEH

selling a product, which was very interesting. We had to go around and convince people to buy the wraps. Now I pay more attention to those that stop me on the street to sell me products. I understand the challenge they face better, and I am kind to them. I am looking forward to a new experience this year. What is all this we hear about 'studentfrivillighet’? Why do you think so many students like to volunteer their spare time?

Personally, I think it is fun to volunteer. You get to see what happens backstage, and you meet new people. You also experience group work, and, of course, you can attend the festival. What are some of the things you do, as a Matros?

This year I will volunteer in ‘Akkreditering’. It is a bit early to say my exact responsibility, but I may distribute material among other volunteers. I may also check in guests and press. I look forward to it. Do you have any good stories from last year?

I remember having this cool T-shirt saying “Noen ganger er det ålgeit” (sometimes it’s all goat/alright). It was fun to go around and see people’s reaction. I also remember encountering people I knew and forcing them to buy my wraps to support their friend. Whatdoyoulovemostaboutthefestival,and whatwouldyoutellyourfriendsbackhome?

I think having Pstereo in Marinen is great. You get this nice river view while listing to good music. You also have the possibility to move between stages and listen to various bands. 21

What are you looking forward to most this year?

Volunteering and gathering with my friends when my work is done. It has a “Lønningspils” feel (pay day beers) with a festival mood. How do people get involved with Pstereo, any tips?

It is a bit challenging to volunteer for the first time. You should be fast in applying online to secure a place. Once you volunteer, you are in the system, and it gets easier to volunteer in the future. Despite the lack of available tickets for the festival, audiences be alerted, there is no need to go into FOMO (fear-of-missingout). Club Pstereo will be in full effect during the evenings and tickets are still available for some of the many club events. Check out the listing section for more information and see Andrew’s tips on page 35. Pstereo Festival & Club Pstereo Main Festival, Marinen; Clubs include Samfundet, Blæst Price: 884 day pass (only Thursday tickets available at time of print). THE ELEVENTH ISSUE


Three days. Three times the fun.


Foto: Bart Stadnicki. Til forestillingen «So you can feel» av Pieter Ampe


Trondheim International Performing Arts Festival 19–24 September 2016


HOUSE of JOHNNY JOHNNYLOVE is something as original as an essentially Trøndersk fashion house that still manages to be both rock’n’roll, timeless and ontrend season after season. Ten years on, the brand is going stronger than ever, with a freshly launched women’s collection and a shiny, new flagship store to boot. Words by Astri Barbala


fter several years of research, the Trondheim-based design success story finally found the perfect spot, bang in the city centre, and packed up their previous residence in Buran. Exposed brick, wood and industrial minimalism are defining words for the new JOHNNYLOVE flagship store in Olav Tryggvasons gate 21, which also houses the brand’s design room and offices upstairs. “It is exciting to get more feedback and tell more of our story now as we are closer to our customers here. By getting to know your customer base, you also become more familiar with your own brand,” says entrepreneur, manager, chief designer and principal owner, John Erling Vinnem. Compared to their Oslo location’s modest 33 square meters, the new JOHNNYLOVE headquarters houses approximately 120 square meters of well-tailored coats, shirts, trousers, dresses and skirts, as well as a hard-working espresso machine behind the counter. THE ELEVENTH ISSUE

‘DRESSED-UP CASUAL’ The brainchild of self-taught taylor Vinnem, JOHNNYLOVE was founded on the mission of making men dress better in the everyday, or ‘dressed-up casual’, as the brand dubs it. It was not the Klæbu native’s first venture into designing, however. “I started making clothes as a 19-year-old, because I couldn’t find the right slim fit cut I desired anywhere in the shops. A few years later, I launched my first collection: Tunics, skirts for men, samurai-style clothing, mostly in black. People loved it, but needless to say, I wasn’t busy writing orders in the coming weeks after the launch.” Soon after, Vinnem was ready to make clothes that people wanted to wear, although the fact that he now made clothes that were sellable was first hard to swallow for the then rebel designer. “When Trondheim fashion store, Retro, bought 90 coats, I was freaking out thinking I was a ‘sellout’,” he says with a smile. According to Vinnem, JOHNNYLOVE creates unique clothing that is recognisable without a screaming logo. “We stand for quality and timelessness in everything we do. The consumer’s relationship to the clothes is vital, we want people to wear the garments for a long time and on several occasions. Clothing is merely a frame where the content is you, so I often construct col24


apart from the denim, which is derived from Japan. This way, the brand can be assured that no poisonous chemical residue is found in their garments, and that the people producing the clothes work under the safest, fairest manufacturing conditions possible. “It is important to us to be part of every step in the production chain. Consumers are also more concerned with the story behind the clothes now. They want to buy traceable products with an ethical outlook on fashion, as opposed to the cheap, fast fashion mentality that permeates a lot of high street fashion labels,” says sales manager at JOHNNYLOVE, Even Granås, who has been with the brand for nine years. Adds Vinnem: “In Norway, people have a lot of money, and care about what they spend their money on. At JOHNNYLOVE, we compete on uniqueness and quality, not price, although we try to save money where possible in order to make our prices as obtainable to as many as possible.” FROM BURAN TO NEW YORK

lars that draw the attention to the face and place details high,” he says. At the heart of JOHNNYLOVE’s designs is a passion for outerwear, which has also affected the brand’s newfound focus on womenswear: Last year marked the first JOHNNYLOVE women’s collection, which, although with a focus on coats and jackets, includes shirts, skirts, trousers, sweaters and accessories. PUTTING COMPASSION INTO FASHION But Vinnem and his team aren’t just devotedly committed to their recognisable slim and stylish, yet rugged aesthetic. Another aspect of production that has to have the highest quality, is the way the clothes are manufactured. All JOHNNYLOVE clothing is made in factories in the EU, and all materials are sourced from prime quality Italian mills,

JOHNNYLOVE is sold in 150 shops around the world. Despite now catering first and foremost to the Norwegian market, the rest of the world has not left the Trønder brand unnoticed. After Stargate producer Mikkel Eriksen popped by the previous shop location in Buran in 2009 and flew home to New York with a luggage full of Vinnem’s designs, he was stopped on the street everyday by people loving his clothes. Determined to take JOHNNYLOVE to the States, Eriksen, in fact, loved the brand so much he and his wife became part-owners of the Trønder design adventure, and made sure tastemakers such as Jay Z got hooked on wearing the clothes. But although loving the look of JOHNNYLOVE, American men have a different physique than Scandinavians, and trend-setting department stores like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue started requesting different cuts and styles. “We tried to please them by producing silhouettes that better would fit the American market, but that again did not work for our European customers. In the end, we had to make a choice, and concluded that it is most important to be true to the brand, so that people know what to expect from us and we know what to give. Hence, our focus is now on our Norwegian and European market,” says Vinnem. TRONDHEIM: THE NEW FASHION CAPITAL? The brand’s spring/summer 2016 collection debuted at Oslo Runway, both in order to display JOHNNYLOVE’s design expression 25

on a better suited platform than clothes racks in a shop can provide, but also to be a part of and to support the Norwegian fashion industry. “Sadly, the media has yet to recognise Norwegian design. We have a lot to learn from Sweden and Denmark, where fashion has become an integrated part of their national culture,” says Vinnem, and continues: “It would of course be easier for us to be part of the Norwegian fashion scene if we were in Oslo, but the clothes we make, where outerwear is focus, contextualises us here in Trøndelag.” Sales manager Granås agrees. “There is no doubt that JOHNNYLOVE is a brand from Trondheim, that has always been a crucial part of our branding. We also have a lot of loyal, fashion-conscious customers here. People in Trondheim like to shop locally and be part of building their own nest; they are proud of what they are buying, and want to support local businesses.” With renowned jeans brand Livid next door, and Seams in Bakklandet gaining international recognition, we wonder: Does Trondheim have the potential to become a fashion capital? John Vinnem is not convinced, but is optimistic: “If you have guts, and are flexible to travel, Trondheim can be a good base for a fashion business. But you must be in touch with your market and know that the community is very small; it is not Paris, where you can succeed making couture! But who knows, maybe we should try to create a fashion network here in our own city, and create our own forum?” · THE ELEVENTH ISSUE






PULL-QUOTE “We are all pilgrims of a sort – cultural wanderers” – Petter Myhr

Sampling from traditions of the past and forging new paths that include us all


Olavsfestdagene is a 10 day festival that takes place on the historic stepping-stones of the ancient Viking capital, Trondheim. Founded in 1962, it was originally a festival based on Christian principles and connected to Nidarosdomen. Today Olavsfestdagene reaches out to new, and younger audiences, organising 200 events of different mediums, including nearly all music genres. The festival has taken a dynamic pivot in recent years under the guide of its visionary Director, Petter Myhr. Introducing the festival theme of ‘Mammon’, Petter is determined to inspire visitors of all ages and backgrounds to join the festival and take a lifestyle break, to reflect.

I Words by Jaya Thomlison Photo by Nikol Herec, Wil Lee-Wright and Olavsfestdagene

’m in the midst of changing planes at Amsterdam Schipol on a high intensity work-related trip. After several sustained weeks of 14+-hour days and very little sleep, I’m beat. I find myself daydreaming about how wonderful it would be if my next flight were taking me to a distant vacation spot, not just another meeting. At this moment I call Petter at the scheduled time and within five minutes he has me intrigued, inspired and reflecting upon my own lifestyle. Now I’m daydreaming about spending my summer at Olavsfestdagene instead. Yes, I am the typical example of the next generation of festival-goers. Aside from the obvious university students and youth, it’s the 20/30-something professionals like myself that might benefit more than we realise from Olavsfestdagene. We work a lot, have been culturally active, and likely were into training or even meditation at some point. But now we may or may not have young families, demanding projects connected perhaps to innovation or the creative fields. We might prefer to spend our free time travel31

ling, watching a film, or going to a concert of lesser-known artists that we really love. So what can Olavsfestdagene offer people like us? Get to know Olavsfestdagene. A chat with Petter Myhr, Festival Director For those of you who haven’t yet met Petter Myhr, you’re missing out. I would describe Petter as a philosophical inspirer who moves you to see the bigger picture in life, while supporting the reinvention of music and culture. Petter and his team have worked hard to expand their programme, offering the usual fun activities for kids, and deeply moving activities catered to adults and pilgrims; but this year’s festival is sure to attract that generation in the middle. Petter would like you to view Olavsfestdagene as a catalyst for setting new courses and discovering yourself and the world around you. In order to understand the scope and vision of how a 54-year-old festival can be THE ELEVENTH ISSUE


We are all pilgrims of a sort – cultural wanderers PETTER MYHR

constantly transformed, I had to speak to the chief himself. Petter was raised in the ‘Rock City’ town of Namsos, just 200 km north of Trondheim. Namsos is a musically-inclined city, widely known for Norwegian rock superstar, Åge Aleksandersen, aka Norway’s Bruce Springsteen. Petter’s upbringing was safe and stable, in what he describes as a loving, beautiful, religious family. His family allowed him to explore his inquisitive and creative side. They were very tolerant. During his upbringing Petter was able to address all of the big questions about life and death. And when he grew up, his answers were no longer sufficient, so he moved on. “One’s answers to life need to be agile and change over the course of their lifetime, but the questions need to stay the same.” I couldn’t agree with him more. Following his own advice, his next step was to move to Trondheim and Bergen to study literature. “I gathered a lot of answers from art, culture and music. Art and culture made my life so much richer, my world so much richer.” Shortly afterwards Petter launched his career with the national broadcasting company, NRK. “I started at NRK. I worked there for 23 years and thought for sure I would be there for the rest of my life! I remembered what Bob Dylan said: ‘That he not busy being born is busy dying’. Without Bob Dylan I would have stayed in my safe job. Leave what is safe.” Petter received an offer he could not refuse as Director for Rockheim, the world’s largest interactive music-museum. After settling in and establishing what has become a huge success for Norway, Petter grasped the opportunity to become Festival Director for Olavsfestdagene. At the time he thought: “With this festival I can use everything that I have ever learned in my entire life. Every person starts life in a small world, a small family. The life perspectives and the way we look at the world and inner world – our conscious world – it changes over time. You can change your path.” And that he did. THE ELEVENTH ISSUE

Olavsfestdagene through the ages Many of us know the story of how in the year 1030 Olav Haraldsson was felled in battle at Stiklestad, 98 km northeast of Trondheim. It is said that the battle was a consequence of his attempts to introduce Christianity and convert the population. His body was preserved in the sand, and resultantly found undecayed, thus he was transported to Trondheim and buried beside the river Nidelven. A church, Olavskirken, was constituted in the same year and it is said that visitors experienced miracles at his grave. He was nearly immediately worshiped as a Saint, and on 3 August 1031 titled Saint Olav. A flux of pilgrims began flocking to Nidaros Cathedral for services, which began a 1,000-year-old tradition. Olavsfestdagene continues in the footsteps of Saint Olav, creating a meeting place for pilgrims of all types. “It is important for us to take the messages from the past and understand their basis in the face of modern society. We need a framework for doing this, and to recall that many of us are asking the same questions in life and arenas like Olavsfestdagene can provide new answers.” Trondheim is one of the few pilgrim32

age posts in Northern Europe. The path has brought a number of people to the city, gathering in different forms, with unique histories behind them. For some, the pilgrimage has changed their lives. Pilgrimage, in the historical sense, began to fade out after Martin Luther and the reformation. Petter believes that today “we are all pilgrims, we all travel through life. We visit sites and we experience.” Finding the symbolism from one of his favourite artists, he explained “Patti Smith is often talking about all of her travels. Patti loves to visit churches and graveyards and once visited the grave of Silvia Plath. When she arrived there, it was beautiful. Full of life. She took seven polaroid pictures that captured the light and essence of her experience perfectly. ” Petter went on to say that when Patti returned home, she found that she had lost the images. Disappointed, she held on to the quest for recreating the images and returned twice again, though was never able to capture that moment again. In the meantime, other people had been to the grave and left strange objects that moved her. Her perspective changed. A modern-day pilgrim is someone who wanders a path, they collect cultural heritage on the way, and they deposit artefacts on their


Petter’s top picks for Olavsfestdagene, in no particular order 1.



4. 5.

Welcome to Trondheim! – We celebrate the city’s diversity with with amazing artists like Nico & Vinz, Tinariwen from Mali and whirling dervishes from Syria and Tedros Ermias from Eritrea/ Trondheim. How Like an Angel – Beautiful music and acrobatics in the Nidaros Cathedral. Patti Smith in Vår Frue, this is sold out, but maybe you will get lucky. Karpe Diem and Aurora. Ole Paus: Univited guests – Brand new songs about the festival theme, Mammon.

Listing information: See full festival highlights pages 58-61.

journey. I think that this is an idea we can all relate to, how someone’s path and the objects and symbols they leave behind can be personified, and influence our course forward. Petter has reminded me of my own journey, and how the routine days of working towards a goal can in fact be enhanced with a break, a time for reflection. This brings us into the festival theme. The 2016 Programme, and concept of Mammon: a festival that makes you think The most interesting element of this year’s festival relates to its conceptual theme: Mammon. “This a biblical word, mentioned only four times in the bible. The meaning is connected to money, greed and power; all of these are human tendencies.” At first I am startled by a heavy theme for a summer festival, but as Petter reminds me, we cannot escape the world just because we are on holiday. What better opportunity than our slow time, to consider our roles and create good memories at enjoyable events, together. “But it can be understood as a negative theme, so we address this in the form of reflection. We have special tools to make the concept work.”

For instance, the opening concert in the cathedral is titled The Wound in the Water, which is a completely unique work by Kim André Arnesen, a young Trondheim composer with a very special career. Olavsfestdagene is bringing in a unique, Grammy-nominated choir, Conspirare, to perform this. Mammon divides us and makes us lose ourselves in the pursuit of money and profit. We become separated from each other because our capacity to love one another is damaged and we are driven by competition. But the living planet, our home, is also damaged in this process. This year’s festival intentionally connects to the state of current political events, and the crises in Syria. Understanding the roots for conflict and struggle is imperative, not to be swept to the side. Almost all of the public events are free. Most events are in Norwegian although they have several events in English especially concerned with welcoming newcomers to town. Two of the speaking events include award-winning film producers, Amos Gitai and Deeyah Khan, who will have a discussion on extremism. The second commissioned work is by Ole Paus, who wrote a theme song entitled 33

Uninvited Guests. Petter expressed that “this particular song has less to do about the refugees going out into the world, it focuses on the Europeans who hundreds of years ago, voyaged out into the world. They arrived to new lands, uninvited. What we are experiencing around the globe today is the repercussion of these earlier, uninvited voyagers.” I asked Petter how the theme of Mammon connects to Trondheim, a technology hub where one in nine of our residents work within the knowledge sector. “Technology and innovation can be used by both good people and bad people. The idea is entirely depend on its creators, the users and its purpose. Everything in technology is about human people. One of the songs Ole Paus wrote says ‘humanity starts with you and me’.” “We want to give people input and also have a mental time out from the everyday. It is not about disconnecting, it is about connecting with yourself and the person you are in everyday life.” The Mammon theme is relevant for everyone: as a person, a family member, as a business member. What you don’t want to miss “Some of the concerts in this year’s program, include the Scandinavian premiere of How Like an Angel, by the astonishing acrobats of the Australian company Circa and the magnificent English vocal ensemble I Fagiolini, who create a performance that is a tribute to the beauty of the cathedral. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” It is hard to narrow down what not to miss at a festival that includes over 200 individual activities, spread over 10 days, with 800 nationally and internationally renowned artists. There are activities catering for kids to take a step back in time and have fun. There are panels, debates, films and concerts of all types attempting to jolt us into the ‘now’. Of course, the music itself is reason enough, so our advice is simple – just come. · THE ELEVENTH ISSUE



Secrets of Pstereo Just a couple of slightly-under-the-radar recommendations at this year’s Pstereo festival from yours truly. I’m sure you’ve jotted down the headliners - here’s some more to guide your way through three days of great music!

Words by Andrew Christopher Anfinnsen, The List's Music Guru

At Marinen


Several decades of perfect guitar pop influences distilled into one Oslo based group that won this year’s Phonofile Nordic Music Prize, above other noteworthy nominees like Björk and Seinabo Sey.



Technically not really under the radar, as this Glasgow-based producer has shaped a great deal of the modern electronic / hiphop landscape with his huge beats. Will probably melt a couple unprepared faces.

Self-described psychedelic rappers straight outta Flatbush, Brooklyn. Heavy on beats and way-out lyricism. Both paying respect to the classics and pushing things forward.



Another one a lot of people will be familiar with, but I’m not seeing him at the top of the festival line-up, so here goes: he’s the world’s coolest art rocker still going, after disbanding Sonic Youth in 2011.

Just the right blend of 90s slacker attitude, blazing guitars and strong songwriting. If Paul Westerberg / The Replacements ever was your thing, this band just might rekindle that feel.


Alright, so I’m involved with this one. Three days of prime club music at Blæst, from swirling live electronica to house, uk garage, beats and r&b inflicted trap that’ll nicely counterbalance all those bearded and beer-minded rock shows. Bless!



A bunch of underground promoters with some very successful independent club nights at DIGS are inviting Amsterdam-based DJ and producer JP Enfant for a night of heavy and sweaty house and techno.

Norway’s new favourite electronic / r&b / pop crooner who’s been making waves with just a few but excellent releases, playing his first Trondheim gig.




Art + Space Words and Photo by Laura-Ann Morrison

Kunsthall Trondheim

How are you feeling? I am feeling very excited! This spring we’ve been located in a temporary office space just right next to the fire station, the soon to be Kunsthall Trondheim. Each day we can hear the building workers – and just knowing that they’re fixing what will be our new permanent home, is exhilarating.

into the big permanent space. Kunsthall Trondheim will now finally be a proper institution for contemporary art which is a result of the engagement of the people in the city, the city administration and the politicians. The local support for the kunsthall has been great and we hope this relation will continue. Tell me about your vision/ the vision upon Kunsthall Trondheim Our vision for Kunsthall Trondheim is that it’ll be an exhibition space and laboratory for contemporary art of high quality on an international level. Saying this, we must underscore that this doesn’t exclude Norwegian artists in the contemporary art scene, which Kunsthall Trondheim also will be very much open for. We hope that we’ll invoke curiosity, dialogue and inspiration in a large and diverse audience, and be a meeting place for the city’s people and local art scene.

What led you into the arts? I think I’ve always been interested in the intimate expressions that connects all humans, regardless of time and place, and to the spaces that literature, art, philosophy and film opens up for and represents. But art has always fascinated me the most. For me, the history of art is something that documents linear time, but at the same time, and most importantly, transgresses it. Explain one of your favourite art pieces. It’s immensely difficult to choose just one, but one painting that I’ve been fond of as long as I can remember is Frida Kahlo’s “Self-Portrait With Cropped Hair” (1940).

How will Kunsthall Trondheim impact the art scene in Trondheim? As a new art institution in Trondheim I hope that we on the one hand will strengthen the already existing art scene in Trondheim, but on the other that we also will contribute with something totally new and exciting, and create a new dynamic.

What inspires you? New perspectives and experiences. Being utterly surprised.

Where are the challenges? There exists a lot of different kind of audiences in Trondheim. I think that it will be a challenge to find the particular ways to reach out to them all, but we are looking forward to taking on the challenge. What are your future prospects and goals? We hope to be a place for new experiences, for discussions and programmes. A place to pass by after work – to see the show, listen to an artist talk or meet friends in the café for a glass of wine.

Tell me about Kunsthall Trondheim Kunsthall Trondheim is a new art institution in Trondheim which will open for the public in late October, in the old fire station in the city centre. The history of establishing a kunsthall in Trondheim stretches way back, at least to 2005, and it contains many different phases over the last couple of years. Since 2013 Kunsthall Trondheim has been run as a pilot project in a temporary space in Dronningens gate by Director Helena Holmberg, and we will soon be able to move Katrine Elise Pedersen Assistent Curator at Kunsthall Trondheim email web address Søndre gate, 7011 Trondheim THE ELEVENTH ISSUE

Kunsthall will occupy the old fire station on Søndre gate. Look out for a full programme of Kunsthall’s opening events (late October) in the next issue of The List.



#myblueandwhitemoments / Mon-Sat 10-4, Sun 12-4 / Munkegata 5


An intro to


Words by


Illustration (previous) by Skurktur Photos by Maker Faire Trondheim


Over the past years, new products are developed in basements and garages in true ‘early Silicon Valley startup-style’ across the globe. Technology which was previously only accessible to high tech companies and the military, such as drones, smart watches, 3Dprinters and virtual reality; is now a commodity and part of our daily vocabulary. Only a few short years ago the thought of printing a physical object was in fact, science fiction. Today you can pick up a 3Dprinter side-byside with washing machines and flat screen TVs. Drones are commonly available and can be purchased pretty much anywhere, even the supermarket. What would have been a fantasy spy gadget developed by Q in a James Bond movie, is now available for the price of a Happy Meal. So, what do the products enabling this science-fiction-coming-to-life phenomena have in common? Are you ready for some Maker background 101? Pebble, the most successful Kickstarter project to date, raised one million dollars in just 28 hours back in 2012. They raised a total $20million to secure manufacturing of the world’s first smart-watch. In fact, it started out as a maker project before it became one of the world’s most popular 40

smart-watches. The prototype was actually a hacked mobile phone controlled by an Arduino. Not exactly an aesthetic prize winner mind you, but a functional and working proof of concept. And probably the most economical and time-saving option they had during its development Makerbot, the 3Dprinter that really jumpstarted the era of desktop 3Dprinting, later acquired by 3Dindustry giant Stratasys, also based their first printers on the Arduino platform. Ardupilot powers the majority of the world’s commodity drones and is a combination of simple electronics and open source software enabling flight control of pretty much anything, operating under control or autonomously. It is used in drones, remote-controlled and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, planes, helicopters, water and ground-based machines. It can be considered the brain of these machines: the finetuned link between your fingertips and the motor and ailerons. ArduPilot is based on the open Arduino hardware and software platform, again the prototyping platform of choice for not only a grassroots maker movement, but also businesses with revenue, depending on this core functionality. Arduino is the key technology enabling these innovations. It is an easy to use prototyping platform for electronics developed more than 10 years ago by university students to lower the barrier for non-engineers to utilise the functionality in electronics and software. Most importantly, a tool for new technological innovation by Hackers and Makers worldwide, but now increasingly becoming a standard component in products design by industry giants like General Electric and Ford. The founder of Arduino, Massimo Banzi, was on a mission to lower the barrier of entry of electronics design. To achieve this


Only a few short years ago the thought of printing a physical object was in fact, science fiction he focused 100% on ‘ease of use’ in all aspects of Arduino. Massimo and his colleagues and students focused on ease of use in electronics, allowing users to plug (wire) electronics components in standardised connectors to avoid cumbersome – and to some extent – complex soldering. They embraced the open source ethos by using and extending existing open source and standards-based programming languages. Quite contrary to the industry practice at the time, which closed proprietary software and hardware to add to their existing business model, which did not embrace open source at all. Massimo realised that the missing component of his invention was a flexible, open, easy to use, and most importantly, community-supported embedded microcontroller processor. After listening to his students, who were already deeply engaged in community-based embedded designs, Massimo travelled to Trondheim to find what he was looking for: The AVR Microcontroller. The AVR Microcontroller was designed in the 1990s as part of a Master thesis at the local university NTNU. The AVR Design Center, located in Trondheim, had at that time in 2005 experienced massive commercial success in the niche segments of the semiconductor industry, where power consumption in the picoampere range com-

bined with strong computational power was valued. Most kitchen appliances, battery-powered cameras, garage door openers and the majority of cellphones at the time were already powered by the AVR. Actually you didn’t even need 4GHz quadcore CPUs to make a call to a friend or play snake before Apple launched the world’s first smartphone. You could find other microcontrollers at the time, but the open source commitment found with the AVR product was second to none. There was an existing community of users called AVRFreaks consisting of 100,000 users and the free, open source compilers and programming languages were vastly supported by the vendor of AVR. Combined with an ‘ease-of-use’ philosophy of the product documentation, it became a given that Massimo would choose AVR as the brain AND heart of the Arduino platform, enabling hundreds of thousands of innovations in the decades to come. On a daily basis, AVR enables innovation, new startups, wishes and dreams in all 41

corners of the world to come true, based on a Master’s of Science degree and thesis from NTNU. The Gartner Group predicts more than 20 billion connected electronic products in the Internet Of Things era, by 2020. They also claim that 50 percent of the companies building these products will be less than 3 years old. Which means that the majority of these companies don’t even exist yet! Trondheim, a city of just 185,000 inhabitants in one of the corners of the world, is a city where the amount of innovation in technology taking place each day, can be equated to the number of meals being eaten. Enabling the next generation of makers, designers, thinkers, creators and innovators will drive the growth of tomorrow. This is our mission and you can have a participatory role in this, no matter how large or small. Come one, come all, to Trondheim Maker Faire 2016, taking place August 26-27 where innovators of tomorrow from ages 10 and-up will show you the realisation of science fiction thought to be only possible in dreams. · THE ELEVENTH ISSUE


Trondheim is a Playground


MARIE JACOBSEN LAUVÅS Trondheim Playground is Norway’s only in-

dependently organised innovation event that is coordinated entirely through collaboration. Showcasing the best of innovation, creativity and tech from the Greater Region of Trondheim, last year’s event took place across the city, hosted by over 30 individual organisations and companies, offering 40 unique event with an intention to open the doors to innovation---and get local residents involved. Marie Lauvås is a co-coordinator and Director of International relations and Marketing at Technoport. This year is all about the era of smart learning; where researchers and influencers preach the fear of the digital dementia affecting the millennial generation. We see digital devices everywhere and as consumers, we prefer to buy the newest and most high-tech solutions on the market. Indeed, so high-tech and complex that accessing and operating our hardware and digital devices has become more difficult than ever. Consumer populations used to be able to identify every component in a car – today we can hardly fathom the computer operating it. We used to dismantle and fix our own computers. Today, the screws are not standardised and we have to rely on service stations get the job done. What ever happened to the ‘let’s just fix it’ mentality? For many years I worked at the Trondheim Science Centre (Vitensenteret), not teaching, but conducting experiments together with the visiting kids. Younger children are great scientists because they have an innate curiosity, lust for leaning and a strong need to ask questions. Constantly. They want the full experience: to touch, to sense – listen, smell, watch and express their reaction in words. Curiosity fosters learning and experimenting leads to creative thinking. I have seen kids at the age of 7 use skills acquired in a chemistry experiment to come up with an entirely original solution THE ELEVENTH ISSUE

Many say that kids are more creative than adults because they don’t already have all the answers to why things work the way they do. to a physics problem, simply from playing, experimenting and hypothesising. Many say that kids are more creative than adults because they don’t already have all the answers to why things work the way they do. Still, there is no reason why any age group should stop playing in the creative sandbox. This is why a large group of players working with creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in Trondheim, decided to start a free festival. Everyone with a spirit to make, do, get creative and innovate is welcomed to Trondheim Playground; Trondheim’s independent creativity and innovation festival coordinated by over 20 organisers. Of course, you are always welcome to come and just observe, but we can’t make promises that you won’t end up getting motivated and jumping in to participate. A playground is an inclusive and accessible space, meant to be a physical place to have fun with others, build, play, collaborate, be inspired and create stories. Trondheim Playground invites all interested individuals to join and be part of building the festival together with organisers and 42

residents, and inspire others to join in the ‘maker movement’. Attend Trondheim Maker Faire, the biggest Maker Faire North of Rome. Join a creative workshop; join the evening events and talks; meet other innovators and makers; and most importantly: come build something! This year Trondheim Playground will take place during one of the last weeks of proper summer, from 26 to 29 August. Last year Trondheim Playground festival goers were hit by heavy rain, but that did not stop more than 10,000 visitors from attending the creative atmosphere. Due to the cross-disciplinary collaboration between the city’s key players, Trondheim continues to be the perfect spot to make, share and innovate. This year you can take your pick from events including visiting sequential events teaching you how to build a business, the startup exhibition: ‘Gründermessen’, Trondheim Maker Faire and the ‘Maker + Market’ event. If you are in Trondheim be sure to visit and look forward to experiencing the city’s trademark of tech, hugs and rock’n’roll! ·

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Building the local plain, and taking it global

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ARNSTEIN SYLTERN Over 200 million downloads. We can end it there and you’d be curious enough to check them out, but we can’t, we’re just to proud about this company not to tell you more. Yes, we are talking about a Trondheim-born software company that has 30 million monthly active users and 15,000 actions in their app each and every second. Actions as in people flickering in the app finding stuff to their phones to make them more personal. Stuff as in backgrounds, ring tones and games. Since their beginning in 2007 they’ve grown tremendously, and are now employing a vast array of competent people from all over the world; they nerdishly pride themselves with having 40 languages represeneted at their head office in Lade, including Norwegian, English, Kroi, Java, Swift and so on. So why are we cheering for this company? Not just because they are a cool company bringing some of that Silicon Valleyness to Trondheim, but because they are funnelling resources back into the innovation and creative community in Trondheim. Either by helping to establish Work-Work, the highly creative and fun game and media focussed bar and coworking space, funding the mostly open to all Podcast studio at DIGS, or partnering

with Maker Faire and NTNU’s app lab. These are tremendously important actions that the entire business community of Trondheim should learn from. So where are they going next? The List was lucky enough to be part of an historic event in New York in early June, where Zedge got listed on the New York Stock Exchange, or NYSE. This is a huge event that not many are aware of, but it shows the local entrepreneurial communities that growing a global company in Trondheim is possible. So what’s next? We asked Tom Arnøy, CEO of Zedge. "Maintaining and accelerating our growth rate is our main target now, and we won’t allow ourselves to get complacent about the situation. The future for Zedge is only as bright as we make it ourselves." "We’ll also keep on supporting the local tech and innovation community, not because we expect something in return, but we believe that if we are to continue to grow a global tech company in Trondheim, we need to nurture and help grow a vibrant and attractive community outside of our offices so that it attracts talents. And access to talents is of most importance to us!" While we personalise our gadgets, we are excited to see where Zedge is going next. ·





Ph.D Thesis? Programme? A roll-up? The majority states that printed matter is the best way of spreading information. Our main goal is to to give you the right product – when you need it. To achieve this, we stay updated and in front. Come to us with an idea, or a file ready for production. We take over your job at any point in the process, and make certain you get the result in time. ADVERTISEMENT




he sporting eyes of Europe switch from France to Trondheim this August, as the UEFA Super Cup comes to the city. As the winners of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League respectively, Real Madrid and Sevilla will compete for the Super Cup on Tuesday 9 August. Not only is it the first time UEFA’s traditional season opener will be held in Norway, it is also the northernmost UEFA competition final ever held. Never before has a game of such magnitude been held in Trondheim, and the prospect of seeing genuine sporting superstars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale play at the Lerkendal has created quite the buzz here at The List offices. We’re not the only ones to be excited. “Trondheim is a city of sports and a city of football, so hosting the UEFA Super Cup is very important for us,” says Rita Ottervik, Mayor of Trondheim and season ticket holder at the Lerkendal Stadium. “Rosenborg are our main sporting ambassador and took us onto the European stage. Having the best football teams in Europe at Lerkendal is really fantastic. Of course, we are excited about inviting the great football stars to our city, and I think it will also be a great inspiration to young football players both in our city and region.” “Across our region, we have 220 football clubs and about 50,000 players. In other words, we really love football, both playing and watching. We look forward to hosting a big football party in Trondheim this August, and hosting the European Super Cup gives us an opportunity to show the world how much we love football.” UEFA have been keen to take the Super Cup around some of the smaller member nations ever since the game stopped being held in Monaco, its traditional home. Since 2013 the showpiece match has been held in the Czech Republic, Wales, and last year in the Georgian Capital, Tbilisi. The Norwegian Football Federation first approached UEFA about hosting the tournament and then approached both Rosenborg and the City of Trondheim.

tickets as fairly as possible. This means by the time you read this, you’re unlikely to be able to get your hands on a ticket. However, the Super Cup is about far more than just the game. The city will be transformed on the day of the match with two fan zones, open to all. Torvet will play host to the Real Madrid fan zone, while Solsiden will host the Sevilla fan zone. Both zones will feature information desks from Visit Trondheim, Spanish-speaking guides and live music. The fan zones are scheduled to open at noon with live music from 4pm. On Sunday 7 August there will be a grassroots youth tournament held at Nissekollen kunstgras, home of Nardo FK, for 11 and 12 year olds. The club are issuing invites to the tournament for both boys and girls teams. Dag Ove Johansen is project manager from the City of Trondheim. “In the run-up to the Super Cup we have access to the three trophies: the Champions League, the Europa League and the Super Cup itself. We want as many people as possible to see the trophies so we will be displaying them at Rosenborg home matches throughout the summer. We will also be taking them to the Norway Cup children football tournament in Oslo, which is held at the end of July. The trophies will also be at the grassroots tournament at Nissekollen.” Although you can’t touch the trophies, you are able to get your photos taken with them. THE BIG MATCH

Some will undoubtedly dismiss the showpiece game as meaningless, but for the clubs involved it is a chance to lift a major trophy and get their seasons off to the best possible start. Such is the dominance of Spanish clubs in European football, this will be the third season running that the Super Cup is an all-Spanish affair. Real Madrid qualified by beating city rivals Atletico Madrid in the Champions League Final in Berlin, by two goals to one. Sevilla won the Europa League for the third straight season with a comfortable 3-1 victory over Liverpool in Basel, to the disappointment of Trondheim’s mass contingent of Liverpool fans! Sevilla will be looking to avoid a repeat of the 2014 Super Cup in which they lost 2-0 to Real Madrid. Last year they lost out again, this to Spanish rivals Barcelona in an enthralling encounter, eventually losing 5-4 after extra time. If this year’s final is anything like as entertaining as that one, we’re in for a treat. ·


An expected TV audience of up to 50 million people will tune in, although less than 22,000 people will have the opportunity to watch the game in person. In Norway the Viasat network has the exclusive rights to broadcast the match. Tickets for the game at the Lerkendal Stadium are in high demand and UEFA ran a lottery system to allocate THE ELEVENTH ISSUE



04.-06. AUGUST 2016

WELCOME TO #OIFØLELSEN There are 150 different actors contributing to the Trøndersk Food and Brewery Festival. Three days of flavours, hailing from ocean and mountain, and everywhere between. This is a celebration of the food and beverages of Trøndelag, and then some.






rom the 4th to the 6th of August the area surrounding Olav Tryggvason’s statue in the centre of town will be filled with people, flavours and the smell of food. In previous years the Food Festival has been located between the Prinsen intersection and Søndre gate; this year it will also stretch from Munkegata to Erling Skakkes gate. The Brewery Festival will be held at the same location as last year, Trondheim Torg (see the map on page 51). This means more space and a fantastic arena for food and beverage enthusiasts!

beer types, try new brews, find a lost favourite and especially try putting it together with good food. On-stage there will be different performances from the breweries regarding the topic ‘Norwegian malt’.

WHICH BEER GOES WITH WHICH FOOD? How do you change the process to achieve the desired flavour? This is the place for those who wish to try new beer types, engage in conversation with established brewers, learn more about brewing, or simply enjoy themselves with one of the over two hundred beer types imported from twenty different breweries. Three international breweries will be represented, as well as eleven from Trøndelag, and several others from different parts of the country. What they have in common is a commitment to and a genuine interest in brewing, which is rare. Festival restaurants Brygghus9, Mathall Trondheim (Trondheim Food Court) and To Rom og Kjøkken have designed a festival menu so you can get fantastic food and drinking experiences.

EXPERIENCE FOOD FROM THE REGIONS Trøndersk Food Festival celebrated its 10-year anniversary last year, and has grown larger by being true to its original ideas. Everyone who has a stand at the festival is offering local food specialities and/or ingredients from their area. The very best of locally produced food and food specialities from all of Trøndelag, as well as some special invitees from surrounding areas to the East, South and North, will be converging on Trondheim. In addition to this there will be a variety of fantastic, free children’s activities as well as classes and on-stage courses. Trøndersk Food Festival is unique in that most exhibition stands are made up of individual suppliers from each region, who have teamed up to showcase their area’s respective food experiences. It is also great to see that more regions are coming to the festival, with Fosen being one of the new arrivals. Oppdal/Rennebu will have a stronger presence than ever before, and the big names Røros, Frosta and ‘Den Gyldne Omvei’ (The Golden Road) are, if possible, even bigger than previous years. This growth maintains Trøndersk Food Festival’s standing as an important arena, where exhibitors are selling merchandise and food experiences, and the audience knows that they will find food of the highest quality. The people of Trondheim know how to appreciate a good thing, as demonstrated by the number of visitors to Trøndelag’s branch of The Farmers Market, which has the highest sales in Norway.

ARENA AND ENTRANCE Lumber supplier InnTre will be building the arena in wood, giving it the nice, cosy atmosphere brewery enthusiasts deserve. At the entrance you can buy glasses and ‘OI!s’, which are tokens (‘bongs’) to be used at the bar. The glasses are marked with 1 cl and 2 cl measures, and behind the bar you can see what types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are offered by the breweries and how many tokens they cost. You can use the same tokens at the festival restaurants which have speciallydesigned menus paired with the showcased beverages.

NORWEGIAN MALT Among producers from Trøndelag there has been a commitment of late to bring back the old, Norwegian grains. Much of the malt used for brewing beer today is imported, and many want this to change. Old Norwegian grains also have a different nutritional content that is in demand. This important work will be the focus of this year’s festival. Get the OI! Feeling! #OIFØLELSEN

HISTORICAL FOOD There will be archaeological excavations in the middle of the town during the food festival, and this is connected to this year’s theme, ‘Historical Food’. The archaeologists have said they are expecting to uncover a medievel kitchen garden, complete with kitchen supplies, and even a hops garden. Futhermore, the classes, children’s activities, festival dinner and the on-stage activities will have an historical edge. The various regions are also encouraged to showcase historical food from their own perspectives, both at their stands and on the stage.

This year’s breweries: • • • • • • • •

THE BREWERY FESTIVAL The Brewery Festival is not like other festivals. It is about tasting, enjoying, smelling, testing, trying and tasting a little bit more. Here you can learn about various

• 47

Austmann Bryggeriet Frøya Brussels Beer project from Belgium Bådin E.C. Dahls Fjord Bryggeri HaandBryggeriet Kaapse Brouwers from Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Kinn Bryggeri

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Klostergården Labietis from Riga, Latvia

Lervig Nøgne Ø Reins Kloster Røros Bryggeri og Mineralvannfabrikk Stjørdalsbryggeriet Taps/Monkey brew To Tårn Bryggeri Trondhjem mikrobryggeri 7 Fjell Bryggeri THE ELEVENTH ISSUE


Local Places

What’s on at Trøndersk Food Festival and Brewery Festival

PROGRAMME It all begins in Ravnkloa, Thursday 4 August at 11am, with an opening showcasing the topic of historical food. There will be a parade from Ravnkloa to the town square, where the food stalls open at midday. This is also when the stage shows start: three days of cooking (and eating) on the main stage in the square. There will be participants from many regions in Trøndelag who wish to showcase what they are offering in terms of food experiences. Come to the stage to listen and, most importantly, taste!

On the InnTre stage at the brewery festival the topic is Norwegian malt. The breweries will be introducing themselves, and on Friday the winner of the Norwegian Beer and Food championship will be announced. The whole programme is available at:

In addition to festival chef, Renee Fagerhøi, there will be flavours and inspirations on stage by world championship contender Thomas Borgan and award-winning chefs from MENY. Every day there will be cooking with children, and Rottatoill is visiting to tell stories from the food city of Trondheim.


There will be classes ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Teachers are all skilled and experienced in their areas. The topics of the classes will range from inspiration to growing vegetables, fish delicacies, how to use leftovers, and inspirational classes about various beverages to use in, with and after a meal. There will be introductory classes on home brewing, classes on beer and food, as well as exciting lectures by three international breweries visiting the festival.

Here you can chop, mix and taste. Learning by doing! Children’s activities are free and open at the same time as the food stalls. You can: mix your own smoothie, roast svele and make jam, grind corn and boil porridge. You can squeeze oil from sunflower seeds and fry flatbread. When it comes to food from the ocean, you can see three different aquariums with shellfish and fish, and make your own salmon tacos or crab salad. You can also become a Seafood Agent and earn a ‘license to fish’. There will be a corner where children can draw and colour images from the ocean. Welcome to the children’s area in Munkegata by Erling Skakkes street! THE ELEVENTH ISSUE




PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD Thursday and Friday from 12pm to 3pm you can help judge the best light coloured beer in Trøndelag. At the flavour laboratory in the festival area, you can taste and judge the finalists from the culinary test. The winner will receive the People’s Choice Award. This is done in collaboration with NTNU and Adresseavisen.

TAKE THE FOOD TRAM TO LIAN LianTunet and Inge Johnsen are inviting you to a mini journey out of the city. Join the tram to Lian and listen to Inge telling a food story starting in 1850. At LianTunet you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of food activities accommodating all ages. You get to bake and shake, learn and yearn, fry, try and pry. LianTunet will heat up the big pot and make soup.

FESTIVAL DINNER This is where you will be invited back in time to the medieval period – a time where only the servants had their dinner served as portions on a plate. Having the food presented on the table was a sign of generosity and wealth – and the hope is that the festival guests will experience this during this year’s festival dinner. There will be food and beverages from all of Trøndelag – the best on offer from land and sea. The plates will be set in the Food Court (Mathall Trondheim) and the entertainment will be historyin-the-making!


FESTIVAL CHEF RENEE FAGERHØI This year’s main chef at Trøndersk Food Festival is Renee Fagerhøi. She is known to many as the former head chef at Kalas & Canasta, Norway’s first winner of TopChef on TV2. Renee likes to use ingredients from Trøndelag, but not everything is acceptable: “I don’t use local ingredients just because they’re local. For me, it is always a question of quality, no matter what. So if I use local ingredients, it is because they are the best. Incidentally and fortunately we have an incredible amount of good products coming from Trøndelag.” You can also see a film of Renee talking about her favourite ingredients from Trøndelag and how she will cook them at Trøndersk Food Festival’s Facebook page. During Thursday and Friday during the Food Festival she will be cooking at the main stage in the square with various products from different regions in Trøndelag.

Time: Friday 5 August. 7.30pm Place: Mathall Trondheim Price:1100kr per person including beverages. 49

Time: Saturday 6 August. Starting point: Tram stop in St. Olavs street at 10.30am. Tram leaves at 10.45am. Return from Lian 13.12pm. Price including tram fare: Children 75kr. Adult 200kr.

NORWEGIAN CHAMPIONSHIP IN BEER AND FOOD The challenge is to brew the best beer to accompany a predetermined dish decided by Mathall Trondheim. Which home brewer can find the best flavour combination for boiled cod? Throughout the spring there have been knock-out stages in seven Norwegian cities. The winners will meet in Trondheim and the champion of the Norwegian Beer and Food Championship will be crowned on Friday 5 August. THE ELEVENTH ISSUE

Local Tastes Participating restaurants


NEDRE BAKKLANDET 6 FOLKOGFE-BISTRO.NO The goal here is to spread the joy of food by preparing traditional courses in a new and exciting way. The Concept wishes to take you back to Trondheim’s culinary roots, cultivate local ingredients, and use the whole animal. The restaurant’s target audience is everyone who enjoys simple, tasty and rustic food prepared with love. The philosophy is to share experiences over a meal. Fish, bird or game is served unpretentiously on cutting boards or stones, right in the centre of the table!

ensure that the ingredients are always fresh. Trøndelag as a region is the biggest and most important one when it comes to producing food in Norway, and To Rom og Kjøkken wishes to contribute to make sure that Trøndelag as a food region will be rightfully well known.

The menu at To Rom og Kjøkken is at any given time comprised of dishes based on the best ingredients from Trøndelag. The region has a variety of local agricultural products, seafood, game, mushrooms and berries of a very high quality, several of them world-class. They are inspired by these amazing ingredients to prepare dishes that allow the ingredients to shine, while still maintaining their distinctiveness. The menu will change with the seasons to THE ELEVENTH ISSUE

You can sit in a romantic corner, pay attention to the cooking from a table by the kitchen or try the Chambrè Separé. At Eld you can have a simple snack by the bar or a full evening with dry matured meat from Trondheim slaktehus in the restaurant. Everyone is welcome!



TMV-KAIA 25 NORDOEST.NO Many of the very best ingredients from coastal Norway are shipped to Asia these days, but NordØst is importing the fine flavours and techniques provide the best local ingredients with an eastern flavour. North meets East!

SØNDRE GATE 22A TANDOORITRONDHEIM.NO Original Indian Tandoori recipes passed down through generations, prepared with local ingredients from Trøndelag. Dishes are prepared in a traditional clay oven.


FOSENKAIA 4A, TROLLRESTAURANT.NO Norwegian food prepared in a helluva' way!






ERLING SKAKKES GT 45 EMILIES.NO One of the oldest gourmet restaurants in Trondheim is celebrating its sixteenth birthday during the food festival! Emilies’ focus is on local ingredients based on the season, 3-4-5 course menus are prepared depending on availability. From July to August they are having a special with 5-course dinners including drinks for 1000kr per person!



Sot is serving coal grilled burgers and cool drinks. Vans, Crocs or Birkenstocks, come as you are. 50


INNHERREDSVEIEN 16, BAREBB.NO Bare Blåbær is a cafè with a rare diversity. It has a unique and vibrant atmosphere. The mixture of modern style and popular charm has become a concept. This is a place to meet for everyone at all hours of the day. Bare Blåbær is a café with a varied and exciting menu, and in the center of the café you will find a wood burning pizza oven. Bær&Bar is on the other side of the wall and specialises in coffee and juice drinks during the day and has more of a pub feel when the evening arrives. This is the place for neighbours and regulars. More intimate, a little more relaxed and with a greater

TRØNDERSK FOOD FESTIVAL AND BREWERY FESTIVAL PROGRAMME choice of drinks than the café. They have the same menu as Bare Blåbær, but their own kitchen and a party menu for up to 70 guests.



Located in Dokkparken at Solsiden Dokkhuset is a concert arena at Nedre Elvehavn in Trondheim. Dokkhuset presents chamber music and jazz, new music, world music and other musical expressions. In Dokkhuset you will find a restaurant, Bar Passiar. It can seat 80 people inside but has a large outdoor restaurant in the summer, a varied menu and all rights. The music environment at the house has a natural gathering place.

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Folk & Fe To Rom og Kjøkken Indian Tandoori Restaurant Emilies ELD Troll Sot bar & Burger NordØst Bare Blåbær / Bær & Bar Bar Passiar Dokkhuset


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& Arts & Exhibitions

Concerts Nightlife Jazz, Blues & Classical Arts & Exhibitions Theatre & Comedy Festivals, Food & Markets Workshops Sports Kids & Family Food & Drink



Karlo Soltic (KS)

Jelena Sitar (JS)

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Karin Modig (KM) Anne van de Wijdeven (AvdW) Zane Datava (ZD) Ida Lee-Wright (IL-W)


SOU T HE R N DR E A M OF A NOR DIC SUMME R L A NDSC A P E Jeronimo Hagerman Art Project at RAKE visningsrom

VEGETATION AND PLANTS in the public space is the theme of Jeronimo Hagerman’s art project at the RAKE exhibition space this summer. The Mexican, Barcelona-based artist is not only bringing his art to the actual gallery, but also to the surrounding area. RAKE is an artist-run, independent exhibition space situated at Brattøra, run by artist Charlotte Rostad and architect Trygve Ohren. The Jeronimo Hagerman exhibition this summer is one of their most ambitious so far. Hagerman spent his early career creating sculptural installations and photography, documenting the distances between the natural and the artificial. As his career progressed, he started becoming more and more interested in vegetation and plants, and in particular, our relationship with the landscape and gardens that surround us. Over the summer, RAKE will host three of his installations. “His projects encourages the spectator to think in a different way, challenging their perspective when it comes to nature and vegetation,” explains Ohren. “The key is the relationship we have with the nature around us. His installations are typically around for some time, allowing the plants to grow and develop naturally, and thereby changing the way the spectator sees it as well.” The art project he is bringing to Trondheim consists of three different parts; one is indoors at the Exhibition space whilst the other two are outside. “Inside we will show Landscape, where he creates an aesthetic micro landscape that represents a close-up of nature.” Placed on a platform for all ages to enjoy, the landscape will develop and change over the course of the exhibition. The other two projects are outside of the small RAKE building. The Perceptive garden (Capturing summer for the autumn) will see humulus lupus plants suspended on wires between the RAKE building and the nearby bridge. “The plants will hopefully grow a lot over the summer and Hagerman wishes to enhance our perspective and create focus on the space between the bridge and our gallery,” says Ohren. The last project is a smaller installation spread out on the ground between RAKE and the bridge. Hagerman has worked a lot with the smell of plants, and his 'smelling beds' consist of mats on the ground with bunches of herbs at the head end of the mat. Here, people are invited to lie down, smell the herbs, look at the sky and connect with nature. “This last installation is very much about creating new spaces,” says Ohren. “Both about creating spaces within yourself and also creating a new physical space right here, outside our door at Brattøra.” Lest the Norwegian summer lets us DATE 2 July – 28 August down, the plan is for the plants to be harvested at the end of the exhibition and used LOCATION RAKE Visningsrom, Brattøra TIME Wednesday – Sunday 13:00 – 18:00 to create a birthday beer for RAKE, who are PRICE Free celebrating their fifth anniversary later this year. (KM) 52



Kids and Family

SUMME R C A MP AT V I T E NSE N T E R E T VITENSENTRET IS RATED NUMBER 11 OUT of 85 best things to do in Trondheim according to TripAdvisor. It is truly amazing, awe-inspiring, and an incredibly fun place to be. Whatever age you are, you can easily spend hours and hours in there without even noticing that you really, really need to pee! “If you are looking for cool and clever activities for the kids this summer, the answer is Trondheim Science Centre. The centre invites kids who are in the 5th, 6th and 7th grades to join the science camp at the center during the summer vacation. This year the theme of the camp is electronics and the centre has prepared some cool and mind-boggling experiments and activities for you to participate in during the camp,” said the Director, Arnfinn Stendahl Rokne. This Science Centre is one of the most visited museums in Trondheim, probably because it has a very peculiar rule, something along the lines of Please, touch EVERYTHING! It is interactive at every step and has exhibits for adults and children alike, so a bit of everything for everyone. “In ‘The city of knowledge’, one of the biggest attractions is the science centre.

With over 80,000 visitors a year the centre is popular to both locals and tourists, young and old. The centre is open every day all year and for the summer, you can join in on different activities, science and planetarium shows.” This summer they have an amazing event they put together in collaboration with NTNU, University Museum and the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters. You will be able to experience the Great Barrier Reef as convincingly as if you were standing right in the middle of it! “As one of the very few venues in the world you will be able to join in on screenings where you put on VR-glasses and join Sir David Attenborough in an amazing dive at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. As you join the submarine and enter the reef together with Sir David, beautiful corals, large shoals of fish and divers researching the reef will surround you in this immersive experience." (JS) DATE LOCATION TIME PRICE

Great Barrier Reef / Science Camp Weeks 26, 27, 31, and 32 22 June - 14 August: Monday - Friday: 10:00 to 17:00 Saturday - Sunday: 11:00 to 17:00 weekly pass 1290 NOK, registration online

Comedy & Theatre


– a comedy-fairy-tale musical

Now an annual happening, Rabarbrateateret's summer show is one of Bakklandets most popular summer events. In true Bakklandet style, it takes place in one of the back-gardens amongst the scenic wooden houses. Rabarbrateateret has a nice tradition of doing their plays in regional dialects, something which adds depth and surprises along the way. This year's production is Into The Woods, a broadway musical based on the book by James Lapine and with music by Stephen Sondheim. The musical is a dark mix of the plots of several Brother Grimm and Charled Perrault fairy tales, exploring the consequenses of the characters’ wishes and quests. Rabarbrateateret is famous for taking such plays and making them their own. This year's production is no different, and FÅRRÅ TE SKOGS as it has now been renamed, will not only be played in Norwegian, but actually in the 'Inntrøndersk' dialect. That is the dialect you’ll hear if you visit such scenic places as Levanger.... Needless to say your Norwegian should be pretty steady if you hope to understand most of what’s happening in the play. As Tor Ivar Hagen, Director of this years production tells us, it was no mean feat to translate the piece. "Sondheim, who composed the music and did the vocal score, is a genious! The play is like a huge crossword, and all the complex rhymes need to add up. I worked half a year with this translation, and now I look forward to meet the actors for some 'floor work' to give life to all these wonderful fun scenes and lyrics."… (IL-W) Date: 23 July- 7 August, all days except Mondays. Time: 19:30 In the backyard of Brubakken 12, Bakklandet NOK 300/400 (

TRONDHEIM OPEN 2016 Norwegian Frisbee Cup The frisbee (or perhaps ‘flying disc’ is more accurate - Frisbee is a trademarked brand name) is one of the most basic toys in existence. Its beginnings are equally humble. In 1938, Fred Morrison spent a day on the beach tossing a cake pan back and forth with his wife-to-be Lucile. What started out as a game turned into a money-making opportunity when a passerby offered to buy the cake pan from them. Morrison would go on to perfect the design, but even the most aerodynamic contemporary frisbee resembles the modest cake pan that started it all. You’ve probably tossed a frisbee around yourself, but did you know just how many games (and even official sports) are played with frisbees? There’s crosbee, flutterguts, Polish horseshoes, and the prosaically named disc dog, to name just a few varieties. Just throwing a plastic disc back and forth doesn’t cut it anymore, because why settle for normal, everyday frisbeeing when one can play ultimate frisbee? This July, the Trondheim Frisbeeklubb is hosting the Trondheim Open 2016, where those who have honed their frisbee skills compete against each other. If you’re more the type to lounge around on the beach than to throw around cake pans (or if you think you might have what it takes to become the ultimate ultimate frisbee champion), why not go and see just what the hype is all about? If you can’t make it to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, this is a great alternative to watching the discus throw, and a safer spectator sport to boot: it’s better to get hit by a plastic disc than a metal one, after all. (AvdW) DATE LOCATION TIME


2 - 3 July Dragvoll Idrettssenter (Loholt alle 81) 08:00 - 17:30




Arts & Exhibitions



Byåsen’s answer to Le Tour de France

Rockheim, the national museum of popular music, is a Trondheim staple. If you haven’t had a chance to visit yet (in which case, what are you waiting for?) head on down to Brattørkaia 14 already. Rockheim showcases celebrates Norwegian music, as well as its history. An especially prominent part of the museum is the Rockheim Hall of Fame, which is "an institution honouring persons and groups who have played an essential role in the development and dissemination of Norwegian pop and rock music,” according to the museum’s website. Being inducted into the Rockheim Hall of Fame is no small distinction, and in fact, the privilege of being nominated is only available to those artists that have already been turning the Norwegian musical landscape upside down for at least twenty-five years. This year, three new inductees will be joining the famed ranks of the Rockheim Hall of Fame (which include previously honored acts such as deLillos, DumDum Boys, and A-ha). Svein Finjarn, the legendary guitarist, singer, composer, and visual artist will be honored, as well as Trondheim prog rock band Motorpsycho and

This bike race bills itself as Trondheim’s answer to the world famous Tour de France. The participants, though, may not be on quite the same level as the athletes found in the French race. The main philosophy of Le Tour de Gæmmern (TdG), now in its eighth year, is for it to be a fun and accessible event for everyone. However, an accessible event can still have a professional touch, starting with the shirts. “The leader of the race gets a yellow shirt, there is the all-important green TdG Trøyen that goes to the cyclists showing the best sportsmanship and there is a pink one for the best woman,” explains main organiser Georg Andresen. The race takes place around Sverresborg, and teams ride together with legs ranging from five to eight kilometres. Despite the relatively short legs, the organisers are aiming for a very professional frame around it. ”We are filming the whole race and aim for professional coverage on par with TV2’s coverage of Tour de France,” says Andresen. ”We film with drones, and there is commentary and classic sporting event

famous jazz singer Karin Krog. All three acts have contributed to and influenced the Norwegian music scene immensely, and they’ll finally take their rightful spot in the Rockheim Hall of Fame. The ceremony will feature speeches as well as music, and promises to be a spectacular celebration of Norwegian music in general and these three acts in particular. The programme promises to be one that’ll take your breath away, with the official Rockheim website guaranteeing that there will not only be surprises for the audience, but for the three inductees as well. Tickets are for sale on the official Rockheim website. Don’t miss this chance to be part of rock history! (AvdW) DATE LOCATION TIME PRICE

3 August Clarion Hotel & Congress (Brattørkaia 1) 19:00 220 NOK

Seigmen 24 sept. Olavshallen

Kari Bremnes


Marit Larsen 2 sept.

5 nov. Byscenen


31 okt. Olavshallen




( /




interviews. People enjoy the attention, they say it is fun to be a sports star for a few minutes.” Team sizes can be between four and eight people. Some people come back year after year, and the race has grown ten-fold in size with 130 contestants participating last year. As well as welcoming back previous contestants though, Andresen and the rest of the organisers are keen to see new faces join. Having begun as pretty much an all-male race, more and more women and mixed teams have joined over the years. “It really does not matter if you are a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, the fun of being part of the race is the most important thing. We are also encouraging businesses to join this year, we think this could be a good event for colleagues to participate in together,” says Andresen. Like any decent sporting event, there is naturally a classy gala dinner to round it all off. Spectators are also welcome, with the steep Saturday leg traditionally being the one that draws the biggest audience. (KM) DATE TIME PRICE

3 - 6 August 15:00 Entry 950 NOK per person (includes all four days, t-shirt and TdG magazine) Gala dinner (participants only): 450 NOK per person

For more information, see

A L EGEND COMES T O T O W N Van Morrison plays Sverresborg Arena

“Van finally comes to Trondheim!” exclaimed the local paper when Trondheim Concerts announced they had booked Northern Irish music legend Van Morrison as one of the acts playing Sverresborg Arena this summer. Trondheim Concerts saw great success with last summer’s concerts at the arena that is situated within the city’s historical open-air folk museum. No doubt, the success of last year contributed to this booking. “Van Morrison has never played in Trondheim before, and everyone who works with concert bookings here has had him on their wish list for a long time. It is a bit of a dream come true and I am really looking forward to the concert,” says press officer Stein Vanebo. Born in 1945, Van Morrison has had an impressive career spanning over half a century. At the age of 13 he was already a travelling musician, before forming the band Them in 1964, and later seeing great success as a solo artist. Initially influenced by his father’s blues, country and gospel music, his music through the years does not neatly fit 55

into one category or another. Combining a myriad of genres with his skills as both a songwriter and musician, his music never fails to excite. “First and foremost, Van Morrison is known for his music and for being a very strong live artist, so seeing him live will be a special experience,” says Vanebo, who is expecting a magical evening at Sverresborg. “I think the setting at Sverresborg will suit his music very well; the amphitheatre and the whole frame around the arena. And I think the warm-up band Violet Road will complement the music really well.” At the time of writing, there are still some tickets left, but this is sure to be another sell-out show so be quick, it is not every day Trondheim gets visited by music legends! (KM) DATE LOCATION TIME PRICE

10 August Sverresborg Arena 20:00 730 NOK

For more info about Trondheim Concerts, go to



Festivals, Food & Markets

T OR UCON 20 16 Age of Heroes

Being nerdy or geeky has not been considered weird for a very long time now, even though Merriam-Webster dictionary still defines a nerdy person as an "unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person". Yikes! Get it together Merriam-Webster! In truth, the twenty-first century nerds and geeks are people of all age and gender, who are smart, well informed and very passionate about something particular. Today, almost everyone is nerdy and it is not considered to be an unwelcome characteristic but a widely excepted and appreciated one. Because there is a little nerd in all of us. Therefore, nerds and geeks of Trondheim - UNITE! For two amazing days you get to celebrate the stuff you like all year long and share your enthusiasm with people with similar or same interests at Torucon 2016. “Torucon wishes to be an alternative cultural offer for people of all ages who have an interest in costumes and cosplay, sci-fi, fantasy, board- and video games, RPGS, LARP and Japanese pop culture, and everything in between. “ Torucon features all kinds of activities like workshops, panels, presentations, but the most exciting ones are the two competitions; Cosplay competition and Outfit contest. “Torucon is one of three conventions in Norway whose Cosplay competition winner will take on the task to defend Norway’s honor and glory at the 2017 Nordic Cosplay Championship in Linköping, Sweden, as part of Team Norway. For the Outfit contest, the participants show off their own original fashion style, self-created characters or reimagined versions of already existing characters, with every bit as much flare and passion as the Cosplay competition. “ But wait, there is more! Torucon will have an arcade, quizzes, treasure hunts and lots of other stuff that will be presented under the overarching theme that is Age of Heroes. “ We expect to see all kinds of heroic characters from traditional comic books, to shonen manga protagonists and classic mythological heroes, in addition to all the other amazing costumes and creations.” Torucon is a different cultural offer in Trondheim, and it really is intended for everyone and anyone. “Torucon has grown to become one of the biggest events of its kind here in Norway, with visitors spanning from toddlers in Totoro costumes, to grandparents in costumes.” So unleash the nerd within, see you there! (JS) DATE LOCATION TIME PRICE

13 - 14 August Clarion Hotel & Congress 10:00 One-day entry pass: 190 NOK / Weekend pass: 325 NOK /Art stand: 530 NOK / Junior Ticket: Free (For children up to age six)


Festivals, Food & Markets

Festivals, Food & Markets

M A K E R FA IR E IN T R ONDHE IM Humans have come a long way since their inaugral appearance on the world stage, wouldn’t you agree? From creating simple tools during the stone age to inventing tools that make other tools which we use to make even better tools?! Seems that the age where crafting objects just to sustain yourself is a time forgotten, and from it emerged a new age of making things to help improve the whole world. The Maker Movement celebrates this new age and you can be a part of it too! The Maker Faire happens all over the world, including our little corner of it, Trondheim. It will be the greatest show and tell you have ever experienced, where people show off all kinds of inventions, projects, and their overall creativity. We live in a world of constant movement and development where innovation is something that happens on a regular basis and sometimes serves a very important purpose, whilst other times it’s just for fun. Maker Faire celebrates that and invites people to share and learn from each other. At the fair you will find whatever makes you tick: there are tech enthusiasts, garage tinkerers, homesteaders and crafters, all of them with a common goal - to educate and entertain you! “Come to Solsiden, get inspired and have a look into the crazy and fun projects that are being made by self-made inventors, hackers and local crazy scientists.” See page 40 for an interview with the organiser. (JS) DATE LOCATION TIME PRICE

26 – 27 August Solsiden, Trondheim 10:00 Free

CL IM AT E F ES T I VA L Trondheim again proves its passion for climate and sustainability. The second time Klimafestivalen (Climate festival) takes place from 27 August to 3 September. It was started by a group of activists from organizations involved in climate and sustainability causes called Klimavalgalliansen in the summer of 2015, when they wanted to draw attention to climate issues during the local political pre-election time. The festival is mainly reliant on the volunteer work contributions of dozens of green organizations in town. Their main goal is to show how easy it is to make a change towards a greener lifestyle. There will be more than 10 events compressed in to a week: walks, talks, concerts

and workshops. The colourful programme will repeat some of last year’s highlights, such as the big opening day in the park and the saved 'waste' food buffet. Organizers recommend checking out a kick-off event on 27 August in the E.C. Dahls park with tons of activities for both kids and adults. There'll be concerts, theatre and art. Possibilities to get your clothes mended, and your bike repaired completely free of charge by the masters of is something to look forward to! Food at the opening event will also be served completely free of charge, and on top of that – it will be prepared by some of the best chefs in Trondheim. Some highlights from the rest of the week are fermenting workshop on Monday,

guided mushroom hunting on Wednesday, and the Norwegian movie premiere of the documentary Don’t Flush your Freedom, about earthships on Thursday. The festival ends with a bang, with two nights of concerts, on Friday for all ages at ISAK, and on Saturday for adults at Brukbar/BLÆST. (ZD)



27 August – 3 September Various locations. E.C. Dahls –park, Kneiken Felleshage, Stammen Café & Bar, Kultursenteret ISAK, BrukBar/Blæst, Studentersamfundet etc. Free

Follow the program at

Festivals, Food & Markets

T R ONDHE IM DOG F ES T I VA L Over the course of history, mankind has domesticated (or attempted to tame) many different animals. From cats to capuchin monkeys, from skinks to sugar gliders, from anteaters to axolotls. Still, among all of these species, only one reigns supreme: man’s best friend, the dog. Whether you want a companion to cuddle with, an exercise buddy, or even a coworker, dogs have always risen to the challenge and continue to do so still. Eager to please and quick to learn, it’s no surprise

that dogs now work together with their owners to take part in competitions that test their agility, obedience, appearance, and even special talents. This August, the Trøndelag Selskapshundeklubb and the Norsk Lagottoklubb are organising the Trondheim Hundefestival. Whether you have a litter of dog-loving kids at home or just love to pet puppies yourself, this event will attract the best of the best when it comes to canine competitors. If you have a dog (or just an interest in dogs), it promises 57

to be a weekend full of terrific terriers, smart sheepdogs, cute collies, and gorgeous greyhounds. Perhaps you are even a dog owner who suspects their dog might actually be the prettiest, brightest, fastest pooch on the planet. If that’s the case, head on down to Støren and see what the competition looks like. Maybe next year it’ll be you and Fido winning medals and basking in adoration! (AvdW) DATE LOCATION TIME

27 - 28 August Støren Idrettspark 09:00 - 17:00


What’s on

Olavsfestdagene 28 Jul - 06 Aug 28 JULY


Opening Concert: The Wound in the Water

Voices from the Crypt


19:00 The Nidaros Cathedral

Award-winning composer Kim André Arnesen created this beautiful piece of music. Performed by musical chamber ensemble TrondheimSolistene and US choral ensemble Conspirare.

10:30 and 13:00 (except Friday and Sunday)

The Hunt for the Archbishop’s Coin FAMILY

The Archbishop’s Residence Deep below the Nidaros Cathedral you can find secret passages, tomb stones, coffins and skeletons. For children 10+ years. 100,- NOK


12:00 The Archbishop’s Residence

Someone stole from the museum! Can you help find the thief? For children 5-8 years old.

150,- NOK

JULY - 03 AUGUST The West Front Meeting 13:00


Travel back in time to the historical market, buy handmade products, try historic and traditional food, and experience historical events.

85,- NOK

Treasure Chest Workshop 11:00


The Archbishop’s Yard Create your own treasure chest decorated with pearls and stones! For children 3+ years old.


See Trondheim Cathedral School Every day of the festival, people will discuss important topics related to the festival theme ‘Mammon’. God, greed, values, and extremism are just a few of the subjects a broad representation of the church, politicians, moviemakers, scientists, and musicians will talk about. FREE

Olav’s Wake

Knowledge is power. During the entire festival, various interesting people will talk about a wide range of topics.


The Nidaros Cathedral


The West Front of the Nidaros Cathedral

Speeches and Lectures

300,- NOK


Explore the shadows with a play and by taking part in a workshop.

The Archbishop’s Yard

Make your own princess’s crown or king’s crown inspired by the real crowns among our Crown Regalia. For children 3+ years old.

Sparebank 1-scene Royal Garden

Author Levi Henriksen is a legend! Expect a lot of good stories and energetic rock songs.

Trondheim Museum of Fine Arts


10:00 FAMILY

Levi Henriksen & The Babylon Badlands 21:00


10:30 and 14:00

65,- NOK

The Archbishop’s Yard

350,- NOK / 425,- NOK / 275,- NOK

Det Skyggefulle

Historical Market

Crown Workshop 11:00


85,- NOK

Check out our program!


Olav’s Knights 11:30 and 14:00

Ida Maria: Scandalise My Name ROCK/POP/JAZZ

The Church of Our Lady FAMILY

The Archbishop’s Residence Train to be a knight! (6-12 years)

28 JULY - 06 AUGUST City Walks See


The Archbishop’s Yard Learn about Trondheim during daily guided walks. 150,- NOK / FREE

The traditional ceremony that lasts all night.

100,- NOK

For full listings and to purchase tickets, visit:

The well-known rock singer is back to regale us with American spirituals. This is going to be a strong performance! 300,- NOK / 250,- NOK

What’s on

Olavsfestdagene Hymns Night CLASSIC

20:00 The Archbishop’s Yard



Conspirare - recital

Jousting Tournament



The Church of our Lady

Organ Concert with Erling Neergård FAMILY

15:00 and 17:00 (except Monday 17:00)


21:00 The Nidaros Cathedral

Outer Archbishop’s Yard

Classical hymns and psalms sung by popular artists. The crowd is welcome to join in! 275,- NOK

Susanna: Triangle POP/ROCK/JAZZ

21:00 Dokkhuset scene

Led by a star of international acclaim, US choral ensemble Conspirare has been a unique and colorful choir since 1991. This promises to be a magical performance!

Every year men in armour do battle with each other in the yard outside the church. A thrilling event that is always popular!

300,- NOK / 250,- NOK

150,- NOK

Nidarosdomen Oratoriekor and Trondheim Vokalensemble 19:00


The Nidaros Cathedral

150,- NOK

Tord Gustavsen & Simin Tander

31 JULY Early Music at Ringve Music Museum 13:00

Local organ hero! This is going to be huge.



The Church of our Lady


Ringve Museum/Botanical Garden Historical music in magical surroundings. This is an all-day event suitable for families and lovers of music. Elegant, tender, and mysteriously beautiful. Susanna is one of a kind in the Norwegian music scene. 300,- NOK


22:00 The Nidaros Cathedral

Norwegian psalms are even better when they are translated into Pashto and set to music by one of the country’s most fun-loving and experienced jazz musicians. Tord Gustavsen and the acclaimed Afghan-German singer Simin Tander together have created an incredibly beautiful and deeply emotive work.

There is a new professional choir in town; Trondheim Vocal Ensemble. And with eighty members, the Nidarosdomens Oratoriekor is huge to boot. A monumental experience. 300,- NOK / 250,- NOK

Susanne Sundfør and Anneli Drecker 20:30


The Archbishop’s Yard

350,- NOK

350,- NOK

Arve Tellefsen’s Music Award




Frimurerlogoen (Freemasons) Fifteen-year-old Joakim Røbergshagen will be receiving this prize from famous violinist Arve Tellefsen. Mendelssohn’s violin concert will be performed.

This living legend still delivers world-class folk music. Sold out!

Kristin von der Goltz 18:00


The Church of our Lady


Olsok High Mass 23:00


The Nidaros Cathedral US choral ensemble Conspirare and the Trondheim Vokalensemble perform during this mass that ends with everyone outside the church!

The pop queen Sundfør shares a lot of qualities with Anneli Drecker. Now they share the stage! A must go this year. 450,- NOK

Baroque queen and one of the best cellists we have ever had the pleasure of listening to. 300,- NOK / 200,- NOK

200,- NOK

For full listings and to purchase tickets, visit:

What’s on

Olavsfestdagene 28 Jul - 06 Aug Live Maria Roggen: Apokaluptein - The Uncovering 19:00


Dokkhuset scene


Mary Chapin Carpenter

Shama Shama




Outer Archbishop’s Yard, Circus Tent Body language, music, and fairytales! Kouame Sereba knows how to entertain the kids.



The Archbishop’s Yard The rising pop stars sold out in no time…

450,- NOK

Konstallasjonen: Over stokk og stein 150,- NOK

Marcus & Martinus

The most admirable country singer ever. Carpenter’s warm and heartfelt songs have not only won many an award, but have also touched many people.


Expect jazzy sensibility and a dark atmosphere during this powerful concert by one of the best singers we have. 300,- NOK


SpareBank 1-scene Royal Garden

10:30 and 12:00


Kristin Asbjørnsen: Traces of You 19:00


Dokkhuset Scene Pushing the limits. Always. Organic jazz with West-African inspiration. 250,- NOK

Magne Draagen and Luftforsvarets Musikkkorps: The Sound of Air FAMILY

19:00 The Nidaros Cathedral

Outer Archbishop's Yard, Circus Tent

Ruben Gazki: Svindler med stil 15:00 and 17:00

Rhythm and games star in this lighthearted children’s play. 150,- NOK


Outer Archbishop’s Yard, Circus Tent

Meg og kammeraten min FAMILY

14:00 and 15:30

Outer Archbishop`s Yard, Circus Tent

The cathedral organist battles the airforce and their horns. An explosive performance! 250,- NOK

Karpe Diem & Aurora 21:00


The Archbishop’s Yard SOLD OUT

Conversation and Concert in the Cathedral: Solveig Slettahjell 21:00


The Nidaros Cathedral A conversation between bishop Tor Singsaas and jazz-singer Solveig Slettahjell about life, faith, and music.

Children’s songs for both young and old! Excellent musicians and funny stories. 150,- NOK Fantastic performance about how the brain works. Expect stories, gambling, magic, and a lot more. So much fun!

Family Mass

150,- NOK


Ole Paus with TrondheimSolistene

The Cathedral is taken over by kids and parents. A special service!



The Nidaros Cathedral


The Archbishop’s Yard The grand old man is back. Ole Paus is our national poet and will be performing new songs just for Olavsfestdagene!

Norwegian hip hop stars who always challenge the authorities. Aurora is the new star on the rise in the Norwegian pop

I Fagiolini: recital 17:00


The Church of our Lady

skies. 450,- NOK

04 AUGUST Kari-Ann Grønsund and Timoto: Den lille filosofen

200,- NOK

395,- NOK

For full listings and to purchase tickets, visit:

Expect British elegance from this vocal ensemble when they perform Claudio Monteverdi. World-class! 300,- NOK / 250,- NOK

12:00 and 14:00


Trondheim Museum of Fine Arts Philosophy for kids with puppet Timoto. 150,- NOK

What’s on

Olavsfestdagene Patti Smith - An Evening of Words and Music 16:00 and 20:30


The Church of our Lady

04 AUGUST - 05 AUGUST How Like An Angel 18:30


The Nidaros Cathedral

Tom Jones & Eva Weel Skram 20:30

Lars Bremnes POP/ROCK/JAZZ



The Archbishop’s Yard Sir Tom Jones won’t let anyone stand still. Come and dance the summer night away to all his classic hits!

SpareBank 1-scene Royal Garden This Norwegian folksinger has touched many with his hit single ‘Elias’. Music with a meaning!

250,- NOK 495,- NOK No embellishment needed. An intimate concert in a church with Patti! SOLD OUT

Welcome party: Nico & Vinz and Tinariwen 20:00


The Archbishop’s Yard

One of the main events this festival is this acrobatic show in the majestic cathedral. See this while you can. Never before seen in Scandinavia. 495,- NOK



11:00 and 12:30 (except 12:30 Saturday)

Katja Lindeberg: Clowns Without Borders

Outer Archbishop’s Yard, Circus Tent

13:30 and 18:00


Outer Archbishop’s Yard, Circus Tent


Closing Mass with Moddi and Ida Maria 20:00


The Nidaros Cathedral FAMILY

The festival has come to an end. Time for contemplation and relaxation with great handpicked songs in this beautiful small church.

A funny and athletic new circus from Sweden. 150,- NOK

Cirka Theater: Musika Mobile 17:00 Friday and 14:00 Saturday

This star duo from Norway has made it big internationally. Tinariwen is a cult band from Mali that has played all the big festivals. Together, they’ll be taking Trondheim by storm.


Outer Archbishop’s Yard, Circus Tent

Sondre Lerche 22:00

325,- NOK


SpareBank 1-scene Royal Garden The king of Bergen will be taking over Trondheim. Paint the town red and end the festival with a bang!

A clown with a mission.

Tedros Ermias 23:00



SpareBank 1-scene Royal Garden This Eritrean pop musician now resides in Trondheim. This is his big debut here!

Norwegian Baroque Orchestra 20:00

The last show this fantastic group will ever perform. Don’t miss it! 150,- NOK CLASSIC

The Church of our Lady Classical music in a modern setting with documentary photos. Try something old, something new, and something borrowed!

06 AUGUST How Like An Angel Classic 19:00 and 23:00

The Nidaros Cathedral One of the main events this festival is this acrobatic show in the majestic cathedral. See this while you can. Never before seen in Scandinavia. 200,- NOK

300,- NOK / 250,- NOK

495,- NOK

300,- NOK

For full listings and to purchase tickets, visit:

What’s on


Geir Nordvik Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Local musician Geir Nordvik plays his guitar and sings both his own music and covers.


Thomas Brink

Antikvariatet 20:00, Free

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free With the influence from pop, folk music and rock his music is poetic and beautiful. Swedish artist Thomas Brink has a new album out and is on his Norwegian tour.

01 JULY - 02 JULY

Elton John

Sverresborg 19:00, Sold Out Super entertainer Elton John is finally coming to Trondheim, and he immediately sold out both of the scheduled concerts. With over 250 million albums sold, over 3500 concerts under his belt, and to top it all off a new album, "Wonderful Crazy Night", great atmosphere at Sverresborg is guaranteed! Warming up acts on both days are Dagny and Foy Vance.

Tenderleaves are Geir Kongshaug and Even Øygarden, two songwriters / musicians based in Kristiansand. The music varies in from folk-rock to indie pop, from American country, to piano and electric guitars, to pop music and jazz.


Kafé Skuret 21:00, 295 NOK

Little Wing




Andreas Aase Antikvariatet 20:00, 150 NOK Acoustic Scandinavian music played by a native Trønder. 14 JULY

Maxwell Sedawi 07 JULY - 08 JULY

Anders Jektvik

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Is it jazz, blues or country? Perhaps it's all of the above. It is definitely rock'n roll! Maxwell plays solo electric guitar music and you can decide what kind of music it is. Come have a beer and rock the place out! 15 JULY

Funk/soul band which have existed since 1988. These guys really get the funk started! 03 JULY - 28 AUGUST

Lørdag på Søndag - every Sunday Antikvariatet 21:00, Free At Antikvariatet Sundays are the new Saturdays. Don't sit at home and dwell on the coming week, come and join in the jam! Instruments available to borrow for free.

Great local singer songwriter, a veritable Trønder Dylan. Tickets extra on the door, 350 NOK... as if there will be any left. Concert on 7th already sold out.

Antikvariatet 20:00, Free Psychedelic rock band formed in London in 2015 by singer / guitarist / songwriter Markus Karijord.

Royal Garden 21:00, 300 NOK Author Levi Henriksen is a legend! Expect a lot of good stories and energetic rock songs. 29 JULY

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Ida Maria - Scandalise My Name Vår Frue kirke 17:00, 300/250 NOK The well-known rock singer is back to regale us with American spirituals. 29 JULY

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Susanna - Triangle Dokkhuset 21:00, 300 NOK Elegant, tender, and mysteriously beautiful. Susanna is one of a kind in the Norwegian music scene. 29 JULY

We are Stardust - a tribute to Joni Mitchell


Kafé Skuret 21:00, price TBA Following last year's success, a group of local musicians play their favourites from Joni Mitchell's rich catalogue.

Nidarosdomen 22:00, Sold Out



Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Velvet and whiskey. Åge Aleksandersen and Tom Waits. That's the best hint we can give when it comes to Pål Davik's concerts. If that isn't enough, just go. It's going to be a great night!

Granåsen Arena 18:00, Sold Out Bruce Springsteen is one of the world's greatest artists. He fills up stadiums and arenas all over the globe, and has sold more than 200 million records. He has played in Norway many times and it's Trondheim's turn. In the ongoing world tour "The River Tour", he plays "The River" album in its entirety. In 2013 he was ranked no1 as world's best concert artist by Rolling Stone's. In Trondheim, all of the 35000 tickets are sold out.

Pål Davik




OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Levi Henriksen & The Babylon Badlands


GNUKK Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free GNUKK plays rock in local dialect trøndersk - but not the ‘trønder rock’ genre. Confused? Don't be. Just go.

This living legend still delivers world-class folk music. Sold out! 29 JULY

Susanna: Triangle Dokkhuset 21:00, 300 NOK Triangle is Susanna's first solo album since 2012. This is her 11th album and was already called some of her best work.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’son on What’s


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Susanne Sundfør and Anneli Drecker Erkebispegården 20:30, 450 NOK The pop queen Sundfør shares a lot of qualities with Anneli Drecker. Now they share the stage!


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Tom Jones & Eva Weel Skram

Erkebispegården 21:00, 450 NOK

Erkebispegården 20:30, 495 NOK

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Interpretations of those lovely and dear pop tunes - in an ever friendlier tone than before. Abba covers, The Beatles, Michel Jackson. But most of all: Vilde & Vebjørn.

Norwegian hip hop stars who always challenge the authorities. Aurora is the new star on the rise in the Norwegian pop skies.

Sir Tom Jones won’t let anyone stand still. Come and dance the summer night away to all his classic hits! 06 AUGUST

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Lars Bremnes Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel 23:00, 250 NOK This Norwegian folksinger.

Erkebispegården 19:00, Sold Out These rising pop stars sell out every time!

Rockheim 19:00, 200 NOK Join the party when famous norwegian musicians Motorpsycho, Karin Krog and Svein Finjarn are officially inducted in Rockheim Hall of Fame. The artists will be there, hailed by friends and colleges, with word and music on stage. See previews.




Hall of Fame Ceremony 2016

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Ole Paus with Trondheim Solistene

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Patti Smith - An Evening of Words and Music

Erkebispegården 20:30, 395 NOK

Vår Frue kirke 16:00 and 20:30, Sold Out Legendary artist returns to Trondheim. An intimate concert in a church. 04 AUGUST

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Welcome party, Nico & Vinz and Tinariwen The grand old man is back. Ole Paus is our national poet and will be performing new songs just for Olavsfestdagene!

Erkebispegården 20:00, 325 NOK This star duo from Norway has made it big internationally. Tinariwen is a cult band from Mali that has played all the big festivals.


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Closing Mass with Moddi and Ida Maria Nidarosdomen 20:00, Free The festival has come to an end. Time for contemplation and relaxation with great handpicked songs in this beautiful small church.

Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel 22:30, 450 NOK Warm and heartfelt country singer.


Lars Ole Hafsmo Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free


Malin & Astri Antikvariatet 20:00, Free Finely tuned music with strong pop influences and vulnerable melodies inspired by jazz. 13 AUGUST

Åge Aleksandersen and Sambandet Trondheimsnatt 2016

Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel 22:00, 300 NOK The king of Bergen will be taking over Trondheim. Paint the town red and end the festival with a bang!

Sverresborg 18:00, Sold Out



Dumpster Divas Antikvariatet 20:00, 100 NOK


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Tedros Ermias Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel 23:00, 200 NOK This Eritrean pop musician now resides in Trondheim. This is his big debut here!

Bakklandets Allsidige Selskap 18:00, 50 NOK Two Thursdays in August, Knut Sletnes and Kjartan Edvardsen, both known from the music scene in Trondheim, will play summer tunes for your enjoyment.



OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Mary Chapin Carpenter

Sverresborg 20:00, 730 NOK Six-time Grammy Awards winner, Van Morrison is finally coming to Trondheim. See previews. 11 AUGUST - 18 AUGUST


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Marcus & Martinus


Van Morrison

Garden concert with Two Merry Gentlemen


Vilde & Vebjørn


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Karpe Diem & Aurora

A unique musical experience coming from a world-loving lady-duo!

Åge Aleksandersen and Sambandet are back to Sverresborg Arena for a new Trondheim Night! Guests at the concert are Sofia Karlsson and Kurt Nilsen. The concert is sold out!

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on




Trygve Skaug

Ila Brainnstasjon 20:00, Free Folk/Pop/Rock from the deep forest of Hedmark.

Antikvariatet 20:00, 150 NOK Trygve Skaug is a songwriter and singer, known from the band StMorritz which debuted with the "Tusenvis av ting" album in 2010. The song "Prøve meg igjen" quickly became the band's first radio hit and "Allting blei stilt" was the most played song on NRK P1 in 2010. The critically acclaimed second album, with radio favorites "Like små" and "Herfra ser jeg stjerner" gave the band an even greater following. Genre-wise, Trygve moves from pop to soulful folk, from americana, to darker country and blues, all blended into a nice package for a warm and thoughtful show.



Antikvariatet 20:00, 50/100 NOK Live music, great food and hopefully fine weather! Playing everything from sea shanties to swing. Price includes lunch.

Folk / blues / rock 24 AUGUST

Summer Party at Kafé Skuret Kafé Skuret 13:00, 250 NOK


Bright Young Things Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free If The Libertines, The Replacements and The Kinks met in a car accident on a rainy day in the Northern part of Trøndelag, this may have been the result.


Herman Wildhagen and band Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Trondheim's based musician Herman Wildhagen brings his band. 31 AUGUST

Dustbowl Revival Moskus (Skuret) 20:00, 200 NOK

8 man band from Venice, California playing some sweet old school bluegrass, gospel, jug bands, swamp-blues tunes. Concert at Skuret.

What’son on What’s


Dekstra Large Kafé Skuret 21:00, tba NOK Album release with popular rapper from Nordland, Helgeland. Support from Oppkast ala Kart from Tillerbyen in Trondheim. 03 AUGUST

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Karpe Diem & Aurora Erkebispegården 21:00, 450 NOK Norwegian hip hop stars who always challenge the authorities. Aurora is the new star on the rise in the Norwegian pop skies. 18 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Sushi & Kobe Samfundet 23:45, 120/170 NOK Young Bergen duo is back to Samfundet. Sushi & Kobe is current with EP "Kobe's Winter" produced by Thias, which is also their live DJ. 18 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Mønster Byscenen 23:59, 150/200 NOK This is a unique composition of musicians, from Motorpsycho (Snah and Kenneth), Elephant9 and BigBang (Nikolai), to Datarock, Röyksopp / Robyn, Lars Vaular combined together with countless jazz tunes (Kjetil). Together they create music that is rock solid on a tremendously broad platform of references, with virtuosity and energy that are guaranteed to blow you away. 18 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Red Mountains Good Omens 23:59, 50/100 NOK Red Mountains is one of the major bands in Trondheim when it comes psychedelia, stoner and doom genre. 18 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: DJ Strangefruit Diskoteket 23:59, 100/150 NOK


KlubbPstereo: Koreless (UK, Young Turks) Brukbar / Blæst 00:30, 150/200 NOK Sci-fi-inspired electronic music under the eminent label Young Turks, that holds artists such as Jamie xx, SBTRKT, FKA twigs, and John Talabot. 19 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Gundelach Samfundet 23:45, 130/180 NOK Gundelach is Kai Gundelach from Oslo. Since he was 16 years old Kai Gundelach has been present on the Oslo club environment, first when he sneaked into clubs with a fake leg and later as warming up act for DJs he looked up to as a kid. Now, it's his turn to shine.


KlubbPstereo: FREKK + FREIDIG m/ Marie Komissar Diskoteket 23:59, 100/150 NOK Marie Komissar plays dirty R&B, Dancehall and Hip-Hop mashed together as BOOTYCLUB. 19 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Brutal Kuk Moskus/Avant Garden 23:59, 150/200 NOK Hardcore/Punk 19 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Jesus F****** Christ Fru Lundgreen 23:59, 100/150 NOK Electropunk, Eclectic Electric Hardcore, UDM


KlubbPstereo: Håkon Gebhardt Byscenen 23:59, 150/200 NOK Håkon Gebhardt is best known as the drummer in Motorpsycho (1991–2005). He has also released the album 'Gebhardt Plays with Himself' (2000), and has since 1999 been a member of the band HGH where he mainly plays the banjo. 19 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Sahg Good Omens 23:59, 80/120 NOK It's not often a metal band enters the top 40 list, and gets a double page in the largest newspaper in the country for their first album. Sahg did! Sahg has conquered scenes from Wacken to India, and their mix of Hard Rock and Doom has gained praise from critics and fans alike! 19 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Svømmebasseng Sukkerhuset Scene 23:59, 50/100 NOK Summery, dance friendly music perfect for lazy, cocktail summer evenings. Inspired by '80s disco, classic indie and more modern electronic music.



KlubbPstereo: Blånæggel Good Omens 23:59, 50/100 NOK Trondheim based Blånæggel plays punk scandirock that kicks you in the face. This energy bomb of a band has played with bands like Silver, Upstrokes and The Dogs. They have played to packed houses at the Familien, Trondheim Calling and KlubbPstereo. 20 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Kriminell Kunst Sukkerhuset Scene 23:59, 50/100 NOK Hard Stavanger hiphop with raw flow, international production level and real catchy choruses. 20 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Boogienetter

KlubbPstereo: Giraffage (US, Fool´s Gold)

Diskoteket 23:59, 100/150 NOK

Brukbar / Blæst 00:30, 100 / 150 NOK Urban club music with heavy bass meets sliced hip-hop and r&b samples.

KlubbPstereo: DJ Christian Mikkelsen


Moskus/Avant Garden 23:59, 50/100 NOK

KlubbPstereo: Lindstrøm Samfundet 23:45, 140/190 NOK Lindstrom today enjoys a cult-like status within dance music circles, and although the humble guy himself seems quite happy doing what he loves on an underground scale, it will be an interesting watch to see what the future holds for the Norwegian talent. 20 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Stundom sessions #4 Byscenen 23:00, 100/150 NOK Concert: Oppkast ala kart + Fejl&Daler.



KlubbPstereo: ATTAN Fru Lundgreen 23:59, 100/150 NOK Since inception in 2014 ATTAN have managed to distinguish themselves through a series of strong performances on festivals like Trondheim Metal Fest and Øyafestivalens Camp Indie. 20 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Loveless (NO, Nora Collective) Brukbar / Blæst 00:30, 100/150 NOK Originally from Trondheim, now Oslo based, Loveless plays electronic music inspired by UK garage and soulful house.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on


Sunday Concert: Guro Fløgstad and Einar Zethelius Ringve Museum 13:00, 100/150 NOK




OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Arve Tellefsen’s Music Award

Ringve Museum 13:00, 100/150 NOK Nikolai Endresen Dahl plays English suite no. 3 and 4 by Johan Sebastian Bach.

Erkebispegården 20:00, 275 NOK Classical hymns and psalms sung by popular artists, crowd participation encouraged.

Frimurerlogen 21:00, 300/200 NOK

18 JULY - 23 JULY


Molde, Romsdal 11:30,


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Olsok High Mass Nidarosdomen 23:00, Free

Folk music from Norway, Sweden and Finland. The concert 'Før i tiden' is a journey of a man's life, with everything it implies. 03 JULY - 29 AUGUST

Sunday Jazz

Ila Brainnstasjon 14:00, Free Every Sunday (except 24th and 31th of July) at 14.00 local jazz musicians come and play for the hat. Norwegian waffles, a fresh cup of coffee and jazz. Classic Sunday at Ila Brainnstasjon. 07 JULY

Thursday Jam Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Jam session with local jazz & blues musicians. Hosted by Sava Balic. 10 JULY

Sunday Concert: Julia Luis Ringve Museum 13:00, 100/150 NOK In Julia's music you will find elements of both jazz and pop. She writes instrumental piano pieces and songs, and it all takes place in an expressive soundscape where influences like Radiohead and Adele, Kurt Weill and Eric Satie regularly appear. 15 JULY

Rockin' Blues Jam Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Jam session with local jazz & blues musicians. Hosted by Sava Balic.


Sunday Concert: Nikolai Endresen Dahl

Fifteen-year-old Joakim Røbergshagen will be receiving this prize from famous violinist Arve Tellefsen. Mendelssohn’s violin concert will be performed. 31 JULY

Moldejazz is one of the countries most acknowledged jazz festivals, it presents quality artists in jazz with hints of rock and pop, too. 23 JULY

Vilde Aakre-Lie Ila Brainnstasjon 18:00, Free Vilde and her jazz quartet will be playing beautiful jazz standards. 24 JULY

Sunday Concert: Nikolai Endresen Dahl and Karen Mathilde Heier Hovd Ringve Museum 13:00, 100/150 NOK Soprano Karen Heier Hovd and harpsichordist Nikolai Endresen Dahl perform a variety of beautiful arias and songs from the Baroque.

US choral ensemble Conspirare and the Trondheim Vokalensemble perform during this mass that ends with everyone outside the church!

Nidarosdomen 21:00, 150 NOK Local organ hero. 31 JULY


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Tord Gustavsen & Simin Tander

Vår Frue kirke 18:00, 300/250 NOK Led by a star of international acclaim, US choral ensemble Conspirare has been a unique and colorful choir since 1991.

Vår Frue kirke 21:00, 350 NOK

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Conspirare - recital


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Nidarosdomen Oratoriekor and Trondheim Vokalensemble

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: The Wound in the Water

Nidarosdomen 19:00, 300/250 NOK There is a new professional choir in Trondheim. With eighty members, the Nidarosdomens Oratoriekor is huge to boot. A monumental experience.

Nidarosdomen 19:00, 350/425/275 NOK Opening concert of festival, by award-winning composer Kim André Arnesen.

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Early Music at Ringve Music Museum


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Organ Concert with Erling Neergård

Norwegian psalms are even better when they are translated into Pashto and set to music by one of the country’s most fun-loving and experienced jazz musicians. Tord Gustavsen and the acclaimed Afghan-German singer Simin Tander together have created an incredibly beautiful and deeply emotive work.


Ringve Museum 13:00, 350 NOK Historical music in magical surroundings. This is an all-day event suitable for families and lovers of music.


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Kristin von der Goltz Vår Frue kirke 18:00, 200 NOK Baroque queen and one of cellist.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

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OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Live Maria Roggen, Apokaluptein - The Uncovering Dokkhuset 19:00, 300 NOK Jazzy sensibility and a dark atmosphere. 01 AUGUST

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Conversation and Concert in the Cathedral - Solveig Slettahjell Nidarosdomen 21:00, 200 NOK A conversation between bishop Tor Singsaas and jazz-singer Solveig Slettahjell about life, faith, and music. 03 AUGUST

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: I Fagiolini, recital



Thursday Jam

Melodi Grand Dinner

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Jam session with local jazz & blues musicians. Hosted by Sava Balic.

Ringve Museum 20:00, 725 NOK (pre-registration needed)


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Norwegian Baroque Orchestra Vår Frue kirke 20:00, 300/250 NOK Classical music in a modern setting with documentary photos. Try something old, something new, and something borrowed! 05 AUGUST


Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free

Vår Frue kirke 17:00, 300/250 NOK

Local food from Trøndelag's bountiful pantries present recipes from the great virtuoso's homeland, with entertainment music from the period just before and after Mozart. 13 AUGUST

Rockin' Blues Jam Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Jam session with local jazz & blues musicians. Hosted by Sava Balic. 14 AUGUST

Mozartfest Ringve Museum 18:00, 275/325 NOK

Expect British elegance from this vocal ensemble when they perform Claudio Monteverdi. 03 AUGUST

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Kristin Asbjørnsen Traces of You Dokkhuset 19:00, 250 NOK Organic jazz with West-African inspiration.

They play everything from fast stomps & rough vocals to slow side riffs and smooth tones. Gaffoot moves within the genre of both modern and more traditional blues, bluegrass and country. 07 AUGUST

Sunday Concert: Malu Gabard and Erik Skanke Høsøien

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Sound of Mozart through some of his contemporary main instruments.

Ringve Museum 13:00, 100/150 NOK


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Magne Draagen and Luftforsvarets Musikkkorps, The Sound of Air Nidarosdomen 19:00, 250 NOK The cathedral organist battles the airforce and their horns. Expect an explosive performance.

Music by Marin Marais, Robert de Visée, Philippe Hersant. In this concert, the audience will experience the original sound of two wonderful and unique Baroque instruments - viola de gamba and theorbo.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on


Håkon Bleken og Gruppe 5: Ramon Isern TKM Gråmølna Wednesday 12:00-20:00, Thursday to Sunday 12:00-16:00, 110/50/Free Håkon Bleken in collaboration with the Architect Faculty of the Norwegian technical college.


True Blue

Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum Monday-Saturday 10:00-16:00, Sunday 12:00-16:00, Free/70/90 NOK

The blue line meets white china. The summer exhibition presents the blue and white pattern adorning both imperial china and contemporary fashion garments. Guided tours (in English on request) every Thursday 12:00, and every other Sunday 14:00. 18 JUNE - 31 DECEMBER

Skål! Wall Of Sound – The Photography of Guido Harari Rockheim 60/120 NOK

In the Collection: Highlights


Solveig Birna

Trondheim Kunstforening Sun-Thur 11:00-22:00 / Fri-Sat 11:00-00:30, Free Exhibition.

Trondheim Kunstmuseum 10:00-16:00 - 7 days a week, 50/100 NOK Video works from the last 50 years. The artworks are presented consecutively and in dialogue with the exhibitions at Trondheim kunstmuseum over the coming seasons. Vito Acconci /Calin Dan / Lynda Benglis / Dora Garcia / Mario Garcia Torres and more. 01 JULY - 16 OCTOBER

Sidsel Meineche Hansen – SECOND SEX WAR Trondheim Kunstmuseum 10:00-16:00 - 7 days a week, 50/100 NOK

Sverresborg Folkemuseum 10:00, 75/110/150/375 NOK This is an exhibition of beer and the brewing culture history. Norwegians' relationship to beer has been varied and rich throughout the history. 01 JULY - 16 OCTOBER

Explore the stunning photos of Guido Harari, including artists like Bob Dylan, Kate Bush, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed and Patti Smith. Guido Harari is present to tell his stories about this artists, including Bob Dylan who turned 75 years old the day of the opening!

Trondhjems Sjøfartsmuseum 11:00, 60/80 NOK


Melanie Gilligan – The common sense


Trondheim Kunstmuseum 10:00-16:00 - 7 days a week, 50/100 NOK

02 JULY - 30 JULY

Tour of SDS Hansteen

About Art


TKM Bispegata Wednesday 12:00-20:00, Thursday to Sunday 12:00-16:00, 110/50/Free The common sense is a science fiction mini-series. “The work extrapolates some really pressing questions about how we use, and increasingly depend on social media, smartphones, and information technology. Besides, it makes you think, the way good science fiction should”.


Cornelius Cardew – From Scratch

Trondheim Kunstmuseum 10:00-16:00 - 7 days a week, 50/100 NOK Works from Trondheim Kunstmuseum’s collection. Edvard Munch, Adolph Tidemand, Hans Gude, Peder Balke and more. 01 JULY - 16 OCTOBER

Maja Nilsen – Det flytende fjellet Trondheim Kunstmuseum 10:00-16:00 - / days a week, 50/100 NOK Nilsen primarily works with collage, sculpture and installation. At Trondheim kunstmuseum, she will fill the sculpture room with a scenic installation, and exhibit smallscale collages in adjacent rooms.

Take the tour on board and hear about the ship's five lives. 02 JULY - 28 AUGUST

Southern dream of a nordic summer landscape by JERONIMO HAGERMAN RAKE Visningsrom Wed-Sun: 13:00-18:00, Free An exhibition inside and outside the gallery space at Brattøra by the Barcelona based, Mexican artist. 03 JULY - 31 JULY

Maritim vandring

SECOND SEX WAR explores a new cyber feminist position against the patriarchy and white supremacy underlying the (re) production of the gender binary in virtual reality. 01 JULY - 25 SEPTEMBER

Toril Johannessen – Unlearning Optical Illusions

Trondheim Kunstmuseum 10:00-16:00 - 7 days a week, 50/100 NOK Toril Johannessen’s exhibition at Trondheim kunstmuseum presents the project Unlearning Optical Illusions in its most complete form until now. She juxtaposes two different visual cultures and their history: Research on geometric optical illusions, and a variety of wax batik known both as African fabrics and Dutch wax print. The main visual element of the on-going project is a series of textiles designed by Johannessen herself.

Trondhjems Sjøfartsmuseum 13:00, 105/150 NOK We talk about Trondheim's shipbuilding history from the founding of Trondhjems Skibsværft in 1779 to the closure of TMV in 1983. 18 AUGUST - 11 SEPTEMBER

Vegard Moen - Langs elven / Along the river Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst Wed-Fri 12:00-17:00 / Sat-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free In his series "Along the river", artist Vegar Moen has photographed garbage and rags collected by people living in extreme poverty. By using very long exposure time, all movement and faces disappear from the photos. Only the trash and the motionless remain. Here is a chance to study garbage, leftovers and household waste in high resolution, carefully composed and presented in a clean and beautiful gallery. Moen has for many years travelled regularly around the world photographing landscapes and architecture with his large format camera.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’son on What’s



Sverresborg Folkemuseum 10:30, 75/110/150/375 NOK


Rabarbrateateret's production of 'Into the Woods' In the backyard of Brubakken 12, Bakklandet 19:30, 400/300 NOK

Take part in our walking theater; Join a young man in a search for work or the lady from Nesset out to buy a hat. Get a fascinating insight into the 1900s urban life in Trondheim. Meeting point at the town square. 15 JUNE - 20 MAY

In the countess' time RInve Museum Thur-Sun 11:00-16:00, Free/90/110 Presentation of music, people and life in old Trondheim. 01 JULY

Into the woods – a comedyfairy-tale musical. See previews. Everyday except Mondays. 03 AUGUST

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Konstallasjonen - Over stokk og stein Outer Archbishop`s Yard, Circus Tent 10:30 and 12:00, 150 NOK Rhythm and games star in this lighthearted children’s play.



Outer Archbishop’s Yard, Circus Tent 11:00 and 12:30 (except 12:30 Saturday), 150 NOK

A funny and athletic new circus from Sweden. 05 AUGUST

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Katja Lindeberg, Clowns Without Borders Outer Archbishop’s Yard, Circus Tent 13:30 and 18:00, 150 NOK


Hedda Gabler

Trøndelag Teater 190/265/325 NOK

In this world famous play by Henrik Ibsen, we meet Hedda as Mrs. Tesman. Newly married to Jørgen, who has given her the house of her dreams and a wondrous honeymoon. But Hedda doesn’t love Jørgen. The play delves into what is lost when Hedda Gabler turns into Hedda Tesman, what happens when a person stops being him/ herself? In Norwegian, starting times vary.


Torill Tombola - Slipp Humøret Frem!


Antikvariatet 20:00, 100 NOK

Nidarosdomen 18:30 (19:00 and 23:00 on Saturday), 495 NOK

A clown with a mission. 05 AUGUST - 06 AUGUST

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Cirka Theater's 'Musika Mobile' Music straight from the heart, an interactive quiz in the show where the public can participate, as well as a drag-show in the end. Torill and Erlend, his right hand, offer an inclusive evening drenched in humor and interesting characters. 07 JULY - 18 AUGUST


Antikvariatet 20:00, 100 NOK All improv groups (Eva Stian, ImproSchmimpro and ImproOperatørene) gather on Thursdays to give you a hilarious summer with improvised humor theater.

Outer Archbishop`s Yard, Circus Tent 17:00 Friday and 14:00 Saturday, 150 NOK One of the main events this festival is this acrobatic show in the majestic cathedral. See this while you can. Never before seen in Scandinavia. 04 AUGUST

Tre Ukjente Komikere Antikvariatet 20:00, 150 NOK Join us for an evening with three of Trondheim's best comedians: Magne Køste, Mariell Køste and Anders Tangenes!

The last show this fantastic group will ever perform. Don’t miss it!

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on


28 JULY - 31 JULY



Havfruen Fiskefestival




Havfruen Free Borrow a fishing rod, and start fishing in the middle of Trondheim!

Tautra, Frosta 19:00, Mid-Norway’s Gospel festival is a family friendly festival that features traditional gospel music with a touch of Celtic, bluegrass, jazz and blues.

Smøla, Møre og Romsdal, 300/790/990 NOK Name of a rock-festival in Smøla, three miles from Kristiansund. Rock, life by the sea, and a big camping area for all interested in this amazing festival.

Flora, Selbu 12:00, 250/300/500 NOK Started as a small festival in 2007 and since then it has grown steadily and surely. Every year it attracts more people with its solid traditional music and beautiful surroundings.

06 JULY - 10 JULY

Utihavet Festival Mausund, Frøya 07:30 Offers deep sea fishing, activities for big and small and music. 08 JULY - 10 JULY

Stoksund Summer Festival Stokkøy samfunnshus, Stokkøya 12:00 A summer festival for people of all ages! It includes sports activities, concerts, a dinner party and much more! 15 JULY - 16 JULY

Tydal's Festival Stugudalen, Tydal TBA, 650/1300 NOK Calls itself a popular people’s festival that is strongly committed to family programs during the day as well. 22 JULY - 24 JULY

Støy På Landet

Nævra, Malvik 19:00, Free Støy på landet marks its tenth anniversary in picturesque surroundings at Nævra, deep in the woods outside of Hommelvik. For two days and nights, 45 acts from around the country and abroad will give you the best of experimental underground noise and weird music. Come celebrate peace, love and cows in the fields at this free, loud and legendary summer festival. 28 JULY - 03 AUGUST

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Historical Market Erkebispegården 10:00, Free Travel back in time to the historical market, buy handmade products, try historic and traditional food, and experience historical events.

29 JULY - 30 JULY


Stranda Festival

Operauka i Stjørdal

Orkanger 18:00, prices TBA Names itself “Norway’s wildest beach festival” and is open for all between 18 and 70 years old.

Stjørdal, 150/350 NOK Opens with an opera gala in Kimen Kulturhus where national star soloists offer gems from the world of opera and operettas. There will also be guest performances from opera Di Setra presenting “Summer in Tyrol” at the beautiful farmyard Ersgard.


Slaget På Testiklestad Sverresborg Folkemuseum 14:00/19:00, 395/450 NOK No expense is spared when historical events that never took place, unfold in the exact same spot they definitely did not happen back in the Old Days. In short: Norway has been converted into a Christian country. Sanctimonious Olav fixed that. Fair enough. But now Olav is dead, and a new king has found his place in the line - the power-hungry Lord King Sverre. He won`t let the clammy hands of the church pick his nose. Behind the slogan " Føkk Kyrja og Paven i Rompa " he fights forward over a falling Dovre in a bloody secularization of the country. Naturally, the battle will be at “Stiklestad”, and in the middle of the annual church meeting he will plant a symbolic fist in the face of The Clever Bishop and put the clergy in place once and for all. That's the plan. But on the way to Stiklestad he overnights at “Garden Ful”. Very quickly, this turns out to be a crucial decision. Parody musical comedy at its finest! 05 AUGUST - 06 AUGUST

Frøya Festival

Siholmen, Frøya 17:00, 800/1200/1400 NOK A family festival and an continuation of the Frostafestivalen. The festival is being held for the tenth time this year and will offer a mix of well known artists and local maritime environmental heroes.



Berkåk centre, Rennebu 11:00, 150/350 NOK A market place for 150 of Norwegian craftsmen who are going to present and sell their handcrafted pieces. 13 AUGUST - 14 AUGUST

Torucon - Age of Heroes Clarion Hotel & Congress 11:00, 190/325 NOK See previews. 16 AUGUST - 19 AUGUST

Nor-Fishing 2016

Trondheim Spektrum 11:00, 100/150/200/300 NOK The world's leading fisheries technology exhibition. 18 AUGUST - 20 AUGUST


Marinen 16:00, Sold Out Pstereo showcases up-andcoming bands with a few classic headliners every year. On top of providing great live music, this festival offers a meeting ground for locals and international visitors alike with club events and a free Saturday family concert.


Trondheim Maker Faire Solsiden 10:00, Free See previews. 27 AUGUST - 03 SEPTEMBER


Kneiken community garden Various, Free A festival to increase awareness of climate change and environmental challenges in society through fair, debates and cultural events. See previews 27 AUGUST

The Climate Festival Festival Opening E.C.Dahls parken 11:00, Free Festival opening with tons of activities for kids and adults: concerts, theatre and art. Get your clothes mended, bike repaired and eat free climate friendly food prepared by some of the best chefs in Trondheim. 30 AUGUST

Vegan Surplus Food Buffet (The Climate Festival) Folkekjøkkenet 19:00-20:00, Free Every Tuesday Folkekjøkkenet makes a delicious vegan buffet with food that would otherwise be thrown away. 4-6 AUGUST

Trøndersk Food and Brewery Festival Trondheim Torg Free See programme on page 46 for details.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’son on What’s


Historical Holiday School Sverresborg 2500 per week per child The kids travel back to 1900s to experience how their peers lived a hundred years ago, and see the difference between the 'city' and 'village' kids.

topics related to the festival theme ‘Mammon’. God, greed, values, and extremism are just a few of the subjects a broad representation of the church, politicians, moviemakers, scientists, and musicians will talk about. Meet at the West Front of the cathedral. 29 JULY - 30 JULY


Summer at Vitensenteret Vitensenteret 10:00, 80 NOK/ 1290 NOK for the Science Camp Planetarium, science shows, workshops. In collaboration with NTNU, University Museum and the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences’ and Letters. See previews. 28 JULY - 05 AUGUST

Det skyggefulle TKM Bispegata 29 July - 10:30, 14:00 / 30 July 12:00, Philosophizing about shadows and a workshop with shadow theatre. 04 AUGUST

Den lille filosofen TKM Bispegata 12:00 and 14:00, 150 NOK

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Speeches and Lectures Trondheim Cathedral School Various starting times Knowledge is power. During the entire festival, various interesting people will talk about a wide range of topics. Check out programme on Olavsfestdagene. no 28 JULY - 08 JUNE

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: City Walks Erkebispegården Free/150 Learn about Trondheim during daily guided walks. Free for kids. Various start times, see Meet up by the big tree by the market. 28 JULY

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Olav’s Wake Nidarosdomen 23:00, Free The traditional ceremony that lasts all night.

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: The West Front Meeting Nidarosdomen 13:00, Free Every day of Olavsfestdagane, people will discuss important

Ila Brainnstasjon 18:00, Free For everyone who wants to practice their Norwegian in a relaxing and friendly environment. 25 AUGUST

IxDA meetup DIGS Co-working space 17:30, Free An informal academic meetup for people who work with or are interested in user experience. 26 AUGUST

EAT & QUIZ - maker special DIGS Co-working space 19:00, Free Biweekly quiz at DIGS EAT. 28 AUGUST

Open Day at Kneiken Garden (The Climate Festival) Philosophy hour with Kari-Ann Grønsund. From 4 years old. All are encouraged to bring a stuffed animal.

Kneiken Garden 12:00-16:00, Free


Fermentation class Stammen Café & Bar 18:00, Free Learn how to ferment food! Part of Klimafestival 30 AUGUST

Environmental Evening on Climate Research (The Climate Festival) Stammen Café & Bar 19:00, Free This evening Naturvernforbundet has invited scientists to talk about how their research can be a part of climate solutions. 31 AUGUST

Dress Up, Don`t Mess Up - The Story Behind Your Clothes (The Climate Festival) Kultursenteret ISAK 18:00, Free Spire and Prisløs welcome everyone to learn more about the carbon footprint of your clothes, as well as the working conditions in the textile industry. In addition, you can fix your clothes, or find your new favourite pair of jeans at the clothes swap. 31 AUGUST

Mushroom Expedition (The Climate Festival)


Ferista, Bymarka 18:00, Free

Fashion Show Thomas Angells Gate Free 18 AUGUST

Norwegian Language Café / Språkkafé Ila Brainnstasjon 18:00, Free For everyone who wants to practice their Norwegian in a relaxing and friendly environment. 24 AUGUST



Norwegian Language Café / Språkkafé

JABB #45 - Trondheim Playground special DIGS Co-working space 19:30, Free Jabb is a series of informal meetings created for discussion of projects and interests.

Meet the Kneiken-enthusiast and learn more about Bakklandet's community garden. Come for a look, or a taste! 28 AUGUST

Mushroom Control (The Climate Festival) Ferista, Bymarka 14:00-17:00, Free Want to pick mushrooms, but not quite sure which one is eatable or not? Trondheim soppog nyttevekstforening will help you out with their expertise.

Want to pick mushrooms, but not quite sure where to find them? Trondheim sopp- og nyttevekstforening will help you out with their expertise.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on





St. Olavs run

Rosenborg v Sarpsborg 08

Le Tour de Gæmmern

SuperCup Trondheim 2016

Trondheim Torg 15:00, Free 4 day run finishing in Trondheim.

Lerkendal Stadion 18:00, 145/235 NOK

Sverresborg 15:00, 950 NOK

Lerkendal Stadion 20:45, 50/150 EUR

Tippeligaen match.

This bike race bills themselves as Trondheim’s answer to the world famous Tour de France. The participants, though, may not be on quite the same level as the athletes found in the French race. See previews.

Real Madrid - Sevilla at Lerkendal Stadion. See previws.

02 JULY - 03 JULY

Trondheim Frisbee Open 2016 Dragvoll Diskgolf Arena 08:30, Free


Rosenborg v Haugesund

Norwegian Frisbee Cup. See previews. 04 JULY - 29 AUGUST

Horse racing V65

Leangen Travbane 18:30, Free Harness trotting and racing under saddle. Betting, buffet of Asian and Norwegian food, and great student offers. Every Monday (except 8 August).

Lerkendal Stadion 15:30, 145/235 NOK Tippeligaen match. 29 JULY - 31 JULY

Sailing Trip

Sjøfartsmuseet Chance to take a three day sailing trip aboard the ship Hanseet, to Levanger and back. See for more information.


Spanish Night under SuperCup Mathallen 16:00, 595 NOK Enjoy Spanish food and wine before the big game.

W H Y SO SA D ? N eve r m is s a b e a t by s u b s c r ib in g t o the L is t ’s we e k ly e m a il n e w s le t t e r

h t t p :/ / t h e lis t .is


Rosenborg v Sogndal Lerkendal Stadion 20:00, 145/235 NOK Tippeligaen match. 28 AUGUST

Rosenborg v Tromsø Lerkendal Stadion 18:00, 145/235 NOK Tippeligaen match.

What’s on


King Sverre's Warrior School Sverresborg Folkemuseum 12:00, 75/110/150/375 NOK


Children's Hour

Rockheim 12:00 / closed on Mondays, 60/90/120 NOK For kids from 6 to 12 years. Discover the secret rooms of Rockheim, and be a rock star! 01 JULY

Narnia at Munkholmen

Want to become a real “Birkebeiner”? Then you must join the training camp! Learn about tactics, handling a sword, shoot with bow and arrow and turn coins. Children receive costumes, swords and shields.

Munkholmen 18:30, 190/240 NOK

Sverresborg Folkemuseum 13:30, 75/110/150/375 NOK

BUL Nidaros (a traditional cultural organisation) is putting on Narnia; The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe in scenic surroundings at Munkholmen.


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Voices from the Crypt

What happened when a boy had an eating match with a troll? Or when a man would take care of his home? What happens if you catch the sun light? A mixture of staged and improvised story telling for children and adults on the Nesset farm. 11 JUNE - 14 AUGUST

Among The City’s Best Citizens and Sneakiest Citizens Sverresborg Folkemuseum 15:00, 75/110/150/375 NOK Experience a contrasting time. Trondheims golden age in the 1700s. Who were the city`s richest? Who was its most suspicious? A wandering journey with dramatized performances. Suitable for all ages.

TKM Bispegata 10:30 and 14:00, 150 NOK Explore the shadows with a play and by taking part in a workshop. 30 JULY - 01 AUGUST

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Jousting Tournament Outer Archbishop’s Yard 15:00 and 17:00 (except Monday 17:00), 150 NOK Men in armour do battle with each other in the yard outside the church. A thrilling event highly recommended for all ages! 02 AUGUST


Norwegian Folk Tales



Nidarosdomen 10:30 & 13:00 (except Friday and Sunday), 100 NOK Deep below the Nidaros Cathedral you can find secret passages, tomb stones, coffins and skeletons. For children 10+ years.

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Shama Shama Outer Archbishop’s Yard, Circus Tent 12:00, 150 NOK Body language, music, and fairytales! Kouame Sereba knows how to entertain the kids. 02 AUGUST

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Ruben Gazki - Svindler med stil Outer Archbishop’s Yard, Circus Tent 15:00 and 17:00, 150 NOK Fantastic performance about how the brain works. Expect stories, gambling, magic, and a lot more. 03 AUGUST


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Kids activities everyday! Erkebispegården Various pricing

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Konstallasjonen - Over stokk og stein Outer Archbishop`s Yard, Circus Tent 10:30 and 12:00, 150 NOK Rhythm and games star in this lighthearted children’s play.


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: KariAnn Grønsund and Timoto, 'Den lille filosofen' TKM Bispegata 12:00 and 14:00, 150 NOK Philosophy for kids with puppet Timoto. 05 AUGUST

OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Katja Lindeberg 'Clowns Without Borders' Outer Archbishop’s Yard, Circus Tent 13:30 and 18:00, 150 NOK A clown with a mission. 11 AUGUST

MGP Junior Sverresborg 17:00-19:30, 320 NOK Here the youngest can listen to the tunes of Karoline, Thea, Espen Fernando and Emma Noor from MPG Jr 2015, Sval with band and Mandarinsaft. 14 AUGUST

From Gregorian songs to Lady Gaga Ringve Museum 13:00, 50/175 NOK History of music in 40 minutes. Atle Sponberg and Knut Erik Sundquist are the fastest strings in Norway, perhaps even in the world, and they will take you on a journey from a time when notes were square to today's music sung by divas who will not even show their face. 27 AUGUST - 28 AUGUST

Trondheim Hundefestival Støren Idrettspark 09:00, Free Trondheim's dogshow. A perfect place for dog-lovers and kids. See previews.


OLAVSFESTDAGENE: Meg og kammeraten min Activities for children everyday, for different age group, 3 and up. Treasure Chest Workshop, knight training, crown workshop, crime solving and more! See individual listings in the Olavsfestdagene section.

Outer Archbishop`s Yard, Circus Tent 14:00 and 15:30, 150 NOK Children’s songs for both young and old! Excellent musicians and funny stories.

Listings are subject to change, check for information



Named Best Café of the Year by National Geographic in 2012, Baklandet Skydsstation is an idyllic and peaceful café where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks in a traditional setting. Here you can enjoy a cup of homemade cocoa while looking out over Nidarosdomen. One of Trondheim’s most historical buildings which dates back to the 1700’s, Baklandet Skydsstation has rave reviews from locals, tourists and media and is famous for its fish soup.

Øvre Bakklandet 33, 7013 Trondheim +47 73 92 10 44 Mon-Fri 11:00-01:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-01:00 01 02 03

Baklandet Skydsstation Bror Café Løkka

04 05 06



Bror is a bar and BBQ-hotspot located in Nordre Gate, right in the heart of Trondheim. They specialize in craft beers and rum, served alongside burgers and southern California-style tacos. Burgers are cooked in a charcoal-fired grill. Go as you are - be it a quick drink, a full meal or a night out. Bror offers a warm welcome!

Between Bakklandet and Solsiden amongst the old remains of industry and brick walls you can find one of Trondheim’s hidden treasures, Café Løkka. Soothing indie, soul, funk and folk music is the backdrop of this unique setting. The ideal place to come and study, do lunch or just hang for a couple of beers; the ambience of Løkka is always perfect.

Olav Tryggvassons gate 29, 7011 Trondheim @bror_bar / +47 458 31 526 Mon-Thur 11:00-00:30, Fri-Sat 11:00-02:30, Sun 13:00-02:30 07

Ila Brainnstasjon Kafé Soil / Taps Trondheim Lille Skansen

Dokkgata 8, 7042 Trondheim +47 400 00 974 Mon-Sat 11:00-01:30, Sun 12:00-00:30 10

Ni Muser Ramp Restaurant Tasting

08 09

11 12

Tacopedia To Rom og Kjøkken To Tårn















Ila Brainnstasjon is a cultural café right next to Ila park. In a cosy atmosphere, with local art, serving hot and cold food from local ingredients: meat from Meråker, vegetables from Frosta and ice cream from Reins monastery in Rissa. Ila Brainnstasjon also has a little stage where small (and big) artists perform from time to time. If you want to have a BBQ in the park they also offer do-it-your self platters.

Ilevollen 32, 7018 Trondheim +47 489 55 036 Tue-Thur 16-24.00, Fri 16-01.00, Sat 12-01.00, | Sun 12-21.00


Kafé Soil sits in charming Bakklandet and serves up delicious organic homemade cakes and other baked goods. Vegan and raw alternatives ensure that there is something for everyone, and visitors can quench their thirst with locally-roasted coffee as well as juice and soda. At the night the venue becomes a pub Taps, which serves up the best in local craft ales, including their own brews. They also offer beer tasting for small or large groups.

Nedre Bakklandet 20d, 7014 Trondheim Taps +47 47636504é-Soil SOIL: Mon-Sat 11:00-17:00, Sun 11:00-18:00 TAPS: Tues-Thurs 17:00-00:00, Fri-Sat 17:00-01:30


Lille Skansen is a restaurant with a bar and café. Located at the marina at Skansen this restaurant certainly has a spectacular location and view, now accessible by the new Skansen footbridge. Enjoy your seafood dinner while the sailboats float by, or a cold beer on a hot summer day, overlooking the sunset. They also do catering and rent the venue out for parties.

Nedre Ila 2, 7018 Trondheim +47 739 21 151 Mon-Sat 11-23.00, Sun 11-21.00


Cafe Ni Muser is found beside the jewel of Trondheim, Nidaros Cathedral. Since 1991 they have been quenching the thirst of coffee lovers, and satisfying the needs of art enthusiasts. And now they have a new menu with real focus on local produce, including over 20 types of local beer. Go and enjoy great food and drink in the old bishop’s residence.

Bispegata 9, 7013 Trondheim +47 735 36 311 Mon-Thur 11:00-22:00, Fri-Sat 11:00-00:30, Sun 11:00-22:30


Ramp Pub & Spiseri is a local bistro and pub located on the eastside of town, to be more precise in Svartlamon (Trondheim’s alternative area). They’ve been there for 12 years, serving in-house produced burgers, hummus and delicious daily specials. Ramp prides itself on local ingredients, homemade bread and cakes, and on serving quality food and drinks.

Strandveien 25a, 7042 Trondheim Tlf: +47 735 18 020 Mon-Thurs: 14:00-01:00, Fri-Sun: 12:00-01:00



Tacopedia is a ‘fast casual’ Mexican restaurant in Trondheim city centre. Everything they provide is made in house. First you choose your taco, then your meat, then you choose your salsa and your toppings. It’s fast, tasty and healthy food at reasonable prices!

Kongens gate 16, 7010 Trondheim +47 473 53 598 Mon-Thurs 11.00-21.00, Fri-Sat 11.00-03.30, Sun 14.00-21.00


Run by Roar Hildonen and Alexander Skjefte – both with a great passion for food and drink – To Rom og Kjøkken focuses on the best produce from Trøndelag. It is the largest food region in Norway with a wide variety of seafood and other delicious local, small-scale products. To Rom og Kjøkken takes inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine and uses firstclass ingredients in a unique way with no compromise. They boast an extensive selection of 500 wines and 120 beers.

Carl Johans Gate 5, 7010 Trondheim +47 735 68 900 Mon-Thu 16:00-24:00, Fri-Sat 16:00-01:00


Restaurant Tasting is located in the heart of town. During the summer months the kitchen is open from 12-20. They offer a seasonal menu with everything from sandwiches to starters, mains and desserts. The kitchen serves local shellfish, mushroomfed pig from Verdal and regional cheeses. Tasting has a wide selection of wine by glass and local beers. Drop in for a coffee, reserve a table or grab a drink in the bar .

With panoramic views of the Cathedral’s West front, here you can enjoy Norwegian open sandwiches - farmer’s rye bread, rolls, hand-peeled shrimps and ciabatta. You can also eat ‘stone masons bread’ and ‘medieval soup’, just as pilgrims have been doing for many centuries. Delicious coffee, homemade cakes and waffles. And get in touch to book the location for receptions combined with organ concerts in the cathedral.

Nordre gate 24, 7010 Trondheim Mon-Thur 12:00-24:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-01:00 + 47 738 02 350

Nidarosdomen Besøkssenteret + 4772 84 59 90 / 995 22 020 Mon-Sun 10:00-17:00

Trøndersk Matfestival

What does the cheese say? Probably your favourite food festival

4.-6. August 2016


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The List Magazine - Issue 11