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BUMPKINS NURSERY At Bumpkins Nursery we provide quality day-care for children aged three months to five years. Our main nursery site is based on a working arable farm in Whaddon, just off the A1198 near Royston. Our pre-school is a very pleasant stroll up the road and across the village green. We pride ourselves on offering a highly supportive, well managed nursery, where your child’s happiness is our priority.

We like to make a difference - the Bumpkins Difference!

activities Children learn best through play. Our rooms are bright and happy places to be, filled with toys and fun activities which are designed to be enjoyable and stimulating. Music, dancing, art and craft, story time, cookery, dressing up, role play and language are all part of play at Bumpkins. Our pre-schoolers enjoy new Montessori equipment to enhance their learning before they make the step up to big school. The Great Outdoors is a very important part of life at Bumpkins; even our babies enjoy going for a walk around the village in the comfort of a Bumpkins buggy! The British weather doesn’t stop us as we provide wet-weather dungarees and our outdoor playgrounds have special all-weather surfaces. There’s a large field filled with big outdoor toys to explore, and our pre-schoolers can enjoy the lovely Willow Dome which was built as part of a Family Fun Day. We love our Nature Rangers Club, which encourages our children to develop a greater interest in their environment and an enjoyment of the outdoor world. *will your child be a caterpillar, ladybird, bumblebee, butterfly, grasshopper or dragonfly? Pop on over to our website to find out!

food We provide three home-made meals every day; breakfast, lunch and tea. We use only the highest quality ingredients from the best local suppliers; Hill View Farm Shop provides all our fresh fruit and vegetables and delivers to us twice a week. Our meat is supplied by Bury Lane Farm Shop in Melbourn, who have worked with us to create our special Bumpkins sausages recipe. Our menu changes according to the seasons and the weather. We constantly review our food plans to ensure the food is healthy, balanced and enjoyed by the children. With a strong focus on healthy eating, we can cater for many special dietary requirements. Bumpkins meal times are a positive experience, allowing the staff and children to enjoy food together. We are frequently told that you can always tell a Bumpkins child, because they say or sign please and thank you, they share at the table, pour their own drinks and enjoy meal times together as a family.

staff At Bumpkins Nursery your child will benefit from a loving and supportive environment facilitated by caring and qualified staff. Some of our team are newly qualified but the majority are established and experienced childcare professionals, some of our team are parents or grandparents themselves, several are from large families and so we have a great deal of practical childcare experience on our team. Everyone has the opportunity to attend further training courses in subjects such as First Aid, Food Hygiene and Baby Signing. Many staff are working towards higher qualifications in childcare alongside their busy working day.

ofsted As with all nurseries, we can be inspected by Ofsted at any time. We are proud of the Bumpkins Difference and Ofsted are very complimentary about the care we offer and the policies and procedures we adhere to. We had our first inspections under the newly revised inspection framework in August 2016. We are very proud to announce that we retained our ‘Good’ ratings, and we continue to work towards ‘Outstanding’. You can see Ofsted’s reports at www.ofsted.gov.uk

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fees When you visit we can discuss your individual family’s requirements. We accept childcare vouchers, employers’ contributions and government funding. Our fees are reviewed annually and up-to-date fees are published on our website.

come and visit us! We would love to welcome you to Bumpkins so that you can experience first-hand The Bumpkins Difference. There is no better way to see if we are right for you and your family than by visiting us. You’ll be able to meet the staff, visit the rooms, see the toys, and most importantly, the quality of care that your baby or toddler will receive whilst in our care. We do have a waiting list for certain days, and advise that you come for a visit as soon as you can. Whilst we do recommend that you visit us early on in your pregnancy if possible, our door is always open, and we will be able to discuss with you availability for your family, based on your own individual requirements. We have funded places available for 3 year olds so do get in touch if you have not yet taken advantage of your funded place. Our pre-schoolers enjoy following “My Road to School”, our own version of the Government-supported initiative which helps prepare children in readiness for school. We offer fully flexible care between the hours of 7.30am - 6.30pm and have a limited number of spaces available.

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Bumpkins Nursery, Leyhill Farm, 2 Bridge Street, Whaddon, Royston, Herts, SG8 5SQ Quality Daycare for Children aged 3 months - 5 years old. Open 7.30am - 6.30pm, Monday - Friday