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Banquet Inn

Banquet Inn are a company based in Cambridge and have been providing bars since 1999. The bars are fully stocked and are famous for their 150 Gins. They have pop up bars and

quirky vintage trucks all ideal for any party requiring a mobile bar 07711 556833

Drives of yesteryear A car from Drives of Yesteryear is a stylish way to travel on your wedding day. You will want everything to run smoothly on this, your most important day. You can be confident that it will if you book with this family run business. Being based locally you also benefit financially as there will be minimum travel to collect the bride.

Awarded “Best Wedding Car Hire Company – Cambridgeshire” by Lux Magazine in 2018, Drives of Yesteryear have a variety of vehicle and service options which will cater for many different tastes. 01763 261250


Best Man Speech - Dream or Nightmare? If you’ve been asked to be the Best Man at your friend’s wedding you are probably starting to worry already about making the speech. Fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias and can get in the way of you enjoying the rest of the event. But there are easy techniques you can learn to build your confidence.

1.startA tomonth before the wedding, practice feeling confident. Close your eyes and picture an occasion when you felt really confident. Make the picture bright and colourful. When you are experiencing that confident feeling as strongly as possible, press the tips of your thumb and first finger together firmly. This is your confidence anchor.


In the week before the wedding, before you go to sleep every night, imagine yourself making a brilliant speech. See yourself standing confidently, speaking easily, the smiling faces in front of you. Hear them laughing at your jokes and clapping as you finish. Enjoy that good feeling of a job well done. Press the tips of your thumb and first finger together to ‘fire’ your confidence anchor.

3. Just before you stand up to make the speech, take a few

moments to concentrate on your breathing. Breathe down into your stomach and make each out-breath slightly longer than the in-breath. This will trigger relaxation.


When you stand up, plant your feet firmly hip distance apart and stand in your confident posture. Fire your confidence anchor.


Take plenty of sips of water. This will keep your mouth moist and give you a chance to look at your notes


At the beginning of your speech, let your eyes go out of focus so that you can take in the whole room. Once you are feeling more confident, let your eyes focus on the people who are smiling and laughing - there will be plenty of them.


Enjoy yourself - this is your moment!

© Pat Duckworth

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