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STEP AWAY FROM THE SMARTPHONE! It goes with me everywhere. It sits on my desk while I am working and in my cup holder when I am driving. It peeks out of my backpack during class and sits on my lap during church service. Even when I am sleeping, it sits on my nightstand. It is a constant companion – a 24 hour technological connection to family and friends. I probably check it 100 times daily, and I didn’t realize how dependent I had become on it until I was forced to go without it for a few days last summer.

My challenge to you this month is to STEP AWAY FROM THE SMARTPHONE! Schedule “phone-free” time (at least an hour or two) every day and use this time to reconnect with a friend or loved one. Instead of checking Facebook for the twentieth time, invite a friend to go for a walk. Instead of sending yet another text message, visit a family member. God never meant for us to do all of our fellowshipping digitally. He wants us to share face-to-face conversation on a regular basis!

The first time I was By reconnecting with our inner selves with the without a “connection,” and people who love us, we will be I thought I was going re-energized when we step back into to lose my mind! the hustle and bustle of

My grandmother lives in a small Tennessee town. When I visited her last summer, the signal for my cell phone became weak or nonexistent. During that time I was forced to go without cell service for a few days. No Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, CNN or other online outlets. Text messaging was even limited. The first time I was without a “connection,” I thought I was going to lose my mind! But I didn’t. Instead of losing my mind, I rediscovered myself! In the stillness of those days “off the grid,” I was reminded of how much I love face-to-face conversation, reading books and listening to music. My grandmother and I attended church services, went out for a meal or went to the mall. As I disconnected from the rest of my busy life, I reconnected with the virtues of patience and attentiveness. I had almost lost those attributes after years of constantly being “plugged in.”

our daily lives. We may never truly be able to live “off the grid” but by remembering to take a step back from technology every now and then, we can rediscover our most valuable resource: OURSELVES!

Shine On Sista! Illumination (and Inspiration for the Daily Grind) Crystal Senter Brown has been a performance poet for most of her life. Born in Morristown, TN she has performed at thousands of events. Her song "Large and Lovely" was nominated for several music awards including the Billboard Music Song Award, Peacedriven Song Award, ASCAP Music Plus Award and the Urban Music Award. Visit


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