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Rene Miller


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Š2013 Lioness is the first leading magazine for female entrepreneurs. We believe women are multi-dimensional creations who flourish, personally and professionally, when they take time to nurture their spirits. We celebrate the unique challenges and achievements of women in business. We believe women are multi-dimensional creations who flourish, personally and professionally, when they take time to nurture their spirits. Our mission is to elevate, educate and support female entrepreneurs.

welcome to editor’s letter Katelyn Gendron

Time, our health is of the essence Scheduling is everything these days. Whether you’re “old school” and prefer to jot everything down in a paper planner or leave it to Siri to remind you, we’re constantly in motion. This month, Atlanta radio personality, Georgia Lottery host, and entrepreneur Rene Miller, shares with us how she manages to balance three jobs thanks to two very important things: the power of her femininity and her watch. She believes we don’t have to dress like the boys to be as successful as them. We can also manage our time effectively if given the right time piece (and dedication to adhering to it). I tend to agree with Rene, although I’d like to take it one step further because I believe that time should never be taken for granted. Just ask Sara Tenenbein, who at 28 years-old tested positive for the BRCA1 gene and opted for a double mastectomy to reduce her chances of getting breast cancer by approximately 80 percent. Speaking to her for this month’s issue was an enlightening and inspiring experience because not only did she have the courage to irrevocably alter her body but she’s also changed the way she views her own wellness. Sara has given up New York City’s rat race for life in sunny California, while opting for allergen-free whole foods and regular exercise, while finally taking up the hobbies she’s always wanted. I walked away from my interview with her questioning my own lifestyle and at the same time envying the strength she must possess to have changed her life so dramatically throughout the past two years. I hope her story inspires more of us to live healthier, happier lives. Health is a recurring theme in this month’s issue as our reporter, Tara McCollum, spoke with Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, founder of the Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine, who is working to change the way we look at medicine and the treatments we receive. She’s even provided our readers with a guide to how the busy professional woman can maintain her health. I’ll be the first to confess that I could certainly benefit from her suggestions and I hope you do too.



“It is an honor to support and participate in this important event,” Mary Leach, chief marketing officer, Movado Group Inc., said.

Annual Power of Women Luncheon celebrates Hollywood’s most philanthropic, inspiring women Movado was proud to serve as a premier sponsor of Variety’s 5th annual Power of Women Luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in California on Oct. 4. Presented by Lifetime, the exclusive event hosted 450 guests, a list comprised of Hollywood insiders who came to celebrate, support and pay tribute to Hollywood’s seven most philanthropic women.

This year’s honorees included long-time Movado global ambassador and Emmy Award nominee Kerry Washington (President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities), Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominee Amy Poehler (Worldwide Orphans Foundation), and Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal (Teen Line). A special Go Red For Women Award was given to actress Elizabeth Banks by the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women and the Samsung Galaxy Impact Award was given to Academy-Award winner Jennifer Hudson for her work with the Julian D. King Gift Foundation.

“It is an honor to support and participate in this important event,” Mary Leach,

chief marketing officer, Movado Group Inc., said. “I commend all of the women honored here today for selflessly donating their time, energy and resources to benefit these important charities. It is an extra special honor to present Kerry Washington with Movado’s Women of Distinction Award and to recognize her exceptional achievement in public service and support of social causes. Congratulations to all of the incredible women celebrated by Variety this year, and thank you to Lifetime for supporting the 2013 Power of Women event.”

Actress Amy Poehler was honored for her philanthropic efforts on behalf of the Worldwide Orphans Foundation at the 5th annual Power of Women Luncheon in California. Photo courtesy of Movado Group Inc.

The event featured Variety’s Philanthropy Bazaar, which provides an interactive area for guests to engage with the featured charities and participating brand partners. The goal of Variety’s Power of Women is to inspire and encourage people from all walks of life to get involved, give back and make a difference. Movado was proud to present each honoree with a Movado brand timepiece to auction for the benefit of her designated charity. Each watch was housed in a custom-designed gift box signed by celebrities attending the event.



Rene Miller


Rene Miller Photos courtesy of Rosele Lee

or Rene Miller, a radio personality for Majic 107.5/97.5 in Atlanta, a Georgia Lottery host and founder of Rene Miller Presents, time is a valuable commodity.

She insists she’s not a professional juggler, rather a woman who was “bitten by the entertainment bug,” when she first heard George Benson’s “Breezin” on the radio. Miller’s tenacity and love for jazz landed her a job as a DJ at WABD in Tennessee just a few days later; fast forward 29 years and she’s built a brand that’s expanded well beyond the confines of a radio studio.

“I’ve always had another business, besides radio. You need to know what the public wants to see and hear. I wanted to fill a void in the marketplace, [which is why I founded] Rene Miller Presents,” she explained, noting that her company specializes in event planning, marketing and branding entertainment capital.

Her company has produced numerous live music events including the Michelob Got Jazz Series and the Budweiser Nusoul Series – which drew more than 10,000 people each month to Centennial Olympic Park – and Atlanta’s Next Best competition where musicians competed for the opportu-

nity to perform with Miller at the annual St. Lucia Jazz Festival.

Miller said Atlanta’s Next Best is her labor of love as it allows unsigned artists to break into the industry; ‘it’s just one of the ways she’s tries to “give back.”

“There are a lot of talented people out there who never get a shot. This way they can interact with producers and executives and provide them with constructive feedback. This year, we added another element to Atlanta’s Next Best and are letting them record their first single,” she explained.

Miller was quick to note that while she may have multiple jobs – Rene Miller Presents in the morning (and throughout the day), the Georgia Lottery drawing in the afternoon and the radio gig at Majic in the evening – she’s earned a Ph.D. of sorts in project management by emphasizing the value of her gender and the time dedicated to her endeavors.

“Women oftentimes forget the power of femininity. We should wear dresses and skirts; we don’t have to dress like the boys

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Rene Miller

to be as smart and successful as the boys. You’ll get the respect,” Miller explained, noting that in addition to her feminine wardrobe there’s one accessory she can’t go anywhere without: her watch.

“I have to have on a watch everyday. It’s my most important asset. I have a whole lot of watches. [My watch collection] is about half the size of my shoe collection and I love shoes,” she confessed.

“I even have a life clock, a personal fiscal year, October to October. Everything that was major happened to me in October,”

Miller added, noting that being named to the cover of Lioness Magazine’s October issue couldn’t have been mere coincidence.

Regardless of the month, time won’t stand still for Miller as she already has numerous events in the works as well plans for the future of Rene Miller Presents, which she hopes will include “passing the baton in 10 or 20 years to someone who will have the same philosophy of service and exploration.” When asked how she’s been able to maintain her success and what advice she’d give

to aspiring female entrepreneurs in the world, Miller replied, “I’m approachable, number one ... I’m an open book. I was lucky to find my purpose and my passion at the same time.

“And also, don’t give up. I give up at least 10 times a day and then something will happen that just tells me that this is the right thing to do. If we allow ourselves to progress, [our lives] will naturally move forward,” she continued. “You’ve got to keep that same passion and feel as when you first started. Keep it fresh; I’m open to things that come may way. Let’s just put a period right there.”



Managing Me

It’s time to celebrate the harvest of accomplishments By Brenda’s Child

When the foliage begins to brighten and days grow shorter it’s an optimal time to regroup and reflect on your accomplishments (the fruits of labor). As you sip on your pumpkin spice beverage of choice, it’s prime time to examine how the seeds you planted have blossomed into accomplishments.

October is not crunch time; it’s not the month when you realize you’ve got 90 days to lose 10 of the 15 pounds you promised to shed back on Jan. 1. Instead, it is time to relish in the successes of the year both great and small. After all, there is no sense in watering and nurturing a dream if you don’t take the time to enjoy the beauty in it. Take a half-hour and write the first things that come to mind, such as upgrading your traditional coffeemaker to a Keurig, or not hitting the snooze button three days a week. Be proud of any move you’ve made toward your personal, spiritual and financial growth. As your list grows, and it will, you may suddenly find yourself feeling as invigorated as the autumn breeze. This newfound energy will set the tone for you to plan ahead for another year of excellence. Happy autumn!

Brenda’s Child has made it her life’s mission to inspire people through poetry and stories and through leading by example with courage, confidence, and integrity. She emphasizes self-love, worth, and value. She also feels obligated to tell the truth ... even if it hurts. Visit www.brendaschild.com



Sara Tenenbein, 30, was a 28year-old newlywed of three months when she tested positive for the BRAC1 gene. Photo courtesy of Sara Tenenbein

Woman makes life-altering decision after testing positive for BRCA1 By Katelyn Gendron

For Sara Tenenbein, 30, a wellness coach, writer and founder of the blog Me, Redone, in Los Angeles, Calif., the decision to remove her breasts after testing positive for the BRCA1 gene was not about surrendering her femininity but ensuring the quality of her life.

Tenenbein was a 28-year-old newlywed living with her husband, comedian Steve Hofstetter, in New York City, when she decided to undergo genetic testing due to her mother’s battle with breast cancer. She knew a positive result would mean an 87 percent chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer at some point during her lifetime.

“For me it wasn’t about avoiding her expe-

rience, it was going to the hospital every few months. I’d lay there for an MRI for 45 minutes. The anxiety and the waiting was just too much. It was a lifestyle choice for me. I wanted to have the surgery on my own time and the aesthetic outcome can be beautiful,” Tenenbein recalled.

The beautiful outcome, she was quick to note, was not without intense physical and emotional pain throughout the three-surgery, 12-month processes at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

“Recovery from the mastectomy [the first surgery] is not that hard but the reconstruction [the second and third surgeries] is hell on earth. It’s exceptionally painful,” she explained, noting that tissue expanders are needed to stretch the skin

after the mastectomy in order to make room for the breast implants.

“They look like alien boobs,” she said of the tissue expanders. “For a while you look like you have a really bad boob job.”

When asked how the experience affected her marriage, Tenenbein replied, “I said [to him], ‘I’m a lemon. I’m so sorry. We’re just three months into marriage.’ But I’m incredibly lucky that I married a 6-foot-4 husband who [didn’t mind] sleeping on the love seat at the hospital.

“For any single women out there, it’s a great way to weed out assholes,” she added with a chuckle. “If you are going through this with your partner, they are not going to understand the emotional aspect

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Tenenbein but they can help in other ways such as cleaning, cooking, etc.

Following her mastectomy, Sara Tenenbein decided to radically change her lifestyle. She adopted the two dogs she’d always wanted, switched to allergen-free whole foods and moved from New York to California. Photos courtesy of Sara Tenenbein

“Some people say I’ve mutilated myself but my piece of mind is incredible now,” Tenenbein continued, noting that the surgery has not only altered her physical appearance but drastically changed her philosophy on wellness.

“I was eating pizza, Pepto [Bismol] and diet soda; I looked tired and puffy [before the surgeries]. Now I want to understand what I’m putting in my body. I exercise regularly. I take care of myself because I want to live,” she explained, noting that she’s dedicated to allergen-free whole foods.

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Tenenbein said she’s also committed to spreading the word about the importance to genetic testing, being one’s own medical advocate, and the importance of support groups such as FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered), a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Her affiliation with FORCE has also bettered her understanding of how testing positive for the BRCA1 gene also puts her at risk for ovarian cancer. She said she will most likely have a hysterectomy as well but for now she’s focusing her efforts on wellness initiatives. “It’s changed how I value my life,” she said. “I have two dogs now. I always wanted to play guitar and I bought one. It’s about a journey.”



Stiletto Statement

My road to becoming a dream catcher (in heels) By Aliyah Cherrisse

For this column I felt the need to share with you a little story in hopes of inspiring you to chase after something that you have always wanted, until you catch it!

On Sept. 13, in New York City at The Hotel Pennsylvania my dreams came alive. I caught what I had been chasing for almost two years: I’d finally been signed to a modeling agency (True Model Management) and had my first client to work with (Ashley Stewart), and this is all thanks to the platform that I worked tremendously hard to reach known as Plus Night Out (PNO). Thanks to the vision of one woman, Jovanna Reyes, also known as “Curvysta Plus,” models from all over come together for this amazing night where the possibilities of them leaving with a life changing opportunity were endless.

Before PNO, I had been dealing with some serious hardship. Employment was scarce and even with my college degree I couldn’t get hired for the smallest seasonal summer job. Never losing site of what it was that I wanted for myself, I tried to keep my focus as much as I could. Not knowing where my next meal may come from, where I would lay my head, or whom I had in my corner, I felt lost and was ready to quit. However, the fire in me, the God in me, the drive in me kept me a float. Due to my financial trials, emotional battles, and waning passion, I was unsure how I’d come out from it. I have my God for whatever I need, but for some reason I couldn't speak to him. I didn't know what to say or where to start but I knew he was still near. Nonetheless, I was still surviving. I had to give up my place; my son

was now being affected by my dream chasing, my financial, and emotional burdens. I almost lost my car, and had no idea where money was coming from.

I was ready to call it quits. I was still traveling to shows and casting calls and I swear I have no idea how I was making it. God was placing people in my path at the right place and the right time and I didn’t even know it. Everything was becoming so much to bear.

After attending the PNO casting call at the Ashley Stewart in North New Jersey about three weeks later I received that unforgettable phone call from Reyes herself. She said, “Aliyah, you have been chosen as a finalist!” My heart melted, my stomach dropped, and of course came the tears. From the moment of that phone call I started to say to myself, “You got it, it’s your time, and on Sept. 13 your life will change!” I had no idea how the night would go for all of the finalists were amazing. The stakes were high, but all I could think about was, “This has got to be the opportunity you sacrificed for, that you lost so much for, that you gave up so much for, and that you have worked so hard for!" I claimed it. There was no looking back.

PNO is a fashion event exclusively for the plus size woman. The vendors, sponsors and designers are for the curvy fashionista. PNO, formerly, Fashion Night Out Plus, began in 2011 in Olde Towne Alexandria, Va., as an outlet for “plus-centric” designers and vendors to gather to highlight a curvy woman’s style. Determined to bring the same style, class and attention to the Plus Size community as those of more traditional sizes, “It’s a JR

Model: Aliyah Cherrisse Designer: Ashley Stewart Make Up: K. Thompson Hair: Tanazia Nyelle & Yolanda Nicole Photographer: Ivory Jackson Photography

Production,” expanded the vision in 2012. PNO would meet New York City in 2012 where it was hosted at the Yotel Hotel and the response was phenomenal. Models, press, vendors, buyers and spectators came together to put on a fabulous show with feature pluscentric fashions from designers and boutiques such as Eddy and Bri, Lee Lee Valise, Alter Ego Clothing and Curvysta.

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Stiletto Statement

Model: Aliyah Cherrisse Designer: IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel Make Up: K. Thompson Hair: Tanazia Nyelle & Yolanda Nicole Photographer: M. Armstrong Photography

PNO 2013 bought on board the lovely Joanne Borgella of Nuvo TV’s “Curvy Girls” and American Idol “Fame.” The designer line-up included those of Ashley Stewart, IGIGI, F3, Full Figured Fashionista, Curvaceous Boutique, Serita Bell, Chocolate Sushi Couture, JustRaymona, Intimate Plus, and The Cotrice Collection.

PNO 2013 added a twist where one lucky winner from their model search would win an amazing array of blessings. The panel of judges would host a casting in California, Atlanta, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York where finalists would be selected to participate in the main event in hopes of taking home the Gold, where the Grand Prize winner would receive: a $500 Ashley Stewart Gift



Certificate; a modeling contract with True Model Management; a paid modeling assignment with Ashley Stewart; the cover in an issue of Daily Venus Diva Magazine; full editorial spread in an issue of Skorch Magazine; the cover and full editorial spread in an issue of Full Blossom Magazine; an editorial in Phat Magazine and in ModelCall Magazine; the cover and editorial in Plus Night Out Program/Magazine; three professional photo shoots with renowned plus photographers Jovanna Reyes, Marc Wyche and Doug Swain; an hour consultation with Model Makers Consulting Agency (valued at $150); and Catherine Schuller’s, “Ultimate Plus Size” Modeling Guide.

along the way especially those of a genuine soul! Just think, last year, I was actually a blogger for PNO and it was from last year that I really started being even more proactive on this dream!

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Well you guys, that blessed winner was me! I still think about the moment I heard my name called and how my stomach filled with butterflies as I awaited the names to be called. All I could do was cry, shake my head in disbelief, and say thank you Lord! I am forever grateful to True Model Management, Ashley Stewart, and Jovanna Reyes for believing in me because they made me a firm believer of the quote; “where there are a million no’s, there will be that one YES!”

With True Model Management and Ashley Stewart on Board, PNO opened doors that are hard to break down in the Full-Figured modeling industry and I can only imagine what next year will hold for all the sponsors, designers, models, and vendors who come onboard. As I work out my reign as the first PNO winner (of this magnitude) there is no pressure but a little pressure to blaze the trail for the models to come because this is one platform as a model, designer, or even a vendor that you would not want to miss out on being a part of. I am thankful to everyone who did help me

Model/Songstress/Designer/Personality: Joanne Borgella Photographer: M. Armstrong Photography

Stiletto Statement

Well, I hope that this piece of my testimony inspires one of you reading this, if not all, to get up and go after what it is you believed or were told that you couldn’t do. Just know that you are not alone and you too can become a dream catcher. I want you to dream beyond your own imagination because anything is possible. We all will be faced with trials but know that, “The Fight Is Not Given To The Swift Nor The Strong, But To He Who Will Endure It To The End!”

Founder of Plus Night Out: Jovanna Reyes Photographer: Ivory Jackson Photography http://www.PlusNightOut.com

www.truemodel.net www.ashleystewart.com

Model/Songstress/Designer/Personality: Joanne Borgella Photographer: M. Armstrong Photography

Aliyah Cherrisse, born and raised in Atlantic City, N.J., has grown to be a very educated, vibrant, and driven intellectual. As a graduate of Morgan State University, with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Marketing, Aliyah has put her studies to use in branding herself as the “Multimedia Personality” she is to-date. Currently pursuing her love of entertainment, Aliyah is known for her titles of “Fashion Show Production Assistant, Radio/TV Personality, Curvy/Full-Figured Model, Red Carpet Correspondent, Host, and Blogger,” but let's not forget to mention: this is all while being a single mother! With no intentions on slowing down, Aliyah anticipates what God has awaiting ahead for her!



‘Chicks’ birth new business dedicated to women

Meghan Rothschild, of Northampton, Mass., and Emily Gaylord, Easthampton, Mass., recently announced the launch of chikmedia, a marketing and design firm focused on helping women-run organizations create comprehensive marketing strategies.

Rothschild and Gaylord met four years ago through their work with a local nonprofit and have been working together ever since.

“chikmedia is a brain child born from a casual conversation we were having one day,” Gaylord said. “We were both assisting individual businesses with marketing, PR, or design and relied on each other for professional input on the work we were doing.”

Meghan Rothschild and Emily Gaylord, both of Massachusetts, have launched a new business dedicated to aiding women-run businesses. Photo courtesy of chikmedia

“Something clicked,” Rothschild said. “We immediately knew this could work as we are both very committed to exceeding expectations. And we’re both hilarious.”

The two immediately got to work on a business plan, realizing that female-run organizations were of high priority.

“Women running and owning their own businesses is becoming increasingly more common,” Rothschild said. “It’s important to remember that we are a small, female-run business so we understand the importance of finding your voice in this economy.” The pair is already working with a variety of clients including everything from local talk shows to area authors, community nonprofits to major restaurant chains.

chikmedia launched their website, www.chikmedia.us, along with a Facebook page (facebook.com/chikmedia) and Twitter account (@chikmedia).

The Lipstick Chronicles

The Loveboat hits the Iceberg

By Kristina Chapell

Relationships are never easy and I think we can all agree with that. They take work from day one. Whether we enter one open-minded or skeptical, we work at relationships. But, what we don’t often realize is break-ups take work too.

Break-ups are mentally taxing on both parties (but let’s focus on the females for this article) and it takes work to get out of bed some days, to be happy the sun is shining, or to put one foot in front of the other (all things we are usually happy about). The sad and realistic part is we’ve all been there. We’ve all had girlfriends come over with wine, beer, tequila, chocolate, ice cream, and in my case recently, cheesecake. We’ve sat around the table or the couch listening and agreeing and preparing for the moment when we say “shots” or “dessert” and try to make light of a tough situation.

This happened in my circle recently. My best friend and her boyfriend decided to call it quits, well really he decided to and never really spoke to her about it; he just faded away. Anna entered into her most recent relationship in a skeptical way, her heart had been broken before and Mario seemed too good to be true. He said and did all of the right things and we liked him too. We were so happy for her; to see her smile from ear to ear. Months passed and we were all happy in Anna’s

relationship but then something changed. He got more distant with her and us (yes we were an added bonus to their relationship) and one day just seemed to stop caring.

As we sat around and talked about the events of the past few weeks we looked back and thought about when we saw things change; what was said or done – on either side – so we could try and say “that was it.” And, while she dated him we all “dated” him so we are all trying to figure it out; we are all indulging in the cheesecake and vodka.

Anna’s break-up got me thinking about the work we put in to move forward and live through the pain. Many years ago my papa told me the pain of the death of a loved one, the pain of the end of a relationship, and the pain of a child losing a teddy bear is no different; pain is pain. And, as I have experienced two of the three I have to agree. The problem is, pain is work. It seems like the end of the world and it takes work to get past the pain.

As we work through the pain we find many ways to cope, or try to cope. We work on detaching ourselves from the relationship – deleting numbers, messages, throwing away cards, burning pictures and notes, and so on. Detachment helps us to move forward but it definitely takes time. Talking helps too. We talk with friends, run through different sce-

narios and seek input or sometimes just need someone to listen as we talk. That someone can be a friend or a group of friends and for some it could also mean a therapist to help us sort things out. Thinking things through and talking about them can help you in future relationships too, hopefully to help you see the red flags before they come and go.

I am one for exercise after a break-up. Not so much because looking good is the best revenge but because working out helps me quiet my mind and allow me to focus on what’s around me and be present in the moment; but that takes work too. It’s much easier to stay on the couch eating bon bons than to put on gym clothes and sneakers and get out of the house. Walking also serves as a form of distraction. As we are present in the moment we hopefully forget for a few moments the pain we feel; as with other things we choose as distractions – girls nights out, work, etc.

Some people I know even take up writing in a journal again – you know that thing we did when we were 13! I have been known to do this on occasion myself – write down feelings and thoughts to just get it out there. This can help so we don’t bore our friends with the same story over and over again but it can also help us to see patterns and even learn a lesson or to form the relationship. Another way to deal with the pain is “out with the old and in with the

Kristina Chapell is a single gal in her 30s making her way in the world. Passionate, savvy, and stylish; Kristina is a social relationship builder. You can often find her on Facebook and Twitter keeping up with the latest news and always supporting causes she is passionate about such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Link to Libraries, and The Business Channel.



new.” Clean the house, organize your room, or in Anna’s case, buy a new house! OK, well this was already in the works but the way timing would have it is her house sold as her relationship ended. I don’t suggest just going out and buying a new house but if it so happens like it does for Anna, cleaning and packing can be a good distraction, albeit an overwhelming one in which you need your girlfriends, vodka and cheesecake.

All in all, no matter what we do to get through a break-up (and get through not get over) we must work at it. We can’t just wake up the next morning and be fine, and if you do, then something is wrong with you. For the majority, we need to work at it and sometimes I think the work we do to get through a break-up is harder than the work we do to be in a relationship. Somehow even though a relationship takes work, it just seems easier – let’s not talk about cheating, etc., here, let’s just consider a “regular,” if we can call it that now, relationship – then the work a break-up takes.

When your loveboat hits the iceberg remember this – “a person can get used to anything if given enough time.” This comes from one of my favorite books and movie, “The Notebook.” It’s true, with time we can come through the other side; sometimes we just have to work at it to get there. ~ xoxoxo KC

Taz writes prescription for change

By Tara McCollum

In recent months there’s been a lot of talk on the subject of healthcare, primarily on insurance plans and the costs of treatment, which has led to much debate in our country. Whatever side of the aisle you may be on in this topic, it would be safe to assume that putting our nation’s health to the forefront of discussion is a good thing, but are we really talking about all that needs to be discussed? Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, known to her patients as Dr. Taz, has some ideas on changing the way we look at healthcare, and for that matter, ourselves.

Taz is a board certified physician who specializes in integrative-holistic medicine, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, pediatrics and women’s health. In 2009 she founded the Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine, where she serves as medical director. It is there she hopes to be setting in motion a change to our ideas on how we seek treatment.

“I wanted it to be a change where we change the definition of women and children’s health-

care. It’s been a definite journey, treating one patient at a time,” she said.

Going off the idea that “one size does not fit all” in medicine, Taz formed her center to help patients navigate their health solutions from multiple vantage points to live healthy, naturally. At the Atlanta Center, conventional methods of medicine are combined with integrative practices to tackle medical issues, but their approach will often start by looking into various options other than going straight to medicine.

“We come up with an individual treatment plan and we educate patients on what is effecting their health. The key is the patient needs somebody to individualize their care,” Taz said.

Reaching her five-year anniversary since opening the Atlanta Center, Taz feels she now has a model that works and is ready to move on, her sights set on opening more centers in different cities and states. For now though, Taz remains in Atlanta, often seeing patients who come from out of state just to have a consultation with her. It is clear that through the

Atlanta Center and her many media appearances (she is a regular commentator on “Dr. Oz” and the “Today Show”), Taz has struck a cord in people who are seeking something better, something personalized.

Beyond her ideas for changing the way patients are treated, Taz is also trying to tackle issues in both women and children’s healthcare that she feels, are frequently ignored, citing cancer prevention as one avenue that is not being explored enough. While she acknowledges the great advancement in cancer treatment, Taz still feels that “using nutrition and lifestyle” is an important step in prevention, hoping to bring light to the strengths a healthy lifestyle could lead to. Other topics she looks to bring into focus are managing depression and anxiety and also hormone health. “Using birth control for things other than birth control is a no-no,” Taz used as an example.

Advocating a healthier lifestyle and for one to educate themselves on why they are feeling or experiencing the way they are may seem

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like a no brainer, but it is no secret that prescription medicine has come to be seen as a cure-all for everything. People want an alternative and Taz provides it.

Simple health tips from Taz for the busy professional woman:

Food. “If you don’t put energy anywhere, put it into your food,” Taz said.

Maintaining a healthy diet is pantomime to leading a healthier life. Though it is preferred to match a healthy diet with exercise, Taz is firm on her beliefs that starting with a healthy food foundation is most important. The best way to stick to a healthy line up would be to prep and plan your meals and to not think of it as a “diet” but rather a lifestyle change in the way you eat. For more information on the foods and plans Taz suggests, check out her best-selling book, “What Doctors Eat”, where she proclaims that, “food is medicine.”

Dr. Tasneem Bhatia

Exercise. “Create a self care plan,” Taz said, “block a time out for yourself and put it on the calendar if you have to.”

Taz recommends planning some sort of healthy activity (running, dance class, strength training, etc.) three to four times a week paired with something that serves to keep you balanced. Taz enjoys a once a week yoga session or acupuncture. Find what works for you to reach a calming center at the end or beginning of an often-busy week.

Sleep. “The majority of the time it is important to try to get five nights consistently of good sleep,” Taz said.

While many of us have issues with achieving

Tara McCollum, a New York native, currently resides in Houston, Texas, where she has learned to trade in cosmopolitans for margaritas, contemporary décor for bedazzled embellishments, and white winters for palm trees, but has held stead fast to her great love for the Yankees. With a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from State University of New York at Purchase, she manages an office for an electrical company by day and is a loving mother to three beautiful furry animals by night. Never giving up on her dreams of one day becoming a novelist, she has slowly been documenting the crazy and unexpected soap opera-like turns of her life in the hopes of one day entertaining the masses with her unbelievable tales. Stay tuned.



a good sleep routine, Taz is not so quick to suggest a sleeping aid, referring back to the idea that everyone’s problem with sleep is an individual issue, so instead she recommends searching for a personalized solution, noting most often those with low magnesium levels or with high stress levels tend to have trouble sleeping.

Managing Stress. Following Taz’s three simple points for balancing both physical and mental health with busy work hours is also key for managing stress. Maintaining a balance of healthy foods, good sleep and taking time for yourself serves as an incredible force against the aggravations from stress. For some quick tips, Taz suggests taking a break and walking outside for just 10 minutes. Getting outside, seeing and smelling nature can do wonders for regaining balance. Also, know your limits.

“Set boundaries and limits for what you sign up for,” Taz said.

Beauty for the Busy Woman. “Your face reflects your habits of the last 20 years,” Taz said.

Again, food, sleep and exercise are a part of good skin health as well. While there are cosmetic acupunctures and hot oil treatments that can help you to look your best and refreshed, Taz said things as simple as staying hydrated and minimizing exposure to the sun can be just as beneficial. It seems we hold the keys to our own health; we just need to find our keys and use them.

For more tips and information from Taz, check out her website www.DoctorTaz.com and www.AtlantaHolisticMedicine.com. Also look for her in “Prevention” magazine where she is a contributing monthly columnist.

ASK An ENTREPRENEUR 1) How long have you been in business? The Love, Mich Collection was born in June 2008 with the now best selling product, the Coffee Cozy. Over the last five years the collection has expanded to include women’s handbags and clutches as well as custom bridal gifts.

2) Why have you chosen to dedicate yourself to this particular business/industry? It has always been my dream to work for myself. I’ve loved fashion since I was a little girl and had an obsession with purses and accessories. It seemed only natural that my desire would be to design and create my own fashion line!

3) What makes business/product unique? What makes The Love, Mich Collection and our products unique is that everything is handmade. In a world of so many items being mass-produced it is a special thing to have a handmade product and feel that connection with the artisan. Another thing that makes our collection unique is that I try to find unusual but awesome prints and patterns that few others would think to use making for a really amazing product. 4) You could have worked for anyone and would have been successful, why become an entrepreneur? I’m not sure there is anything better than working for yourself. It is

both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I like being the one who makes the decisions and having no one to answer to. The success of this business lies on my shoulders alone and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5) What was your last, “why did I go into business for myself” moment? The last time I was up until 3 a.m. sewing to finish orders just to sleep for three hours, get up and do it all over again! I am a perfectionist about my products so it is difficult to hire help in that area of the business.

6) Every female professional should have __________. Pride! Being an entrepreneur is hard work and we often forget how much we do and how far we’ve come. Take a minute to be proud of your successes!

7) If you could steal some business mojo from another mogul, who would it be and why? Martha Stewart. She built and continues to build an incredible empire on reportedly less than four hours of sleep a night. I wish that I could function that well on that little sleep!

8) What is your business motto? “Good things come to those who HUSTLE.” Success

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Michelle Provencher

Michelle Provencher, founder and designer of The Love, Mich Collection Springfield, Mass. www.lovemichcollection.com www.facebook.com/ TheLoveMichCollection instagram.com/lovemichco twitter.com/love_mich www.pinterest.com/lovemich/

Images courtesy of The Love, Mich Collection




will not show up at your doorstep, you must go out and work for it.

Images courtesy of The Love, Mich Collection



9) If you could give other entrepreneurs three tips, what would they be? (1) Price right from the beginning. It is very hard to adjust later on. Know your market, know your products and price correctly. Underpricing, especially in the handmade world, hurts not only your business but your fellow entrepreneurs as well. (2) Be polite! It might seem simple but often when you own a business it is very near to your heart, it is your passion, and if something comes up against that you may respond emotionally. Take a step back, regroup and respond politely and with grace. (3) Know what you are good at and hire someone else to do the rest. You may not be able to do that for many years into your business venture but it will be so worth it when you can. It is natural to feel like you need to do it all yourself but if you can hand off the things you aren’t great at or don’t enjoy you will have much more energy and passion for the parts you are great at.

10) Has there been a piece of technology or software that has been a lifesaver to you? Social media has really been the striving force behind growing my business. It is the modern “word of mouth.” Having a predominantly online boutique, growing an online community is essential.

11) What is your goal for the next year? My goal for the next year is to hire more help so that I can concentrate on the thing I enjoy the most – designing! I also hope to have more brick and mortar stores carrying my line.

12) When someone is telling their friend about your business, what do you hope they say? I am very much intertwined with my business product because everything is handmade. Personally, I hope that they say I am kind and incredibly passionate. Professionally, I hope they say that their Love, Mich products are extremely well made and their favorite accessories in their closet!

Partnership with Johns Hopkins and BioHealth Innovation Inc. will speed 10 health-tech startups to market DreamIt Ventures is pleased to announce the launch of DreamIt Health Baltimore, a partnership with The Johns Hopkins University and BioHealth Innovation Inc. to recruit, invest in, and speed the growth and success of a select group of early-stage health IT companies. The program comes on the heels of a successful health IT program in Philadelphia also built on strong industry partnerships that give participants access and advantages typically out-of-reach to startups.

“The key to making health care more accessible is innovation, and the most fertile focus for health care innovation is in acquiring, storing, analyzing and sharing information,” Ronald J. Daniels, president of Johns Hopkins, said. “This accelerator project will have important implications for the future use of information as we use technology to find solutions for the most pressing health problems of our day. Just as important, it sets up Baltimore to become even more central to the health care information revolution through the rapid validation of solutions.”

Paul Rothman, MD, dean of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, said, “Technology holds the potential to transform the way in which we approach health care in this country and around the world. Johns Hopkins has been at the forefront in developing innovative solutions to the most pressing health care challenges. The partnership with DreamIt presents an exciting and unrivaled opportunity to develop the most cutting-edge solutions at the crossroads of information technology and medicine.”

The Baltimore program is expected to take advantage of the many strengths of the region, giving participating startups both the opportunity to work closely with Johns Hopkins Medicine for potential pilots, and also access to key individuals throughout the region’s wealth of federal health care institutions including the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institutes of Health and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

“Creating the first health IT accelerator in Maryland is a vital step towards enhancing the innovation ecosystem in the region,” Richard Bendis, chief executive officer, BioHealth Innovation Inc., said. “This program established by DreamIt, Johns Hopkins and BHI – in partnership with the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore – will help make Central Maryland more attractive and competitive to emerging and existing health IT companies and to the entrepreneurs who lead them.”

As with previous DreamIt programs, companies will be recruited and selected from around the world and reside in Baltimore for the four-month duration of the program. In addition to receiving an injection of capital and donated professional services, they will be paired and work closely with exited entrepreneurs-turned-mentors; benefit from an intense startup and health care curriculum taught by accomplished practitioners; meet with subject matter experts and investors; and, enjoy privileged access to executives, information systems and data from leading

industry players including providers, payers and biotech/pharmaceutical companies. Participants also benefit from a vast alumni network of 127 companies DreamIt Ventures has helped grow since 2008. Elliot Menschik, MD, Ph.D., and a soon-to-beadded DreamIt partner will manage the program. Menschik, a Johns Hopkins alum and repeat entrepreneur, led the program in Philadelphia. He earlier founded and ran HxTechnologies, a pioneer in medical imaging and health information exchange that was acquired by MEDecision, the health IT subsidiary of Health Care Service Corporation.

“DreamIt has considerable experience working with extraordinary people to create exceptional companies,” Menschik noted. “We’ve learned that, in health care in particular, the most important thing we can do to help founders and reduce investor risk is to enable access to resources typically out of the reach of most startups. Working closely with Johns Hopkins and BHI opens up stellar opportunities for these teams to pressure-test and speed to market their solutions to significant problems that plague patients, providers, payers and other industry stakeholders.”

DreamIt will accept applications from today through Nov. 11 from startups nationwide in the health care sector. To apply go to www.dreamithealth.com. Up to 10 startups will be selected by Dec. 16. The program will take place in Baltimore, Md., from Jan. 17 to May 9, 2014.



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