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Š2012 Lioness Magazine is the first online magazine geared toward female entrepreneurs. We deliver sharp and compelling information on a variety of topics that are relevant to female entrepreneurs and professionals. Our mission is to elevate, educate and support female professionals. We celebrate the unique challenges and achievements of women in business. We believe women are multi-dimensional creations who flourish, personally and professionally, when they take time to nurture their spirits.

welcome to lioness editor’s letter Natasha Clark

It’s not the clothes that make the woman … It’s the woman that makes the clothes


y clothes are an extension of who I am. I purchase pieces based on feel – how I feel in them and how the material feels against my skin. When it comes to business attire, I always need a dash of boldness. Whether it is a large piece of jewelry or a shockingly bright pink dress, I love clothes that say I am all woman, but all business at the same time. If it is a dig in and work at my desk day – I know I am focused and at my best in jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of flip flops. Think about your favorite outfit. What do you love about it? Is it the color? What about the fabric?

Does it make you feel beautiful? My celebrity style icon has always been Jennifer Aniston. Her clothes are always simple but the fit is second to none. She wears the clothes, they don’t wear her. You can have the best blouse, but if it is ill fitting, it’s a dud. It’s not about the price tag, a trend, the designer or what year it hit retail. A quality piece of apparel is timeless. What it is about is how you feel when you step out each morning to face the world. When a woman is confident, she feels like she can tackle anything the day throws her way. You are your own runway show. Work it.





on Full-Figured Fall Fashionistas Plus Model 411 Co-Founder Desiree A. Gartmon

he fall season marks a very particular time in the fashion world when models grace runways from New York to Paris, displaying what women throughout the world will run up their charge cards to acquire for spring. Those runways, however, are missing a very important segment – the majority – of the population: plus size women, widely categorized as those who are a size 6 or larger. Desiree A. Gartmon of Los Angeles, Calif., and Joy Ashley of New York, N.Y., have been laboring for the past 15 months to call attention to the plus size fashion industry and the promotion of its models through the establishment of Plus Model 411 (www.plusmodel411.com). The site went live on June 17, 2011, with Gartmon at the helm and Ashley as the head contributing writer, lending her expertise as a plus size model herself. “Right now, the plus size industry, plus size

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N 8


Heading West on YouTube ine West has launched YouTube network Channel 9. Channel 9 is a video-centric digital destination that will engage shoe and fashion fanatics through compelling and shareable premium programming, as well as innovative user generated content all infused with style and pop culture. With Channel 9, Nine West illustrates a unique and unprecedented commitment to provide real multi-platform branded experiences to consumers globally. "What we are creating goes far beyond providing branded content," says Richard Dickson, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Jones Group. "Channel 9 is a new and innovative first-to-market portal for the footwear and fashion obsessed that will bring brand adjacent

content and entertainment to viewers. We believe that a destination of this caliber is missing and will be welcomed by an audience that we know is actively consuming content across multiple digital channels." Channel 9 will be a platform for online users to celebrate shoes and interact with the Nine West brand, as well as some of the fashion and entertainment industries' biggest stars. Users will access Channel 9 in a variety of ways through its microsite, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages. Wherever they access it, shoe fans will find a full slate of digital programming covering everything "shoe"from profiles of shoe addicts and red carpet reporting to how-to videos.



Krystal Bick is a genius when it comes to clothes. She has a way of pairing the right shoes with the right bag in such a chic way that even a woman with the worst sense of fashion would look at one of her getups and agree that there was simply no other way to wear that. Her website, This Time Tomorrow, features the coolest of cool, when it comes to style in the workplace. This month Lioness showcases some of our favorite looks featuring the trendsetter herself. A fashion genius that can model her own looks? We know. It’s not fair.

Carried Away Shirt: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony; Skirt: Jaeger; Shoes: B. Brian Atwood c/o; Clutch: Kate Spade; Sunglasses: Karen Walker; Jewelry: Jewel Mint earrings



Well Suited Jumpsuit: Zara; Hat: J. Crew; Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Scarf: c/o Otrera; Sunglasses: Karen Walker; Jewelry: Zara necklace

Fall Musings {with brahmin} Jacket: Zara; Skirt: Topshop; Top: Zara; Bag: borrowed from Brahmin; Shoes: Zara

fashion playground

Sequins on the Strip Dress: Parker; Shoes: J.W. Anderson X Aldo; Bag: Vintage; Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Maiden Lane Dress: Maje; Vest: Topshop; Shoes: J. W. Anderson X Aldo; Bag: c/o Rebecca Minkoff; Sunglasses: Karen Walker; Jewelry: Michael Kors watch

New in Town Dress: 10 Crosby by Derek Lam; Shoes: Zara; Bag: c/o Brahmin; Sunglasses: Cynthia Rowley; Jewelry: Michael Kors watch, Lauren Elan "Carter" bracelet c/o

Black/White Blazer: Elizabeth & James; Tank top: Urban Outfitters; Pants: Club Monaco (similar style here); Shoes: Christian Louboutin; Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Sunglasses: Karen Walker; Jewelry: Michael Kors watch

Recharge Outfit: Zara



One-Nighters and No Regrets


ast month I wrote an article about an experience I had recently where I walked away without any regrets. I went into the “relationship” with no expectations and walked away without regrets, but that triggered a lot of questions by readers. The biggest question – “how can you walk away?”

Well, let me try to answer this the best way I can. I have been single and dating for years now and even observing relationships. What I find is a man tends to lower his standards for a one-night stand. As women, we want the affection and the possibility of a boyfriend; and men just want, well you know. So they lower their standards because it is easier to walk away. As women, we don’t lower our standards. If we did, we too could enjoy a one-night stand and walk away, like I recently did. For me, I know we both lowered our standards. Jacob and I dated four years ago for a while; but he eventually married someone else, and I continued the single/dating



lifestyle. We weren’t right for one another then and we still aren’t, but when he walked back into my life, I knew this and it made it easy for both of us to spend a few hours together, enjoy our time, and then part ways. He isn’t anyone I would marry, and I am sure he feels the same about me. In general, women have more to lose than men do. We are the ones who can become pregnant from a one-night stand even if we practiced safe sex. Guys get what they want and can bail on you, too. It’s a win-win for them. For us, it is an emotional experience – during and after. Many times we get thrown into a one-night stand situation without really knowing it. We are out for the evening, meet a guy, are having a good time and then go home with him. For me, I can honestly say I knew I was going to have a one-night stand – a different situation than many and knowing what I wanted and what I was doing allowed me to walk away after the fact without regrets.

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one nighters and no regrets

The Lipstick Chronicles KRISTINA CHAPELL is a single gal in her thirties making her way in the world. Passionate, savvy, and stylish; Kristina is a social relationship builder. You can often find her on Facebook and Twitter keeping up with the latest news and always supporting causes she is passionate about such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Link to Libraries, and The Businews Channel.

While I am not a huge advocate for one night stands, my advice is lower your standards and plan for one if you are going to do it. Guys do it all the time. They go out thinking they are going to have a one-night stand and they tend to lower their standards. If you participate, don’t sit there and be flattered he chose you to sleep with. If his standards weren’t lowered, he would call you the next day and then the next and you could potentially be dating him. There is a reason he doesn’t call you the next morning or make more plans with you. You were simply a one-night encounter for him. Remember, one-night stands aren’t for everyone. If you don’t think you can handle the emotions that come with them, don’t fall into the trap no matter how cute he is.



getting the 411 on full-figured fashionistas

Model and Plus Model 411 Co-Founder Joy Ashley

models and the community are getting a lot of attention [and] it’s great because it’s been a long time coming. On the other hand, we all know that what’s hot becomes cold and forgotten. It's up to the plus community to use their voice and buying power [to] strengthen the market so it has a chance to take root and grow,” Ashley said.

acceptance. Plus size models have to maintain a great physique, have great skin and teeth and work hard just as their smaller counterparts. Plus models are valuable to the industry because they represent a member of society that is often ignored but [does] exist nonetheless,” she added.

“Many people think being a plus size models differs greatly from being a straight size model … it doesn't other than industry

She added, “You don’t have to have ‘made it’ to be included. There’s even a section on the site

Plus Model 411, Gartmon explained, “is about positive exposure for aspiring plus size models.”

Continued on page 17 Model Keri Atkins Photo courtesy of Lydene Robertson



The scalp is the foundation for strong, beautiful hair Whether hair is wavy or straight, dry or fine, one thing most women have in common is the desire for strong, beautiful hair. In fact, 80 percent of women say they feel more confident when they have a good hair day, according to a recent survey from KRC Research. What many women may not know, however, is that they've been treating the wrong end of their hair instead of focusing on the source - the scalp. Research conducted on behalf of Unilever suggests that 99 percent of hair's natural strength and beauty comes from the scalp, and a well-nourished scalp is the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair. Top celebrity hair and skin experts from the Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy team discuss the importance of caring for the scalp and what it takes to get gorgeous hair. Feed scalp, feed beauty: Nationally renowned dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco advises her clients to nourish the scalp. "It is essential to give our scalp as much TLC as we give to our skin because



after all, scalp is skin," she says. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, also have a beneficial effect on skin and scalp. Fusco also suggests using nourishing shampoos and conditioners such as new Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy which restore the scalp's natural moisture balance. The line is infused with Nutrium 10, a rich blend of vitamins and nutrients including vitamins B5, C and E designed to nourish the scalp and hair deeply. Drink up: There's a new reason to refill your water bottle. Along with a healthy diet and reducing stress, staying hydrated can impact the overall health of your skin (and scalp) and also plays a part in keeping hair looking beautiful. "I recommend drinking at least two liters of water daily to keep skin hydrated," says Dr. Fusco. Not only does hydration help with skin health but it can also help reduce frizz. Nourish the foundation: Celebrity stylist Oscar James cautions against sacrificing scalp nourish-

ment for style. "African American women tend to have dryer scalps and many use chemical treatments and relaxers that can dry out the scalp," says James. "That's why I like the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Ultra Shea line because it includes shampoo, conditioner, oil and balm that work together to quench dryness and lock in moisture for long-lasting nourishment." Take a break: Jen Atkin, stylist to some of Hollywood's leading ladies, advises giving your hair a break from heat styling and lots of products to help improve overall scalp and hair health. "A great cut that works with your hair's natural texture makes a huge difference and can reduce styling time," she says. Letting hair dry naturally can save time and is easier on your strands. For more tips on caring for your scalp and hair visit www.facebook.com/clearultrashea. - ARA

Model Keri Atkins

getting the 411 on full-figured fashionistas agency at this time, “there is still a screening process when it comes to being on the site.” “With the Plus Model 411 audience being made up of teenagers, young women, and adult women, it is important that the photographs we publish are suitable for all audiences. I really enjoy featuring models that are making ‘Role Model Moves’ as I call it. These are models that are involved with volunteering, non-profit organizations, or are also parents,” she explained. The fashions worn and models used by her company “showcase a range of body shapes to reflect that women are different and beautiful,” Gartmon said. “No shape is better than another, just different.”

called ‘Introducing … You,’ and there aspiring models can make a public declaration of their intentions to pursue the plus modeling field and why they are choosing to do so. Claim it!” Gartmon began to carve out her niche in the fashion industry prior to Plus Model 411 as owner of Taste-Fully, a plus size clothing company. “By the end of my first photo-shoot for [TasteFully] I realized two things: one, photo shoots are a blast; and two, aspiring plus size models have it rough! I wanted to build something that could become something I enjoyed while helping aspiring plus size models too,” she recalled.

The Stiletto Statement Katelyn Gendron is a native of New York, who is currently living and working as a newspaper editor in Western Massachusetts. She is a collegetrained journalist and world traveler, who has documented her journeys for various publications spanning five of the seven continents (she plans to visit the remaining two during her lifetime). Her motto: “Life’s a ball. Let’s play!”

“After I did the model search for the shoot, I was able to spend some time with each model for fittings and just getting to know them a bit before the event and I learned how many aspiring plus size models didn't know where to start, how to find paid work, or how to get exposure,” Gartmon continued. “I should note, not just exposure, but positive exposure. It's not hard to be noticed when you're scantily-clad, but that's not the direction all models choose to take, and the latter is the group I'd like to think are being served by Plus Model 411. They're able to find out how to market themselves, submit articles about their experiences, send in their photographs to get their name and face out there, and read great articles with tips and advice written by Joy and others.” Gartmon was quick to note, however, that though Plus Model 411 is not a modeling

Currently, the fashion industry and Plus Model 411 are promoting bright colors and prints for spring, which lend themselves to capturing the shape of full-figured women as opposed to previous attempts to conceal it. “Right now color is hot and it will also be for spring. I think this is great because full figured women will have options other than black or drab and boring frocks. Another trend that is extremely flattering to the plus form is peplum because [it] makes the eye dance and adds definition and extra curves while camouflaging trouble areas. Pixilated prints are also a great option if worn correctly,” Ashley advised. “Don’t settle for boring just because it's what you find, look harder, there are designers that are producing thoughtful pieces designed with the plus size woman in mind, you just have to find them,” she added, noting that there are several designers doing just that for spring. “Anna Scholz, Rue 114, Monif C, Qristyl Frazier Designs are a few plus size designers that are producing fresh designs and sexy clothing that is body conscious and figure flattering. They embrace the idea that full figured women want to feel and look sexy as well taking on current trends and tweaking them so they work for the everyday woman,” Ashley said. When asked about the future of the plus size fashion industry and Plus Model 411’s role in it, Gartmon replied, “In a years time, Plus Model 411 may be in a position to conduct traveling photo shoots. In five years time, we may represent models as an agency. In 20 years, wow, the sky’s the limit!”



Heather Headley

Heather Headley to play Whitney Houston’s role in the stage version of The Bodyguard: A New Musical Grammy® and Tony Award-Winner Heather Headley announces her new CD, Only One In The World, slated for release on September 25, 2012, featuring new songs penned by Headley, R&B hits, familiar favorites and a cut from the upcoming production of The Bodyguard: A New Musical in which Headley makes her London West End debut this fall. The highly-anticipated CD project is released by in:ciite Media and its distribution partner EMI-CMG Distribution. "I'm incredibly honored to play Rachel in the musical version of The Bodyguard, but I'm also really excited to bring the new music to my fans on my upcoming CD," said Headley. "I wanted to record songs that are inspiring and uplifting, songs I love singing, and I hope my fans enjoy the variety of songs that I put together for them on Only One In The World." Produced by Paul Mills and Keith Thomas, Only One In The World includes a collection of R&B tracks, inspirational songs, and original songs from Headley. Whitney Houston's famed song "Run To You" from The Bodyguard also featured in The Bodyguard: A New Musical wonderfully created in Heather Headley style along with other wellknown favorites such as "River Deep, Mountain High" and "Superwoman" all showcase Headley's powerful vocals. "Home," famed by Dianna Ross

in The Wiz, and "The Reason" are stand-out covers on the CD. Born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and the daughter of a pastor, Headley started singing and playing piano in church at a young age. Since, her multi-faceted career has been a blessing. Headley won a Tony Award in 2000 for best actress in a musical for her role in Aida and originated the role

of Nala in Broadway's The Lion King. In 2002, her debut album This Is Who I Am was nominated for two Grammy® Awards, and in 2010, she won a Grammy® in the best contemporary R&B Gospel album for Audience of One. "In addition to the well-known songs I recorded, the CD also features a few new songs, which I'm excited to share," said Headley. One new song, "A Little While," touches the heart of Headley's admiration for her own mother and her handling of a tough family moment, Headley's own brother, Iric Headley, Jr., co-wrote and produced the bass driven R&B track "Hey Mama" which truly reflects the extension of Headley's uncontainable talent. She adds to the beautifully constructed timbre of songs, with the soaring duet, "Because You Need Me," performed and written with the star of The Voice, Chris Mann. "Heather is an inspiring and amazing talent who has the heart, passion, and talent to move an audience whether the songs are live or recorded," said in:ciite Media CEO Chris Thomason. "We are honored to be a part of this milestone project in her career which will translate to her entire fan base of Broadway, Gospel, and R&B." Gearing up for the premier of The Bodyguard: A New Musical in December, Headley will be in London rehearsing over the next few months.



Amy Rader in front of one of her murals at Vanquish Lounge in Atlanta, GA. – Photo by Alex Martinez

On your RADER …

Georgia artist Amy Rader debuts new series

or more than a decade, Atlanta-based artist, Amy Rader, has been the name behind some of most the recognizable visuals in the city’s nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques and salons. Recent projects include six large mural designs for Reign and Vanquish nightclubs as well as custom art and branding for Viande Rouge Steakhouse. Last month, Rader debuted The Aura Series, which is comprised of 12, limited-edition multimedia works of art. Known for a sultry, highfashion influenced style, Rader has once again managed to allure with her vision. In contrast to the darkly sexy series created for Viande Rouge and Vanquish, The Aura Series is inspired by the meaning itself; the spirit that is vital energy that animates, imbuing it with meaning and purpose. The bold usage of color in Aura was inspired by one of the most colorful events on earth, the Indian Festival of Color (Holi Festival), where color is celebrated with bright chalk being thrown amongst and onto a crowd. The Aura Series is an ode to the vitality of Summer, gilded with hope and splashed in whimsy. Born with that mysterious artist’s eye, Rader

was very determined to escape small town living and begin her journey. Awarded a full scholarship to the Art Institute of Atlanta in 1993, she graduated with the Best Portfolio Award and an internship at one of Atlanta’s top ad agencies. Going solo in 2005, Amy has been using her unique gifts in both graphic design and art for projects ranging from graphics for well-known Fortune 500 companies to custom art and graphics for local Atlanta businesses. Rader’s work titled ‘Help Japan’ (inspired by the earthquake and resulting tsunami) was recently selected by a curator in Boston to be included in a coffee-table book of visual commentaries on natural disaster, economic and political upheaval. Constantly challenging herself to grow as an artist, Rader will undoubtedly be on your radar in Atlanta’s design scene and beyond. The Aura Series pieces are a fitting addition to any fine art collection but are refreshingly accessible, ranging in price from $800-$1,400. For more information, visit http://www.behance.net/raderdesigns.



The Opinion That Counts

How many times have you asked someone which dress or shoes to wear, only to pick the opposite of what they chose? It’s not that we don’t trust our friends’ choices; it’s that we don’t trust our choices. This means we lack the confidence to follow our own instincts and our knowledge of common sense. We’ve all done it at one point or another in our lives, and while choosing short hair or long hair will not usually lead to catastrophic consequences, there are times when indecisiveness can hold us back. In October I will begin my PHD studies at an online university. I told myself that I’d take two years off after I completed my Master’s before I went back to school. Then I had a baby in the interim. For the longest time I went back and forth considering when would be a good time to return to my studies since life had thrown me some surprises. Well, after speaking to the admissions counselor for the second time in a year, I was seriously feeling like I should take on this next challenge. Still, I asked other people, many of whom only reminded me about the arduous journey that

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the opinion that counts

would lie ahead. Now I was second guessing myself; I thought about maybe putting it off for another year or two.

Managing Me Brenda’s Child has made it her life’s mission to inspire people through poetry and stories and through leading by example with courage, confidence, and integrity. She emphasizes self-love, worth, and value. She also feels obligated to tell the truth ... even if it hurts. Visit www.brendaschild.com

I completed the application with enthusiasm; but even after getting accepted, I procrastinated when it came to filling out the financial aid form. Once I received my award letter, I found myself stalling again to press the ACCEPT button. It was only after I heard that lovely inner voice of mine scream loudly, “What am I waiting for? Do it!” It was then that I finally felt comfortable with my decision and the consequences and rewards that would come with it. The funny thing is, I knew all along that this was my dream and I wanted it. I found that when I go with my gut on the bigger choices, it generally tends to work to my advantage. That’s not to say that I don’t think critically. I’m just realizing that over thinking can have far worse results sometimes than acting instinctively. What is the lesson in all of this? Be decisive…YOU KNOW BEST WHEN IT COMES TO YOU



Learn the secret to a natural, flawless look Many women struggle with how to apply foundation in a way that looks flawless and natural, yet gives them the coverage they need. Lioness scoured the web for the best in makeup advice. Here are tried and true tips brought to you courtesy of makeuptip.com. Applying Foundation 1. Apply foundation to your cheeks, forehead, and chin using a foundation brush, sponge, or clean fingertips. Blend the foundation all the way to your natural hairline with long, light strokes. 2. Continue blending over the jawline and onto your neck to achieve a natural, seamless look. Check your face and neck in natural light to make sure the foundation is completely blended in all areas. 3. If under-eye circles or red spots remain, do not add more foundation; it can look heavy and cakey. Instead, try a concealer. Tip: Choose the shade of your foundation carefully. When testing out shades, pick one that matches the tone of your jawline exactly. It



helps to use a mirror outdoors to see how shades look in natural light. Tip: Begin by applying a small amount of foundation then increase amount to achieve the degree of coverage that suits your skin. Tip: For daytime, mix your foundation with a light SPF moisturizer before applying for a smoother, sheerer application. The Eyes Have It 1. Apply a light eyeshadow over your entire eyelid from lash line to eyebrow bone, but not beyond. 2. Define the crease of your eyelid using a medium or dark shade. The deeper the shade, the more dramatic look. 3. To open up your eyes so that they appear livelier, place a dot of a light shade in the inner corner of each eye. Tip: When choosing an eyeshadow shade, keep in mind that a pastel shade will look softer while a darker shade will appear more dramatic when applied.

A natural, rosy radiance When applying blush, you want the color to look soft and natural, as if it comes from within. Read below for tips on how to put on makeup. 1. Tap or lightly blow on the applicator brush to remove any excess blush before applying to prevent a harsh and uneven application. 2. Apply your blush on the apple of the cheek and carefully blend towards your natural hairline. 3. If you have two shades, apply the darker one on the apple of the cheek first, then use the lighter shade to highlight. Blend well so there is no visible line between colors. 4. Highlight your temples, forehead and chin. Tip: To know "where to glow" bend over for 30 seconds, then slowly stand up. Where your cheeks are flushed is where you are meant to blush. Apply your blush there and it will be naturally rosy every time.

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secrets to a flawless look

Tip: Cheek color should be used to enhance your complexion, not to change your natural skin tone. Use sparingly for daytime, then add more or a deeper shade for a more dramatic nighttime effect. For special occasions, dust a lightly frosted powder over your cheekbones for a subtle but alluring glow. Tip: Make sure to blend your blush into your foundation well or it will tend to look unnatural and add the appearance of 5 years to your looks.

Perfecting Your Pout 1. Apply color onto the center of your lips, blending up and out to the lip line working towards the corners. 2. For longer lasting color, gently blot with tissue, reapply lipstick and blot again. 3. For evening, remember to select a lipstick one or two shades deeper than your daytime color. Tip: For a creamy effect, apply a lip balm to lips before applying lipstick.

Tip: For a sheer effect, apply lip balm. Gently dot a small amount of neutral color lipstick across lips, then smooth out. Tip: For a glossy effect, apply lipstick then finish with a clear or neutral color gloss coat for a moist, seductive shine. Remember, the more coats you apply, the more shine so turn up the volume!

Tip: For a matte effect, apply lipstick then blot gently with tissue.



Jewel Kade Founder & Designer Talks Upcoming Fashion Trends he adage “less is more” does not hold true for jewelry fashion this fall – layering is where the trends are stacking up for the upcoming season. This is just one of the fall and spring jewelry trends Janet Kinkade, Jewel Kade founder, president and designer is sharing. Other fall 2012 trends include mixed metals and customization. “Don’t be afraid to mix silver, gold and even brass or copper in one look. While you don’t want to go overboard, you can subtly bring out different tones in layers that catch the eye and complement your wardrobe,” said Kinkade. As for customization, the trend is leaning toward one-of-a-kind pieces that express an individual’s personality or interests and celebrate family. “We’ve definitely seen a surge in



demand for custom pieces – there is something profoundly meaningful in wearing pieces that tell our story and share what we love,” Kinkade said. This coming spring, it will be all about color. Vibrant hues borrowed from nature’s brightest displays will be everywhere, including sorbet, coral and lemon yellow. Jewel Kade, which just released its JK Fall & Winter 2012 catalog, is currently designing pieces for its JK Spring & Summer 2013 catalog that will be in step with the upcoming “shade parade.” Expect its handcrafted charms to pop with bright tones, and its necklaces, bracelets and earrings to include splashes of color, as well. “I’m excited to be working with some of these brighter colors,” said Kinkade. “My designs typically tend toward neutral tones, so it will be fun to do a vintage take on a palette of colors that push the envelope for Jewel Kade.”

Honorees past and present: Tim Vreeland, James Galanos, Fred Hayman and Peggy Moffitt pose as The City of Beverly Hills and the Rodeo Drive Committee posthumously honor Diana Vreeland with The Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA on Monday, September 10, 2012. Photo courtesy of PRNewsFoto/The Rodeo Drive Committee, Alex J. Berliner/ABimages.

Legendary editor and style icon Diana Vreeland is honored The Rodeo Drive Committee and the City of Beverly Hills inducted legendary editor and fashion icon Diana Vreeland into the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style® on September 10, 2012 in Beverly Hills on the Via Rodeo at Two Rodeo Drive. The event took place on the heels of the anticipated release of the Samuel Goldwyn Films and EPIX film “Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel.” Celebrated for her impact on fashion from the 1930s to the 1980s, Vreeland was the nineteenth recipient of the award (posthumous) and received a bronze plaque featuring her signature and her quote, "You gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning. It's a way of life. Without it you're nobody." The on-going award, inaugurated in 2003, honors style legends for their contributions to the worlds of fashion and entertainment.

The plaque honoring Vreeland, which will be permanently embedded on Rodeo Drive's sidewalk, was unveiled by her son Tim Vreeland and Lisa Immordino Vreeland, producer and director of the film DIANA VREELAND: THE EYE HAS TO TRAVEL. The film will be released by Samuel Goldwyn Films and EPIX on September 21, 2012 and is an intimate portrait and a vibrant celebration of an enduring icon whose influence impacted the worlds of fashion, beauty, art, publishing and culture forever. During her fifty-year reign as the "Empress of Fashion," Vreeland launched Twiggy, advised Jackie O and coined some of fashion's most eloquent proverbs such as "the bikini is the biggest thing since the atom bomb." She was the fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar where she worked for 25 years before becoming editor-in-chief of Vogue followed by a remark-

able stint at the Met's Costume Institute in New York where she helped popularize its historical collections. Diana Vreeland was the nineteenth recipient inducted into the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style®, following previous honorees Missoni, Iman, Fred Hayman, Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco, Cartier, Valentino Garavani, Manolo Blahnik, James Galanos, Gianni and Donatella Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Edith Head, James Acheson, Milena Canonero, Herb Ritts, Mario Testino and Tom Ford. Giorgio Armani was the first recipient in 2003. Honorees are selected by an independent committee comprised of media, celebrities, past honorees and academics in the worlds of fashion and entertainment.



“Criminals are masking themselves as potential customers, clients or even professionals to lure innocent people into a web of deception and greed.”

As social media grows, so does cybercrime one are the days when hackers were the weekend enthusiasts you tolerated on the golf course, when viruses were the things that gave you the flu or a cold, and Phish was a popular jam band who served as the inspiration for your favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry's. With the rise of the Internet and electronic devices has come the rise of cyber-related crime. Cybercrime, as it is called, is defined as a criminal activity using computers or other electronic devices to victimize people, organizations or businesses. "Despite a global recession, improved security and international crackdown efforts, cybercrime has thrived over the last decade, growing by double digits year after year," says Clint Kirkwood, a professor of Criminal Justice at Argosy University, Orange County and 28-year veteran and retired commanding officer of the vice section of the narcotics division of the Detroit Police Department. While estimates of the cost of cybercrime to businesses and the private sector vary, a 2011 publication released by Javelin Strategy and Research, the annual cost of identity theft alone was $37 billion. "Today, some of the most successful criminals do



not have to leave the comfort of their own homes to pull off crimes bigger than ever. All they need is an Internet connection, a little tech savvy and a lot of bad will," says Kirkwood. The Internet Crime Complaint Center received more than 300,000 complaints in 2011, which included such crimes as FBI-related scams, identity theft, advance fee fraud and a host of romance, work-from-home, auto auction, loan intimidation and other scams. "Since the take-off of social networking and the paperless way of conducting business, cyber-based criminal activity has skyrocketed in many corners of the world," says Gary Gonzales, a professor in the Criminal Justice program at Argosy University, San Diego and police detective in his 16th year of service with the San Diego Police Department. "Criminals are masking themselves as potential customers, clients or even professionals to lure innocent people into a web of deception and greed. From copyright infringement and cyber bullying to child pornography and spamming, the impact is enormous." Knowing the threats you face online and the tools available to help you keep a watchful eye is critical in protecting yourself in the digital world. There are simple precautions that computer, mobile phone and other digital users can take to ensure their safety. Do not open emails/attachments from unknown or suspicious sources, nor answer email messages that ask for your personal information. "The widows of Nigerian generals desperately seeking your financial assistance and notifications that you've won a European lottery are obvious

scams but some email fraud can be much more difficult to distinguish," says Arabinda Banerjee, senior vice president of Technology Infrastructure at a leading bank in Tampa, Florida and faculty member at Argosy University, Tampa. "In general, if it seems too good to be true or requires you to send money in to receive a reward, be sure to avoid it. Emails with vague but feelgood subject lines like 'Congratulations! …' or the name of a friend and the message 'has shared a picture/video …' can be malicious emails, even when apparently sent out by one of your friends." Do an Internet search using the term 'scam' and some of the key words from the message, advises Banerjee. If it's a known scam, you'll likely see it pop up in your search engine results. Invest in a good anti-virus software and firewall, the experts suggest. While this will not guarantee 100 percent protection, they will definitely reduce your risk greatly. Be sure that any WiFi connection you are using to conduct financial business is locked and protected and any stores you are making purchases from are reputable. In addition, be sure to monitor your financial accounts monthly to determine any fraudulent charges and report suspicious activity immediately. Change your passwords frequently and create passwords that are difficult to guess. Do not use the same ID/password in all websites. While keeping track of multiple logins and passwords may be an inconvenience, it's a necessary protection against hackers. - ARA

Tips for women focused on managing their small businesses


t's no secret small businesses are essential to the economy. The latest U.S. Census Bureau's Survey of Business Owners reported women owned 7.8 million businesses and accounted for 28.7 percent of all businesses nationwide. These small business firms generated $1.2 trillion in receipts. Given the challenges facing small businesses overall in this current economic climate, now more than ever women are navigating work-life demands, business management and talent retention issues. In fact, women are more concerned about virtually every economic factor than men, including the effectiveness of government leaders (76 percent vs. 73 percent), commodities prices (76 percent vs. 70 percent) and healthcare costs (75 percent vs. 66 percent), says the recent Bank of America Small Business Owner Report, a semiannual study exploring the concerns, aspirations and perspectives of small business owners nationwide. The report also revealed that running a small business causes owners - both men and women three times as much stress as raising children and twice as much stress as maintaining a healthy relationship with a spouse or partner. However, women do not give themselves the free time that men do - 62 percent compared to 53 percent.

"Small business owners are constantly making sacrifices and prioritizing the success of their business over other personal priorities in their lives, but there are some simple ways to maintain a better work-life balance," says Steve Strauss, small business expert and USA TODAY columnist. Strauss offers the following tips to managing the daily juggling act of owning a small business: Build a diverse support system: While a vast majority of small business owners need some level of financial guidance, often in the form of occasional or ongoing expert advice, the report finds more women than men engage an accountant/bookkeeper (79 percent vs. 70 percent), a financial advisor (73 percent vs. 65 percent) or banker (52 percent vs. 47 percent) to help them run their businesses. Resources such as these can expand your network, provide essential professional support and keep you current on relevant trends. Use tech tools and resources available to you: According to the Bank of America Small Business Owner Report women are actually more likely than men to view technology as a useful cash management tool. For example, female small business owners are more likely to view online banking (78 percent vs. 67 percent of their male counterparts) or direct payments (46 percent vs. 35 percent of males) as helpful in managing their

small business. Electronic invoicing, online payroll services and mobile banking are other resources that can help. If you're not already using these types of tools, be sure to speak with your financial institution about how to better manage your finances and improve efficiency. Boost your competitive edge in the war for talent: The financial benefits you offer current and potential employees can be a dealmaker ... or deal breaker. The good news is that small businesses now have access to 401(k) and IRA products designed specifically for their needs and budgets. For example, Merrill Edge Small Business 401(k) is designed for small businesses' unique needs and offers a simplified, easy-tomanage retirement plan with lower costs than many traditional 401(k) plans, enabling owners to provide an important benefit to their employees. Offering these benefits is more important for women particularly when coupled with the cultural and work-life balance perks that often make small businesses attractive to employees, and they can boost your competitive edge. With the right expertise and tools, small business owners can be equipped to improve their worklife balance. - ARA




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