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Issue 001 [ Fall 2011 ]

[ photo ] Mum

Grant & Green, San Francisco.

circa 1995

“Tell me a little bit about yourself...” - Maryanne [ writer + co-editor ] Hello there. My name is Maryanne Emily Alford. I am a writer by nature, a musician by chance, a waitress by profession, and sarcastic by heritage. Writing has been a passion of mine since childhood; I guess you could say short stories about my cat and her magical butterfly friend led me to where I am today. Creating this magazine has been an amazing experience, one that I feel has only just begun. I cannot begin to express how lucky I feel to be embarking on this adventure.

- Jesse [ photographer + co-editor ] Hi. Over the past four years, photography has taken over my life... becoming a stronger passion each day. I love being able to tell stories through my photos; making the viewer think, and creating something new and different. Through the years I have spent in the photography world I have met so many talented individuals in all walks of life; music, fashion, movies, artists, etc. Developing a magazine with everything involved sounded too I present to you, perfection.

- Staff [ Superwoman ] Victoria Melshaw [ Text Editor ] M. Rex Let us be the first to say two things to you, the reader. First, Welcome! We are so glad you are a part of this with us! It has been a crazy few months and we could not be happier to finally be at this point. Second, Thank you! Without you all there is no purpose and no meaning behind what we have been doing, without you, there is no Like. You are the foundation of this adventure and we cannot think of enough ways to thank you all. That being said, buckle up and get ready, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Grant & Green, San Francisco.

circa 2011

[ photo ] Victoria Foglia







Jessica Knopf LovEvolution

Like, we covered it.

Like, Music.

French Cassettes

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The Sunflower Journal

Storytime... Bitches





Art & Fashion

Like, Art. Jaime F Jimenez

Designer: Melissa Gee

Lauren Luck

Photographer: Amanda Diaz

Janine Smith

ON A MISSION The major magazines of today have reached a standstill, bombarding you with information you could probably do without; the cellulite of a supermodel or the infidelity of a complete stranger makes breaking news, while the underground arts go unappreciated. We found ourselves dissatisfied with this lack of variety in today’s publications. We wanted to create something new and different, a magazine you could actually be excited about. The goal of Like magazine is to bring you music, art, fashion, photography, and a few extra surprises all in one place. Welcome, to what we Like.

This page intentionally left blank.



othing says winter like a delicious cup of coffee, and there’s no other coffee quite like Barista’s! Owner Harish Patel has always been fascinated with the world of coffee; “I love coffee because it makes people happy.” Mr. Patel, an internationally certified barista has created quite an exquisite menu; from specialty drinks

to classical favorites, there is definitely something for everyone. Amenities like indoor and outdoor seating, as well as free WiFi internet are just a few of the perks the shop has to offer. So whether you’re grabbing a quick cup to go, catching up with friends, or studying for finals, Barista’s has created an environment suited for all.

Like, we always have our eyes on someone...

Jessica Knopf

Name: Jessica Knopf Age: 17 Residence: Lake Tahoe What is your favorite part of living here: It’s so Beautiful. What is your least favorite part of living here: When It’s summer and flooded by tourists. plus the small schools. What got you into modeling: uhmm Pageants Is modeling a career or hobby: Both What are your other interests: Charity Work, Tanning, Writing, Reading. TRAVELING. Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Married to Eminem.OBV. Or living in a hut in Rwanda saving the hungryFavorite movie: Into The Wild Favorite band: Nirvana And Creedence Clearwater! Favorite t.v. show: Dexter/Gossip Girl Favorite food: Sushi One thing you would change about yourself: Becoming a Belieber after watching “Never Say never” One thing you would never change about yourself: My extremely charismatic personality! Describe yourself in one word: Inconsistent

Like, we covered it.

L ovE volution

Maryanne Alford [ Writer ] [ Photos ] Victoria Foglia

The love was in the air at the 7th annual LovEvolution festival on Sept. 24th, 2011. The San Francisco street party hit the stage with a boom at its new location on the Oracle Arena grounds in Oakland, Ca. The festival is a celebration of electronic music and its culture; offering a day full of dancing to promote peace, love, unity, and respect. The heart of the festival is the parade of floats; developed by crews from all over the west coast, each float featured it’s own line-up of artists and

a specific theme or style. But the party didn’t stop there! D.J.s continued spinning once the parade was over as party goers danced their way through all 16 floats. The new location also brought new additions to the festival; A main stage featured international artists of electronic music, and a shaded “chill” area offered ambient performances and live art displays. It was a day to be remembered, as thousands came together to spread love and promote peace. Until next year, LovEvolution!

The new location wasn’t the only “first” of the day, D.J. Psysas not only performed for the first time at the festival, but dropped his first original track

as well; “I’m excited and nervous...but mostly excited!” Psysas was thrilled after his performance, as he got to enjoy the rest of the event with his mom.

On the Revolution Float by Rebel Bass Collective artist John Benko created live art to the beat.

D.J. Non Sequitur performed for the first time at the festival;

“I am so glad the rave scene is back in the bay.�


Liam Shy hails from San Francisco, California and has been DJ’ing since 2000 and producing since 2003. Liam has performed for crowds up to 10,000 strong at street festivals in San Francisco like Love Parade (LovEvolution) as well as countless undergrounds and major venues across his hometown of San Francisco, the US, Mexico and Europe. His high energy style includes electro, psytrance, breaks, dubstep and many other genres in-between. Liam doesn’t like to limit himself to one particular genre and fully enjoys merging sounds and styles to create something new. His passionate and electric shows are infamous for igniting the dancefloor and creating a highly cinematic and evocative journey. DISSØLV is Liam’s live EDM band which features a blend of dubstep, psytrance and breaks performed with live violin (Valentin Santana), drums (Zeta Ceti) and guitar, keyboards and vox by Liam. For more information please visit Liam also works on the social and political side of nightlife. In 2008 he started “Beat University” a scholarship foundation dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth with electronic music education. He also helped to found which is working now to protect and promote edm culture through the tough political climate in California

[ photos ] Jesse Alford


We wanted to make something that you could dance to, or just sit and listen to while you reflect on the happiest times in your life.

French Cassettes

The are putting new meaning behind the words “boy band�

[ photos ] Jesse Alford Maryanne Alford [ writer ]

The French Cassettes are putting new meaning behind the words “boy band”. The indie pop group is making a name for themselves with their unique musical style and catchy, upbeat melodies. Founded over five years ago in the small town of Ripon, they began as a musical collaboration including high school friends and brothers; “It was hard enough to find kids your age that played instruments, let alone kids that wanted to be in a band with you. We like to think that we got really lucky.” Now, the guys have created what they refer to as their first “proud album”, with the release of their latest EP, Summer Darling. “We wanted to make

something that you could dance to, or just sit and listen to while you reflect on the happiest times in your life.” They recall changing as a band before writing these songs, and feel like this has been an important turning point for them all. This EP is just a taste of what’s to come from French Cassettes, they are currently working on a full-length album and plan on releasing it once they feel it has “matured”. You can also check out their upcoming shows at www.listn. to/frenchcassettes. As far as the future goes, the dream of a nationwide, or even worldwide tour is very much alive, so do yourself a favor and get in on the action now!

Like, Album Reviews. By, John Juarez.

French Cassettes Summer Darling EP If summer made sounds I imagine it would be something like the French Cassettes new EP, Summer Darling. ‘Radley’ kicks off the EP with a cool grove, setting the tone for the entire album. Followed by ‘Mouth Drum’’ and ‘Secrets Make Sounds,’ these first three tracks are uptempo and fun, with lyrics like, “If our words are so cheap then our bodies will have to do”. The EP slows down with ‘Little Shoes,’ which has a simple guitar riff and melody accompanied by haunting vocal harmonies. Closing out with ‘I’m Green Today,’ a piano driven song, the EP ends on a somber and more bittersweet note. This well-rounded EP is clearly a good way to hold on to that summer mindset as these winter months approach.

Greyspace Random Images By this point we are all a little skeptical when a band decides to use a lead rapper instead of a lead singer. That is, until someone puts a surprisingly fresh twist on it. Greyspace isn’t doing the typical rock/rap thing with their full band + rapper effort. No. These tracks move like actual songs. The band plays a more hip hop oriented style but with the kind of musical smarts that allow the music to change tone and rhythm, giving the vocals an interesting depth. Their new album, Random Images, is well titled. The musical styles, vocal delivery, and subject contact are varied from track to track. The first track ‘Contradiction’ is short, sweet, and chaotic with intelligent and clearly spoken lyrics; giving a solid impression of what Greyspace has in store for the rest of the album. Some tracks are slow and the band caters to the vocalist. Other tracks are experimentations in putting hip hop vocals to particular styles of music. But overall the two converge beautifully. Not to mention they can rock the shit out of a stage. Yo, check ‘em.

Starfucker Reptilian The portland based trio, Starfucker, formally a solo project of front man, Joshua Hodges, have embarked on an elctro-pop journey that doesn’t follow the seam of your ordinary techno. This is the kind of electronic music that can set the mood for any gathering you’re planning to have in the near future.  The group’s latest effort, Reptilian, was able to showcase the musical ambition of the band; the drumbeats, synth, and guitar riffs packed power in each track. This is an album that will lure you back into its electric wonderland.

Wings Like Weapons This is the good ‘ol sound of rock’n’roll that our hearts have been missing. In today’s world of software-based instruments, it’s refreshing to hear the traditions of rock’n’roll being strummed and pounded through the airwaves. Wings Like Weapons’ new self-titled EP brings together the band’s live energy into a well produced package.  The music video for the first track, ‘Sometimes I’m Alive,’ can be found on YouTube; it’s a wellcrafted song with a driving guitar riff that flows through every breakdown and shift in the song structure.  Having played some of Los Angeles’ most famous venues such as the House of Blues and The Viper Room, this is definitely a band on the up and coming. So check them out.

CocoRosie Grey Oceans CocoRosie is a charming limitless duo. The two sisters compliment each other well with their dissimilar voices and eerie samples.  They are the kind of duo that keeps you on your toes for what is to come next with each track; Grey Oceans is well paced; there are new surprises waiting at each chorus and bridge.  This album is a mix of worldly sounds, hip hop bass lines, and foreign language samples layered beautifully over shinning synth noisiness.  When it comes to Cocorosie, any album is work of art and should be given the time to listen.

THE SUNFLOWER JOURN Directed by Jason Nelson

Brennan Villados as Vohu Manah

Nick Barghini as the Unknown

Jesse Alford [ photos ] [ writer ] Maryanne Alford Brook Barker [ hair/mua ] [ ]

NAL Chelsea Garland Mead as Azrael

Victoria Melshaw as Alice

THE SUNFLOWER JOURNAL I recently had the privilege of speaking with Jason Nelson, an aspiring writer and director from Sacramento. I was intrigued by his most recent project, The Sunflower Journal. It all started with the journal of a friend, the words within inspired Nelson and he began crafting an overarching story around these entries. The essence of the film is The Unknown’s (Nick Barghini) battle with addiction and drug abuse, his journal entries being accounts from his binges and hallucinations. We also witness his struggle through his relationship with Alice (Victoria Melshaw), as they try to achieve dual highs, both physically and psychologically. It is a surreal drama, depicting life in the rawest of forms. Look for The Sunflower Journal, debuting summer 2012. Who is your character? Alice, she is the unknown’s girlfriend. She can be very loving, affectionate and caring and she can also be downright mean and cold. How do you relate to your character? I’ve been through a similar situation where I was in a passive aggressive relationship and an unhealthy lifestyle. The chance to express what I went through by playing the part of Alice is something I’m ready for and curious how it will feel to be in her shoes while having my emotionally similar background. What has been your greatest accomplishment? Taking the time to work one on one with the director and really grasping whom Alice is and diving into that character and absorbing what it feels like to be her. My greatest accomplishment will be when it’s light, camera, action… and I’m her.

What has been your biggest challenge? Fully letting go of everything and just being Alice. This character requires me to really have nothing else going on in my head then her and I always have a lot going on so mastering that is hard and it’s a challenge I’m totally excited about. What do you hope viewers will take from the movie? I hope they leave feeling satisfied mentally. It’s such a crazy story and I really feel like it will keep their undivided attention and they’ll walk away smiling and still absorbing what they just witnessed. It’s definitely not your normal drug type movie to say the least. Any other comments? I feel really blessed to be working on such a unique project with such talented people. I feel this feature will be received well and I know it’ll be something I’ll never forget.

Concept & Photography by Jesse Alford Photography Assistant: Victoria Foglia Male Pet Owner - Thomas Dodson Female Pet Owner - Victoria Melshaw Doberman - Anna Lark Poodle - Sara Gehrer

Narrated by Maryanne Alford

Hairstylist - Eric Foldhazi Makeup - Charissa Jane Rosales Nails: Dotti Morin Wardrobe(Female Pet Owner): Violet Muse

Like any day before, just a stroll to the park. As these four souls, take two evening walks.

Nothing strange, nothing new, for either set of two, as they both took the route, they already knew.

“Finally we’ve arrived”, the human man sighed, as he sat on a bench, as she sat by his side.

Content on her knees,

With a sigh of relief,

breeze rustled the trees,

and the feeling of bliss,

he stretched out his hand,

she thought to herself,

and scratched at her fleas.

it doesn’t get better than this.

As they rounded the tree, and came into view, neither one knew, what trouble could brew.

Call it coincidence, call it fate, call it chance, but the simplest of truth, it started with a glance.

Not the glance of two lovers, at least not a first, but a look from a bitch, which we know is much worse.

“I will fight for my woman!”, the doberman cried. “I will fight for my man!”, the poodle replied.

So they scratched and they clawed, they growled and they bit, until their owners commanded, that each of them “sit”.

They shook hands, then locked eyes, and it came as no surprise, this walk in the park, has now changed these four lives.

Now there is love in two hearts, from the battle before, and with lies in their eyes, they promise “never more�.

So they left hand in hand, they left side by side, happily ever after, they lived out their lives.

The End

Like, Art.

Tom Alford [ ]

Jaime F Jimenez

[ ]

Andrew Jurado [ ]

L ike, Fashion.

[ photos ] Amanda Diaz Lividity Mortem [ mua ] [ model ] Janine Smith

[ model ] Chris Naasko Marissa Borgman [ model ] [ hair ] Katie Farthing Sincerely Rose [ designer ] [ photos ] Jesse Alford

[ designer ] Melissa Gee Lauren Luck [ model+hair+mua ] [ photographer ] Jesse Alford

This look is the epitome of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Acid colored skull print on thigh highs? It couldn’t get much more sexy and fun!

Lauren Luck

I’ve been sewing on and off for many years now, but I’ve just started to get pretty serious about it. I’ve taken it on as my full time job and it doesn’t feel like work to me, its like craft time all the time! I get to create whatever I want and I enjoy doing it. I’m very lucky I have a wonderful mother to follow after as well. She’s taught me pretty much everything I know

and continues to teach me her tricks of the trade. When I’m not sewing I’m either watching movies and enjoy time with my amazing boyfriend or riding my bike around Austin. I’m not really sure where the next years of my life will take me but I’ve realized that as the years go by my life becomes more and more amazing... I’m really looking forward to getting old haha:)

[ model+hair+makeup ] Nicki Donohoe Harper Women’s Wear [ designer ] [ photos ] Craig Fleming

Harper Women’s Wear is an independent, female fashion label based out of Sheffield, UK. Created by designer Keeley Hardy, the line offers original, hand-crafted pieces tailored for the modern woman. The current collection focuses on statement items, designed to stand the test of time in the ever changing world of fashion.

[ model ] Oodie Chrysalis Rose [ hair+mua ] [ photos ] Jesse Alford

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“Dollface” [ subject ] Erika Yarema Ashly McKessok [ mua ]

Women in today’s society have forgotten the value of the natural feminine body. Global media influences women to recreate themselves to conform to societal expectations; cosmetic alterations have become as commonplace as going to the dentist. The image of a perfect woman has

[ writer ] Danailya Pilon Samantha Scharf [ photos ]

evolved past simple beauty to the idea of ageless perfection. The price for this vision of happiness comes with both a huge cost and high emotional risk. Is cosmetic alteration ultimately worth it? Beauty is about what is on the inside, not about what you can afford to look like on the outside.

HOW TO DECOUPAGE YOU WILL NEED A Paintbrush or Sponge Brush Decoupage Glue Your Item to Decoupage The Papers or Pictures You will be Using Your Imagination

(one) Make sure the item you are going to decoupage is clean and dry. Laying newspaper underneath your item will avoid making a mess, or decoupage outside.


(two) Have the pictures or papers you will be using cut and ready to go. (three) Once you have envisioned where you will place your first paper, brush the area with the glue. Apply the paper and press it flat onto the surface. Brush glue over the top. Use enough to create a thin but consistent coat.(Don’t worry, the glue dries clear). (four) Continue adding pieces in a rhythmic order until your masterpiece is complete. (five) Let it dry then assess if another coat is needed. This step can be repeated until you are happy with your piece. (finally) Enjoy your one of a kind creation.


Make it an event, decoupage with a friend.


Think outside the box when choosing an item, remember: ALMOST ANYTHING CAN BE DECOUPAGED.


When choosing papers, we like using, photographs, newspaper, and stationary best!

[ Writer ] Jacob Alford Victoria Foglia [ Photo ]

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET Operation “Occupy the Federal Reserve” joins “Occupy Wall St.” to create a force to be reckoned with


n October 7th, 2011, I decided to join the good folks protesting at the Federal Reserve branch in San Francisco, California. Although the official #occupythefed movement didn’t start until that day, protestors had already been there protesting the banksters of Wall Street for about a week. Now, it could be said that protesting these institutions is like killing a zombie, each with a different strategy and outcome. Merely protesting people who have money or capitalism would be like stabbing and slashing your zombie with a knife; you may cause some effect and the zombie will surely notice, but you need to get to the heart of the matter. In contrast, protesting the Federal Reserve would be the equivalent of beheading and killing your zombie. Bypass all the middlemen, and go straight to the source of our nation’s problems. For those who do not know, the so-called Federal Reserve is a private institution who answers to no one. It is not a government agency in any way. In fact, during congressional hearings to discuss the outcome of the banker bailouts, congress pleaded for any information on the trillions of dollars that disappeared overnight. The heads of the private fed bank basically said, “screw you, we do whatever we want.” They should not be surprised at the contempt the American public now holds for these fed “banks”. No wonder they are being protested all over the country; it seems like the least we could do, given what they have done to all of us.

Whats Up Doc? with Matthew Collins

Sex and Washing Dishes. What’s up Doc, the sex life with my boyfriend just isn’t the same as it use to be. Sex use to be a desire and want of his as much as myself, but now it seems he could care less if we have sex or not. Even when we do it doesn’t feel the same, it’s almost as if it was a chore for him. I understand the fact he has work and school, but that never got in the way before of taking from our intimate moments. It’s making me feel like I am not as attractive as he use to make me feel. Help?

Unlimited nights and cheating My boyfriend and I have been together for about four months. I really, really like him, but over the past week and a half I’ve had this weird, odd suspicion that he has not been faithful. The other night I was hanging out with him at his house and I did something bad. My boyfriend got up to take a shower at some and I did the unspeakable; I looked through his text messages.  I’m not 100% he HAS cheated on me, but the messages I found between himself and an unsaved number were dirtier than the things that we say to each other! I don’t know what to do, I want to confront him but I feel horrible for breaking his trust. But he broke mine first, right? I also just don’t want to lose him.....what should I do? [ THE DR ] Yes that’s a difficult position you are in there for sure, but you need to ask yourself: how long do you want to feel like crap?   As far as breaking his trust goes, here are two possible ways you can look at it: 1) He could become enraged calling you a nosy bitch, while in his mind he’s thinking “Fuck I got caught,”  so with this route you may find he did cheat and then your better off feeling hurt for a few months instead of contracting herpes from his lover. 2) You confront him and find out some other reasonable explanation for the text and then you’re faced with rebuilding some trust; explaining this situation to him as if he found your phone with this text could also change his reaction. This is a tough one, but confronting it now will reduce the amount of time your spending being sad, anxious, and feeling like crap.

[ THE DR ] If you haven’t gained 50lbs in the past few months, its most likely not you. So you know that sex was once good, so maybe you could try spicing things up to test the hypothesis that sex could have become a little monotonous.  There are tons of things to do, talk dirty, unexpectedly grope him, or if he’s so into school, dress up like a hot professor.  Lastly there could be some other struggle that your boy toy is dealing with that is distracting him from sex.  Talk to him, kindly inquire about his daily activities and see if there is anything he is worried about.  He may just be waiting for you to ask.

I like Porn

Hey Doc, I’m writing because I am beginning to become concerned with my porn use. I have always watched porn, but have recently been watching it excessively.  My girlfriend of 3 years has no idea that I watch porn and I am pretty sure that she would not approve.  I feel bad because I’m finding myself giving more of my attention to porn than her, and don’t get me wrong here she is pretty hot.  I’m finding myself peeking out the window as she drives off to work so I can log on to my favorite jerky jerky sites.  Also when we so have sex, I am constantly thinking of the pornstars I watch all day and not about my girlfriend below me, or above me. I don’t like my new attitude towards my girlfriend, but I love my porn. Help doc! [ THE DR ] You better have some sort of virtual reality porn or a really ugly girlfriend to watch her leave for work so you can yank it.  Well what we are faced with here is the fact that porn causes the neurotransmitter dopamine to plug into pleasure circuits in your brain.  This over time can become addictive just like anything else that cause extreme amounts of pleasure.  So there can be an addiction component.  If that is the case, and you feel like porn is ruining your life, you should seek help.  On the other hand porn has been used in relationships to spice up the ‘ol sex life.  Couples can watch porn and really enjoy it.  You may want to hint at it with your girlfriend to gauge her willingness to watch it with you and free up your hands.  

Christmas Party Christmas is around the corner, and party planning is in full swing! While the holidays surround tradition there is nothing saying you can’t mix it up. So spice up your Christmas shindig with our Perfect Party tips!

Black Bottom Kamikaze Christmas Cocktail: 1 1 1 1 1

...with a twist

oz. Vodka oz. Triple Sec oz. Sweetened Lime Juice tbsp. Raspberry Liquor Lime

Shake Vodka, Triple Sec, and Sweetened Lime Juice in a shaker with ice. Strain into a martini glass. Using a spoon, pour Raspberry Liquor down the inside of the glass. Garnish with a lime twist and enjoy!

[ Decorations ] Let your style shine through the Christmas lights! Go beyond the red and green candy canes to add your personal touch to traditional holiday decorations.

[ Party Game ] Pick something out of the ordinary, an obscure or vintage board game is a great way to keep your party guests entertained.

[ Music ] Out with the new, and in with the old! Playing vinyl records creates a warm environment, carrying even the youngest of party goers back to the 60’s. Second hand stores are a perfect place to find timeless records at an affordable price.

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