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Dear delegates,

Committee work. It left many of you feeling exhausted; pushing your brains to their very limits to try and get your ideas out into the world, to work with your committee to find your common ideas, to find a way to express and communicate your ideas in the form of a resolution. I, for one, am absolutely astounded by how well you have managed all of these things. I hope you enjoyed sharing your opinions with your fellow delegates during committee work, and you really feel strengthened as a group. Each and every one of you truly took the session theme, 'The Art of an Idea' to heart, and you should be very proud of yourselves for 2

finding a way to communicate your thoughts to your committee. For as I have said before, coming up with an idea is the easy part, the true art of forming ideas is the final expression of what you have thought. It is very clear from the committee work that General Assembly tomorrow is going to be absolutely fabulous. Make the most of this opportunity you have been given, this platform on which you can express yourself. Most importantly, keep shining, brighter than a Lightbulb!

- Beth


The Art of Cuisine: Czech Village


The Art of Entertainment: Fun Features


The Art of Illumination: Who Invented the Lightbulb Anyway?


The Art of the People: A Wall of Ideas


The Art of Politics: Barack's Back


The Art of Location: Lovely Little Litomyšl


The Art of Cartoons: Mr and Mrs Lightbulb


The Art of Communication: In the News


The Art of Rest: Sleep Deprivation


CZECH VILLAGE “You should be imprisoned for such an imitation of food, “Nazis cooked better than you”, “Mushroom crisps – how could you mean that seriously?”, “This štrúdl looks older than the Bible!” commented Zdeněk Pohlreich (journalist Marek Navrátil) on the quality of food at the Thursday´s Czech village. In reality though, the tables filled with local delicatessen deserved nothing but appreciation, which the strict food critic finally admitted. Delegates from all over the Czech Republic brought the best of their local specialities to show the variety of Czech cuisine and to satisfy our hungry bellies. We had a chance to taste “Elephant´s food”, various schnitzels, biscuits and “štrůdls”. The warm potato pancakes and different brands of beers belonged also to the highly-rated among our interviewees. The LIGHTBULB prize for the best supplied and decorated table went to the GYMNÁZIUM NAD KAVALÍRKOU, whose dextrous cooks also “FEARLESSLY” answered the sharptongued Pohlreich´s questions.


The Art of Cuisine: Czech Village Inspired by the preceding Opening ceremony filled by incentive speeches of the head -organisers Zuzana and Jiří, session president Monica, editress Beth and VPs Lia and Monica, delegates together with officials showed physically, what is truly meant by “THE ART OF AN IDEA”. Performing the live imitation of one of the most renowned art works in the world - the famous Leonardo da Vinchi´s LAST SUPPER, they virtuously connected the fine ART with the ART of food.


Moreover, the Czech village could not end more symbolically. As one of the delegates remarked with a sigh, “This is the last supper before the Committee Work.” Every end means another beginning though and we wish delegates into the Committee Work to have as much creativity and as many bright ideas as possible. Some of their BEST IDEAS you can see at the following pages of our magazine...



So, tonight is the farewell party. The theme is Heaven and Hell. Use this quiz to find out which costume you should be wearing; an angel or a devil.


IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY As: You are an angel, you sickly sweet darling. IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY Bs: You are a devil, you cheeky minx!




Dogs will cure the world of depression and loneliness.� 10

The Art of the People: A Wall of Ideas





Batuhan Kesoğlu

LOVELY LITTLE LITOMYŠL Litomyšl … It’s so fun to say “Litomyšl”. When I first saw the call for officials for the IX Czech Forum, I thought the session was going to be in Prague. Then I actually saw the name of the location. I was a bit surprised and also frankly disappointed. Because, you know, you always want to see the big cities of Europe. Now I’m going to tell you the story of the dispersion of my prejudgments, now I’m going to tell you the story of this little town called Litomyšl. Litomyšl first emerged in the 13th century, and populated quickly due to its location linking Bohemia and Moravia in the Eastern Bohemian region. The population is about 13,000 people, so it’s a quite small town, as you may have noticed. It has some really important main sights. For example, the chateau of Litomyšl which is included in the UNESCO’s world heritage list. Not to mention the important people who were born in Litomyšl such as the composer Smetana On the road to Litomyšl, I have seen lots of small villages and some forests; 14

it actually reminded me of my home country. And as we proceed, I really started to get curious. But in the end, after all those villages and deserted forests, I was really surprised to see Litomyšl in front of me. With a few words, I can describe it as “small Europe”. The town is so engaged in art, that you can see the reflections of it everywhere. Sculptures, sculptures everywhere…Not only by means of architecture or art, I also fell in love with this town by means of its people. They are always so kind and welcoming. To sum up, I can say that the town really has “it”. There are some really beautiful towns where you can’t basically organise a session and there are also towns where you can easily organise a session but they just don’t attract people. But as our Head-Organiser George said, “Litomyšl was the perfect place for this session”.

The Art of Cartoons: Mr and Mrs Lightbulb (Cartoons by Klรกra Scholleovรก) Mr Lightbulb is really enjoying the IX Czech Session. He had a lot of fun in teambuilding, getting to know his committee. However, yesterday, committee work didn't get off to the greatest start...

The Travels of Mr Lightbulb, continued...

Mr Spanish Lightbulb

Mr Mexican Lightbulb Mr Chair Lightbulb 15

Mr USA Lightbulb

The Art of Cartoons: Mr and Mrs Lightbulb (Cartoons by Klára Scholleová)

- Rumour has it that there are three delegate couples at the session. You know who you are and so do we… - Claims have been made that last night, an exhausted orga was spotted sleeping in the hallway! To be fair, we don't blame them! - Yesterday, during the exchange of session gossip at lunch, our easily excitable editress knocked over her glass and spilt coca cola everywhere when she heard a particularly juicy snippet! 16

Teambuilding has obviously worked for these delegates. It's obvious they share a VERY SPECIAL bond...

The Art of Communication: In the News


Marek Navrรกtil


Marek Navrátil

- The record for the longest period without sleep is 18 days, 21 hours, 40

minutes during a rocking chair marathon; and we thought EYP was bad! - It’s possible there may not be a single moment of our sleep when we are actually dreamless. - Humans sleep on average around three hours less than other primates like chimps, rhesus monkeys, squirrel monkeys and baboons. - Most of what we know about sleep we’ve learned in the past 25 years.





Lightbulb - Issue Two  

The second session issue of Lightbulb!

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