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technology. Earlier this year, KW released a new platform called KW Command that links to an artificial intelligence data cloud that learns as it is used by clients and agents. Ultimately, it will track transactions and provide knowledge back to clients based on machine learning. What does this really mean? Perhaps one example of what it can do provides a glimpse into the future. Since it tracks transactions, it aggregates data on all types of deals for many different types of homes in many markets. As the data in the cloud grows, the system will be able to analyze potential offers and rate the likelihood of an offer being accepted. Increasing the earnest money from $10,000 to $15,000, for example, may increase the chance of an offer being accepted from 80 percent to 95 percent. The agent application is already changing the industry for Keller Williams agents. The consumer application also provides a great user experience for anyone interested in real estate in any market. If you would like to download it and try it out, go to scottsdalehome.forsale/KWapp on your mobile device.

T H E B EST OF Z IL LOW If you have read our previous issues, you know that Zillow is an integral part of our marketing efforts. While many agents today dislike what Zillow has done to the real estate industry, we embrace the company for the disruption it has brought, and the way it has put data into the hands of consumers. We use it in a variety of ways both to promote our listings, and to help buyers.

This year, Zillow started awarding a “Best of Zillow” designation to teams that consistently receive high ratings from buyers and sellers. We were delighted to learn that we were awarded this designation. According to Zillow, “when a Zillow Premier Agent profile displays this Best of Zillow badge, it means buyers and sellers loved working with the agent. Best of Zillow Agents have been recognized for going above and beyond throughout the process”. Our Best of

Zillow rating places us in the top four percent of all agents for our service and professionalism. WA LL STR E E T J O UR N A L

If you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, you are undoubtedly aware of one of their most popular section, the Friday Mansion section. The online version is called Mansion Global, and is one of the most popular luxury real estate websites in the world. All of our listings currently appear in Mansion Global. Starting in February, in association with the Institute For Luxury Home Marketing, we will be featured on the site and some of our listings will also be featured listings.

Examples of our listings on Mansion Global



Profile for The Lifestyle Collection

North Scottsdale Luxury Property Report - 2020 - Data covering all 2019 Transactions  

North Scottsdale Luxury Property Report - 2020 - Data covering all 2019 Transactions