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With the holiday season upon us, I would like to take this time to thank all our loyal readers and advertisers. Without you, this three year anniversary issue would not be possible. We are proud to celebrate three wonderful years in business serving Starr County and across the Valley with the latest fashion trends, health tips, community events and what our local businesses have to offer. In this December edition you can find “The Cold Is Coming We Can Feel It” by our Health and Fitness contributor Brenda Bautista. Read tips on how to relieve joint and bone pain with the changing temperature this soon-to-be chilly month. Also, look for our Fashion article by Yirla Nolan. See “Stocking Stuffers” for some easy and great gift ideas.

A special thanks goes out to Mary Salinas and Oneida Ramos-Nunez for contributing pictures in this issue. Stay connected! Like our Facebook Page or visit to view all issues online. May the joy of this holiday season find you happiness and good health. From all THE LIFE Magazine team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! “Working Towards A United Community”


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THE COLD IS COMING WE CAN FEEL IT!!! -Brenda Bautista-Damm

Ever since I can recall my grandmother, and now my husband, claim to be able to predict the weather by the pains they feel in their joints and bones. Although this has not been scientifically proven, it is an “Old Wives Tale” that many believe to be true. People that suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis or other type of bone and joint problems tend to experience these types of symptoms when the cold weather approaches. Below I would just like to share a few tips on how you can minimize and ease some of the cold weather aches and pains. As I always like to recommend a few supplements that can improve our health I will list the following: Omega-3 fatty acids will help to reduce inflammation of the joints, therefore bring ease to your joints. (Think of your bones as a door and wall that are connected by a hinge. If the hinge gets rusty it will start to swell and make the door difficult to open. If you put some oil on the hinge it will lubricate and make the problem disappear.) Glucosamine sulfate is often used to ease joint pain caused by arthritis as well as osteoarthritis. (My personal experience with this supplement has been incredible. I had a skiing accident where both my knees suffered hyperextension and left me with this pain in the winter. Taking the recommended daily dosage from my doctor I have felt comfort.) Massage is another relaxing and pampering option you can do to ease these pains. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient needed to have strong bones. We are lucky to have sunlight almost every day of the year. However, if you are allergic to milk or on

a strict vegetarian diet you may suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency. Stay warm by wearing gloves or flannel pants to keep your bones and joints a bit warmer. This may be seen as over the top for the winter temperatures we have in this area. But, it is more important to feel comfort than to worry about being judged. Work out inside. Do not neglect a good workout because of the cold days or because of your pain. Take a walk, try a yoga class and stay active. This will also soothe the pain due to the fact that movement also contributes to the lubrication of your joints. This winter stay warm, stay active and eat the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients to live a healthy life. We have great weather broadcasters on our local channel so let’s let them do their job and lets enjoy the winter holidays pain free.



RUBEN VILLARREAL “He wears the hat...



“He Photoshops in his sleep”





“He brings the creativity to the table”


“She holds it all together”





NOT JUST ANOTHER AIR CONDITIONING COMPANY Yeah, we know we live in the hottest part of TEXAS. It takes a special group of people to live, work and deal with the long summer heat. Ask anybody and they will tell you the Rio Grande Valley has 2 seasons: Hot and %*^# HOT. So air conditioners are everywhere and so are air conditioning companies. The guys the sell, fix and replace these magic boxes that make life cool. In fact your neighbors friends cousin knows somebody that can work on your ac,but can this guy really fix it? Look, we know that you can choose anybody to fix or replace your ac and if you are building a home the builder has some ac guy he uses. We are asking that you choose us, ATLAS AIR CONDITIONING & ELECTRIC. Don’t be afraid to tell your builder to use us! Here is why you want to use us... 1. We have more than just one Main AC Guy---So you have a problem and we have a team Of guys that know, live and breath Air Conditioning and even Electricity. 2. Atlas is a real company. Be truthful, has it happened to you some guy comes and almost fixes something then before he is done he tells you “I will come back and finish” yet he never returns or even answers his phone when you look for him? Not with us! We have an answering service that finds us. You call one numberr then we call you back and fix it. 3. You need to know this: We DO NOT sell every brand of air conditioner made or available even if it is cheaply priced, WHY? First, not all brands have ac’s that I would want for my home especially since I live in a %*^# HOT part of Texas. Let me explain it this way, your car has a radiator that keeps the engine cool (radiator= the ac outside the house and engine=compressor in the ac outside the house), this radiator has some limits. It needs to be clean. If damaged, it starts blocking the air flow, and it has to be BIG enough for those hot summer days. But if you have ever been stuck in traffic on those hot days your car slowly begins to over heat, WHY? Not enough radiator. So we sell only ac’s with enough radiator to cool your home even during the 100 degree days. And get this- we have ac’s that are have such a BIG radiator your house will be COLD. 4. Finally, We have fun. That’s right, FUN. We love to make things better, put smiles on peoples faces. Like I said, we live, eat and breath Air Conditioning and Electrical services. It could be 140 degrees in the attic and you will be wondering why the men and ladies from Atlas are having fun up there. So the next time you need air conditioning think




One of the most important people in our lives are our great BFFs! These girls seem to have everything going for them so it’s no surprise that they are more often than not, very hard to shop for. This Christmas I will make your shopping easier by providing some gift ideas for that special friend in your life. As always, I cater to my budget friendly fashionistas so everything is $50 and under!

BUG BITE EARRINGS, $28, OLIVEANDPIPER.COM There is nothing more satisfying than receiving a piece of jewelry. Make this holiday the best for your BFF by gifting these beautiful sparklies that will complete any outfit. They definitively look like more than what they really cost and at their low price you will have enough to purchase a matching pair for yourself!

DIPTYQUE CANDLE, $28, DIPTYQUEPARIS.COM If there is one thing a girl likes, it is to always smell good. These candles have a cult following for their long lasting smell and their iconic glass holders. There is a wide variety of scents which will allow you to give your BFF what she really likes. A great tip is to keep the candle holder after the candle burns up. Use it as a makeup brush holder to style up any vanity.

CHARBONNEL WALKER PINK MARC de CHAMPAGNE TRUFFLES, $26, SURLATABLE.COM This is the perfect gift for the girl with a sweet tooth. Every chocolate is handmade and has a milk chocolate, butter and Marc de Champagne centre, and is finished with a light dusting of icing sugar. These are world renowned truffles that come in a pretty box that doesn’t even need any wrapping.


This gift will make any good hostess happy. If your BFF likes to host parties or simply drink wine, treat her to this beautiful eco wine tote that can keep anything warm or cold.


It might be a little harder to find this one, but it is totally worth it. The newly released Naked 3 palette has every eye shadow you need on a daily basis. Urban Decay has had a hard time keeping it in stock but your BFF will love you for it!

PARISIAN CHIC BOOK, $21, BARNESANDNOBLE.COM Every girl should own this style guide written by a true Parisian fashionista. For ages, women everywhere have tried looks that Parisian women achieve so effortlessly. This book will give insight on what Parisian women wear, what beauty routines they follow, and where to shop!

-Yirla Nolan


¡No olvides reservar con tiempo nuesta sección privada para tus eventos navideños!



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THE LIFE December  

This is a special Three Year Anniversary Issue of THE LIFE Magazine from the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Our team sincerely thanks each and ev...

THE LIFE December  

This is a special Three Year Anniversary Issue of THE LIFE Magazine from the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Our team sincerely thanks each and ev...