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Dear Life Lovers Dear Life Lovers, RGC’s Greater Chamber of Commerce has been hard at work all year bringing you Keepin’ It Rio Art Walk every first Thursday of the month. I wanted to highlight this month the artists who have been sharing their incredible talent and also take the opportunity to remind you not to miss the last one of the year. This Thursday at 6p come see a variety of works of art in the gorgeous back drop of the historical La Borde House. The 2nd Annual Celebrity Bartender is April 12th and you have to mark your calendar. It is such a great way to meet some of your community leaders and this year we have


some special guests. The entire community and surrounding communities are invited! The Rio Grande City Greater Chamber of Commerce holds this yearly event to raise money for the chamber and this year 24 fantastic volunteer groups will be creating their signature cocktails in hopes to be crowned 2013 Celebrity Bartender. The event will be held at the beautiful La Borde House at 7pm on Friday April 12th. I want to personally welcome two of our newest TEAM members to THE LIFE Magazine. Buster Brown who has over 40 years of experience in sales and Jackie Mercado who was raised in the publication arena and we are very fortunate to have them both as part of our account executive team.

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You tell us your monthly commitment and we create the ad size based on that budget, period. We create the ad for you at no cost. You will be exposing your business to your future consumer and we always go the extra mile to promote you online through our social networks and website.

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I have realized and learned over the years from being a personal trainer that you truly need to create that tunnel vision type of focus and to have a strong belief in yourself when aiming for any goal. The mind becomes the most powerful tool when wanting to achieve and succeed at anything. Being

whether to tweak my actions or to step it up a notch. 3. KNOW YOUR “WHY”- Be passionate about your “why” when you have a goal! If you keep giving up on your goals halfway, perhaps you were never serious about them to begin with. For me, if I’m really serious about a goal I keep hammering away, regardless of the obstacles and struggles. Nothing comes easy, but in the end it is always worth it. Allow yourself to be in the uncomfortable zone and learn to enjoy it. Have

able to compete on stage has been an honor and is my biggest accomplishment to date, but at the end of the day the real competition comes from within. Learning to mind the mind, pushing passed your limits and making anything possible is the true test of self-determination. Feeling your best, looking your best, training your hardest, getting to the gym, sticking to your diet and your plan 100%, not giving into those weak moments, not creating excuses and not allowing any hiccups to get in the way are some key points that keep me at the top of my game and always coming in a true winner!

your “why” close to heart and why your goal is important to you. Have a strong belief in everything Renea Perez and her husband at competition you do. Be passionate about this Below are 3 tools I like to use this allows you to be consistent with and have it mean something big, to help stay focused and not lose reaching each goal and gives you this way you will never give up on site of the goal. Try adding them the motivation to reach the next yourself and the reason why you to your goal plan, whether it is a one. It truly helps me to achieve are on this journey in the first place. smaller goal or something over the anything I put my mind to! Whatever your fitness goals are 2. TRACK YOUR RESULTS- It’s it all begins with you and setting top, a plan of action is a must! important for me to track the the “goal.” You need to envision  1. CREATE MILESTONES- If you just set one huge goal, sometimes results of what I do as this allows what you want and how you are it can be discouraging, especially me to continue aiming for going to take action in making it when you don’t achieve it after something more and achieve happen. Everything begins with a short while. Some people may higher results. Tracking my results you putting it into action and give up or even procrastinate on is my connection to the end goal making it count every step will their goal altogether. I think it is and this will let me know whether have you succeeding every time! important and helpful to break one I’m on track, ahead of the game or Train hard, stay focused and behind, which in turn lets me know big goal into smaller goals because dream big!




RGC Chamber & RioCriminal Grande City honor Roel & Justice Rosa Gonzalez Association in the State Farm Arena Walk of Fame 2013



Fred Flinstone’s School of Rock Exercise

By: Roy Chubasco

It was lunch time and the place was busier than a kid making a sand castle on the beach. The people ranged from the medical crew in scrubs to the folks in flip flops and work out shorts with no apparent work to do. The line to order was longish, but it didn’t matter because things around here are brisk, tasty, and full of color to entertain the eye. It is my turn to order, and I blurt out the same number and fine details of how I want my Whataburger. Sometimes I wonder why I always get the same thing being that Whataburger last I checked offers 36,864 ways to customize your meal. Add to that I always find myself serving up the same reliable cup of Diet Dr. Pepper. I drink it not because its “diet” but because I would rather use all that extra sugar of regular Dr. Pepper to make something useful like a pineapple upside down cake. As I find a chair I hear a young lady giggling more than Alvin the Chipmunk. In between the smiles and carrying on, she kept calling her boyfriend “you’re a dumbbell”. Everything he said had the same sweet response, “you’re a dumbbell”. The exchange when something like “you want more ketchup” to which the answer was “you’re a dumbbell”. He would say “do you need a napkin”, and she would say “you’re a dumbbell”. He would say “there is a python wrapping itself around your leg”, and she would answer “you’re a dumbbell”. (Ok, I made the last one up, but you get the picture.)

By the time I heard the third cute remark I knew good and well that the young lady had never worked out with dumbbells. What became even more apparent was that this key piece of exercise equipment

workout that was sure to upset the neighbors for as far as you can throw a rock. Consequently, an adjustment was made to these staples of gym décor. The clappers that banged from side to side were

gets very little respect. Yes it might sound funny but working out with dumbbells gets results and kicks your butt almost as much as stacking square hay bales in a tin barn. With this in mind, Ol’Roy is going to dedicate a little time and a few words to discover the origins of the underappreciated and overly playful sounding dumbbell. The origins of this word find its way to the 1700’s when people convinced of the benefits of exercise got tired of lifting odd shaped difficult to handle rocks. Breaking away from the Fred Flintstone School of rock exercise, a forward thinker found himself a pair of church bells and connected them with a rod. Of course this made for a loud clanging

removed from the bell thus making them quieter, user friendly and by bell standards, dumb. This is one of the few ways to create a bell that is shy. From that point forth the name stuck to these apparatuses like a hard hat on a construction worker. Dumbbells can be found around the world in most any gym. They have had a place in our cultures for 2000 years dating back to ancient Greece. In the 5th century BC Greeks used rock dumbbell apparatus called halterers. Move over INSANITY and P90X because these weighted objects were used in three basic routines. The movements made famous by the Greeks were lunges (yup, we still do these), an

abdominal side bend and the super macho bicep curls. Other cultures caught on to the fitness craze as well. Some of the more notable civilizations were the ancient Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese. However this does not take away from the fact that the Greeks were the original innovators and carry all the rights to an infomercial for a TV campaign. Some early examples of dumbbells were made of wax, lead and of course stone. This much explains why bells seemed like a more useful solution to this weighted apparatus. The dumbbells stayed in the shadows until 200 AD when a Greek physician named Galen wrote a text called “De Sanitate Tuenda” which proclaimed the benefits of dumbbell exercises. It was clear that Galen was no quack and with no infomercial necessary these movements of fitness remained strong well into the 19 century when they were subsequently modified to include modern movements. These days dumbbells and their usefulness in fitness are more prominent than a Goodyear Blimp at a football game. Now I will admit that the word dumbbell sounds a bit funny but just try working out with them and you will soon change your mind as the Big Gulp sized sweat beads come rolling down your forehead. Go ahead, try for one last dumbbell rep and you will see how those darn Greeks knew what they were talking about. That is the way I see it under these Starry skies, Roy Chubasco

With a blend of color moved to and fro, an artist grabs an idea from the sunny side of the brain and manages to create something that some may like, love, enjoy, dislike, admire, avoid, and a host of emotions that fit somewhere in-between the lines that divide the aforementioned feelings. Nevertheless, art in most any form pulls the mind in directions more endless than footsteps in a train station. Strangely and fortunately art is suppose to do that. This exhilaration has been long absent in an organized way in the Starr County community. However, the Keepin’ It Rio Art Walk is making huge strides to bring to the forefront the dynamics, delicacies, and thought provoking ideals that beautiful art creates.

Don’t miss the experience of the last Art Walk of the season Thursday, April 4th at La Borde House at 6 pm




They are the rangers, or as I prefer to call them, los Rinches. Their history is one of pure controversy. To some they are seen as the people who tamed the West, but to others they are seen as nothing more than mere thugs with guns. My job as a historian is to view events of the past with an unbiased opinion. That is why I had trouble deciding whether or not to write this article. I must apologize beforehand if I offend any of my readers. Truth is the history of these “lawmen” can still hold ramifications amongst certain group of individuals. The history of these rangers began in 1823 when Steven F. Austin, the son of Moses Austin, hired a small group of ten to protect his colony of 700 settlers from Indian raids. This small group soon grew to a sizeable group of Ranging Companies (hence where the word Ranger comes from). The job of these ranging companies was to protect the settlers on the outskirts

and on several occasions produce havoc for “hostile” Indians. One of the ultimate signs of the hostility of the Texas Rangers towards the Indians took place on March 19, 1840 in the city of San Antonio. What is now known as the Council House Fight is now seen by many including yours truly as a blatant disregard for human life on the part of the rangers. The Comanche Leaders along with their women and children walked into town to negotiate a possible peace treaty between the Anglos and natives. Along with the woman and children the Comanche leaders brought with them a white hostage by the name of Matilda Lockhart. Matilda informed one of the locals that she had been

on numerous occasions beaten and raped by the Comanches. This served to light the powder keg in what was then a very tense situation the Rangers who fired point blank into the group of Comanches killing 35 and injuring 29 more. The massacre at Council House only served to infuriate the Comanches and fuel their raids against Anglo settlements. Following the incident in San Antonio the rangers went back to patrolling the northern plains and taking part in what is now known to history as The Texas Indian Wars. Many battles were fought; most of them have sadly been lost to the hands of history. Historians can agree on one thing that aided the Rangers in

their war against the Indians, that one thing would be the Revolver. The colt Revolver, to be specific, this piece of western technology gave a man the ability to fight off Indian raids single handedly, and in the hands of the rangers became a weapon of destruction. As they say “God created man Samuel Colt made them equal” Join me in next month’s column as I dig into the history of the Texas Rangers in South Texas, especially one very famous incident that resulted in many Rio Grande City residents dead at the hands of the Rangers. Follow me on Facebook and email any questions or story ideas to


BGC RGC Update by Dina Garcia Pena

Waylon At the Boys and Girls Club we focus on giving members the extra push they need to excel in every aspect of their development. This month we are devoting our column to one of our more recent members, Waylon Davenport. Waylon is a 7 year old that has been coming to see us every day since last semester. His father brought him stressing that he needed academic support and a place where he can just have fun. What he really wanted was for Waylon to complete and understand his


Boys & Girls Justice Club RGC Bike Association Safety

daily homework. The stage was set for a duel. Every afternoon there was an excuse. “I think I left my binder at school. “, “I don’t know where my binder is.”, “I can’t do it.” and anything else he could think of. You can imagine his face every day he was told to do his work. Sometimes it was only a sobbing river of tears and a loud wailing noise. The staff stood their ground. There was only one option and that was for the homework to get done. Once that was established there was still another step towards getting it done. That step? “How do I get it done I don’t know what to do!” We quickly realized math was not a challenge. It was fast and came easy to him. Reading and spelling on the other hand created the all too familiar sounds of wailing and tears. He knew he only had two options either to read a book or finish his homework. The fight to begin his homework slowly diminished. Staff was able to work with him on the issues he was having with understanding his homework. All he needed was a boost of confidence. His behavior outside of Power Hour (homework hour) wasn’t

always had an excuse not to do whatever you were asking of him. As the frustration of getting his homework completely diminished, so did his behavior issues. Neither staff nor I can really pin point when the attitude shifted exactly, but we do agree that there has been a monumental improvement in his overall performance. While we can’t say he doesn’t struggle with his reading and spelling homework there is no longer a struggle to start it. There is no longer an objection to do what is required of him. The smile has returned where there was usually frustration. There is trust being built between our staff and our member. It is a break through moment anytime we can break the barriers that a child has in order to really motivate them and change their attitudes. Through the use of games staff has been able to find his strengths and encourage his self-esteem. One moment in particular was a strategy game called Blokus. The objective is to place all your pieces on the board while your opponents do the same, but at the same time block you from winning. One staff member was playing against him and other kids. While the older kids

much better. He didn’t want to do what was asked of him, and

did not get the game, the staff member noticed Waylon’s face.

He was deep in thought, looking at his next move. The staff member noticed he was blocking his path to victory. By the games end it was down to Waylon and staff. There was two pieces left and the next piece would seal the deal. Waylon went for the win. The staff member was already on his heels and stopped him before Waylon could win. The staff member had won, but barely. Waylon was laughing and analyzing the board up and down for a way to win. There was none. He only smiled, laughed, and said I’ll get you tomorrow with the most confident smile on his face. The club is a perfect trigger for this growth and we can only strive and continue further in helping Waylon grow. We thank his father for being committed to bringing his kids to the club and help us in anything we may need. He supports us and his kids in every way and allows us to be flexible to help better Waylon.

For information please call BGCRGC Director Dina Garcia at 956-451-2681 Boys and Girls Club is located at the Basilio Villarreal Municipal Park



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