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MARCH 2012

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Sunday Service: 9:30AM 60 Rockfield Road Penrose, Auckland

Sunday Service: 10:30AM 201 Preston Road Otara, Auckland

Inside Life


WELCOME “God’s Greatest Gift to Us” In this Inside Life magazine I have taken the opportunity to talk about the greatest gifts that God gives to us. Two articles ago, I wrote how that life itself is the greatest gift of all to have been given by God. Logically nothing else can be received without this. Life is just so precious and so we all need to be thankful and to treasure the wonder of the life that we have received from God. Then a second gift of astonishing importance and value is ours as human beings. That is the gift of CHOICE. We have not been made robots or simply creatures operating out of instinctive behaviours. We are decision making, option taking, choice aware beings. How amazing is that? Unique in all of creation, human beings are gifted with the capacity to be aware of options and to decide which one they choose to take. I’m sure that we would all agree that this was a significantly risky attribute to include in the human make-up. No doubt there have been so many times in which God could have regretted this feature in this created being. But without choice, God’s third gift could not be received. You see God was looking for, God wanted to have someone, a “being”, with whom He could relate, whom He could love, who “chose” to have this be so. A decision making being who voluntarily obeyed, loved, communicated, and worshipped because that is what they wanted to do. The third greatest gift of God then is the gift of salvation at redemption, of eternal life. It is described in each of these ways and each of them paint part of the picture which is God and man connected in loving relationship. Where both are enjoying this because they have chosen for it to be so. What a gift! Surely one that eternity itself will be needed to fully explore. Amazing, amazing, amazing! God gave us Heaven’s best Jesus to make it possible. Indeed the perfect gift. So I want to encourage you today to thank God for life, I challenge you to celebrate the power of choice that you have, and I implore you to receive the gift of salvation so freely given and made available to all. You will be blessed as you do!

Bruce and Maude McDonald

featured event

Saturday March 31ST - 7:00pm - 9:00pm @ The Life Church Penrose Auditorium


We need your support as we get underway with fundraising for the missions trip VANUATU2012. A group of youth and a few supporters are gearing up for what will be an unforgettable time. The team will be supporting and serving Pastors Obed and Rokin Sandy. Our youth will be challenged to use their skills, talents and to share their stories to inspire and encourage the young people of Vanuatu. This evening is open to all, especially those that fancy their general knowledge abilities. There will also be a silent auction running with a range of top quality items for you to bid on. Book yourself a spot, or better yet, book a table and grab a group of friends for a fun filled evening.or, Rod Schick, for more information; his details can be found on the back page. Contact our Youth Director, Rod Schick, for more information. To make a donation at any time please use an envelope marked The Life Church, and be sure to note Vanuatu Missions Trip and place this in the offering bag during the service. PRICE: $15 Per Person, $100 for a table of ten MORE INFORMATION:

Inside Life


NOTICES working bees

Word Of Mouth


MARCH 3RD - 9am TLC Otara Exciting progress is being made, and this is your chance to help. Meet some new faces and help impact our local community. MARCH 10TH- 9am TLC Penrose We are blessed to have our current home, but every home needs to have maintenance work done. Please consider dedicating one Saturday to helping upkeep and move forward our church home.

HEALING ROOMS SATURDAYS - 10am - 12pm TLC Penrose - Opposite the Auditorium We believe our God is capable of performing miracles of healing and restoration in people. Recently we have had a team member healed from severe back pain, and a lady seeking a job was prayed for. A team member had an impression from the Holy Spirit about a phone ringing. The lady returned home and short time later the phone rang and she was offered a job. Prayer can provide the breakthrough you need, let us believe with you for your miracle.

MAINLY MUSIC FRIDAY MORNING - 10am (During School Term Only) TLC SPORTS CENTRE We have started Mainly Music and it has been a great success. It is now open to the community and we are excited to see what God is going to do through this ministry. If you know of a family who would enjoy this, then please encourage them to come along. PRICE: $4 per family MORE INFORMATION: Suzy Just (021) 670 917 Natalie Jones (021) 386 628

LIFE GROUP OTARA A great place to meet and do life together. We meet weekly on Wednesday evening at 7pm. For more information, including the venue for the week, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you. CONTACT: Bruce and Dayna Grey (09) 265 2667 (021) 918 593

TUESDAY 16TH - 7:15PM 16 KIPLING AVE This evening is designed for Ladies to take some time out and enjoy each others company while having some interesting discussions. It is held on the first Tuesday evening of each month. Please contact Adair Smith, Raewyn Stewart, or Jeanette Starrenburg for more details.

Rob Packer has been involved in worship ministry for over 35 years, is an accomplished musician who plays keyboard and guitar, and has been teaching music for the last 15 years. His passion is to equip musicians to use their gift for God and he is available this year to give individual music tuition on keyboard and guitar for those who would like to develop their ability to play. You can have your lessons at Rob’s studio in West Auckland or you can have them online via Skype from the comfort of your own home. Tuition for Piano and Keyboard will enable students to play creatively by ear, working from an understanding of music theory. This can also include basic sight reading skills if desired. The cost for tuition is $25 incl GST for a 30 minute lesson. Rob can be contacted on 833 6873 or 021 429 009.




We value ‘SPIRITUAL GIFTS’ the Bible tells us that God has given ‘gifts’ to each of His children to bless & benefit others. We are committed to helping people ‘discover, develop & deploy’ their spiritual gifts.


For more information on our values and vision, please visit our website where you can discover more about our journey, we hope you will join us.

Inside Life


MY STORY JOY “He has paid the price to buy my salvation” JOY

As an infant, I was baptised in the Roman Catholic Church. I believed I was saved by simply going to mass and confessing my sins to a priest, I thought I was a good person. Yet I could never seem to fill the gaping void within me. Two years ago, when my daughter gave her heart to God, I saw the change in her and I wanted to partake of the inner joy she had. I visited her church and was touched by the Holy Spirit and gave my life to The Lord. My life did a 180 degree turn and the Good News of the gospel was clear; I realised that God’s grace alone, is the sole reason why Jesus sacrificed his life for me. I finally felt peace and joy, because the burden of sin had gone. I wanted God to embrace me and never let me go. I am a child of God now, not because there is something good in me, but because Jesus the Son of God suffered, died and was resurrected for me. He has paid the price to buy my salvation.

LIFEGROUPS This year our focus is to better understand and to meet the needs of our members. It is our intention to encourage every member of the Life Church to join a Life Group. We would like to strengthen and promote: • Connecting with other members • Hospitality & caring for one another • Praying for one another • Praise & worship at Life Group • Sharing testimonies • Utilizing and exploring ones gifts or talents • Means of information flow to become an informed member We have a number of Life Groups that you could join or maybe you are considering starting a new life group in your suburb. If you do decide to join or establish a new group we would love to hear from you. Saiyad & Reubina Irshad

Inside Life




Rod Schick - Youth Director (Penrose) (027) 365 8388 David & Carol de Thiery - Senior Youth Leaders Otara (027) 341 3213 March sees youth gearing up for an unmissable term. With STORM2012 just around the corner, a heap of fundraisers and solid life group nights, you are going to need your head in the game. It can be a challenge sometimes to simply turn up with all that we have going on; but that’s the greatest thing about being part of the youth community at The Life Church, when you turn up, you will be challenged, encouraged and find a place to be yourself. Put yourself in that place and you can’t help but grow. Your leaders are believing for big things for you this year, start believing that for yourself and see God change your life.

Events coming up… PENROSE >> Fri 2nd Tues 6th Tues 13th Tues 20th Fri 30th Sat 31st Tues 3rd April

CONVERGE Combined Youth Night (7:30 @ TLC Penrose) Life Group (Rod’s Place 7-9pm) Life Group (Rod’s Place 7-9pm) Life Group (Rod’s Place 7-9pm) CONVERGE Combined Youth Night (7:30 @ TLC Penrose) FUNDRAISER – Quiz Night (TLC 7-9pm) Life Group (Rod’s Place 7-9pm)

OTARA >> Fri 2nd Fri 9th Fri 16th Fri 23rd Fri 30th Fri 6 April

CONVERGE Combined Youth Night (7:30 @ TLC Penrose) HUNGI FUNDRAISER – Prep Youth Rock Solid (7-9pm) Youth Rock Solid (7-9pm) CONVERGE Combined Youth Night (7:30 @ TLC Penrose) EASTER COMMUNITY SERVE

STORM2012 – UNSHAKABLE (12-15th April) Tickets now available, first 5 in get chocolate! Earlybird cut off is March 11th so get in quick. Cost: Full Price = $80 Early Bird = $70

KIDS Year 3 - Year 8

Ages 3 - Year 2

SUNBEAMS Ages 6months - 2

The new year has started well with the kids really enjoying the programs that are being run for them. It is so important to impart knowledge to kids from an early age, and it is our joy and privilege to be involved in teaching the next generation. If you share this desire and would like to make a difference our future leaders, we would love to talk with you. Keep an eye here for more details about what we are going to be up to, and if you would like any details, then please feel free to approach any of the leaders. The Kids church team Gay, Kenaz, Kezia, Reynold, Sharon

Inside Life




Last month we heard about the death of another celebrity, Whitney Houston. She grew up in church, sang in choir, knew that Jesus loved her, yet at some point, we read, lost her way. Deep down she believed in God, in fact had often performed classic Christian songs like “Yes Jesus Loves Me”, but it did not stop her going to some dark places. None of us should make judgements about what Whitney did or didn’t do in her life, but what we should do is make every effort to safeguard ourselves from the things that could lead us in the wrong direction. Psalm 119:105 says that God’s Word is “...a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path”. I guess if we switch off the light, we can become lost in the dark. I encourage you to pick up God’s Word (the Bible) every day, “...ponder and meditate on it day and night, making sure you practice everything written in it. Then you’ll get where you’re going; then you’ll succeed.” [Joshua 1:8 the Message]


COURSES coming up.....



Pathways To Life The Life Church who are we? What do we believe? What do we value? What does our future look like? If these are some questions you are asking yourself or you want to know more, we invite you to spend a few hours with us and be inspired about what God is doing and going to do at The Life Church.

PRICE: $10 COURSE DATES & TIME: Saturday 24th March 10am - 3pm (includes lunch)

The Parenting Course

Divine Design

The Parenting Children Course consists of five sessions designed to equip parents or those caring for their children, with long term strategies to build a healthy family life. Covering topics like:- Building strong foundations, meeting our children’s needs, setting boundaries, teaching healthy relationships it is a resource parents will come back to time and time again.

Do you want to discover who God has uniquely designed you to be? This course will help you discover, understand & live the life God intended for you. This weekend course starts on Friday evening 27 April and all day Saturday 28 April 2012.

PRICE: $50 includes dinner COURSE DATES & TIME: Starts Monday 30th April

PRICE: $50 includes book COURSE DATES & TIME: Friday 27th Evening Saturday 28th Day


Inside Life





02 TLC Penrose Mainly Music Sports Centre 10am

04 TLC Penrose Celebration Service


05 TLC Penrose Marriage Course 7pm


07 TLC Penrose Prayer Meeting Auditorium 7pm

TLC Penrose Alpha Course 7pm

08 TLC Penrose Elders Meeting 7pm


Celebration Service


12 TLC Penrose Marriage Course 7pm



15 TLC Penrose Prayer Meeting TLC Boardroom 7pm

TLC Penrose Alpha Course 7pm

TLC Otara Celebration Service


TLC Penrose


Celebration Service

9:30am with John Steele TLC Otara

19 TLC Penrose Marriage Course 7pm



TLC Penrose Alpha Course 7pm

22 TLC Penrose Directors Meeting 7pm

Celebration Service


TLC Penrose Healing Rooms 10am

Alpha Holy Spirit Weekend

Alpha Holy Spirit Weekend

23 TLC Penrose Mainly Music Sports Centre 10am

Alpha Holy Spirit Weekend

TLC Penrose Celebration Service

9:30am TLC Otara Celebration Service




TLC Penrose Marriage Course 7pm

TLC Penrose Alpha Course 7pm

The Cause Conference NLC International

The Cause Conference NLC International


The Cause Conference NLC International


The Cause Conference NLC International


TLC Penrose Mainly Music Sports Centre 10am



10 TLC Penrose Working Bee 9am TLC Penrose Healing Rooms 10am

Celebration Service

TLC Penrose

TLC Penrose Healing Rooms 10am

09 TLC Penrose Mainly Music Sports Centre 10am

TLC Otara


03 TLC Otara Working Bee 9am

24 TLC Penrose Healing Rooms 10am TLC Penrose Mens Breakfast 7:30am

30 TLC Penrose Mainly Music Sports Centre 10am

31 TLC Penrose Healing Rooms 10am TLC Penrose Quiz Night 7pm



Pastors Bruce & Maude McDonald SENIOR MINISTERS

Merv & Gay Jones

Dan & Pam Ogle

Murray & Raewyn Stewart




Bruce & Dayna Gray

David & Carol de Thiery

Debbie Hill

Rod Schick






Postal PO Box 24377 Royal Oak Auckland 1345 NZ

Maude McDonald

John & Sharon Eccles



Penrose 60 Rockfield Rd Penrose Auckland 1061 NZ

John and Lijiana Dean

James Beaumont



Otara 201 Preston Road Otara Auckland 2023 NZ

P: (09) 918 1699 F: (09) 579 5150 E:

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