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Hello from Italy!

Where do we live? We live in Europe. We live in Italy

Where is Italy?

Italy is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Italy looks like a long boot.

Italy Italy goes from the Alps mountains almost to Africa. Northern regions are quite different from Southern regions. We have the highest mountains in Europe: mount Bianco(4810 meters) . We have a lot of volcanoes in South Italy There is only a large plane in Italy: the Po Valley. The Po is the longest river in Italy : it goes from Alps to the Adriatic Sea.

North East Italy Italy has got 20 regions. Our region is Veneto, North East Italy. Veneto has got many famous towns like Venice, Verona or Padua. We live in Padua but we are not far from Venice and the Adriatic Sea.

Padua/Padova People call Padua the city of the 3”without”: Padua has got the meadow without grass: PRATO DELLA VALLE one of the largest squares in Europe; the cafè without doors,CAFE' PEDROCCHI, always open; the saint without name,SANT'ANTONIO, called simply the SAINT

Square Prato della Valle or the Meadow of the Valley

A view of Prato della Valle

The square

In the middle of the square there is a little isle surrounded by a canal: the Memmia Isle.

The Saint/ Il Santo It's the church of Saint Antonio, who leaved Portugal and went to Italy centuries ago.His body is buried in the church.

The Pedrocchi Cafè

It's called the Cafè without doors because is always open , day and night

Where do we live in Padua? We live in the South East of Padua, near the red cross.

A closer view...

A more closer view...

“4 Martiri Primary School”, our school

The playground

Hello from Italy  

a short presentation about Italy, Padova and our school

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