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Goldsmiths Freshers Face Housing Crisis Goldsmiths Freshers may face uncertainty over housing as they arrive at the University this month. Students starting at the University who live outside of London can usually be offered a place in halls, however, many students who fall outside of this ‘catchment area’ have this year been denied places in Goldsmiths Accommodation. Goldsmiths Students’

Union have also reported a marked rise in International Students who have been denied a place in halls. On top of not receiving a place in halls, many students have complained about the lateness in receiving this news. Welfare and Education Officer Francesca Bancarino commented that parents of new students had described

their children as feeling in “limbo” due to this late allocation of halls. This comment was made by parents attending a housing meeting with the Students’ Union. Ms Bancarino also commented that “a lot of first year undergraduates living outside of London had not received a place in halls, this left them very distressed as they could not comprehend why all first

year students aren’t guaranteed a place.” Goldsmiths Accommodation has space for around 1400 of the 2000 intake of Freshers every year. Other University of London Colleges, including UCL and


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The Leopard Executive Editor: James Haywood Editors-In-Chief: Johnny Blonde Hannah Wright Layout Design: Pug Rock Design Leopard Logo: Emily Harthern Interested in becoming a contributor in any area of The Leopard? E-mail:

Welcome to The Leopard! New monthly publication for Goldsmiths’ College

will last not just the next twelve months, but will We wish everyone become as much a Welcome to The been a fun experi- success with their part of Goldsmiths courses and extra- as our award winLeopard, our new ence, we’ve been ning sister publicastudent newspaper. frantically writing curricular activities which we can tion ‘SMITHS’. and designing it Our aim is to keep to invite all Gold- hopefully report Thanks for taking everyone updated smiths’ students to on all the good the time to read with a new issue become a part of news they bring. this, we will see each month of the it. The plan is to cre- you in the next academic year. We’d like to wel- ate an established issue due out in November! So far producing come everyone to voice of the stuthe first issue has university this year, dent body that

News in Brief Stories for the breakfast table. Made In Gold- Goldsmiths smiths Bone Marrow The Man Who Drive 1st October Tasted Shapes The Made In Goldsmiths Gallery have announced their first exhibition to begin on the 6th October with a Private View. The show features works by Alicja Rogalska and Martin Clarke, Look Both Ways and Jasiek Mischke. The Man Who Tasted Shapescurated by Anca Rujoiu, Co lleen Grennan and Manuela Schulmpf - is an exhibition which is meant to “confront the public with the physical characteristics of the space by including artists works that stimulate sensory and perceptual encounters and have an immediate impact.”

New Warden For The University Pat Loughrey

Goldsmiths is to host a Bone Marrow Drive on Friday 1st October in association with The Anthony Nolan Trust. The purpose of the drive is to find a Bone Marrow match for baby Ollie who suffers from a rare form of leukaemia- but the drive is also looking to find as many donors as possible to register A Welcome to Pat Loughrey who is joining Goldsmiths’ for the future. this year after working as Activities and Services Of- Director of BBC Nations and ficer Manoj Kerai states that Regions. “it is a good thing to do- it is painless, a simple saliva His editorial highlights intest, and once you are regis- clude Doctor Who, Toerchtered they can see if you are wood, God on Trial, Mura match for anyone who des- phy’s Law, Tribe, Still Game, perately needs a bone mar- Facing the Truth and Inside Out. row transplant.”

new and returing students.

thought the event was a great help with finding housemates Kings can guarantee a place and it’s all been going really for all first year students who well since.” live outside of the M25. Events such as Speed HouseFinding alternative accom- mating are obviously a great modation in the area is also help to students who are worbecoming more difficult as ried that not being in halls professionals from the City will impact upon the social are urged to move South side of university. However, of the river for more afford- it is clear that more needs able housing, thus removing to be done to ensure that housing opportunities for students have more notice of their housing situations local Students. and can feel more confident In an attempt to assist new coming to Goldmiths before students who face this as they the start of term. begin at Goldsmiths, the Sab- – batical Officers of this years S.U held a Speed-Housemating event which aimed at empowering students to find their own houses in the private sector and make links with other students who were in similar situations. continued FROM FRONT

‘Zero Tolerance’ at Goldsmiths Launched James Haywood Beginning this year, the Leopard can exclusively reveal, Goldsmiths Students’ Union will be implementing a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy towards sexual harassment at all events held on campus. Goldsmiths is one of only five other British student unions to be selected to pilot the new scheme, launched by the National Union of Students’ Women’s Campaign this summer. The new policy will involve intensive staff training and tightening the union’s current regulations for events

held on-site. Speaking on the new policy, SU President Bindz Patel stated, “We are delighted to be chosen for the NUS pilot scheme.” “Our campus should be a safe space where women, and every student, can study, relax and have fun without fear of abuse. The NUS report on sexual harassment was a shock for us, and is why we are taking this issue so seriously.”


NEWS of sexual harassment many female students suffer from. It was found that one in seven women had been a victim of a ‘serious sexual assault’ at their university, and many did not report it because of feeling ashamed or embarrassed. Most appallingly, it was found that many of the perpetrators of the abuse were fellow students.

NUS Women’s Officer Olivia Bailey, calling the report a “wake-up call” to institutions, added that they have a duty to, “deal with all reported instances of assault or harassment with the utmost seriousness,” in the hope The ‘Hidden Marks’ report, that, “no students are left in released by the NUS earlier any doubt that such behavthis year, uncovered shock- iour will not be tolerated.” ing statistics about the extent

Help for Night Bus and Walking Taxi Schemes Needed Goldsmiths Student’s Union are still looking for volunteers to help run the Walking Taxi and Night bus schemes. The Walking Taxi scheme involves walking any students from Union events back to their homes or to bus stops or train stations. The scheme is to stop students walking home alone at night and volunteers work in pairs so that

they can walk back to the Union together. The Night Bus is a free bus service that drops students off to their front door in SE4 and SE14 postcodes and looks for students who hold mini-bus licences or are over 21 and have been able to drive for 2 years so that they can train for their mini-bus licence. These schemes are vital in helping with student’s safety. If you would like to help, please email:

Goldsmiths Band Release EP Athens Polytechnic - Selling Out Fast!


Hannah Mansell, who attended the event, commented that “I did find out that I didn’t get accommodation for my first year, which was The exhibition runs until The drive is to be held in We’re sure he looks forward pretty gutting. However, I November 5th. RHB 137 and volunteers will to facing all the dramas at am moving into a house with be on the backfield to direct Goldsmith’s during his term five other students I met via here as warden. people there. the ‘Housemating 2’ event...I

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Do you have any experiences or opinions on the ‘housing crisis’? Email leopard@

[L-R] Tommy, Ben, Rory, and Zac performing live in Brixton. A band consiting of Goldsmiths’ students known as Athens Polytechnic formed earlier this year and are about to release their début EP in October.

performance at London’s Offset festival in August.

Speaking to The Leopard, Drummer Allan Crocker has said that Rough Trade ‘are really lovin it’ and it will be The five piece garage punk available from their stores in outfit started out playing East and West London upon house shows and quickly release. stormed the stages of the students’ union bar, The Mon- It’s positive to see some new tague Arms and The New raw talent from the town which produced bands such Cross Inn. as The Klaxons, Placebo and After gaining attention from Blur. Rough Trade and touring the UK and Western Europe The EP ‘Selling Out Fast!’ is the band recorded tracks for released on Lost London Retheir 7” vinyl EP. The band cords on 11th October 2010. also managed to drop in a

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Column: Fresher’s Diary


Hannah Wright is re-living her fresher’s fortnight for our first fresher’s diary column. The first time I found out that Fresher’s Week was actually a Freshers Fortnight at Goldsmiths, I happily said a prayer for my liver and packed my bags well in advance of my halls move -in date. Being a Fresher is a right of passage for every student and it is a title which is hyped by pretty much every student-based drama going. For Goldsmiths to have two weeks of carnage instead of one...well, I was pretty happy about it. Not that drinking during Fresher’s Fortnight was the only thing on my mind. I had to make the obligatory trip to Ikea to stock up on pots, pans, cutlery, little Ikea pencils, table lamps and dish cloths that will most likely go missing after a few weeks. To get all of these things to New Cross took myself, my mum and my dad all carrying three full bags each on the train and an expensive taxi ride from King’s Cross.

that isn’t what I thought at the time. At the time, I imagined that everyone was off having fun already and I had been left behind. These feelings of anxiety are normal (I am only now told) but you shouldn’t stress too much about meeting people and having an amazing time because there are so many ways for you to do so.

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The Student Union’s very own agony aunt is here to help! If you have a problem, Dear Doreen’s to another and we ended up having sex. I column is here to help. Don’t expect a found out I am pregnant, I don’t know what sugar-coated response from our Doreen- to do...Please help... she’ll tell you whats-what. Teenage Mother-to-be, Dear Doreen, Aged 18 I have a serious compulsion...Whenever I go to Boots, I have to steal at least one piece of make-up. If I am caught, my mum will kill me but I can’t help myself.

Help me Doreen! If you are a fresher now, Tea-leaf, you have the next fortnight Aged 19 of repeating your-nameand-what-course-you-do- Dear Tea-leaf, and-where-you-come-from to look forward to. And Don’t go into Boots. Simple. Go to Superhonestly, it is the best fun. drug! The make-up is better and you are less You’ll make the best friends likely to get caught... in the world who you may But seriously, stealing is not good! You never speak to again come don’t want a police record at your age- you this time next year but that at won’t get a good job. least means you are free to do as many drunkenly cringe- Lots of Love, worthy things as possible, Doreen right? And most of the time x you will get lucky and meet some amazing people who Dear Doreen, will make Goldsmiths great for you for the next three I went to a house party and I met this guy, and we got on very well and one thing led years.

This patchwork version of my own Freshers experience is cobbled together from the memory of the event which actually took place two years ago now. We want you, new Freshers, to document your new experiences at Goldsmiths and share them with everyone in this Freshers Column. From laments over kitchen hygiene habits to your experiences Halls are the best way of with London’s nightlife, we meeting people quickly want to hear them all! except for when you are one of the first people to If you would like to write for arrive. Despite coming half the Freshers Column, please way across the country, I email us. somehow managed to get to New Cross before most of the others who would eventually move in. Except, Moving in to Halls was a sweaty business - having to drag all of my bags up the stairs of Surrey House on a baking hot September afternoon. My room was bigger than I had imagined though and I easily had enough space for the things I had thought important enough to bring.

Dear Doreen

Dear Teenage Mother-to-be, Are you sure that you’re pregnant? Get checked by a Doctor to make sure. In the future, don’t have a one night stand-if you do, use protection. Anyway, on a first date you shouldn’t go further than shaking hands when saying goodbye! Lots of Love, Doreen x If you have a problem for Doreen, email If you have any more serious or urgent problems, please don’t hesitate to contact Welfare Officer Francesca Bancarino at OR Advice Service Coordinator Limahl Macfarlane at

Cut Out and Keep Travel

From Camden Town Station Take either N20 OR N5 from Stop: S towards Trafalgar Square Estimated Journey Time: 12 mins. Here are some night-time bus routes from Then N21 as before from Stop: G. popular locations in Central London back to New Cross Gate. Cut this out From Shoreditch High Street and keep it in your wallet so you are never Take N35 from Stop: N towards Monuwithout a way home. ment Station Estimated Journey Time: 8 mins From Trafalgar Square Then N21 from Stop: P N21 goes from Trafalgar Square/Charing Cross from Stop: G OR N26 from Stop: N towards Trafalgar Estimated Journey Time: 35 mins. Square. Estimated Journey Time: 9 mins. From Oxford Circus Then N21 as before. 453 (24 hours) goes from Oxford Circus from Stop: RF Estimated Journey Time: 35 mins. Last train from London Bridge to New Cross station is at OO:56 Monday Sunday




New Media & Communications Building New building at the back of campus After construction over the last two years work on the new academic building finally finished during the summer. This means there is now a new addition to the Goldsmiths campus. From being a collection of old huts, the site on the back of the college green is now inhabited by a shiny new building for The Department of Media and Communications and the Institute of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship [ICCE]. Work has now been completed on the interior and exterior of the building and will be open for the new academic year starting in October.

Because the work is now complete it means that full access to the college is now available from the rear entrance from Barriedale/ St.Donatt’s Road, making access quicker for students living in Brockley and surrounding areas. In addition to this the removal of the onsite offices of Wilmott Dixon that were stationed on the tennis courts has brought them back into use. Besides providing a single place for the ICCE and the Media department to reside, the new building also contains a new lecture theatre and has a café for the use of all students.

SU INSIDER Interview The Leopard speaks to Campains Coordinator, Matt West about his new year. Hi Matt West, how are you today? Hiya Leopard, I’m not too bad. I’ve just been getting over a bit of pre-freshers flu but I’m excited and ready for the New Year. Are you looking forward to this year at Goldsmiths? Yeah I’m really excited there’s so much going on in the Students Union this year and I’m really pleased about the course options I’ve chosen.

Well I’m the Campaigns Coordination Officer. That means it’s my job to help organise campaigns, make sure students can What are you studying at the get involved and that they know about them! It also moment? means that I sit on the I’m on a History and Student Assembly, which is Politics degree course right made up of elected student representatives and makes now. decisions about the SU. Can you describe your role What do you aim to achieve in the Students’ Union? this year?

This year is going to be a tough year in the Higher Education sector with cuts of 25% and over expected. Therefore I’m going to be working hard with students at Goldsmiths so that we can articulate a clear and strong message about why we don’t think these cuts are right and why higher education is not only important to us students but also to the future of Great Britain. You’re known to be quite active within the students’ union, what would you say to other students interested in getting involved with the ‘political’ aspects of the union?

are several ways students can help out. Just come up and talk to me or any other elected official or the people working in the SU and we’ll be more than happy to help. What campaigns will you be getting involved with this term? Obviously there’s already been some success with keeping the college nursery open for another year, which is good news for those currently juggling education with a young family as well. The Nursery campaign was a great success but it doesn’t end there. We need students to come together and explain to the College management why childcare is a vital aspect of an education system that is open to all. If we can make a strong argument we can ensure that the nursery stays open not only this year but for years to come.

Dive right in. We will never turn away anyone that wants to get involved with the students union and there are so many ways that people can get involved; from volunteering to standing for election, there Can we expect to see you

down at Club Sandwich or Quidz in The Stretch this year? Of course! There is nothing I like better than hitfilled nights of fantastic entertainment. Drinks offers, Banging tunes, Pub quizzes all in an amazing looking environment. What more could I want? Finally, if you had the choice of being a Canary or a Budgie, which one would you be and why? Budgie every time. The last thing I want is to be the gas alarm down a mine... Thanks for giving us an interview Matt! No problem and have a great year Leopard.

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MAP Take out and put on your wall. Our colour coded guide to New Cross with key places to get yourself sorted for everyday and adventure purposes.

Map illustration by: Anne-Marie Rayney

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UNION NEWS The NUS Demo-lition A demonstration is planned against cuts in education by the National Union of Students.

On the 10th November, a march in London will be taking place. The march, led by the NUS and UCU [University and College Union] has been organised to voice concerns over the future of funding for education. As it stands there is frequent talk from universities and government bodies about raising the tuition fees to £10,000 a year and above combined with a cut of £1.5 billion from the higher education and universities budget. But with proposals like an increase in tuition fees the NUS believes that ‘system for funding education is broken’ and instead of protesting cuts the current campaign is

about changing the system of funding to make it fairer for students. The cause for the planned demonstration has clearly been influenced by the change in government as this prevents a fresh opportunity for change. The Coalition [of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats] has yet to announce any major change to education policy overall, seemingly fully content on announcing general spending cuts and pushing the news of how successful the Academy schools programme has been recently.

has been in process since last November and the findings of this report are due to be published ‘in the coming weeks’. This report could form the basis of how higher education is to be funded for the next decade or longer. If the report does contain any surprises this won’t be one of them; Students going to university or entering higher education now will always end up paying more than students previously. In the eyes of the NUS, a demonstration is definitely needed this year, most if not all members of government who went to university did not pay tuition fees. They are the people who get to legislate on the future of students who do pay them. They need to be aware of the

Right: Goldsmiths students during the occupation of the Deptford town hall last February that led to the university granting scholarships to Palestinian students.


The Students’ Union, they aspects of the union from only organise party nights Campaigns Co-Ordination and cheap drinks right? officer to Equalities officer. Wrong. The Students’ Union is an integral part of university life, its remit stretches from looking after the welfare of every student to the organisation and facilitation of clubs and societies like football and cheese. As such there has to be some sort of structure to the union so it can function properly, by the students for the students. This year the union is formed of four paid sabbatical positions of which one is the position of president, 4 student trustees that oversee finance and 11 student assembly officer positions. These roles cover most

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The elections for this year were held back in March will all positions up for re-election. All results were recorded clean and fair, meaning a stable and committed government for Of course it’s not all about the beginning of the year. politics either, the Students’ union has its own bar ‘The President Bindz Patel will be Stretch’ where club nights, joined by other sabbaticals: quiz nights and other events James Haywood; Campaigns take place all year round. and Communications officer, The Stretch has recently been Francesca Bancarino; re-painted by committed Welfare and Education Goldsmiths’ students coming officer and Manoj Kerai; in out of term time getting it Activities and Services ready for events occurring officer. These four will form during Fresher’s Week. the core of the union and will be the go to guys if you The Union also supports a have any major problems wide range of competitive or suggestions while at the and recreational sports university this year. clubs, with some form of sport running all year round.


current students’ voice in this however had been organised matter. off the back of several sit-ins and occupations protesting Since the introduction of Israeli actions against Gaza, tuition fees in 2004 the coinciding with demands NUS has been running a to give scholarships to ongoing campaign against students from the Gaza them and has organised other strip. These demands were demonstrations in the past. met in universities around However in the last couple the country including of years the union has stated Goldsmiths who gained their that returning to a period scholarships for Palestinians. of no tuition fees is now ‘unfeasible’ and preventing The ‘Demo-lition’ organised further rises is now the main for November will be focus of that campaign. aiming to replicate some of that success, but the ability Students across the country to lobby a government by have also been unafraid to any means is a lot harder take their own action when that lobbying individual the NUS has refused to universities. As it is the sanction a protest; like what students who are affected by happened in 2009 when the cuts it is important this students marched through demonstration receives the central London to oppose support it deserves. tuition fees. This march

However a report being conducted by Lord Browne

What of the Student Union?


Photo: Henry Flitton

Activities and Services officer Manoj Kerai is overseeing all sports clubs this year.

with guarantees from the club president addressing the concerns not being enough to persuade the assembly to ratify it. Despite that there is Alongside sports clubs are a always a society or club for societies, which is another everyone and new ones can productive and thriving side easily be started if not. to the students’ union. Last year the Cheese society This shines the light on the successfully launched with areas of the student’s union a Japanese society becoming that will most frequently be popular too. However last in the scope of the average year a proposed ‘Gentleman’s student, but there is always Club’ society was not ratified more to explore and develop by the Student Assembly due as the terms pass by. to concerns over issues of inequality and exclusivity,

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LISTINGS Wednesday 29th September

Listings Pages: It’s the start of the year, which means a packed listings for Freshers Fortnight. Regular Union and New Cross events will be here every month, all year. The Tiananman Building is home to the Student’s Union. RHB is the Richard Hoggart Building - Goldsmiths main building. The Stephen Lawrence Committee Room is located on the Ground Floor of Tiananman Building. The Common Room is located on the 1st Floor of Tiananman Building. The Stretch is located on the 2nd Floor of Tiananman Building.

Monday 27th September 11.00-15.00: Tours of New Cross Info: Take a tour of your new neighbourhood. Leaving every hour and lasting for 20 minutes. Location: Meet outside the Library. Cost: Free! 13.00-14.00: Leopard Newspaper Info: Come and discuss the brand-new Leopard Newspaper and let us know if you want to get involved! Location: Stephen Lawrence Committee room 14.30-18.00: Film Screening: Frieda Info: Hosted by the Feminist Society with an accompanying discussion on Women in Art. Location: Small Hall Cinema in RHB Cost: Free!

19.00-01.00: Quids Info: Pub Quiz and Karaoke! Get your flatmates rounded up, get some drinks in and think up the best team names! Location: The Stretch Cost: £1 entry

Tuesday 28th September 12.00-15.00: Housing Fair Location: The Stretch 12.00-15.00: Christian Union Frisbee Location: The Backfield 16.00-18.00: Film Screening: Slingshot Hip Hop Location: RHB 137 Cost: Free! 18.00- 20.00: Life Drawing Hosted By The Art Society Location: RHB 142 Cost: Free!

13.00- 15.00: Love Goldsmiths Hate Racism Info: An anti-facist tour of east London Location: Departing from in front of the Library 13.00- 15.00: Christian Union Presents ‘Arrogance Lecture’ Location: RHB 300 15.00- 17.00: The Real Ale Society Present Local Pub Crawl Location: Meet in The Stretch 19.00- 22.00: Anthropology Society Tea Party/Film Location: The Common Room 19.00- 01.00: Club Sandwich Location: The Stretch Cost: Free before 10, £4 after

Thursday 30th September 10.00- 17.00: Poster Sale Location: The Stretch 13.00- 15.00: Bollywood Dance Taster Location: RHB 143 Cost: Free! 14.00- 18.00: Film Screening: Occupation 101 Info: A chance to see this award-winning documentary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Location: RHB 256 Cost: Free!

19.00- 00.00: Comedy Night 17.00- 20.00: Reclaiming 15.00-17.00: London? Location: The Stretch The F Word: Modern Info: A rough guide to Cost: £4 entry Feminism London. Info: With guest speakers Location: Stephen Lawrence 19.00- 00.00: Poker Catherine Redfern and Committee room Location: The Common Kristin Aune, authors of Cost: Free! Room Reclaiming the F Word: The Cost: £4 entry New Feminist Movement and authors of the F-Word blog.

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Location: Stephen Lawrence Cost: Free! Committee Room Cost: Free! ***PICK OF THE FORTNIGHT*** 19.00- 01.00: Live Music: 17.00- 02.00: Roald Dahl Playedio Freshers Garden Ball and Location: The Stretch After Party Cost: £4 entry Location: The Backfield and The Stretch Info: Calling all Twits, Friday 1st October Fantastic Foxes and Giant Peaches! Don your best 10.00- 17.00: Fresher’s Roald Dahl inspired Fayre costume and come and join Location: The Backfield the festivities! Cost: Free! Cost: £12 entry 10.00- 17.00: The Poster Sale Sunday 3rd October Location: The Stretch Cost: Free! 12.00- 17.00: Brick Lane Market 10.00- 17.00: Bone Marrow Location: Meet outside Drive Library Location: RHB 137 Cost: Free! Cost: Free! 13.00- 14.30: Volleyball 20.00- 01.00: Love Taster Session Goldsmiths Hate Racism Location: Upper Gym Info: Come celebrate Cost: Free! multiculturalism with top hip hop artists, spoken 13.00- 17.00: Men’s and word, great food, open mic Womens Football Taster sessions and games. Location: Loring Hall Location: The Stretch Sports Ground Cost: £2 entry Cost: Free!

Saturday 2nd October 12.00- 16.00: I Heart Art: Trip to The National Gallery and The Tate Modern Location: Meet outside the library 10.00- 12.00: Karate Taster Session Location: Upper Gym Cost: Free! 10.00- 17.00: Rugby Taster Session Location: Loring Hall Sports Ground Cost: Free! 13.00- 17.00: Cheerleading Taster Session Location: Upper Gym Cost: Free! 16.00- 18.00: Breakin’ Taster Session Location: RHB 300

18.00- 20.00: Photography Society Presents Welcome Drinks Location: New Cross Inn 19.00- 12.00: Football Sports Team Play FIFA Location: The Common Room

Monday 4th October 12.00- 15.00: Housing Fayre And Housing Network Party Location: The Stretch 13.00- 14.30: Astanga Yoga Location: Club Pulse Gym Info: Max 6 non-members 14.00- 16.00: Kung Fu and Kick Boxing Taster Session Location: Upper Gym Cost: Free! 15.00- 17.00: Breakin’


Taster Session Location: Upper Gym Cost: Free!

Location: Small Hall Cinema Cost: Free!

17.00- 20.00: Dance Taster Session Location: RHB 300 Cost: Free!

18.00- 22.00: Art Society Presents: Life Drawing Location: RHB 142

18.00- 20.00: Black History Month Film: Deacons for Defence Location: The Common Room Cost: Free! 19.00- 21.00: Men’s Football Location: Bacons College 21.00- 12.00: Lashings of Ginger Beer Queer Feminist Burlesque Location: The Common Room Cost: Free! 19.00- 01.00: Quids Presents Quiz with SHAG round Location: The Stretch Cost: £1

Tuesday 5th October

19.00- 21.00: Ju Jitsu Location: Upper Gym 20.00- 02.00: LGBTQ Society Presents: Awkward Turtle Location: The Stretch Cost: Free before 9pm- £2 after

Wednesday 6th October 12.00- 13.00: Legs, Bums and Tums Location: Club Pulse Gym Info: Max 6 non-members 13.00- 14.00: Capoeira Location: Club Pulse Gym Info: Max 7 non-members 14.00- 15.00: Tai Chi Location: Upper Gym 15.00- 17.00: Yoga Location: Upper Gym

08.00- 09.00: Yoga Location: Upper Gym

15.00- 17.00: ISOC Sisters Present A Meet And Greet Treasure Hunt 12.00- 13.00: Abs Attack Location: Multi Faith Prayer Location: Club Pulse Room Info: Max of 9 non-members Cost: Free! 14.00- 18.00: Afro Caribbean Society Meet and Greet BBQ Location: The Stretch 16.00- 18.00: Palestine Welcome Meeting Location: RHB 309 17.30- 19.00: Netball Location: Lewisham College 18.00- 22.00: Basketball Location: Haberdashers Aske 18.00- 21.00: B-Movie Society Presents: Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song

16.00- 18.00: Vollyball Location: Bacons College 17.00- 19.00: Women’s Football Location: Bacons College


LISTINGS 19.00- 22.00: Anthropology Society Tea Party Location: The Common Room Cost: Free! 19.00- 01.00: Club Sandwich Location: The Stretch Cost: Free before 10pm, £4 after

Thursday 7th October 10.00- 21.00: The Man Who Tasted Shapes Location: Made In Goldsmiths Gallery, The Common Room Info: The start of the first Made In Goldsmiths show. Featuring works by Alicja Rogalska and Martin Clarke, Jasiek Mischke and Liliana Sanchez. Runs until 5th November. 12.00- 16.00: Mature Students’ Tea Party Bring a dish! Location: The Stretch Cost: Free! 12.00- 13.00: Hatha Yoga Location: Club Pulse Gym Info: Max 8 non-members 13.00- 14.00: Group Cycling and Abs Attack Location: Club Pulse Gym Info: Max 8 non-members 14.00- 16.00: Kung Fu and Kickboxing Location: Upper Gym 17.00- 19.00: Cheerleading Location: Upper Gym

17.00- 20.00: Breakin’ Location: The Stretch

17.00- 20.00: Dance Location: RHB 300

18.00- 21.00: History Society Presents: A History Of Racism Location: Small Hall Cinema Cost: Free!

17.00- 18.00: The New Cross Massacre; Talk and Photo Exhibition Location: RHB 300 Cost: Free!

19.00- 21.00: Karate Location: Upper Gym

19.00- 20.30: Women’s Hockey Location: Crystal Palace

19.00- 21.00: Ju Jitsu Location: Upper Gym 19.30- 22.00: Cute Guyz Society Launch Location: Made in Goldsmiths Gallery, The Common Room 20.00- 01.00: In New Music We Trust: Get To Know! Location: The Stretch Cost: £4 Entry

Friday 8th October 09.00-10.00: Tai Chi Location: Upper Gym 12.00- 14.00: Meditation And Relaxation With Free Veggie Meal Location: Multi-Faith Prayer Room Cost: Free! 13.30- 14.30: Pilates Location: Club Pulse Gym Info: Max 7 non-members 15.00- 17.00: Women’s Football Location: Upper Gym 19.00- 21.00: Kung Fu and Kickboxing Location: Upper Gym

Library 12.00- 16.00: Local Markets Location: Meet Outside The Library 13.00- 17.00: Men’s and Women’s Football Location: Loring Hall Sports Ground 13.00- 17.00: Cheerleading Location: Upper Gym 16.00- 18.00: Breakin’ Location: RHB 300 19.00- 01.00: No Pain In Pop Location: The Stretch Cost: £4 Entry

Sunday 10th October 19.00- 00.00: Sports Fun Day Location: The Common Room Cost: Free 20.00- 00.00: Fashion Show Location: The Stretch Info: Registration between 20.00- 21.00 Cost: Free!

19.00- 00.00: Bollywood Meets Hollywood Film Night Location: The Common Room Cost: £TBC 19.00-00.00: Bollywood Meets Hollywood Dance Location: The Stretch Cost: £TBC

Saturday 9th October 10.00- 12.00: Karate Location: Upper Gym 10.00- 17.00: Rugby Location: Loring Hall Sports Ground 12.00- 16.00: Camden Market Location: Meet Outside The

If you want any future events listed here, then please contact us at Please list: Time Date Location and Cost All listings will be printed in The Leopard for the next month. So submit listings for November only.

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Sports The new season is almost here, so expect to see news and results from the Football, Rugby, Basketball and more right here in the next few editions of The Leopard. But for this one, a quick re-cap of last seasons sporting achievements and any news about the beginning of this season. Cricket: With the previous 2009 season bringing the Goldsmiths’ cricket team its best success for a decade winning their league and being promoted. It was up to captain Ben Gautrey to replicate that form this year. The team ended up second in their new league, narrowly missing out on promotion again. When the cricket season starts again next spring the team look confident of more success with new captain Matt West.

Sports in Pictures Visual highlights from last season.

SMITHS 2010/2011 Editorial Positions are now open for application! We need to put together a great editorial and design team for Smiths magazine by the start of term. There will be many ways to contribute to Smiths throughout the year but we need talented, creative and motivated people to become section editors for the following areas: ·Features & News Features ·Politics ·Music ·Fashion ·Art ·Theatre ·Technology ·Food ·Lifestyle/Culture [Tell us if you can think of something else and you want to edit it] You’ll need to encourage contributions to your section and be able to stay organised and meet deadlines! Want to apply? Then email us with… 1. Three ideas for your section for the magazine 2. Three ideas for your section online 3. Any journalistic experience you have (experience isn’t necessary) 4. What do you think is good writing and journalism? What makes a bad article, what makes a good article? We also want… ·Online editor ·Design students/people who are really good on Photoshop & InDesign ·Illustrators & Photographers ·Subeditors/Proof readers ·Events team for Smiths bashes ·Someone in charge of advertising For these positions tell us what relevant skills/experience you have. Please send in your application and any questions to by Monday 27th September. Thanks, Hanna & Jenny (SMITHS Editors)

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Leopard October 001  
Leopard October 001  

The first issue of The Leopard!