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Juliana Bui Editor-in-Chief Stylist | Photographer Akhila Rao Deputy Editor Stylist | Model Kate Lappan Makeup Editor Makeup Artist | Model

FASHION Jasmine Almstrom M odel Isabel Dukes M odel | Photographer Olivia Lester M odel | Photographer Alex MacDonald Stylist | M odel Kamila Osorio-Luna M odel | Photographer Steven Xian Stylist | M odel

CONTRIBUTORS Lena Kirkham L ifestyle W riter Yasmin Shadmani L ifestyle W riter Ashley Wong Food W riter PHOTO Marianna Astachkina Photo Editor Jessica Fisher Photographer Aidan Holland Photographer Claudia Qin Photo Editor SOCIAL MEDIA Vivian Diec Social M edia M anager

Hi there! The end of a season and the start of another means another issue of LEO from us! The theme for this fall/winter issue is storytelling, so we have a lot of fun content to share with you. Keep reading for mystical makeup looks, sparkly outfit inspiration, and an interview with Jasmine Almstrom, as well! I hope that your holiday season is safe and relaxing, and happy reading, my friends! All the best, Juliana Bui

1. fantasy by alina baraz & galimatias 2. mirror maru by cashmere cat 3. agnes by glass animals 4. Good side in by the japanese house 5. crazy in love (cover) by oh wonder 6. for what it is worth by kygo (ft. angus & julia stone) 7. mystified by fleetwood mac 8. yeah babe, no way by lany 9. too good by troye sivan 10. forever by haim

1 Dress, 5 Ways cozy Cozy up by layering a cardigan and a vest for some added warmth. Pair this with a beanie and combat boots, and you’re ready to

Mossimo for Target cardigan, H&M vest, Madden Girl boots, ZARA hat

By Akhila Rao boho For an effortless look, pair this basic dress with an oversized statement coat to add some colour. Throw this outfit on before rushing to school, while still looking put together!

William Roast coat, The Bay socks, ZARA ankle boots

downtown c


Drape a printed scarf over your shoulders for a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Vintage scarf, Milk Shop necklace, Sofft shoes

Forever 21 denim jacket, Forever 2 RA sneakers, Maybelline lipstick in


going out

Keep it casual with a denim jacket and sneakers, perfect for a day downtown.

21 necklace, ZAVery Cherry

For a night out, pair the dress with a leather jacket and a bold heel. Add some glam by accessorising with a statement necklace.

Pimkie leather jacket, Burlington Coat Factory necklace, Material Girl shoes

easy ways to destress By Lena Kirkham Stress is a natural part of tion to any bath, adding a being a high school student. colourful, fizzy, and fun Unfortunately, we can’t take twist to any R&R session. impromptu trips to the spa My pick for this article was whenever we’re in need of Lush’s Twilight bath bomb. some rest and relaxation, so some matters have to be takThe Twilight bath bomb en into your own hands. is a gorgeous pale pink with Here are some products to celestial patterns of moons help you get that much need- and stars all around the outed stress removal while side. It has a light lavender keeping on top of a busy scent that is pleasing to the schedule. nose, and bouts of glitter that decorate the water like stars Baths are a super popular in the sky. When dropped in way for people to find some water, the light pink transpeace and quiet after a busy forms into a silky foam and day, and bath products can as it melts away, the pastel be a fantastic addition to turn blue at the center is revealed, an ordinary bath into an ex- mixing with the pink to form traordinary de-stressing out- a delicate and warm periwinlet. We’ll start off with eve- kle colour, and transforming ryone’s favorite bath prod- your bath into a lavender uct, the bath bomb. Bath scented, glittery galaxy. bombs are a fantastic addi-

Another phenomenal bath blue, much like the name improduct is the bubble bar. plies, and the endless bubUnlike a bath bomb, you bles are the perfect finish to simply take the product and the product. crumble it underneath the Relaxing your skin is just faucet, and what you're left as important as relaxing the with is an effortless tub full rest of you because stress is of bubbles. My personal fa- often a primary factor in vorite is the Blue Skies And breakouts. While this is a Fluffy White Clouds bubble natural human reaction and bar, also from Lush. The fab- is nothing to be ashamed of, ulous aroma frankincense there are ways to manage it provides a calm and lulling to keep you feeling your best bath experience perfect to and to maintain a clear comtransport you to a fantasy plexion. Clay masks are a world far, far away. This bar fun and effective way to gives the water a lovely sky calm breakouts, they also

provide a deep clean, and which provides deep nourcan help tighten pores. My ishment to the skin without absolute favorite face prod- the oily, sticky, after feel uct that I turn to without fail with the added bonus of a hit is the Mask of Magnaminty of lavender to soothe. from Lush. It’s made with all natural ingredients such as Finally, for relaxation of honey, vanilla, peppermint the body and mind, we turn oil, and aduki beans to give a to technology. While the usdeep and skin calming clean. age of cellphones has been The peppermint tingles your criticized time and time skin while it cleans and again for supposedly not alreaches deep into your pores lowing kids to relax, we can to keep your skin feeling, use them as a tool to and looking its best. For dri- destress. Meditation apps can er skin, try the Vanishing be fantastic for aiding in Cream, also from Lush, sleep, or just taking a much

needed break from the stress it can feel overwhelming it of life, and are a lesser know can be managed. It’s all but super useful tool for re- about taking care of yourself laxation. The one I chose for and looking forward. this article is called Calm, you can find it on the App Store, or the Play Store. Calm is a free guided meditation app that works like a dream. Some of its features include; gorgeous relaxing background image and sound on the app that you can choose, meditation sessions where you select the topic and time length, and a tracker so you can see when and how long you’ve listened for. Though there are some features that must be paid for, you can still have the free version that offers you plenty of options. Stress isn’t an easy or fun thing to deal with, and while




(Previous page) Kamila is wearing a Smart Set top, American Eagle jeans, Payless brown boots, a Garage cardigan, a Gap jacket, and Claire’s earrings. Olivia is wearing a Forever 21 choker, an H&M sweater, and Garage jeans.

Kamila is wearing Claire’s earrings, a Gap jacket, an Aeropostale top, Lucky Brand jeans, and Payless boots.

Isabel is wearing a Garage top, Ivivva leggings, a Bluenotes flannel, and a Garage beanie.

Olivia is wearing a Garage flannel, a Forever 21 striped shirt, a Chapters necklace, and Garage jeans.

Kamila is wearing Claire’s earrings, a Smart Set top, American Eagle jeans, Payless boots, a Stitches jacket, and a Reitmans scarf.

Olivia is wearing an H&M top, an Aeropostale denim jacket, a Forever 21 beanie, Costco leggings, and American Eagle boots.

a sip of coffee

It's that time of year again; with cooler temperatures rolling in and nature changing its colours, saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall is not a hard thing to do. It's a great time to break out those big sweaters, boots, scarves and hats for the change in season. It's also the perfect time to start making hot cocoa and enjoy long walks in nature. This season creates a sense of comfort, warmth and reflection, and with the influx of essays and assignments, the delicious smell of your favourite flavored latte might be the only thing you are fantasizing about - along with the perfect place to enjoy it, of course.

Market--however conveniently placed in a more peaceful, undisturbed street corner--is the ideal place to spend your Sunday afternoon. The atmosphere is friendly and most importantly, the coffee is excellent. If you're looking for a new, more innovative café experience, Café Cristal is a great alternative to your brand coffee shops. A pleasant atmosphere with a unique European feel, Café Cristal is good for any hot, cold, or rainy fall day. Although the location, a newer neighborhood off Strandherd Drive in the bottom of a commercial building, is not the most fitting location for a coffee shop, once you step through the front door, you will feel right at home.

In Ottawa alone, you'll find as many cute coffee shops, as you will a Tim Hortons at your local gas station. Planet Coffee, a lovely However, if you are cafe - right in the heart of looking for a hangout place downtown Ottawa’s Byward closer to Kanata, The Morn-

ning Owl is per fect for you. It’s in a great location and conveniently, right next to our very own school, Earl of March. They have a delicious selection of sandwiches (including vegetarian ones) for a reasonable price. In addition, they have a selection of sweet treats that are hard to resist. So while you are thinking of what to do or where to go during your morning spare, check out this unique coffee shop for its delicious breakfast burritos and study-perfect atmosphere. The lovely decor, exceptionally friendly staff, and decadent goods are what make this café so different from the rest. Of course, if you’re like me, any café is a perfect café, especially in the fall. When you can't help but want get cozy on a cold, rainy day, with a warm cup

of coffee between your hands while reading your favourite book, or simply catching up with a friend, head on over to one of these cafés for a relaxing experience.

holiday treat: quick and easy


Ingredients: Two eggs 1 1/4 cup Nutella 1/2 cup flour

Mix all ingredients well

Bake at 350 F for 15 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean

holiday gift guide

Clockwise from left: Mildliners, $8.00. Forever 21 choker, $9.90. Jungle Jars, $7.00. ALDO choker, $15.00. Forever 21 faux fur coin purse, $8.90. Colorpop Liquid Lipsticks, $15.00.

Clockwise from left: Urban Outfitters Recover Mount iPhone case, $24.00. H&M blush rose blanket scarf, $24.99. The Beatles Abbey Road Vinyl, $22.98. Talula Alford Headband, $18.00. Moleskine Large Squared Notebook, $24.00.

Clockwise from left: H&M knitted polo-neck jumper, $39.99. NARS Audacious Lipstick in Annabella, $39.00. Lululemon Yoga Mat, $48.00. Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette, $36.00.

Clockwise from left: Kate Spade Cameron Street Beca Wallet, $88.00. YCL Jewels Il Sole Necklace, $92.00. NEST Midnight Fleur perfume, $78.00. Child of Wild Affair Dainty Choker, $78.00. Sigma Make Me Classy Brush Travel Kit, $86.00.

mystical makeup

Dapper Dressing

This picture features I’m in street style attire. I’m wearing an olive green bomber jacket over a light brown tee paired with grey Levi Jeans and Timberland boots. I’m also wearing a pair of silver Ray-Ban glasses.

In this picture, I’m wearing a vintage navy Polo Jacket over a wool grey Calvin Klein sweatshirt, beige Tommy Hilfiger khakis and Timberland boat shoes. I’m sporting a pair of silver Rayban glasses. This look is casual yet sophisticated and is perfect for the autumn months.

I am a huge fan of the shawl neck. I think that the shawl neck provides a really interesting dynamic to a look, while also offering a sense of comfort, and of course portraying an elegance that, in my opinion, no other collar can provide. In this look you’ll notice a mix and match of a few colours. The pants are actually a dark grey, with a haze of navy blue overtop, and a slight pinstripe of salmon. This is how I was able to pair it with a light grey shawl neck sweater, a salmon tie, and a grey and white dress shirt with faint stripes of salmon. This look is versatile and depending on the colours in your outfit can be worn almost anywhere. In this particular look, because of the light colours in the tie and sweater, it would be worn typically during the day, possibly for a Sunday Outing, or to an important lunch. If, for example, the sweater was a darker colour, the pants were black and the dress shirt and tie were navy blue or dark mauve then you would have the perfect outfit for a date night, evening out, or even for an intimate dinner party.

If you want to go for a more professional, serious look, never doubt the simple elegance in a black suit with a regular cuff white dress shirt. If you’re looking for classic functionality then a straight cut suit with a long blazer will give you great mobility and feel comfortable to wear. If, however, you’re going for a more edgy, or modern look then the slim cut pants and Italian style shoes will help to show off your figure, while still looking professional. In recent months a new three-piece suit look has emerged and seems to be catching on. I am of course referring to three piece with open top button style. This look is of course risky, you can either come off with a modern, serious, but carefree vibe (the goal) or you could end up looking like a disheveled and careless troglodyte. If you are pursuing this look make sure to wear a slim fit suit, avoid anything that’s off-white or beige, ndo the top two buttons on your dress shirt, and if you are wearing an overcoat, do not go for a wide lapel, or full length coat. Lately, the ¾ length camel coat has been making appearances in men's fashion. I prefer, however, a dark grey, charcoal, or black woolen ¾ coat when I’m wearing either grey or black, and I save the camel coat for a navy blue, or lighter coloured suit. You’ll notice that the grey overcoat being styled in this issue has a rather large lapel and button cuff on the sleeve. This of course is a personal preference and you can select a slimmer lapel or cuff detail. I always find that because I tend to wear thicker ties and tie knots, and slimmer suits, the large lapel fits nicely in size with a full windsor knot and medium width tie, while providing a slimming and contrasting feel to the legs and feet


LEO: How would you describe your style? Jasmine: My style… I would probably say that it’s experimental. I like playing around with vintage clothing and also new clothing. LEO: Who inspires you? Jasmine: I have a fr iend from school who introduced me to her sister. Her name’s Heather and I checked out her blog and her Instagram and was really inspired by her clothing. I think she gets a lot of her inspiration from the fashion in Berlin (because that’s where she lives) and her best friend Michaela Hook. LEO: How is fashion different in Canada compared to Sweden? Jasmine: I think in Sweden, it’s really popular to thrift shop and buy clothes from vintage stores, and I haven’t seen that a lot here. A lot of people are experimenting old clothes and bringing it back. It depends a lot where you go, honestly, like at my old school

there were a lot of artists because I studied at a music school and they tried to express themselves more through their fashion. LEO: You mentioned that you went to a music school. Are there any artists in particular who influence your style? Jasmine: I really like Zar a Larsson’s style. And Rihanna. I was also really inspired by Bastille at one point with their grunge-y look. I definitely went through a grunge phase. LEO: Do you have any favourite stores to shop at, both here and in Sweden> Jasmine: My favour ite store in Sweden is probably Monki. I also like Topshop a lot and Urban Outfitters. It’s very expensive, but I like it a lot. LEO: Do you have any pieces on your wishlist right now that you’re lusting for? Jasmine: I’m dying to get this GYU BERLIN light grey bag. It’s kind of like a backpack, actually.

grunge and glitter

Akhila is wearing a ZARA sweater, a vintage plaid skirt, Chinese Laundry polka dot knee-high socks, and a ZARA choker.

Kate is wearing a vintage top, ZARA jeans, and a TOPSHOP backpack.

Akhila is wearing a Victoria’s Secret sleepshirt.

Kate is wearing a Garage t -shirt, vintage satin robe, and Gap shorts.

Kate is wearing a GUESS jacket, ZARA dress, and ZARA choker. Akhila is wearing a vintage denim jacket, H&M dress, and Urban Outfitters choker.

“You don’t have to be her or him or anyone you just have to be you that is enough actually that is more than enough you are a star from the skies gracing the rest of us with your presence.”

- bohmyi choi


LEO: Fall/Winter 2016  
LEO: Fall/Winter 2016