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A Job Lost to Jobs Regained

JOBZ REALITY TV SERIES The Business of 9 to 5 Boot Camp Style

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ynopsis: According to the United States Department

of Labor, 15.7 Million Americans were unemployed in October 2009 - 10.2 percent of the total U.S. labor force! JOBz TM, the exciting new reality TV series by The Legacy Productions, aims to make those figures fall while also raising the bar for ten (10) deserving out-of-work men and women in search of their ultimate dream jobs. It’s a new ―aspirational‖ twist on reality TV. Instead of a race to the bottom, JOBz empowers the 10 Applicants along with the


… IT’S ABOUT SURVIVAL viewers about getting and keeping a job something on the minds of everyone from 16-72.

Season 1 is set in an upscale New Hampshire manse where our ten Getting a Job Instruction JOBz Applicants meet and move in together for 30 days, boot camp style. They are deliberately made over and made ready to rejoin the work force through a rigorous training schedule. Over the course of ten episodes, their skill sets will be put to the test by a top notch, blue ribbon panel of experts that includes an HR employment consultant, social media coach, recruiter, life coach, acting coach, personal trainer, visualization trainer, wardrobe consultant, and expert resume writer.


Boot Camp Style

The alarm clocks go off early in the JOBz’ Boot Camp, which is run by a military-style team of 8 coaches and mentors incongruously labeled the ―HR‖. Our Applicants face a rigorous schedule rebuilding body and mind in just 30 days. Up at five for meditation, success visualization and yoga, the JOBz Applicants run through intense physical training in preparation for even more-grueling mental training. The mantra is sound mind and body to get to their optimum ―playing weight‖ for successful new job - 603-729-3066 – 100 Autumn Drive, Tilton, NH 03276 Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved – WGA Registered – I 206048

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interviews they set up during the 30 days. It’s a combination of attitude adjustment, communications coaching, interviewing techniques, acting and voice training, wardrobe choices with make-overs, social media web usage skills, topped off with reinventing themselves inside and out where needed – and they all need it. The main goal is to train, secure job interview appointments, go to the interviews and land a job. By the final episode, all Applicants will have trained for and pursued the job of Determination their dreams. But will they get it? Maybe yes and maybe no! It’s part of the suspense. With or without the new job these 10 people will have evolved – not just as employees, but also as people. They’ve been empowered by the training. The other Applicants have helped. Through interactive social media portals the viewers have helped. Not quitting and overcoming all forms of internal and external obstacles, these Applicants have grown beyond their problems. They may have even inspired some viewers to help or even provide them with a job – now that they know them.

Rebuilding their Bodies and Minds in a

30 Day Boot Camp - 603-729-3066 – 100 Autumn Drive, Tilton, NH 03276 Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved – WGA Registered – I 206048

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From Many … 10 Choose Themselves

Concept and Development: JOBz is the second of a new generation of post reality entertainment. It will document the authentic story of ten unemployed people (between 16-72 years of age) who agree to spend 30 days in the JOBz Training Boot Camp revealing every moment of triumph and struggle along the way. JOBz will allow viewers to interact with the individuals and narrative in real time and offer open access to an entertainment experience in a way that

was recently pioneered by the BeActive indie produced, 2009 MIPCOM sensation: Flatmates. JOBz will launch across multiple platforms including online, radio, TV and mobile handsets from fall 2010. It will be seen live 24/7 at , with a recap show available for viewers around the world at the end of each week. The project is developed by the partners of The Legacy Productions, LLC. They REFUSE to JOBz has partnered in a ground breaking distribution platform that combines uStream (streaming video), _____________ (VOD platform like HULU) with ____________ (radio/digital) and MySpace (online). JOBz is supported by ____________(sponsor) and ______________ (sponsor).

Taking Reality TV and Social Media to the Next Generation of Interactivity … - 603-729-3066 – 100 Autumn Drive, Tilton, NH 03276 Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved – WGA Registered – I 206048


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OBz will give viewers a documentary-style look at what it takes to retrain and reinvent themselves with all skills necessary to obtain a job, in a market where there are 4 people for every available position. These 10 people are not depressed. They refuse to be one of the statistics. The viewer will watch as a group of 10 people of every employable age and background leave their families and hometowns and live together high up in a home in the New Hampshire Lakes Region. Their every move will be streamed live online via uStream as they train, learn, reinvent themselves, socialize and plan their strategies for re-entering the classification of the ―employed.‖ Innovative camera and sensor technology will allow a global audience to interact with the aspiring Applicants through text, blogs, MySpace, twitter and facebook as the action unfolds in real-time—something that was introduced and refined by Flatmates. The opinions and points of view of the viewing audience will be recorded through blogs and video messages on allowing the aspiring Applicants to test their strengths, challenge their ideas, rehearse interviews, and audition in front of video cameras and their audience. As the experience evolves, the community around JOBz will introduce new hopefuls for a Second Season in another rural or urban community, as well as visitors and other participants. In this way JOBz will become an on-going, interactive cultural experiment. The storyline of JOBz will be driven by the real life narrative of the lives of the individual 10 Applicants. So when one of them leaves – to take a new job, because they’ve quit, or simply because they want out – their place will be taken by a new hopeful Applicant who will be chosen by the public via an open audition process.

JOBz is a highly relevant program for a new generation who broadcast all aspects of their lives to the public via blogs, mobile phones, LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook updates and their Tweets. This is multiplatform entertainment for the exploding social networking set — uncensored. - 603-729-3066 – 100 Autumn Drive, Tilton, NH 03276 Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved – WGA Registered – I 206048

Jobz Reality TV Overview  
Jobz Reality TV Overview  

this is the second overview of this excity reality TV series in development.