On a Full Moon

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Notes to Readers

Don’t click to the next page if you haven’t shared your ideas with your reading buddy yet. Be as imaginative as you can be. Be confident of your thoughts. Remember there is no right or wrong idea. This book also wants you to have fun and be your silly self! Why so serious?

You can read this book on your own, but since it’s designed to be interactive, we suggest you go over the pages with a parent, teacher, friend, or anyone you’re comfortable with.

If you’re an adult reading this awesome book to youngsters, we encourage you to make follow-up questions and allow the kids to think out of the box. We aim to unlock the creative gene in everyone!

The brave, curious, and prodding child goes To many places with naked toes

Spooky but shy monsters wander here and there An eerie silence is the only thing they can share

As you read the story, take the monsters’ role To answer all the child’s questions is your goal

What makes you glow inside?

Are you waiting for the bus?

Who made your clothes?

Are you lost?

Why can’t I prod you?

Who cut your hair?

What do you see?

Did you just wake up?

Do you miss the sunrise?

Why are you sad?

Why do you have a different color?

How do you pee?

Can you take me home?

The brave, curious, and prodding child is home at last! Thank you for your answers.

On a Full Moon Writers: Danilo-Ramon and Claire Guillano Illustrator: Danilo-Ramon Guillano Editors: Kyjean Tomboc and Shane Ashley Mitchell

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