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Every Tuesday • Issue 1 • Tuesday 6th April 2010 • The London Mix: Male

WELCOME to The L ndon Mix

[ Giving you the lowdown on all the latest news around London town ]



he London Mix is here. Fresh off the press, delivered straight to your hand whilst on your morning journey, jam-packed full of the latest news, entertainment and events, all happening right here in the city. But, I hear you wonder, it’s free? That’s right. No nonsense, no fuss, just a fast mix of the useful and the down right plain interesting. The London Mix is a fresh, innovative guide with high quality features and articles for you, the London male. And, what’s best? It doesn’t cost a single penny. Distributed every Tuesday, The London Mix will be handed out at over 50 top spots in central London, with around 50,000 copies given away each week. The team vow to bring you the latest news, up-todate entertainment, top travel destinations around the world, the most stylish fashion and grooming pages, and of course the uttermost lowdown on London town.

On a personal note, I myself have travelled into the city for most of my life; and yet, I hold my hands up and admit that there’s a whole lot of this city that’s new to me, undiscovered places yet to be enjoyed. The city of London is one to be explored, with many hidden gems waiting to be uncovered. Whether it’s joining the bustle in the Punch and Judy bar in Covent Garden, or taking an evening stroll along the Southbank, London is offering you an adventure here and now. The London Mix is your sole guide to finding the real charms of the city of London. We hope you enjoy the ride. Image by Abby Wiltshire

Sarah Sandiford, Editor of The London Mix: Male

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The L ndon Mix: Male LCC, Elephant & Castle London SE1 6SB Email: Editorial: Editor - Sarah Sandiford Sub-editor - Abby Wiltshire Art: Art director - Abby Wiltshire Picture researchers - Sarah Sandiford & Abby Wiltshire Contributors: Sarah Farrel, Dhanesh Patel, Mark Wiltshire, Matt Laing Marketing: Marketing Director - Sarah Sandiford Production: Production Director - Abby Wiltshire

Image by Kol_Tregaskes

Cover artwork by Abby Wiltshire, Lois Cheetham & Matt Laing





ineteen-year-old Aaron Johnson took the spotlight in teen rom-com Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging - since then he’s grown up fast. If winning Best Newcomer at the Empire Awards for his role in critically acclaimed Nowhere Boy wasn’t enough, Johnson already has a child on the way with director Sam Taylor-Wood, who’s 24 years his senior. Fast becoming one of Britain’s hottest stars, Johnson has just appeared in the big-screen adaptation of the superhero comic book, Kick-Ass. The question is, what’s more controversial? The role he plays in his latest film, or his love affair

with the director of his previous film? Kick-Ass is the latest Hollywood comic-book adaptation, but features a swearing, violent 12-year-old girl as Johnson’s crime-fighting ally, whose use of various words beginning with ‘c’ has outraged America. This is no ordinary cliché story of superheroes saving the day; these are superheroes without powers. There’s no web slinging, super strength or bendable women, just kick ass brutal fighting. Johnson stars as Dave Lizewski, a mild mannered New York schoolboy geek, with the determination to don a mask and



In January, Apple introduced their new gadget the iPad, causing much hype and speculation. With the iPad due to go on sale in America in a few days, will this new device live up to expectations? Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive unveiled the touchscreen in January,

fight crime. But with Hollywood in his sights and fatherhood in his path, can Johnson go on to be the leading man? We think so. Kick-Ass the movie is in cinemas now.

and since then the excitement has been building. The iPad is described as a tablet, has an appearance close to that of a large iPhone, and can be used to watch films, play games and browse the web. This revolutionary new gadget will not only transform the average Apple computer so that it can be held in the hand, but Apple has also done a deal with a number of publishers to allow e-books to be directly downloaded to the device, through a new iBook store. Why have a bookshelf of paperbacks, when they can all be neatly stored in your iBook library? The iPad is due to go on sale in the US on the 14th April, retailing at $499 to $829, and is not expected to launch in the UK until the end of April. Here at The London Mix we cannot wait to get our hands on the iPad - yet another gadget to add to our growing Apple family. To keep up with the latest iPad news, be sure to log onto

Words by Sarah Sandiford


Image by D!zzy


Image by WorthingTheatres

THE MYTH OF MAN-FLU, UNCOVERED We have all suffered the snotty, sniffly, chilling flu symptoms, which render us unable to move or stray from our warm, comfortable bed. But do we receive any sympathy? No, we get brushed off and accused of faking. Well, with recent research showing that men have weaker immune systems, making us more vulnerable and prone to coughs and colds, Man-Flu has surely been proved to be less of a myth and more of a fact. Scientists at Cambridge University have suggested that evolutionary factors and hormonal differences make the

male sex more susceptible to infections than females. High testosterone levels lead to more coughs and colds, proving that we don’t suffer with just the common cold. John Oxford, professor at University of London even completed an experiment whereby he deliberately injected a man and a woman with the flu virus and found that, overall, it was the woman who complained the most. So next time you’re curled up in bed and are accused of faking your Man-Flu, feel free to prove that woman wrong!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK With the return of the BBC’s hit programme Ashes to Ashes, leading man Gene Hunt has been given an unexpected makeover, being thrusted into the latest catfight between Labour and the Conservatives. Labour’s latest campaign poster portrays the Tory leader David Cameron as the ruthless TV detective, saying “Don’t let him take Britain back to the 1980s”, referring to the social unrest and unemployment suffered under Margaret Thatcher. But the Tories have now adopted the image, replacing the slogan with ‘Fire up the Quattro, its time for a change.’ Cameron was reportedly ‘flattered’ by Labour’s comparison of him with the star of the BBC series, set in the 1980s. What will the next slanging match bring, a parody of Corrie’s Ken Barlow?

BIZZARE [ The week’s weirdest news ] Gerry Burke has become Britain’s oldest dad, at the ripe old age of 75, thanks to his passion for bananas. The former truck driver fathered 5lb 7oz baby Ryan, with wife Dawn, aged 41. Gerry claims his fertility is a result of his dietary habit of eating a banana a day. UK dairy producers Cravendale have developed a special jug equipped with a sensor to show when milk has gone off, sour bout that? With the 2010 World Cup fast approaching in the summer, crisp maker Walkers are creating limited edition crisps for the event, including the flavour Australian BBQ Kangaroo.

Image by Conservative party

Romantic Ian Grice decided to spoil his wife Toni by surprising her with a brand new £38,000 chrome-plated Mini Cooper. But it wasn’t all a bunch of roses, when Toni found out she was unable to drive it on the road. The special limited edition Mini with a full chrome exterior was refused by countless insurance companies for being ‘too fragile’.


Words by Sarah Sandiford

Image by Abby Wiltshire






[ Plastic Beach | Gorrillaz | Review ] By Dhanesh Patel

Image by Siansleep

Plastic Beach is an album for music lovers. As contrived as that may sound, it truly is an album best enjoyed without the partisan blinkers that come with being a fan of any one particular

type of music. This is because what Damon Albarn and co. have done here is craft an album that draws on the various relevant musical genres of the modern age, creating a sound that is effortlessly “of the moment” without sounding too deliberate (all whilst featuring past greats such as Lou Reed, as well as Paul Simonon and Mick Jones from The Clash). One thing that is immediately evident is the number of collaborators here, with the majority of the tracks featuring a big name in the world of music - some are used to colour Albarn’s music

in their respective shades (such as Lou Reed’s NYC cool on “Some Kind of Nature or Mark E. Smith’s stark, ranting turn on “Glitter Freeze) whereas other tracks are centred on the guest artist (such as the bouncy, positive vibes on “Superfast Jellyfish” courtesy of De La Soul). Each style works well, and prevents the album from feeling like Damon Albarn’s own personal take on Timbaland’s “Shock Value” album concept. Overall, Gorillaz have delivered a top notch album – and even for those who won’t want to sit through the whole album very often or who are put off by what may seem like too many collaborators from years past, rest assured this is very much an album of its own time, and there’s sure to be at least a handful of tracks that you’ll enjoy. Plastic Beach is out now.


[ Avatar | Dir.James Cameron | Cert.12A | Review ]


By Sarah Farrel Set in the distant future on the mythical planet of Pandora, James Cameron’s Avatar tells the story of the Na’vi people, whose utopian existence is threatened by the expansion of a human mining operation. In an attempt to force the co-operation of the indigenous Na’vi, ex-marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), is given the task of being accepted into Na’vi society. This is duly accomplished as Jake takes control of his Avatar, a remotely controlled Na’vi/human hybrid body and passes a series of tests thanks to the instruction of

Image by VJnet


Na’vi princess Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). However, as Jake becomes fully immersed in the freedom and beauty of Pandora, falling in love with Neytiri in the process and recognising the devastation caused by man firsthand, the stage is set for an epic confrontation as the battle lines between man and Na’vi are drawn. Visually, Avatar is breathtaking. Cameron’s creation of a fully-conceptualised alien world is completely immersive. Thanks to the use of 3-D technology, Pandora really does come to life before your eyes, in flashes of vivid colour, lush flora and luminous vistas. However, this beautifully realised environment does not exist at the expense of emotional engagement with the characters; through innovative use of performance capture technology, the Na’vi are as real to the audience as the human characters of the film. One criticism would be that some elements of the storyline are slightly predictable, but for sheer cinematic escapism, Avatar (much like the Na’vi themselves) stands head and shoulders above the competition. Avatar is out on Blu-ray & DVD as of 26th April 2010.


Image by Gene Hunt

[ Ashes to Ashes ] By Sarah Sandiford

Ashes to Ashes returns this Friday and that means the return of one man, Gene Hunt. The ruthless, foul-mouthed DCI is back in this third and final series with the gang to solve some 1980’s crime. With one foot in the 1980’s and one foot in the present, Ashes to Ashes continues to boggle the mind and pose the question… will Alex ever return to the present? When we last saw Hunt (Phillip Glenister) he had just shot DI Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes) by mistake during a police bust gone wrong. At the beginning of this series, Drake is found to be, not for the first time, in a coma... in 1983. But in the present she is fine, hearing now and again her eighties colleagues in her head. But back in the 80’s, Hunt is on the run, he needs to make his way back home and awaken Alex to clear his name. With the iconic 80’s songs, the fiery red Quattro and the unforgettable perms, will Alex be able to return to back to normality or is she just not ready to leave Gene behind? Ashes to Ashes returns to BBC1 this Friday at 9.00pm

Here’s a preview of the iconic 80’s playlist from the first episode:

Sweet Dreams – Eurhythmics Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant Blue Monday – New Order Under Pressure – David Bowie and Queen Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves Every Breath You Take – The Police

THE TOP FIVE SCARIEST MOVIES EVER [ We’ve sussed out the films that scare us silly and whittled them down to a top five. Do you dare to watch any of these horrors? ]

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street


Words by Sarah Sandiford

3. The Exorcist (1973)

When a small girl displays disturbing behavior, with horrific and violent experiences, her mother soon realises she is possessed by Satan; with projectile vomiting and head twisting, things start to get dark and gruesome.

2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

A group of unsuspecting teenagers meet their match when they take a wrong turn, and are faced with the most horrific and dysfunctional family they will ever come across.

Image by Save vs Death

1. Psycho (1960)

When Marion Crane checks into the isolated Bates Motel, she is brutally murdered in the shower. But, is quiet, loner Norman Bates or his deranged mother the killer? In a dramatic twist of events, Psycho shows that evil can lurk inside the mind of anyone.

Image by Double Feature Podcast

4. Night of the Living Dead (1964)

A group of teenagers trapped inside a farm-house by flesh eating zombies sounds rather comical, but the amount


Being brutally murdered in your sleep is enough to keep you awake for days. Freddy Kruger is one of the most twisted monsters out there, slicing and dicing the children of those who murdered him.

of sadistic gore, rising claustrophobic tension and the feeling of hope slowly suffocated by horror keeps you watching.

Image by K�




[ The 02 Golf Live event ]



[ Ricky Gervais’ Science ]


unny man Ricky Gervais, creator of the hit TV shows The Office and Extras, star of Hollywood films The Invention of Lying and Ghost Town, and writer of new Brit flick Cemetery Junction takes to the stage at Wembley Arena this April. Following his previous sell-out national shows including Animals, Fame and Politics, his latest tour Science is set to be just as successful, receiving heaps of praise worldwide. With his lecture lantern and his giant laboratory, Gervais will certainly enlighten with his own special brand of biting comedy. Fast becoming one of the world’s most prestigious comedians, Gervais will be sure to

impress, giving London his own comic take on the world of science, the Bible, and his pet-hates. Without doubt, Gervais’ words of wisdom aren’t to be shared by all, but they’re sure to be mischievously hilarious. Ricky will be performing at Wembley Arena on the 26th to the 28th April, to purchase tickets visit Image by Abby Wiltshire

Image by Monster.

Never get a chance to play golf in the city? Now you have. The O2 Golf Live event celebrates the sporting world of golf, asserting its place as the UK’s most dynamic golf experience ever. The event will offer you the chance to play golf alongside some of the world’s most successful pros, such as Colin Montgomerie, attend one of the scheduled master classes where you can mingle with top golf coaches, and there is even the chance to trial the latest kit on the course. Based in the idillac Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire, just outside of the city, this truly is the ultimate golfer’s day out. Bringing you closer to the action, Golf Live has a series of intimate master classes designed to give insider information from the likes of Paul Casey, Ian Poulter and Retief Goosen, into how the pros play. The Golf Live event takes place between the 14th and 16th of May, in Stoke Park, Buckinghamshire. Tickets cost £45.00 per person, which includes four master class lectures, a chance to play against a top golf pro, entry to the retail village that plays host to all the latest’s equipment and kit; and not forgetting a round of golf!

Tickets are limited to prevent overcrowding, so be sure to check it out at

Image by Bortescristian


With his camera always close at [Grand Designs Live 2010 ] hand, English photographer Jacob Perlmutter last year spent 88 days exploring America and capturing the Grand Designs Live takes place at the ExCeL Centre, bringing hundreds of people he saw and the things he 88 Days will be shown at The exhibitors from far and wide to London to encountered along the way. By the Orange Dot gallery from April 19th to showcase the best in the world of end of his journey, he had collected May 14th. furnishing and fixtures, as well as the over 2,500 photos, a selection of latest technology and gadgets. With top which have gone on display at The industry experts demonstrating their Orange Dot gallery in Kings Cross. ideas and giving advice on cutting-edge home design, whether you’re building, The exhibition captures the spirit of renovating or simply redecorating, the the weird and wonderful country that event will provide you with everything you is the United States of America, and need to know for your own grand design. is not to be missed. Grand Designs Live takes place from the 1st-9th May, for tickets see Images by Jacob Perlmutter


Words by Sarah Sandiford


[ 88 Days exhibition ]



Image by Fibroblast





fter a long day spent engaged in strictly masculine pursuits, a hard day at the office, or simply a long weekend with the in-laws, the perfect way to wind down is with a glass of the New Yorker. This cocktail is not for the faint hearted, with hard-hitting Rye Whisky to hit the spot and a twist of lime to give it a kick. Some may ponder on the fact that a cocktail is more suited to the delicate, manicured hand of a lady, but it has become custom that many men take great delight in stopping by the bar for after hours cocktails. After all, why shouldn’t we be free to indulge and enjoy the cult of a classic drink? Cocktails are synonymous with sophistication, the rustic basics of gin, vodka, whisky or tequila mean the array of tastes and flavours created by adding liquours and mixers are never-ending. There’s no special mystique involved in creating a cocktail, it is an easy art to muster, and with dedicated practice you will be able to assemble the endless possibilities of cocktail making.

[ The Bar Essentials ]

Cities don’t come much bigger than the Big Apple, and drinks don’t come much classier than this.

Ingredients: Ice cubes 45ml (1½ oz) Rye whisky 1 tablespoon lime juice Dash of grenadine A twist of orange peel Half-fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the Rye whisky, lime juice and grenadine. Shake well, strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a twist of orange.

makers will need is an electric blender. Invest in a heavy-duty model with a powerful motor so it can crush whole ice cubes as well as mixing a fine blend of flavours. A long-handled bar spoon is also a must, used for stirring cocktails and mixing ingredients in layered drinks it will bring both spirits and flavours together. Ice, ice and more ice is essential for a cool cocktail, you’ll need plenty of icecube trays, an ice bucket for storing, and a pair of tongs. A top tip for the art of cocktail making: have everything

blistering cold. Chill all ingredients before using, even chill the glasses too for that effortlessly bitter or sweet cocktail kick.


You don’t need a truckload full of fancy implements to create a classic cocktail, you’ll mostly find them lurking somewhere in your kitchen. One device you’ll definately need to buy is the iconic cocktail shaker; a standard shaker usually has three stainless steel pieces, a canister that holds the ice, a lid with an inbuilt strainer that seals tightly over the top… For guests who prefer their drinks shaken not stirred. Another tool most budding cocktail

[ The New Yorker ]

Image by brockleyboyo

Words by Sarah Sandiford

[ Whisky Master Classes ]

Image by Bearfaced

If you’re not up to making your own cocktails, then savour Scotland’s finest whisky and join Albannach bar for their innovative whisky master classes. Develop your specialist, connoisseur taste buds with the help of their expert knowledge and premium bottles of whisky. Learn how whiskies are made from expert bar staff, gaining an understanding of the long history of each individual flavour, not forgetting the all-important tasting and sampling! After covering all the basics, the master classes explore the different distilleries and explain how to differentiate between your Highland and Lowland spirits. If you love a drop of the good stuff then one of these classes provides a real insight and an excellent excuse to sample some first-class, quality whisky. The whisky master classes take place at Albannach in Charing Cross, to book now visit



Image by danorbit



nown as the city of light, Paris remains to be one of the top travel destinations in the world. Paris is a million different things to a million different people; the culture, the art, the cuisine, the way of life, and general ambiance of the city are destined to be explored and enjoyed. Unlike other European cities like Rome or Venice, Paris doesn’t rely on its past or historical wealth, but its presence. The city has re-invented itself again and again, proving there’s something for everyone to enjoy, whether that be a romantic weekend away or a tour of the city. Paris of course has its iconic landmarks, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame are most definately worth a visit, and not forgetting the quieter arrondissements of the city too, which are just as enchanting, often giving a more traditional taste of the French capital.

[ Hôtel de l’Abbaye Saint Germain ] This elegant and peaceful hotel, situated in the heart of one of the liveliest districts, is the perfect place to unwind and relax after a long day sightseeing. Formerly an Abbey, the hotel has recently been renovated into 43 stylish and luxurious rooms, sheltered away from the bustle of everyday Parisian life. With traditional touches left intact such as open fireplaces, wood paneling and high-beamed ceilings, the hotel also has its very own garden, complete with a small terrace surrounded by flowers and fruit trees, with a bubbling fountain. This is the perfect setting for an early morning breakfast or a glass of locally produced red wine in the evening. Located right next to the Luxembourg Gardens and near to the top attraction the Louvre, the hotel is the perfect city break stay; the right location with a perfect relaxed atmosphere.

[ Picnic at the Eiffel Tower ]


[ Get lost at the Louvre ] As museums go, The Musée du Louvre is quite simply breathtaking, its collections are so diverse, that visitors could spend all of their city break just touring each part of the museum. Housed in the Palais du Lourve, the Lourve has become one of the most visited museums in the world. With nearly 35,000 objects of art and

design exhibited over an area of 60,600 sq/m, the museum displays a wide spectrum of art, including masterpieces from Greek and Roman antiques to Egyptian objects and Renaissance paintings. An unmissable attraction, it’s worth getting lost in its maze of collections and if you can brave the crowds, take a peak at Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Words by Sarah Sandiford

A trip to Paris would be unthinkable without a visit to its most iconic landmark the Eiffel Tower. One of the most well-known structures in the world, the Eiffel Tower is a 300 ft iron tower, making it the tallest building in Paris. The first and second floor viewpoints can be reached by stairs, but by elevator you can reach the magnificent views at the very top. There’s no other way to view Paris, your line of vision will stretch 40 miles across the city, allowing you to take in its beautiful architecture and the river Seine. Make the most of your trip by talking a stroll around the parks that surround the tower, especially in the warmer months. The Eiffel Tower is littered with bars, cafes and restaurants boasting the very best French cuisine, such as the Jules Verne restaurant run by Michelin chef Alan Ducasse. Be sure to take advantage of the small delis and bakeries too, take a baguette and a bottle of wine for a summer picnic and simply enjoy the view.

Currency: Euro €1 = £0.70 Time Difference: GMT +1 Travel: Eurostar & The Metro underground. Tourist Office: Prices: Cappuccino: €2.50 Cigarettes: €5 Daily Newspaper: €1.30 One-night Accommodation: €60

Image by Al lanni



[ The Real Food Market ]


he mouth watering Real Food Market aims to satisfy the largest of appetites, with an array of stalls offering the freshest food and produce available. Housed in the Covent Garden Piazza, every Saturday over 32 stalls are bursting with produce from the UK’s most respected companies to fulfill al your culinary requirements. From free-range chickens, artisan cheeses, scrummy cupcakes, smoked fish, German sausages and gourmet pies, the Real Food Market in Covent Garden is definitely one for the foodies and families alike. Whether you’re a die-hard food fan or you fancy a wander around to sample some of the delicious treats on offer, such as the flavorsome mushroom sandwiches from The Splore Boys stall, it’s a definite must visit. The market also plays host to a number of seasonal events throughout the year, with exclusive guest stalls and demonstrations on how to make the most of the food and drink you plan to buy. With live entertainment on offer too, such as the Vintage Tea Party, the Real Food Market is certainly more exciting than

[ Cybercandy ]

your average supermarket! The Covent Garden Real Food Market takes place every Saturday, between 10.30am – 6pm at the Covent Garden Piazza. Free admission.

right in the centre of the Piazza, the Punch and Judy is a traditional English pub, selling good old British food from pie to egg, ham and chips, not forgetting a wide range of British ales on tap. The Punch and Judy is a bustling pub, full of life and laughter, this is the one place to be this summer.


Image by Super_ziper

Words by Sarah Sandiford

Image by nick.garrod

[ The Punch & Judy Pub ] Named after the famous puppet show, the Punch and Judy pub is the perfect place to have a pint and take in the lively atmosphere around you, the essences of Covent Garden. The balcony offers a great view overlooking the main square, an ideal location to watch the artistic street entertainers performing their weird and wonderful routines. Based

Cybercandy is a sweet shop like no other, and is one of the cities best-kept secrets. Cybercandy sell an amazing variety of sweets, drinks and other cool stuff from all over the world for your consumption. Whether that be some British retro sweets, endless American novelties such an iconic jar of Peanut Butter and Jelly or refreshing Mountain Dew; or even some Japanese or Mexican candy there’s no doubt it won’t fulfill your sweet tooth cravings. Cybercandy is a gold mine for anybody who loves those sugar highs, whether its lurid coloured candy or masses of chocolate, you won’t be leaving empty handed.

Covent Garden is one of the most popular places in the heart of the city, with unrivaled shopping, historical theatres and galleries, amazing street performers, and over 1000 places to eat and drink; its fair to say that Covent Garden has a lot to offer. With hundreds of people visiting everyday, there are still many places that are yet to be discovered.

Image by Marcio Cabral De Moura


Silk Linen Jacket £99, Polka Dot Shirt £25

Images by M&S Image Library

Autograph by Simon Carter Brown Leather Watch ÂŁ49.50


Artwork by Matt Laing

TRANSLATION [ Mark Wiltshire highlights the completely mindboggling actions of the female sex to The London Mix editor, Sarah Sandiford to translate ]


here is so little to be said, by a man, about the aspects of a woman that he does not understand. This is because men of all ages, myself and the rest, are more than aware of the terrible fact that if we so much as throw a confused or troubled glance towards a woman behaving in a manner particularly odd to us, the repercussions are likely to be enormous. Yet, as I am sure we can all agree, it is only because we are so absolutely fascinated by the ways, whims and workings of the female mind that we dare attempt to crack its many codes; and when we truly begin to adore such a body of mysteries, as inevitably we do, we each entertain the same optimistic outlook which leads us to believe that we might one day become masters of the fancies of a female. But this day will never come. For as long as men are men and women remain as women, there will be no second-guessing just what a female might do, think or say, and no definite understanding of why; so I again pose to you the question, ladies… why?

You cannot appreciate comedy – it seems, if it isn’t You’ve Been Framed, you’ll need it explained. But, if you didn’t get it the first time around, it’s unlikely that you ever will. We’d truly like nothing more than to be able to share with you the likes of Bill Hicks and Steven Wright, but you make it very hard for us to do so.

Just because sometimes we don’t appreciate your taste in sarcastic droning on comedy doesn’t mean we don’t understand it. We simply take pleasure in visual comedy, more lighthearted. I have one word for you, JackAss. Plus we much prefer the good looking Russell Howard to Bill Hicks any day.

… “Why don’t you ever take me to football?” – Well… if you find it difficult to sit through 90 minutes at home, in an armchair, in the warmth, with a blanket and snacks, what is the likelihood of you enduring an entire match on the terraces, with a plastic seat (at best), at chilling temperatures with nothing to sustain you but ash and sweat?

You think we actually want to go to football? That’s what we call a kind-hearted, caring girlfriend. I cannot honestly think of anything more boring, heck I would rather stick pins in my eyes, but that’s called supporting each others interests; maybe you should be a tad more supportive of the Topshop sale… thought not.

Or men’s clothing – Many of us are terribly restricted in our sense of dress. Some might think this is a consequence of our own brand of narrow-mindedness – we will always try desperately to avoid new fashions and styles. But, it’s not. The sad truth is, much of what we own, except a few choice t-shirts and trousers, are hanging somewhere in the depths of your wardrobes.


You tell us a story and expect us to be riveted – We know it should arrive soon, in fact we wait and wait and hear all you have to say, we feign the most sincere interest in all that is banal, we nod our head as if immersed in conversation and yet at the end of it all… no punch line. And so, as we sit and consider all the things we might have been achieving in the past 2 and a-half minutes, you seem almost disappointed that we haven’t fallen off our chairs.


With the Ashley Coles and Tiger Woods’ of this world, us women have to be sure you’re not hiding anything, whether that be another girl, weird foot fetish or an off-shore bank account. Plus, if you ever dare looking for our secret text, email or stash, be safe in the knowledge, that us ladies have far more common sense, and you will never, I repeat, NEVER find it.

Like when Dave from accounts taped your stapler to the ceiling? Fascinating. We know you have a short attention span, but a simple grunt or nod would suffice.

Words by Sarah Sandiford & Mark Wiltshire

You choose to go through a man’s things – God help a man were he ever to make the awful mistake of reading his girlfriend’s texts, his fate is absolutely undesirable. But one can’t help but wonder at the hypocrisy of this unwritten rule. For, there is little stopping a woman from flitting, as she likes, from one text, e-mail or item to another, no matter how personal or inappropriate.

Get over it, we know you secretly love it when we wear your shirts and you can smell our lingering, womanly scent on your oversize hoodies, a small price to pay when we do your washing every week.

Image from the seychelles islands Image Library

Make it more than just a dream...




[ Got a problem? Find the right supplement to help cure your aliment ]


Image by nickwheeleroz



Why it works:


Zinc Gluconate

Zinc Gluconate has both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, it fights existing acne and prevents any further from appearing. Over-the-counter treatments and oral medication have been proven to not to overcome acnecausing bacteria, whereas a recent French study showed that Zinc helped acne sufferers have fewer breakouts and no sign of resistant bacteria on their faces.

Back Pain

White Willow Bark

This German herb revives aching backs in the same way most over the counter cures do, by reducing inflammation. However, White Willow Bark is a natural remedy, yet it still achieves the same level of pain relief as prescription painkiller Vioxx, producing fewer side effects too.


Saw Palmetto

Early signs of balding are caused by the over production of the hormone dihydrotesterone. In a 6-month long study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, when 26 balding men took 200mg of Saw Palmetto daily, 60% noted an improvement in their hairlines.

Erectile Dysfunction

Korean Red Panax Ginseng

Prolactin is a hormone that can cause impotence, but by taking Ginseng it increases testerone levels, which suppresses the production of the prolactin. What’s more, the Asian herb has also been shown to lift a guy’s libido, a great supplement to take if stressed or over tired. A study published in the Journal of Urology reports that 60% of men who took 900mg Korean Red Ginseng three times daily for 8 weeks experience improved erections.

An Expanding Belly

Green Tea

Green tea is the perfect fat burner because it contains epigallocatechin gallate, an antioxidant that increases resting metabolism and stimulates the process by which your body burns fat. In a Dutch study, researchers helped 76 people successfully lose weight, and they then asked them to consume a 270mg capsule of green tea daily for the next 3 months, where they continued to lose weight.

Sleepless Nights

Timed- Release Melatonin

This supplement is a synthetic version of melatonin, which is a hormone that your body naturally produces to nightfall, which helps induce sleep. Rush University medical centre researchers in Chicago gave night-shift workers 3mg every day before bed and found that they slept 73% more soundly.

High Cholesterol

Plant Stanols

This plant-derived substance blocks cholesterol from being absorbed by your intestines, keeping it from reaching your arteries. Washington University researchers found that people who consumed 2g of plant stanols daily for 6 weeks cut their high cholesterol by 10%.

Although it is important to understand that supplements can improve your overall health and body, caution should always be taken. If the supplement isn’t working, or causing other symptoms, stop immediately. Always check and stick to the supplement guidelines, mixing different supplements or taking too many could result in an overdose.


Words by Sarah Sandiford


ave an embarrassing illness, or worried about something, but don’t feel it necessary to go to the doctor? Supplements could be the answer, they are a great way to fast track your health into the right gear. Taking just one supplement a day could really improve your life, cure balding, lower cholesterol or even revamp your sex-life.



Images by Trevor Sorbie



revor Sorbie, professional hairdresser, has recently launched his brand new Male Grooming line. The Mg range has all the products you need for the day ahead and is a must in any man’s wash bag, with the cooling shaving gel and rich moisturizer, you can have your closest shave yet. In order to celebrate the launch of the new line, Trevor Sorbie Mg, The London Mix has 25 free sets to give away. Each grooming bag includes the must have minis for a perfect weekend away. In order to bag yourself a set, simply send a text to 117116 and state ‘MG GROOM’ for your chance to enter. The competition closes on the 30th April, winners will be selected at random and sent a reply. Good luck! For further terms and conditions and a chance to enter online visit


Shower Gel is infused with ginger to help reawaken and cleanse, leaving skin revitalized and conditioned.

With the following 7 essentials you can refreshingly start your day, each product in the Mg range has a vibrant new fragrance which combines citrus notes with cedarwood and sheer musk, its certain to have the ladies going wild!

[ The 7 essentials for looking your best ] 3 5

Words by Sarah Sandiford

2 Hair Glosser is the perfect pre-styling treatment, taming flyaway hair and giving a healthy shine. Post Shave Balm is a refreshing moisturising lotion that helps cool and sooth skin after shaving, preventing skin from feeling dry.

Moulding Mud is perfect for giving a rough texture, moulding shapes and styles in your hair, and adding definition to any look.

Face Scrub is a deep cleansing wash that soothes and gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells leaving smooth, refreshed skin.

7 Shaving Gel contains both witchhazel and aloe vera, helping to give a close, smooth shave without leaving skin feeling taunt. Two in One Shampoo effectively cleans and conditions your hair, whilst moisturising, leaving it soft and manageable.






STYLE-FILE [ Typically timeless style: for both working hard and playing hard ] SUMMER IN THE CITY ASOS Preppy Blazer £55.00

ASOS Beige Chinos £25.00


OFFICE Gieves & Hawkes Light Blue Shirt £85.00


Words by Sarah Sandiford

Mark’s & Spencer Leather Satchel £119.00

Mark’s & Spencer Linen Jacket £99.00


Gieves & Hawkes White Herringbone Shirt £85.00

Images by French Connection, Mark’s & Spencer, Republic, White Stuff, Asos, Gieves & Hawkes.

White Stuff Check Shirt £45.00

Republic Straw Trilby Hat £9.99

French Connection Denim Jeans £85.00

Republic Military Boots £49.99


SUMMER DAYS Mark’s & Spencer Rugby Shirt £12.00


Words by Sarah Sandiford

French Connection Leather Jacket £130.00


Dune Image Library

Shoes: Jonty, ÂŁ75

Dune Image Library

Shoes: Jet, £85, Bag: Let, £45

Image by Debenhams

Image by Debenhams

[Above] Prints are going to be big this Spring/ Summer. Don’t shy away from teaming them with other prints and patterns to create a truly unique look.


Butterfly by Matthew Williamson Voile Embellished Top £38 Abstract Butterfly Skirt £35

[Left] If bold colours are not your thing Spring also brings with it a wide range of neutral coloured pieces. Opt for something with different lines to make sure you still stand out. J by Jasper Conran Grecian Dress £60 Image by Debenhams


this week’s



[ Step out in colour this Spring ]


ebenhams offers a wide range of designer fashion all under one roof, so we have teamed up with them to bring you our favourite spring styles!

[Right] For those of you who have the confidence to get your legs out, this one is for you. Incorporating bright colours and print with the flattering one-shoulder this mini dress is bang on trend. Star by Julian Macdonald Multi Coloured Embellished One Shouldered Dress £60

[Opposite page, top left] The cut of this dress makes it smart enough to wear to the office whilst the vibrant colour also means it is an idea choice for those evening drinks. Betty Jackson Black Chartreusse Frill Dress £50 Waisted Weave Belt £30


Image by Debenhams


the only


tips you need [ Creating a natural look ]


ith summer fast approaching, it’s time to leave behind the smoky eyes and berry lips and use makeup to create a natural looking glow.


First thing to remember is to reduce the amount of foundation you wear. Spring is all about a natural look and therefore there is no need to cover up so much. Also, on a more practical note you don’t want your makeup melting off on those lovely hot days. To achieve gorgeous looking skin try The Body Shop’s Everyday Summer Face Lotion. This moisturiser contains vitamin E which gives your skin a boost, and also gradually builds a natural looking tan. The Body Shop Image Library


To create a really natural look a bronzer is far safer than a blusher. Choose a bronzer that is similar to your own skin tone and avoid a streaky look by using a big brush to sweep it over your cheekbones.

The Body Shop image library

Makeup does not have to be overdone. The system of applying makeup for a natural look is fast and easy when you get the hang of it. Here are a few steps that you can do on a daily basis to achieve a clean, natural look. Understand that a ‘natural’ look is one that uses colours that are right for your skin tone. How much you use, and where, depends on your personal style. Make sure your concealer is yellow in tone since it mutes imperfections without adding colour, giving your skin a natural look.


The Body Shop Image Library

Keep eye makeup to a minimum this spring and opt for clear mascara. Not only are they cheaper than regular mascaras they also keep you looking bright eyed. By giving your lashes a coat of clear mascara you can avoid clumping, yet still The Body Shop Image Library


keep your lashes looking “When it comes to lips, it’s fuller. all about the colour” lips It is important to apply a foundation that matches your skin tone; the right foundation will seem to disappear on your face. Apply eye makeup in earthy tones such as beige, brown, gold or plum for shadows, and brown and charcoal gray for liner and mascara. Skip liner or shadow entirely if you want to keep makeup light. Choose a blush colour that is close to the colour of your cheeks after you’ve exercised.

When it comes to lips it’s all about the colour. Pinks, browns and peaches all fit in with the natural look so why not try them all! Lipsticks are great for a more defined look whereas glosses can create a more glamorous look.

Boots Image Library


the need-to-know

guide to staying fit and healthy

[ Finding that 5-a-day ]


ow many times a day do you notice EAT 5-A-DAY? It’s everywhere; on the TV, in the supermarkets, and often on the quick lunches we frantically dash for, ‘Pick me I am one of your 5-a-day!’ And then you find yourself thinking, am I actually getting my 5-a-day? According to a study of the consumer habits of the nation, just 12% of the population manages to hit the target recommended by experts. Giles Quick, of global market insight group TNS, who conducted the research, said: “While the need for ‘five-a-day’ seems to be common knowledge, the number of us who actually achieve this is shockingly low.” We here at The London Mix often have grapes to munch on, and most of the team have an item of fruit within their lunch, yet none of us feel that we would belong to that 12%. We also feel, perhaps like yourselves, that whilst it is highly promoted that we should have our 5-a-day, we don’t actually know why fruit and vegetables are so good for us.

Image by zaser

Image by Anushruti RK

This chart examines just what certain fruit and veg contain and why it is so vital for us to get our 5-a-day. Image by Malkav

Food Peas


Whilst Vitamin C is great for when you are fighting a cold, it is also associated with reducing severity of inflammatory conditions such as asthma and arthritis.

These are one of the fruits with a high source of Vitamin C.


This juicy fruit has been shown to help protect cell structures in the body and to prevent oxygen damage in all of the body’s organ systems. They are also a heartprotective fruit, an anti-cancer fruit, and an anti-inflammatory fruit, all rolled into one.

The most popular berry fruit – a strawberry contains over 80 nutrients.


Peas are a great veg for helping your bones. Along with the large amount of Vitamin K, they also contain high amounts of Vitamin B6 and folic acid, all of which promote healthy bone growth and regeneration.

Contain a large amount of Vitamin K, plus good amounts of 6 other vitamins.

Health Benefits



Name: Leanne Age: 21 Location: North London Job: Masseuse

start you have to build up your clientele. This includes doing promotion work and ensuring you are publicising yourself correctly. Do you need to have any specific qualifications?

When did you become a masseuse? In December 2009. What made you go into the profession? I wanted a job that was flexible yet offered good pay. Being a massage therapist offers that yet also offers the chance to interact with all kinds of people which I enjoy doing. When I look towards the future I feel like this will be a job that will fit around the kind of lifestyle I have envisioned for myself.

Generally you need to complete a BTEC course, however I have done both my BTEC and ITEC in Holistic Massage, Anatomy and Physiology and also in Business. I then completed two extra master classes in Deep Tissue and Pregnancy Massage as I am especially interested in these areas.

Is it an expensive profession to go into? Yes it is quite expensive to start up. The course itself costs quite a lot of money to do and then you have to purchase all your equipment. You need a bed which can cost around ÂŁ400, your uniform, oils, towels, it can all add up.

Image by Leanne Carpenter

What are the hours like? The hours depend on how you work. If you’re based in a salon then I can imagine they would be quite long, however if you are self employed like I am then the hours are very flexible. You can fit clients in around what you need to do and also around their schedule. For example if someone works then I could visit them in the evening. What do you enjoy about being a masseuse? Image by Leanne Carpenter


I enjoy the fact that what I am doing helps people feel better about themselves. As I am qualified in holistic massage I can help people to feel both mentally and physically better. It relieves stress and helps people to relax which in the end helps them generally feel happier. Are there any downsides to the job? Yes there are a few. It is a tiring job as you are on your feet all the time, so it puts quite a lot of physical stress on your own body. It is also hard if you have chosen to work for yourself as at the

Image by Leanne Carpenter


keep up-to-date

with business

and industry news [ Following the recession ]


hen London was hit by the global recession it affected everybody. However it was young people who appeared to struggle the most. With jobs already going short it was this age group who found themselves stuck. This article looks at two young girls who have come out of the recession on top by entering new professions. They explain to us what their chosen profession is and what is involved in it. Name: Hayley Age: 26 Location: Hertfordshire Job: Nanny When did you become a nanny? I started at the beginning of January. I was previously working in a nursery and the opportunity arose from there so I decided to go for it. What made you go into the profession? At the nursery my role included doing a lot of paperwork, whereas with nannying there is much more interaction with the children. This means it is also less stressful as you can just focus on playing with them.


Is it an expensive profession to go into? No, not really. It could become expensive if you wanted to take the children on lots of days out and the parents wouldn’t fund them, but I find fun activities that don’t cost a lot, if anything at all. We can have the most fun just taking a picnic and a ball to the park. The family I nanny for also let me use their car when I am with the children which means I save a lot of petrol money.

Image by Lois Cheetham

What are the hours like? I work 7am – 6pm which could seem like a long day to some, but because I am constantly busy with the children the day goes really fast. I think if I were stuck in an office those hours would really drag, but my day just seems to fly by. What do you enjoy about nannying? One of the things I enjoy most is the freedom, in a sense you are your own boss. Obviously you have guidelines but within reason you are free to do what you want.. I also enjoy the relationship you build with the family. Are there any downsides to the job? It can get lonely sometimes, especially if you are looking after young children. However I do meet up with other nannies on a weekly basis either at one of the houses or to do a specific activity with them. Do you need to have any specific qualifications? Yes, I studied for my NVQ Level 2 and 3 whilst working at the nursery. If you want to get the qualifications then get a job, you can go to college to study for NVQ’s in Childcare. I am also a qualified first aider which is necessary.


Opposite: Brushstroke Bandeau Top £18, Regular Pants £14, Trilby £12 Above: Marrakesh Tile Bandeau Suit £38, Floppy Hat £15, Sand Dune Vinyl Bag £28

Debenhams Image Libary

uncovering the city’s

gems, one tube stop at a time

[ Shepherd’s Bush]


ome to many landmarks including Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Europe’s largest shopping centre and the BBC there is something for everyone. Around the popular boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, and five minutes from Notting Hill, Shepherd’s Bush is a vibrant and exciting place to visit with many things to see and do.

thing to do

BBC Tour

Why not take a tour around one of the most famous TV channels. Visit the BBC News Centre and the studio where Friday Night with Jonathan Ross is filmed. Tours take between one and a half and two hours, and can be booked through

place to eat

The Defectors Weld A stylish Gastro pub serving hearty British food – there is nowhere better to visit for a classic pub lunch or a bite to eat with friends on a summer evening. Located on Shepherd’s Bush Green, not only does it have a menu that changes with the seasons, it also boasts an extensive wine and cocktail menu.

Image by lokulin

place to shop


When visiting Shepherd’s Bush, you are never going to be short of shops. Since 2008 it has been home to Europe’s largest shopping centre. Home to 265 shops, it boasts not only top designer stores but everything you’d want on your typical high street. However, if you’re not a shopping fan, Westfield also contains a 14-screen cinema, 50 restaurants, and even a library!

station spotter.

place to visit

Shepherd’s Bush Market Dating back to the early part of the last century, Shepherd’s Bush Market stands on the East side of the railway viaduct between Uxbridge Rd and Goldhawk Road. Serving both the local Irish and Afro-Caribbean community, it’s a good place to head for music, fresh and cooked foods, yams and other exotic fruits plus household goods and furnishings. The hustling, busy street market also offers a variety of food from around the world, fresh fruit and vegetable stalls, a wide range of fabrics, clothing, bags, briefcases, luggage, jewellery, watches, a pet shop, lots of cafes and pretty much everything else you can think of. Shepherd’s Bush Market is open Monday to Saturday from 9am until 6pm, with an early close on Sunday. Image by Abby Wiltshire


the sole guide to finding your perfect destination [ Amsterdam | Review ]



ften associated with prostitutes, drugs and stag parties, it is clear to see why Amsterdam may not appeal to the female race. I felt that us, as women needed to open our eyes and look at what this city has to offer us – this is my account as I took a trip to discover if Amsterdam really was as bad as it is made out to be or if, like London, it too is full of hidden gems. I visited Amsterdam in January accompanied by my boyfriend. As you can imagine, he was rather excited at the prospect of this trip whilst I was a tad apprehensive! We decided to go for three nights, so packed lightly sharing just one bag. The weather is very similar to ours, so I went geared up with boots and big jumpers – just as well, when we arrived they too had suffered from heavy snow! We had booked a little apartment which had been recommended by a friend and was more than adequate, so once we dropped off the bag we set out to explore this unknown city. When visiting a city like Amsterdam I felt like it needed to be approached with an open mind! Good job I did, as even walking down the cobbled streets proved an experience! The popular cafes line the streets, as well as shops full of souvenirs and sex toys. Whilst I found this highly amusing, I did not let it deter me from finding the real Amsterdam. Over the next few days we found many things to keep us busy, and many reasons to love Amsterdam. Within the town itself there are many

things within walking distance including Amsterdam’s own version of Madame Tussauds and the Dungeons, but for things that weren’t, the trams were an easy option.

“The beauty of the city is quite indescribable, with quaint little houses surrounding the famous canals” Not only did we do some tourist bits like visit the very famous Anne Frank’s house and the Van Gogh museum, we also spent time just wandering round. The beauty of the city is quite indescribable, with quaint little houses surrounding the famous canals. Now if you’re anything like me you too will all be wondering... what about the red light district?! Well, with boyfriend in tow I did venture out there – however not altogether on purpose! When off to find some water one morning we decided to walk a slightly different route to the one we had come to know, this was how we came across the back streets that house a multitude of girls. Baring in mind it was ten in the morning, it was quite shocking to find many girls standing in their windows in skimpy outfits – it has to be said though that some of them were really quite stunning and made me wonder what brings women to this trade? They all appeared happy enough and one even gave me a wink! Amsterdam may have a bit of a reputation for itself but I say to anybody it is well worth a visit. It is an absolutely lovely city with many sights to visit and exciting experiences to have. The city is so relaxed, it is hard not to have fun.

By Lois Cheetham Image by Claudio.Ar


Image by Lois Cheetham

[ Sharon’s Simple Suppers ] [ Chicken and Leek Pasta | Serves 2 ] Ingredients: - 2 chicken breasts, diced - 2 leeks, washed, trimmed and thinly sliced - 250g half fat crème fraiche - 150g dried pasta (eg. penne, fusilli) - Salt and black pepper - Olive oil and butter

Image by Lois Cheetham

1 Melt one tablespoon of olive oil with a small knob of butter in a large frying pan. Add the diced chicken and stir-fry for 4-5 minutes on a medium heat.

2 While the chicken is cooking, boil the pasta according to cooking time on packet – generally about 10 minutes.

3 Add leeks to the chicken and continue to sautee until soft and the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Image by Lois Cheetham Image by Lois Cheetham

food & drink.

4 Season chicken and leeks with salt and pepper.

5 Add crème fraiche, probably about two-thirds of the tub or more if preferred. Heat through on low heat.

6 Drain pasta and add to frying pan. Mix thoroughly with the chicken and leeks. Adjust seasoning as required.

7 Serve with warm ciabatta and salad. Image by Lois Cheetham


the tempting tastes that will have you hungry for more [ Restaurant | Review ] Restaurant: Abbey Bar Location: 30-33 Minories, London Nearest Tube Station: Tower Hill Prices: Food - £ Drinks - £££


ocated in the heart of London, Abbey Bar is the perfect place to visit, whatever you fancy! Whether you are looking for a bite to eat, a few cocktails or just a cute place to catch up with friends, Abbey Bar is definately worth a visit.


food & drink.

When it comes to food, Abbey offers an extensive menu of dishes, from smaller bites like Toasted Pitta Breads and Mixed Mediterranean Olives to your classic Sirloin Steak, everyone will find themselves spoilt for choice. On my trip to Abbey Bar I opted for a Blackened Cajun Chicken Ceaser Salad. A slight twist on your simple ceaser I was greeted with perfectly flavoured chicken, crisp lettuce and homemade croutons. Each dish was perfectly presented, one of my girlfriends had the Tiger Beer Battered Fish and Chunky Chips which came creatively wrapped in a newspaper! Whether you are out for dinner or a quick bite to eat Abbey Bar definately offers great food at a very reasonable price.

Image by loop_oh


Abbey once again offers a wide menu when it comes to beverages. Cocktails are a main focus, making it the perfect place to go for a few drinks with your girlfriends on a Friday night. The prices are higher when it comes to the drinks which is obviously where they make their money up, but the atmosphere more than makes up for those extra pounds. With several seating areas, not only the restaurant but also the Champagne Corner and Lower Lounge, you will always be able to find an area with the right ambiance for your day or night.

“ Cocktails are a main focus making it the perfect place to go for a few drinks with your girlfriends on a Friday night.” Extras:

If you still feel the cocktail prices are a bit too extravagant for you, why not take advantage of ‘Abbey Hours’! From 5-8pm cocktails are 2-4-1 making them far more enticing! Why go for one when there is two on offer!

Abbey Bar also partakes in Taste London, where all members can benefit from an amazing 50% off food Sunday -Thursdays.

Abbey Bar Image Library

For menu options visit, and for more information on Taste London and what it has to offer visit


the only


you need to be [ The Enchanted Palace at Kensington Palace ]


f you are looking for a truly stunning exhibition to visit then this is the one for you. The Enchanted Palace is a unique exhibition, taking place at Kensington Palace. It features the work of several top designers including Vivienne Westwood and William Tempest.

As you take in the beauty of each room you are told a story of its former royal residents. The image below is a Vivienne Westwood dress which was inspired by Princess Charlotte. Prices to The Enchanted Palace are included in the price of Kensington Palace Tickets.

Image by Abby Wiltshire

[ Cupcake and cocktail experience ] The Cupcake phenomenon has vastly taken off here in London with many bakeries, teashops and even supermarkets producing gorgeously crafted cakes. Well now it could be you doing that! This cupcake and cocktail experience will teach you just what goes into making and decorating these little gems. On arrival you will be given an apron to wear and a cocktail to sip as your teacher provides time for a question and answer session on how to make the best cupcakes. Throughout the day you will then be given demonstrations on piping and hand-crafting sugar shapes, and then it will be your turn. With six cupcakes to decorate and then take home, you might find you even get to enjoy what you make! So whether there is a special occasion or you just fancy trying your hand at something new, this is definately worth a go. Prices vary between £30-45 for one person and £60-80 for two but it is always worth checking the internet because they quite often have special offers on this experience.

[ Holding the Man ] culture.

Australian comedy queen Jane Turner makes her West-End debut in this award-winning play. Holding the Man is a love story with a twist. We all know finding love is hard enough, so imagine just how tough it would be when you’re a gay boy in a single-sex school in 1970s Melbourne, with a crush on the captain of the football team! However after surviving many trials and tribulations, this story reveals just what happens to part this 15-year romance.

Image by CarrieLu

Holding the Man is showing at the Trafalgar Studios until July 3rd 2010.


this week’s ultimate entertainment list music

Joshua Radin | Simple Times


f you are looking for a collection of short, inoffensive little tunes, by which to iron or perform other domestic tasks, then look no further. This bland offering from American singer-songwriter Joshua Radin could fit your requirements. This is his second album, just released in the UK , although it’s been out for a couple of years in the US. The songs all sound pretty similar, nothing out of the ordinary, with the only distinguishing feature being a duet with Patty Griffin on ‘You Got Growin’ Up To Do’. Nice harmonies also feature on ‘Sky’, this time with Meiko. However the remainder of the tracks are poor derivatives of various other singer-songwriters Paul Simon, Al Stewart and more recent, Jack Johnson and while

Radin’s voice is not unpleasant, it doesn’t stand out as anything special. If your taste is ‘rom-com’/ ’feel-good’ movie music, this may well appeal.

Image courtesy of Joshua Radin library


Unbroken | My Story of Survival Best known to us as feisty Liz McDonald, our favourite soap landlady, this is the tale of a life behind those cobbled streets. Beverley Callard opens up in this intimate and moving autobiography. Describing to us everything from her childhood and growing up in Leeds to the breakdown of her three marriages and the crippling depression she has suffered. Read about how the Corrie barmaid has come through her lows to end up on top in this truly gripping story.

Make sure you go armed with your girlfriends and a big box of tissues


Dear John | Dir. Lasse Hallstrom | Cert.12A


It’s the film that has finally knocked Avatar off its No1 spot in the US and has been raved about for weeks now. After a bit of a wait, Dear John is finally hitting our screens and we here at The London Mix can’t wait to get our tickets! The romantic drama based on the Nicholas Sparks novel is a tale of love. While Special Forces Army Sergeant John Tyree is home on a two week leave from Germany, he meets beautiful college student Savannah Curtis after he dives into the ocean to retrieve her purse that had fallen off the pier. John is smitten and falls in love at first sight. Savannah is on spring break and is helping build a house for Habitat for Humanity. With John helping her build the house, a budding romance occurs, and Savannah soon falls deeply in love with John. When the time comes for Savannah to return to college, she promises to write to John, however their love is put to the test when John decides to re-enlist following the 9/11

attacks. Troubles invade and their love is put on hold, but one cannot bear it anymore; can the other? Directed by Lasse Hallstrom and featuring Amanda Seyfriend and

(swoon) Channing Tatum, Dear John is sure to be one to melt our hearts. Make sure you go armed with your girlfriends and a big box of tissues. Dear John will be in cinemas as of April 14th.

Image by Brenna_


[ Happy birthday No7 ] Boots brand No7 reaches the ripe old age of 75 this year, and to celebrate its birthday, No7 have released a new limited collection. The Decades collection features a range of makeup including eye palates, lip glosses and nail varnishes for each of the decades from the 40’s to the noughties.

Boots Image Library

[ Win with Sex and the City 2 and Cocoabox ] I am sure every female in London will know the highly anticipated release of Sex and The City 2 is nearly upon us! With just over a month to go we here at The London Mix are just bubbling over with excitement! Not only do we get a new SATC film, we also get to enjoy lots of shops and brands releasing FAB movie tie-ins!

Image by Rob Young

latest news.

Image by Penguinbush

One of our favourites is the Sex and The City Cocktails and Cupcakes class brought to us by Cocoabox. A slight variation on the usual class – (see our culture page for details) in this one we get to sip on Cosmopolitans! And as a special treat just for our readers, Cocoabox is offering to host this class just for you and your girlfriends! To save you travelling anywhere they will bring the class to you and teach you how to make handbags and shoes that Carrie and the girls would be proud of – all out of icing!

To enter visit Image by Sugarbloom Bev


the only news worth knowing [ Ruth Langsford to marry! ]


fter 13 years it looks like one of our favourite showbiz couples are finally tying the knot. Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have been working together presenting GMTV since 2006, and whilst many would agree that working together and living together would be too much to handle, these two somehow manage to make it work perfectly. The thrilled presenter admitted on This Morning that the Northern Irish TV star had asked her to marry him on a city break for her 49th birthday on St Patrick’s Day. Sky News presenter Eamonn said: “A lot of people think we’re married already.” In a statement, she said: ‘I’m so thrilled. We’ve discussed marriage many times but this was an incredibly romantic and heartfelt proposal which I will never forget.” Talking about how she feels about getting wed at 50, Ruth simply says that she didn’t find her Mr

Image by Fluterirl

Right until she was older but that if anything, she feels more sexy and confident now than she might have done getting married in her 20’s. However she talks about one problem – her lack of organisation! The couple have set a date for the summer, but the future Mrs Holmes has not even decided what she is wearing yet!

[ Saucy underwear sales soar ]

latest news.

The last six months have seen sales of sexy underwear rise by 117%, with the main buyers coming from the over 40’s category! It appears that TV favourites such as Sex and The City and new hit Cougar Town have made us ladies want to embrace our bodies and show them off! With influences such as Kim Cattrall and Courtney Cox showing us that you can be 40+ and still look fabulous, women everywhere are taking control of their new found confidence and treating themselves and their men to all

kinds of saucy items including raunchy basques, thongs, lace-top stockings and push-up bras. Designers have now realised that the 40’s are the new 20’s, and they are doing all they can to meet this new demand in lingerie! We here at The London Mix love splashing out on new feel-good underwear – this is one of our faves!

Bra £16, Shorts £8, Ann Summers.

Image by Ann Summers


Every Tuesday • Issue 1 • Tuesday 6th April 2010 • The London Mix: Female

WELCOME to The Lond n Mix

[ Giving you the lowdown on all the latest news around London town ]



he London Mix is here. A brand new weekly magazine designed to bring you the real lowdown on London. Distributed free, every Tuesday at over 50 places in London, you can be sure we will brighten up even the dullest train journey. Here at The London Mix we aim to bring you not only the latest news from around the city, but also an insight to the parts of London that you may have missed. It is thought that over 2million of us travel to London to work or study every day, yet tourists visiting London have probably seen more of what our fabulous city has to offer than we have. With features such as Station Spotter and our Culture page keeping you up to date with local exhibitions and gigs, you will be able to discover a side to London you may not see

when in the office or the classroom. We also promise to keep you informed on all the latest style trends and how to remain looking lovely whilst roaming the town. It is certainly going to be an exciting experience for me and the rest of The London Mix team to explore not only the bits of London we already know and love in more depth, but also unearthing the bits that still remain unknown to us. We look forward to sharing them with you each week and hope that you too enjoy learning more about just why London is our favourite capital city!

Lois Cheetham, Editor of The London Mix: Female Image by Sharon Cheetham

what’s inside? 4/5 latest news. 6 entertainment. 7 culture. 8/9 food & drink. 10 travel.

11 station spotter. 14/15 business. 16 health.

17 beauty. 18/19 fashion.

The Lond n Mix: Female LCC, Elephant & Castle London SE1 6SB Email: Editorial: Editor - Lois Cheetham Sub-editor - Jen Marshall Art: Art Director - Jen Marshall Picture Researchers - Lois Cheetham & Jen Marshall Contributors: Sharon Cheetham, Hayley Doyle, Leanne Carpenter Marketing: Marketing Director - Lois Cheetham Production: Production Director - Jen Marshall

Image by Christopher Chan

Cover artwork by Abby Wiltshire, Lois Cheetham & Matt Laing

Bind and Gag, ÂŁ90, Office High Summer 2010 Ladies Collection

OFFICE Image Libary

Every Tuesday • Issue 1 • Tuesday 6th April 2010 •

The L nd n Mix

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