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Welcome to Sex Addiction UK Dear all, Firstly thank you so much to those of you who have subscribed to this newsletter and to those of you who have received it anyway! This is the first issue of Sex Addiction in the UK and our aim is make this a regular publication to keep fellow practitioners and others with an interest in sex addiction, up to date with the latest research, services and news stories that impact people with sex addiction and their partners. And I promise that not every sentence you read will be as long as the last one. I don’t think anyone would doubt that sex and pornography addiction are on the increase. Here at our new premises, The Laurel Centre in Leamington Spa we have seen enquiries for our individual and group programmes double over the last few months. And the free online recovery resource The Kick Start Recovery Programme (found at has now had a staggering 11,625 users. Our new Accredited Diploma in Sex Addiction Counselling has also been warmly received with 18 people signed up for our first Cohort and others already signed up for our next programme starting in October. It’s always hard to know if an increase in enquiries is due to media hype or if the media is simply reporting on what it too sees as a growing problem within our society. Either way, there does seem to be a growing number of news items, especially on porn addiction, though as is often the case, often these have been sensationalised.

Welcome to our first official Sex Addiction UK Newsletter. We hope that you find it both informative and a useful tool in your counselling and psychotherapy

As you’ll see from the box below, this newsletter is broken down into sections on News, Research, Articles, Resources and Events. Unfortunately there is still little UK based research on sex and porn addiction, but in collaboration with Mark Griffiths at Nottingham University, hopefully there’ll be more to report in our next Newsletter. Till then, if you want to keep up to date with news and views, do follow me on Twitter at @paulahall_psych


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Online porn: evidence of its impact on young people NSPCC 1 in 10 children are worried they might be addicted to porn Read more here.

I'm a porn addict who masturbates four times a day. How can I kick the habit? – video The Guardian, Agony Aunt Philippa Perry See the video here.

Porn addiction: I couldn't focus on everyday activities BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Every second of every day, from the moment she wakes up until last thing at night, Lauren White fights a compelling and often unbearable urge to have sex with complete strangers. Read more and see the related video here.

‘I sexualise every man I set my eyes on’ The Sunday Times

She thinks about it all day, every day — and just can’t stop. Is sex addiction a figment of our imagination, or has it become a 21st-century epidemic?

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15th April 2015 Manpreet K. Dhuffar, Mark D. Griffiths

Researchers have suggested that the advances of the Internet over the past two decades have gradually eliminated traditional offline methods of obtaining sexual material. Additionally, research on cybersex and/or online sex addictions has increased alongside the development of online technology. The present study extended the findings from Griffiths’ (2012) systematic empirical review of online sex addiction by additionally investigating empirical studies that implemented and/or documented clinical treatments for online sex addiction in adults. A total of nine studies were identified and then each underwent a CONSORT evaluation. The main findings of the present review provide some evidence to suggest that some treatments (both psychological and/or pharmacological) provide positive outcomes among those experiencing difficulties with online sex addiction. Similar to Griffiths’ original review, this study recommends that further research is warranted to establish the efficacy of empirically driven treatments for online sex addiction. Source: SpringerLink

BMC Psychiatry 22nd January 2015 Barna Konkolÿ Thege, Erica M Woodin, David C Hodgins and Robert J Williams

Journal of Reward Deficiency Syndrome 13th March 2015 Kenneth Blum, Benjamin Thompson, Zsolt Demotrovics, John Femino, John Giordano, Marlene Oscar-Berman, Scott Teitelbaum, David E. Smith, A. Kennison Roy, Gozde Agan, James Fratantonio, Rajendra D. Badgaiyan

When working as a sex therapist I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as the core of my approach. Whilst I am aware that many colleagues have cut back on history taking I have stayed with the model I was trained in and I expect to take two hours for each client, sometimes three. Clients seem to enjoy the process and find it therapeutic in itself. I find that this process is invaluable in being able to prepare a formulation that really captures the issues for the client and which generates a sense of focus and purpose at the start of the actual therapy. I use the cognitive model to explore core beliefs and attitudes and assumptions. In addition I use my psychodynamic training and Transactional Analysis to help understand the individual and couple issues. Counselling skills and knowledge are particularly relevant with loss of desire. When working as a sex addiction therapist I am settling in to a similar approach. I use an adapted history taking questionnaire to understand attachment and trauma issues as well as how the client functions sexually in a relationship. I use an adapted formulation based on the model in “An Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy� by David Westbrook, Helen Kennerly and Joan Kirk to explain how the problem has arisen and what is keeping the client stuck and in the therapy I find that the cognitive model in conjunction with neuroscience ideas is really helpful to client in understanding that their brains have changed, they need to change them away from addiction and also in giving them hope that they can change. Once clients have gone through the initial stage of stopping their addictive behaviour I find that the work can become more like general counselling as they explore their internal world and how they came to have an addiction.


Sex Addiction: The Partners’ Perspective Paula Hall A comprehensive guide to understanding and surviving sex addiction for partners and those who want to help them. Available to order from; Routledge Mental Health Sex and pornography addiction are growing problems that devastate the lives of partners as well as sufferers. Sex Addiction: The Partner's Perspective has been written to help partners and those who care about them to survive the shock of discovering their partner is a sex addict and to help them make decisions about the future of their relationships and their lives. First and foremost, it is a practical book, full of facts, and self help exercises to give partners a much needed sense of stability and control. Like its sister book, Understanding and Treating Sex Addiction, it includes case examples and survey results revealing the reality of life for partners of sex addicts. Sex Addiction: The Partner's Perspective is divided into three parts. Part I explores the myths surrounding sex addiction and provides up to date information about what sex addiction is and what causes it before moving on to explain why the discovery hurts partners so much. Part II is about partners’ needs and includes self-help exercises and strategies to help partners regain stability, rebuild self-esteem and consider their future. The controversial topic of co-dependency is also explored with guidance on how to identify it, avoid it and overcome it. Part III focuses on the couple relationship starting with the difficult decision of whether to stay or leave. Whatever the decision, partners will then find help and support for rebuilding trust and reclaiming their sexuality. This book has been written to help partners not only survive, but to grow stronger and move on with their lives – whether alone, or in their relationship. Readers will find revealing statistics and real life stories shared by partners who kindly took part in the first UK survey of sex addiction partners. This book will this book be a valuable guide for partners, but also for the therapists who seek to support them on their journey of recovery. I am grateful for the breadth and wealth of information found in Paula Hall’s The Partner’s Perspective!In an era when the term sex addiction is still confusing and misunderstood, loved ones of these "addicts" have been left wanting for understanding, support, and appropriate help. Partners of sex addicts have been isolated, misunderstood, and often without knowledgeable help or resources. Paula’s new book is an excellent addition to available resources that address the trauma experienced by many partners in response to discovery of secret sexual behaviors in their loved ones. I believe this book will provide information, encouragement and hope to partners and relationships shattered by sex addiction, and become a valuable tool in partner recovery and healing! - Barbara Steffens PhD Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Certified Clinical Partner Specialist, Certified Partner Coach, Board Certified Coach, President, Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialist (APSATS), Co-author, Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal (Steffens & Means, 2009) With "Sex Addiction – the Partner’s Perspective," Paula Hall has effectively shined a light on an otherwise much underserved clinical population: those spouses and partners traumatized and otherwise negatively hurt due to the ongoing sexual and/or emotional betrayal of a cheating spouse. Throughout the book, Paula recognizes and elucidates how the emotional reactivity expressed by cheated-on partners at the height of their relationship-grief, is not necessarily indicative of "codependency" or any other particular emotional disorder; but is in fact a natural and perfectly healthy response to the pain and distress of being habitually lied to, manipulated and ultimately betrayed. Ms. Hall also acknowledges that the aftermath of endless cheating, affairs and even sexual addiction do not necessarily lead to the end of a relationship, as many couples grow beyond such damage to rebuild trust, and establish newfound intimacies. She makes clear that with useful professional guidance and hard work on the part of both partners, many such couples can regain trust and establish newly evolved intimacies and attachments. - Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S, US Therapist, Educator, Author of "Always Turned On" : Understanding Sexual Addiction in the Digital Age Following the first UK Survey of partners of sex addicts, Paula Hall highlights the extent of the distress and dilemmas of this considerable population. Challenging previous notions of theory about why partners choose or stay with addicts, she weaves an original and common sense path. Whilst acknowledging the value of some earlier thinking, she focuses on the trauma experienced by those whose world is not as they thought it was. This is a long awaited work for the UK. We now have an approach which reflects the diverse needs of those who find themselves with these challenges, offering shame reduction, hope and understanding. Where Paula Hall excels is in her breadth of therapy and counselling experience, as well as being a sex addiction specialist. The clear and accessible style, with many practical strategies for coping and moving forward,will be helpful for therapists and clients alike.- Joy Rosendale MA Cert Ed, COSRT, CSAT 1 & 2Partners' Programme Clinical Lead, Marylebone Centre London W1

The book draws on experience of working with men with addictive compulsive patterns of sexual behaviour and integrates the results of Dr Birchard’ s doctoral thesis on hypersexual disorders. The book can be pre-ordered: Routledge Mental Health Endorsements from Dr John Giugliano, Dr Stirling Moorey and Paula Hall are below: “This book covers a wide range of clinical issues concerning problematic sexuality. The book is an evidence-based guide for clinicians who are interested in learning more about assessment and treatment of unwanted sexual behaviors. Partly written in the first person, this book beautifully blends the academic with the personal.” John Giugliano PhD— Professor, Widener University, Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA USA “Clinicians and health professionals will benefit from the practical CBT strategies contained in this book. The chapter on cross addiction and comorbidity is essential reading for any sex therapist who is new to the addictions field and the insightful chapter on paraphilia will answer many of the questions that puzzle addiction professionals.” Paula Hall—Chairperson of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity, United Kingdom and author of

Understanding and Treating Sexual Addiction

“This book makes a significant contribution to the development of psychological treatment for the increasingly recognized challenge of sexual addiction. Dr Birchard combines a knowledge of the theoretical and empirical literature in this field with clinical experience. His work integrates insights from attachment theory and cognitive behaviour therapy in a group programme that has proved highly effective in clinical practice.” – Dr Stirling Moorey, Consultant Medical Psychotherapist and Psychiatrist in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, United Kingdom, editor of Evidence in the Psychological Therapies: A Critical Guide for Practitioners.


Below you will find all the information you need for referring clients to attend one of our intensive recovery programmes.

10 Week Group Recovery Course

The course is psycho-educational and provides information on sex addiction to help group members understand their compulsive behaviours as well as comprehensive relapse prevention strategies and guidance on how to move forward. 14th September, Cost: £1,400

Understanding Partner’s Needs and Rebuilding Trust

This day has been designed to help people with sex addiction who are already in recovery rebuild trust in their relationships and help their partners in their recovery from betrayal. 26th September, Cost: £145

6 Day Intensive Recovery Course

The course is psycho-educational and provides information on sex addiction to help group members understand their compulsive behaviours as well as comprehensive relapse prevention strategies and guidance on how to move forward. 28th September - 3rd October, Cost: £1,750

Partners Intensive Support Programme

The course provides space for partners to understand the overwhelming roller coaster of feelings that are so common when sex addiction behaviours are discovered or disclosed. Help is provided on developing positive coping strategies as well as space to consider what the future may hold. 3rd - 10th October, Cost: £980

Mindfulness Day - Maintaining Recovery

This one-day workshop provides you with all the knowledge and skills you need to begin to use Mindfulness effectively as part of your recovery programme. The day will explain what Mindfulness is and how it can be helpful for you in relapse prevention and strengthening your recovery. 6th October, Cost: £145 For more information please contact us at for an up to date services leaflet or to refer a client on one of our recovery programmes. All our therapists are appropriately qualified and have been trained to deliver The Hall Recovery Course.


Below you will find all the information you need for our training courses.

ISAT Diploma in Sex Addiction Counselling Accredited by CPCAB. Course Directors: Paula Hall & Nick Turner

Comprising of 3 modules set across 4 days, which must be taken within 12 months to qualify for the full diploma.

Module 1 - 26th -29th October 2015 Module 2 - 25th - 28th January 2016 Module 3 - 4th - 7th April 2016

Using Mindfulness With Clients Course Presenter: Nick Turner 6 CPD hours 25th September 2015, 9.30am to 4.30pm Refreshments included Cost: £85.00

Drama of the Addicted Child Within Course Presenter: Jo-Ann Roden 6 CPD hours 30th January 2016, 9.30am to 4.30pm Refreshments included Cost: £85.00

For more information regarding these courses please email us at or visit our website

All our professional programs are run by our training company The Institute for Sex Addiction Training. Unless otherwise stated all courses are offered within The Laurel Centre, Royal Leamington Spa.

Sex Addiction UK - Summer 2015 - Issue one  

Welcome to our first official Sex Addiction UK Newsletter. We hope that you find it both informative and a useful tool in your counselling...

Sex Addiction UK - Summer 2015 - Issue one  

Welcome to our first official Sex Addiction UK Newsletter. We hope that you find it both informative and a useful tool in your counselling...