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Plays In this issue we are showcasing two plays for very different age groups and both very significant in their own right. Jason O’Rourke’s ‘Everything is s Possible: The Quantum Bedroom’ was originally written for an event in the recent Belfast Baby Day festival organised by Replay Theatre. This event was curated by the acclaimed local author, Jan Carson and invited a range if artists to create a piece on the subject of ‘In my bedroom, I remember…’ Keeping with the event’s focus on lifting the low morale of struggling artists, Jason and his daughter created something new. Jason says:

“I'd been thinking about how to try and capture the unfettered imagination that kids have at that early age, and I was talking to my 8year-old daughter Caoileann about some of the things I remembered, like the sensation that the room had shrunk when I came back from holidays, and the time I wrote Egyptian hieroglyphs on the window frame and tried to convince my parents that they were real. Caoileann came back to me with great responses and it seemed natural for us to write the piece together; it was composed during about three conversations. And yes, we do talk about Quantum Physics sometimes I got a home-made 'get well soon' card from her when she was seven that said, "I love you more than the multiverse.”

Jason O’Rourke:

Everything is Possible: the Quantum Bedroom. C – the child’s voice Other voice – the Dad

The bedroom was small, shared with my elder brother. We lived in that house from when I was three until I was seven. We had a chest of drawers and a bunk bed, both of which were painted orange and pink. I think my dad had found some cheap gloss paint. My brother had the top bunk. The curtains were patterned with red and blue toy soldiers on a white background. I had a savings box, which was a metal replica of a post box. I discovered that the money could be retrieved by turning it upside down, putting a knife in the slit and letting the coins slide out. I never had any savings.


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Showcasing new writing and illustrating for children with a Northern Irish/Irish interest.

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