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1st | Issue July 2014

On The Road With Jerry

FEATURED ARTICLE Up Close and Personal A visit with New York artist

Mia Romรกn

Outer Beauty

Poetry by:

Alfonso Martinez Pretel

Sonya Fe

Exclusive Interview

Meet The Advisory Committee

A Message From The PUBLISHER

Welcome to The Latina Café! In this first issue of our online magazine, we want to provide you a close insight to who the advisory board members are and to what you can expect from this project. We are a newly formed digital media communication outlet who will bring you human interest stories in the form of written articles and through our video talk show segment, The Latina Café Let’s Talk About It. I would like to thank each and every one of our advisory board members and content providers who have worked diligently with me to develop what began as a mere idea in my mind one night as I sat drinking coffee at my home desk last November. Without you, none of this could have been possible. I also thank and dedicate this project to my sons Carlos, Alex and Gabriel for being my inspiration and not letting me give up when I felt most weak and vulnerable. Ultimately, I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for giving me the patience, strength and courage to continue forward with this project. I hope that you will continue to visit our webpage, engage with us via Facebook and Twitter, and tell your family and friends about us. On a final note, should you have an issue or concern that you would like to discuss, send us a message at and Let’s Talk About It. Sincerly, Julia Marin

Julia Marin - CEO, Publisher, Editor in Chief

Advisory Board Members:


Aide Silva Saul Latvanen Jerry Mendoza Mia Román

Managing Editor & Nutrition Consultant Creative Director & Fashion Consultant Executive Editor & Traveling Advisor Arts & Entertainment, East Coast Advisor

Armando Flores Beauty Consultant Carlos Montes Education & Politics Robert Hicken Social Media & Small Business Consultant



Julia Marín, Aide Silva, Armando Flores, Robert Hicken, Jerry Mendoza, Saul Latvanen, Carlos Montes, Mia Román


The Latina Café Featured Article: Mia Román “Up Close and Personal” In this issue, New York based artist, Mia Román, talks to us about her artwork and inspiration


The Art of Words

Poetry by: Alfonso Martinez Pretel From: Murcia, Spain


Interview With Sonya Fe

Sonya Fe opens the doors of her home and studio giving us an exclusive interview about her artistic life.


Outer Beauty

Armando Flores will share tips on the latest trends in hair and skin care.

On the Road With Jerry

Jerry Mendoza takes us on journeys throughout many California locations.

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Julia Marin Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, Julia Marín comes from a family deeply rooted in the local music and performing arts communities. While in high school, she discovered her love for photojournalism and began covering concerts of renowned Spanish recording artists such as Industria del Amor, Banda Pachuco and Fito Olivares. In most recent years, she has covered bands such as Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Matt & Kim, Panteón Rococo and Julieta Venegas.


at such an early age. She recognized that many families suffer due to this reason and she was not willing to lose what she had been working so hard for.

In 2006, she began photographing events for the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA), where she is currently employed. Throughout the years, her focus has been documenting the Association’s members and their work on narcotic task forces, their involvement at political functions and with As a mother of three young men, Governor Jerry Brown and other legnow ages 21, 19 and 13, she discov- islators at the California State Capitol. ered the struggles that came about with single parenthood and rais- Most recently, she has been tasked ing three boys. In appreciating the with shooting, editing and the producuniqueness of each child, she used tion of the Association’s videos. Aside her photographic skills to engage from photography and videography with them and remain involved in for the Association, she also designs, their activities as her oldest son, builds and maintains the website for Carlos, found a passion for music the CSLEA Consumer Protection & Puband her two younger sons, Alex lic Safety Foundation, an extension of and Gabriel, enjoyed playing sports. CSLEA, as well as websites for The Barcelona Blog and Orange County CoaliAside from doing portraits and pho- tion of Police and Sheriffs (OC Cops). tographing community events, Julia also took an appreciation to night After several years of photographtime photography. As her older sons ing her children’s sporting events, grew into teenagers and feeling the she moved forward to cover NFL need to pull them back in as a family games, photographing games beunit, she gave each of them a cam- tween the Pittsburgh Steelers and era and challenged them at seeing teams such as the San Francisco who could take a better shot of the 49ers and the Oakland Raiders. moon. This provided much time for conversation between them as well In 2008, she started her photograas time to understand the changes phy business, Julia Marin Photograthey were experiencing in going phy & Media Design, which encomfrom being a child into pre-adult- passes photography and videography, hood. She used photographing city graphic designing, website building skylines and the moon as a way to and other media arts. She has covkeep them involved with her rather ered a wide range of photographic than allowing them to become dis- styles ranging from family events, tant and stray away from the family portraits, glamour and sports, to po-

litical events and the more formal occasions such as quinceañeras, weddings, baptisms and other religious milestones. For her, a photograph is more than just a picture, it is a moment out of a beautiful story captured in time and waiting to be told. In 2013, Julia created The Latina Café with the purpose of giving U.S. born Latina’s a forum to discuss and debate issues and concerns related to many topics that for years have been swept under the rug due to political and/ or cultural sensitivity. The Latina Café is a mix between a website, an online digital publication and a video show segment called The Latina Café Let’s Talk About It. Together with her advisory board and content providers, and by way of human interest stories, photos and videos, she hopes to provide readers and viewers of The Latina Café a positive experience that will keep them engaged and coming back for more.


Mia Roman - Artist, Mother, Role Model NEW YORK | JULIA MARIN | JULY 01, 2014

Mia Roman grew up using herself as an instrument to convey to others fashion, art and design at its very best and, in instances, ahead of its time.

Born and raised in New York, this first generation Latina artist of Puerto Rican descent, shares with The Latina Café her artwork which has been inspired by the many women whom she has encountered throughout her life experiences and travels - her biggest inspiration, her mother.

From a very young age, Mia learned about arts, crafts and music from her family; a family of great talent and one who instilled in her a very deep sense of appreciation and value for the arts. She shares with us that as children, her mother would allow she and her siblings to play zoo, giving them the opportunity to expand their creative abilities and express their choice of zoo character by wearing items that would simulate that animal - including painting on themselves. “I remember going to take a bath and the paint wouldn’t come off our faces.” Mia enjoyably recalled.

Photography by: Julia Marin

Dressed in a long-sleeve shirt displaying one of her most prized paintings - a reflection of herself - along with hand-crafted jewelry that she made, all adorning her neck, ears and arms, Mia, humbly, welcomed The Latina Café in to what she considers to be her sacred space, a place of great meditation and spirituality where she feels herself connect with the world through her creativity - her art studio within her home. “This is my sacred space. I don’t allow anyone, none-the-less media, to ever come in. But this is a special occasion. It’s an honor to have you come from across the country to interview me here within the comfort of my studio.” said Roman.

As Mia guided us on a tour of her art studio and explained the significance of many of her art pieces, she also spoke of the many artists and writers that inspired her through their works, and of how she has taken that to another level to be able to teach other women, both young and old, the rich cultural arts that exist within the Latino culture - especially for women.

Don’t miss our next issue of The Latina Café where you will have a chance to take a closer look at the artwork created by Mia Roman.

- The Latina Café


Aide Silva Aide Silva was born in Yolo County but raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. She currently resides in Sacramento. Aide is an Advisory Board Member of The Latina Café in Sacramento, California. She received her Bachelors in Computer Science from ITCG (Mexico). Aide is also working on her 2nd year of a Masters of Public Health degree at Drexel University in Sacramento. During the past 7 years, Aide has worked extensively to improve the overall health of low-income Latino Families. Aide was the spokesperson of the Gold Country Region Latino Campaign from May 2006 to August 2013. Aide led the largest mobilization effort in Northern California to improve the health and well-being of the underserved Latino population living in the Gold Country Region (14 counties).

Aide’s career as a Health Administrator taught her to develop innovative Statewide Health Initiatives to increase access to health insurance, health screenings, nutrition and education. Aide raised the importance of healthy eating and active living among low-income Californians. Several of her community projects and health initiatives were emulated in other counties. The health efforts mentioned above received multiple state and regional awards. She also development on-going, hands-on nutrition classes that aired on T.V. The television segments were very popular and helped address the Latino Campaign’s goal to reduce obesity rates among low-income Californians.

Aide has a passion to educate the community about healthy eating.

A year ago Aide decided it was time for a change and joined the Private health sector. Aide is a regular contributor to La Vida Magazine. Aide writes about nutrition and healthy recipes. Aide is also a Board of Director for the Woodland Farmer’s Market, a local non-profit in Yolo County. The mission of the Non-profit is to provide access to local produce.


Robert Hicken Robert Hicken is the father of three incredible children and is currently Director of Field Relations at the Team Effort International in San Ramon, CA. He is also a small business marketer, which includes, web development, social media, photography and videography.

After a seventeen-year career in corporate America with Apple Computer, Inc., Mr. Hicken moved to Sacramento, CA, where he started several businesses including businesses in massage therapy and energy efficiency. He chose to work from home so that he could spend more time with his children. He continues to be motivated by his entrepreneurial spirit and his wanting to make a difference with his contribution to The Latina CafĂŠ.


Carlos Montes My name is Carlos Montes and I’m currently an undergraduate student at California State University Sacramento. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Government International Relations with an emphasis on Latin American politics and double majoring for a Bachelors of Arts degree in History. My intent is to use the numerous skill sets as an undergraduate to prepare myself for a career in law and see myself applying this broad range of subject matters into informative article pieces for readers of The Latina Café whom may have an interest in politics, law, and the social sciences.

Articles related to community events, youth activism, education and law are among some of the subjects that I will write about for our subscribers. I, as several other business owners participating on the board of directors, became involved with The Latina Café in order to give back to the community through the human interest and lifestyle stories we will present.

Through The Latina Café, we hope to provide informational resources to help shape and influence the minds and opinions of both our younger and older generation Latino communities. |8

Carlos Montes is a communications and office support leader with five years of experience in public sector, nonprofit, and retail organizations. Mr. Montes specializes in client services, written communications, media and technical support, policy research and financial management support for government and nonprofit organizations. He has a passion for cultural unity and is fluent in both English and Spanish, and is capable of speaking Hmong at a basic level. In previous rolls, Mr. Montes has interacted with high-profile government consultants, such as KPMG, Accenture, and Highland Consulting Agency, and has had the honor of lobbying the California State Assembly Commission on Student Aid on behalf of more than 400,000 California State University students.

At his early age, Mr. Montes is pursuing a double major in Government (with a focus on International Relations) and History from Sacramento State University with anticipation of graduating in the fall of 2015.

A Special Thank you to our supporters


The Art of Words QUESTIONS by Alfonso Martinez Pretel Murcia, Spain Have we loved like Him? I guess we must answer no and be more humble. Have we made of peace our main gospel road towards human horizons? No, because we fight with guns and not with goodness, with shots to soul voice. Perhaps we get lost because the brotherly map has many forests? Our franciscan guide should lead us to every place where God has response. Love, peace, aid and hope are steps for a christian life that still has questions. (¿Hemos amado como Él? Creo que debemos contestar que no y ser más humildes.


¿Hemos hecho de la paz nuestro principal camino evangélico hacia horizontes humanos? No, porque luchamos con armas y no con la bondad, con disparos a la voz del alma. ¿Acaso nos perdemos porque el mapa fraterno tiene muchos bosques? Nuestra guía franciscana nos debería conducir a cada lugar donde Dios tenga la respuesta. El amor, la paz, la ayuda y la esperanza son pasos para una vida cristiana que todavía tiene preguntas.) (Brother Verse, Sister Prayer) — at Murcia - Espanã.

Mia Roman A self taught fourth generation artist with a degree in business and a passion for Art has become an internationally recognized self taught visual and Mixed Media Artist, Curator, Expressive Arts Workshop Facilitator, Educator and Entrepreneur whose visual works have been exhibited and are part of private collections internationally and throughout the United States. Her paintings reflect spirituality, culture, humanism, reality and speak of advocacy for women and current events. Mia has taught Mixed Media Art at The Children’s Art Carnival in NYC to children ages 4-8 years of age as well as teaching cultural art workshops at Riverbank State Park in NYC, The Leroy Neiman Arts Center and the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center, she is currently the Arts Director and Expressive Arts teacher at the Ruth Fernandez Family Residence in Bronx, NY and conducts private art classes throughout the metropolitan area. Mia, Founder of Art by Mia has curated several shows in and out of the New York area including but not limited to … Visions of Puerto Rico, Latinas En Foco, Women’s Journey, FEMICIDE, and FAREWELL SILENCE which was a global collaboration of over 300 women sharing their voices through pen and paper. Her works have appeared in numerous exhibitions, universities, galleries and reside in many private collections. She was recognized with a commendation from the Honorable Queens Borough President Helen M. Marshall for her artistic and humanitarian contribution to the community as a Puerto Rican Artist. Mia Roman a self taught Artist and Entrepreneur is on a MISSION to supply the tools and space where people can explore, and discover themselves freely through creative play by combining her passion for humanity, creativity, and healing! Her concept that Art and Love is the Medicine to Living rings true to her work and it shows.


In this issue of The Latina CafĂŠ, we take an intimate look at the work of artist Sonya Fe. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, at an early age Sonya Fe discovered her love for drawing and painting. As one of eight siblings, she recalls drawing on the wooded floors of the home where they grew up. As she grew older, so did her love for art and in this video she tells us more about her work and passion.


Saul Latvanen Saul Latvanen Inspired by his Mother, a hard working women who worked long hours sewing school uniforms and working for private costumers to deliver high-end costume made clothing. Saul is making a mark in the industry delivering unique and high-end costume designs that makes men and women edgy, trendy and in style with a touch of sophistication that makes them beautiful, sexy and confident in his clothing. American River College student has accomplished to be a talented fashion designer in the northern California area. Inspired by different textures, feminine fabrics such as; Lace, and high end couture, Saul Latvanen shows his creativity in his designs and he has been recognized for his work by winning awards such as Best in Show, Best Recycle Garment and Most Creative Collection. As Saul Latvanen brand expands so do his accomplishments and his dreams.

Illustration by: SaulLatvanen |13

Armando Flores Owner and stylist at Salon 701 in Sacramento Ca. Armando started his career in the Beauty Industry working as an assistant hair stylist at one of the most famous salons in Sacramento Ca. in the late 1980’s He worked at different salons and spa’s before launching his own Salon and Spa location. Currently He is the Owner of Salon 701 and Spa. a full service salon located in Sacramento and it caters to many different Personalities and Professionals in the Community. Armando’s work has been published in local magazines and also in International Professional publications of the beauty industry. Armando is very involved in Sacramento’s beauty industry. directing and producing Hair and Fashion Shows and working with local models and stores on their photo shoots for ad campaigns and different print work. He will be providing beauty tips to help our readers with different techniques that can be used to improve their appearance and social presentation at work, interviews as well as personal beauty enhancement. He will bring us information on the latest and most updates techniques available for beauty treatments and salon services.


Outer Beauty Although we have always been told that inner beauty is what counts, one must keep in mind that the outer self plays a large part on how we present ourselves and needs proper caring and pampering. Great technology is used in the creation of botanical and natural ingredients for beauty and personal care products that are not only excellent for our bodies but also for the environment. One thing to consider when interviewing for a position or when working for a company, is your personal appearance. Since first impressions are crucial and can either land you a position or exclude you from being hired, it is important to give yourself the best possible opportunity for employment through using good judgement over your own personal appearance. In our beauty segment of The Latina CafĂŠ I will be teaching you about the latest and most advanced techniques in hair and skin products and services that will help you attain the best presentation of your outer beauty. Sometimes we only require small changes to the regimen of our personal hygiene, sometimes it will be necessary to have some drastic changes that require altering the textures and conditions of our face, skin and hair. Staying on top of our personal presentation should not be very difficult once we start practicing the upkeep and the routine needed. I will be bringing you the latest in professional styling products for your hair, how to use them and why you need them, the benefits and advantages of certain products as well as responding to questions and advice that you might need. Also will bring information from some of the top make-up artists and Aestheticians about skin care, maintenance and the latest services available to improve your skin. The latest in make-up colors and application techniques will also be covered providing you with the necessary information to make a better presentation of your inner and outer BEAUTY.

Photography by: Julia Marin


Jerry Mendoza Jerry Mendoza is a self-taught photographer who loves the arts. He has the ability to turn a feeling or emotion into a piece of artwork on canvas, a piece of paper or into a photograph for others to enjoy, all while providing a new perspective on how the arts can be captivating when seen through a different set of eyes. He has been fortunate enough to experience much cultural diversity. Born in California and raised in Michoacan, Mexico, he had the opportunity of going through the education system in both beautiful countries. After his high school graduation, he joined the military life where he spent a little over 3 years traveling between Japan, South Korea, Cambodia and Thailand to name a few. Through his travels, he learned much of what the world had to offer within the many different cultures. This gave him the desire to continue traveling as much as possible and naming his experiences “My journey documented through my photography.�


There are moments in our lives when we become cluttered with issues at home, work, among friends, all the way around, and we just want to get away. It happens more often than what we would like. My solution to this is simple and inexpensive. I get away to one of the many beautiful places that California has to offer. It’s as simple as a walk on the beach, a hike in the woods, a moment of silence in a Buddhist temple, exploring the caverns or admiring the vast power of a water fall. I have made it a habit to visit as many places as I can to unburden myself of all my troubles and to have a fresh start each week as well as something to look forward to each weekend. I highly recommend expeditions such as mine to help build and fortify the bonds with nature and family as well as the spiritual healing that this sort of activity can provide.

On The Road With Jerry

Photography by: Jerry Mendoza


ABOUT US The Latina Café is a forum where one can come to discuss and debate important issues that for many years have been swept under the rug or have not been addressed due to political and cultural sensitivity. Through this forum we want to reach readers of all ages touching on issues such as education, employment law, politics, health, nutrition, cooking, beauty, arts, entertainment, sports, self-esteem and women’s empowerment. We hope that you will become a regular and if there are any issues that are of interest to you, start the dialogue with us. So send in your suggestions and Let’s Talk About It. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, LIKE our Facebook page and view our videos on YouTube.


The Latina Café - July 2014  

The Latina Café is a forum where one can come to discuss and debate important issues that for many years have been swept under the rug or ha...

The Latina Café - July 2014  

The Latina Café is a forum where one can come to discuss and debate important issues that for many years have been swept under the rug or ha...