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Still learning Remember that speech held by two tall people dressed in purple at the Opening Ceremony about learning something from this session? Well, we hope you did. And if you did not have time to reflect on the things you might have gained from this session – no worries. You have other sessions to attend, for instance, the 26th Regional Session advertised in this issue. The interview with the president is also a source of inspiration in carrying on in EYP. Four committee articles featured in this issue feature two committees each. Every article showcases the creativity of the Press Team and cleverly combines questionnaires, infographs and pic-

tures with text. To top it off we have a wide variety of passion and comment articles, from actually being taught how to produce a Youtube hit to the background story of cannabis which gives you ground for finding out more yourselves. They are sure to be not only a fascinating read that you want to read again and again, but also help you educate yourself further. The so-called Legacy Issue of the 12th Estonian National Session of EYP is a bunch of colour paper filled with salsa, swords, and suicide bunnies, angry birds, muffins and Mats, so enjoy reading it time and time again. Your Editors

FunFunFun | 34 LatEst brought to you by Editors: Uģis Balmaks (Lat) Karin-Liis Lahtmäe (Est) Journalists: Irma Tukāne (Lat) Mona Sõukand (Est) Filips Kapustins (Lat) Andres Lestal (Est) Mārtiņš Žilinskis (Lat) Henry Narits (Est) Merilin Nurmsalu (Est) Annika Ader (Est) Photographer: Jussi Valdsalu (Est) Video-editor: Margit Viirma (Est)



A wonderful night with blue lights, an awesome band, hundreds of singers from different committees, and of course, Gustav – one united European Youth Parliament! Why didn’t we go to Estonia’s infamous singing stage and have a proper EYP Song Festival? Maybe we just need to keep the best things for later. By Henry Narits



EYP Cafe Cartoon character style

Yesterday the zoo was attacked by bright ideas and all the animals were let loose on the town! There was a battle between wizards, giants and midgets, a bear hunt that went successfully and a lot of public displays of affection. Crown it with a cherry, they selected a “king“ amongst themselves – The Estonian Guy from CULT. After a wild night on the town, the animals returned to the zoo to rule it once again. By Annika Ader


Leave it to the Expert

By Mārtiņš Žilinskis


Salsa, Swords and much more

Mona Sõukand, Mārtiņš Žilinskis, Andres Lestal and Irma Tukāne tell you what happened. Yoga

Yoga originates from ancient India, but we have it here and now. Britt Ingeborg Loomägi showed us the magic of mental, physical and spiritual discipline. In Estonia yoga is usually considered as a weird thing which is done by buddhists and hinduists. Actually you don’t have to be a believer to do yoga. I would recommend it to everybody who’s interested in gaining control over their body. The basics are easy – just sit down, enjoy the somnific music and listen to the teacher while relaxing your body and thoughts.

attempt to ensure a quick reaction to such a situation a group of EYPers volunteered to be trained in swordfighting in order to protect their fellow survivors of the apocalypse. After a brief lesson in the proper handling of the sword, our soon to be final frontier volunteers started training for different scenarios, such as the school building being invaded by Norse gods, coming through the front door, trying to capture the organisers’ room. Luckily our knights of the roundhouse kick prevailed. Some of the valiant warriors decided to further their knowledge in battle-mediation by becoming jedis. Hence the deafening sounds of clashing light sabres. There is something very satisfying in flailing a soft-foam sword at your colleagues. It can only be improved by the appropriate Braveheart soundtrack. We can only hope that there would not be a day when such skills are needed, although, if such a day came, it would be as awesome as bacon.


By now you should have realised that committee work is no laughing matter and that it is a force to be reckoned with. Therefore, extra help is always useful, especially if it is from an expert in the field. My adorable committee LIBE had the pleasure to meet one – Michelle J. Schohn.

The perfect expert

Ms Schohn is the Public Affairs officer at the Embassy of the United States of America in Estonia. Besides being a diplomat, she is also an active member of GLIFAA (Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies) and has worked there as a spokesperson and even as a president. She is an active supporter of LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people) and

is a member herself. To sum up, she is the perfect expert for LIBE and its topic about human rights with regard to gays.

Questions and answers

After talking briefly about her 30 year long career and defining her goal as wanting to achieve granted protection for gay people who could face problems and danger working abroad, she was ready for the questions from the delegates. Who would have known that human rights regarding gays in Estonia are actually stricter than those in the USA, or that there are actually around 55 000 animal species that have recorded homosexual individuals, proving the fact that being gay is as natural as it can possibly be. These are just some of the in-

teresting facts we were introduced to by the priceless knowledge and experience of Michelle.

Colourful Europe

One of the most positive aspects about this meeting was Michelle’s kindness and openness. She was a fine example of how nice people, no matter what their sexual preferences are, can be and why we should respect every human being and their rights. Ms Schohn herself is very optimistic, being impressed by our youth and describing Europe’s future as “bright and prosperous, if the ideas of the youth will be realised”. Let us hope we match her expectations and build a harmonious community for everyone.


From all the workshops salsa dance was probably the busiest one. Room 210, which is usually the quiet working and sleeping room of LIBE, turned into a hot dance floor. A young lady and her masterful dance partner taught our delegates some basic and even a bit more advanced dance moves. It all would have been wonderful if the girls had not had to dance with each other due to lack of boys. Shame on you, guys. On the other side, keep on poking each other with your rods, you will be the losers.

Sword fighting

Ragnarök. End of the world. All of the humans perish in the great battle, the ultimate result of the clash of the world where even the Norse gods and legends are defeated by the sword of an enemy. In an

A sneak peak in the massage workshop: “In how many words exactly? Okay, okay. It was good. I learned something. Well, to say the truth, it was a tad uncomfortable, yet fun. Did you know that statistics say that every seventh massage ends with intercourse? Aapo said that in the past ten years of massaging no woman has ever offered that. Nonetheless it was very soothing and relaxing.” /A confused delegate/



Complicated Filips Kapustins gives insight on different aspects of current marijuana policy. Gateway drug theory

Dear Estonian delegates, by now you most probably have a slight idea of what the European Youth Parliament is all about. Hopefully you are ready for more of it, as I would like to introduce you to something special that will be taking place soon. Active Estonian Youth (Tegusad Eesti Noored aka TEN) is the umbrella organisation for EYP Estonia. Besides EYP sessions TEN also organises a lot of different events including trainings, get-togethers and sessions with different concepts. So, let me present you the 26th Regional Session of the Active Estonian Youth which takes place on 4-6 November in Tallinn. We want you to be there. The session will differ from this one by its concept, people and ideas. Let me be more precise. The main difference is the concept of the session. The over-

all theme is also related to human rights but the outcome of the session will be a project instead of a resolution. The committee topics are adapted from the 12th National and committees will be writing actual projects that young people could easily execute. One of our partners is SINA (Suured Ideed Noorte Algatusel) that offers young people with the platform to make the projects happen by providing them with different programmes and other opportunities. The projects from our Regional Session will go directly to SINA and the delegates attending the session are strongly encouraged to carry them out in the future. Furthermore, this session is going to be a smaller one and held in Estonian. There will be new faces and some familiar ones, as well. The session is going to be presided by Ursula Ilo. Anu Kivirüüt, Kaarle Varkki and

Karin-Liis Lahtmäe will be amongst the chairs’ team. We will have our lovely Uku Talmar as one of the editors and the list does not stop there. PS! If you are still not convinced, the following will definitely make you rethink. The General Assembly of the upcoming Regional Session will take place on top of Solaris Centre. For further information contact me and also see the session webpage: drupal/26session. You have time to register for the session until the 30th of October. Hope to see you all there! Kati Pärn The Head Organiser of the 26th Regional Session of the Active Estonian Youth

Gateway drug theory is the claim that trying cannabis increases the probability that users will move on to “harder” drugs. This hypothesis has been one of the central pillars of anti-cannabis drug policies all over the world. No widely accepted study has ever demonstrated a cause-andeffect relationship between the use of cannabis and the later use of harder drugs. However, because of the black market and prohibition people may be more susceptible to seeing these other drugs and being willing to try them. So there is a certain gateway effect caused by the blending of soft and hard drug market, not the specific chemical contents of marijuana.

Deal with the markets

Essentially the drug market is like the ‘’Wild West’’ - unregulated and anything goes. Take a look at this situation from a dealer’s point of view. Let’s keep in mind that a large part of drug pushers supply hard drugs for instance LSD, cocaine or heroin combined with marijuana. There is a possibility that one will be influenced to try more addictive drugs, simply because they are available. We have to realise that there is a number of reasons why a drug dealer would do so. Firstly, the only concern in regards to selling the product is potentially gaining the biggest possible income. This theory fits well knowing that hard drugs are more expensive than marijuana. Another reason is the possibility to

get you client ‘’hooked up’’ which would potentially bring regular income. Sadly, gaining money is more attractive than caring for a stranger’s physical and mental condition. In this sense it is hard to regulate areas of concern like keeping these drugs out of the hands of the easier affected young people.

Could there be a better way to prevent young people from using rather than let dealers decide what age is appropriate? That leads one to question, could there be a better way to prevent young people from using rather than let dealers decide what age is appropriate?

Health concerns

It is a fact that long –term marijuana abuse can lead to addiction. Withdrawal symptoms can include irritability, sleeplessness, decreased appetite and drug craving. Numerous studies have shown marijuana smoke to contain carcinogens that irritate lungs. Users usually inhale smoke more deeply and hold their breath longer than tobacco smokers do which further

increases the lungs exposure to carcinogenic smoke. It is said that this might lead to cancer. However, a recent case-controlled study by the National Institute of Drug Abuse found no links between marijuana use and cancer so this case remains unsubstantiated. Other studies have shown an association between chronic marijuana use and increased rates of depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. Age at first use seems to be an important risk factor that can develop later problems. But then again it is not completely clear whether marijuana causes the above mentioned or sharpens symptoms already in existence.

Marijuana medicine

The so called medicinal marijuana has been a subject of research and heated debate. Scientists have confirmed that the cannabis plant contains ingredients that are potential to relieving pain, nausea, stimulating appetite, decreasing ocular pressure. Scientists continue to investigate the medicinal properties of cannabinoids to better evaluate their ability to help patients suffering from a broad range of conditions while avoiding the adverse effects of smoked marijuana. Even though there has been an enormous progress in the research of marijuana it is necessary to keep the ball rolling and the matter alive. That is the only anchor which provides hope for a reasonable debate and marijuana policy changes in the future.


The man behind the curtain


Procrastination* Force a confession from yourself, you do face certain difficulties when you are to do homework or any other type of productive work, but you just cannot force yourself to do anything. What is this urge of laziness that makes you wander aimlessly in the jungle of the Internet? Irma Tukāne just could not bring herself to writing the article which is why she had been playing ‘Angry Birds’ for half an hour before finally getting to it. This, dear reader, is what you call procrastination. What?

Henry Narits describes the role of Jaan Poska in securing Estonia’s independence. Every country has its heroes who have written themselves into the history of their country and to the hearts of their people. In Germany it could be Konrad Adenauer, in Latvia Jānis Čakste and in Estonia it is Jaan Poska. This year EYP Estonia has the honor of hosting its 12th National Session in the building that is dedicated to Jaan Poska. But why is Jaan Poska so important for Estonians?

and Provision Government came to power. Estonians thought that now is the right time to demand for more freedom and a demonstration was organized in Petrograd, which was a great success. Estonia got limited autonomy and Poska was declared the commissar for Russia’s provision government in Estonia. It was the first step for Estonia’s independence, but limited autonomy was just not enough.

Poska was born on January 24, 1866 in Laius. He studied at Tuhalaanes Orthodox Church School. Already at a young age he was very talented and got into the Institute of Religious Sciences in Riga. There he got his basic and high school education. In 1890 Poska finished university in Tartu and went to work as a lawyer in Tallinn. Because of his talent, he managed to get a job as a juror only in 3 years. Being in Tallinn, he also worked closely together with Konstantin Päts, who become the president of Estonia in 1934. In the end he became the major of Tallinn and showed up great leadership even during the Great War.

His term of office as the commissar ended when the October revolution took place and Bolsheviks lead by Lenin took power in Russia. Although Poska was forced to leave from power, he kept working in a shadow cabinet with many other Estonian politicians. There he was chosen as the foreign minister of Estonia’s Salvation Committee together with Päts, Vilms and Konik. When the committee took over on February 24,1918, he became the deputy prime minister of the Estonia’s Provision Government, but his moment of glory was just coming.

Poska’s early life

First steps towards independence

1917 Russia started crumbling from inside that culminated with the February revolution. In conclusion czar Nikolai II was taken down

Critical turn

Ensuring the goal

In 1918 Poska was working as the head of the delegation in WesternEurope, where his mission was the acknowledgement of Estonia’s independence by other countries. He also took part of the Paris peace conference. In 1919 he came back

to Estonia where he was put at the front of the peace delegations between Soviet Russia and Estonia. In the beginning the peace talks did not go as planned. Soviet Russia did not accept the new borders between Russia and Estonia and there was the fear that the peace talks might stop and hostilities might continue. Thanks to Poska’s expertise, Soviet Russia started making concession that ended with Tartu’s Peace Treaty on February 2, 1920. Many Estonians believe that without Poska Estonian would not have been independent He laid down the cornerstone for independent and democratic Estonia.

Former president Lennart Meri has said that: “The peace treaty signed in Tartu in 1920 was, is and will be the cornerstone of the relations between Estonia and Russia. This is the birth certificate of Estonia as an independent country. Small countries are in the need of solid symbols, which would continually prove the perpetuity of their self-determination and independence. The Tartu Peace Treaty marked Estonian self-confidence, most of all, Estonia’s victory over its own peasants mentality!

People mistakenly claim that procrastination stems out of one being awful with time management and because they are lazy whereas procrastination is fuelled by weakness in the face of impulse and a failure to think about thinking. In other words it is anxiety that causes people to delay.

What now?

So, now you have come to realise that you really are a victim of procrastination, what’s next? Will you have to keep on for the rest of your life? Fear not and meet the solution for all your problems- structured procrasti-

nation. John R. Perry, a prolific philosopher, a professor emeritus of philosophy at Stanford University, an active professor of philosophy at the University of California at Riverside and a self-diagnosed procrastinator, won the Ig Nobel Prize in literature this September for the ideas set forth in his essay „How to Procrastinate and Still Get Things Done” (first published in 1996). The main idea Perry states in his essay: „The procrastinator can be motivated to do difficult, timely and important tasks as long as these tasks are a way of not doing something more important.”

This is how journalists procrastinate TV series

Professor advises to begin by „establishing a hierarchy of the tasks you have to do in order of importance from the most urgent to the least im- Computer games portant”. Which means you will most probably postpone doing the most urgent task, whilst performing lower-onthe-list tasks which are still of great importance. „With this sort of appropriate task Food structure you can become a useful citizen”.

What then?

After obtaining the knowledge how to become a truly productive procrastinator, there is only thing for you to do- make up the todo list and go tidy up your


Procrastinators blogging I try to make up a to-do list before I go to bed, and leave it by the alarm clock. It starts like this:


1. Get out of bed 2. Turn off the alarm. 3. Don’t hit the snooze button 4. Don’t go back to bed. 5. Go downstairs. 6. Make Coffee By the time I sit down with my first cup of coffee, I can check off six items. This feels good and looks impressive. My day of accomplishment is off to a flying start. I didn’t need reminders to do any of these things. But I need a little pat on the back for doing them. The only likely way of getting that pat is by having a to-do list, so I can cross them off. *In psychology the term procrastination refers to replacing vitally important actions with minor tasks, thus putting off the important things for later.



Our secret passions

Now think of a hard, long and annoying school day. You come home tired and want to do something relaxing to get rid of all the stress and then start doing you own things. You are looking for something to entertain you. Why not pick up a video game, Henry Narits invites. have bought it because it’s a fun and easy way to stay active at home. Who doesn’t like playing games like tennis and bowling? Oh, and why didn’t EMPL I write into their resolution that a Wii should be provided for every person who reaches retirement age?

Small worms, big gun Angry birds is making people angry

The Finnish people have made a new Nokia – Angry birds. Who doesn’t love killing pigs in their free time? Also, it’s even possible to hear people humming the Angry Birds theme in the streets. Like a cool chair once said: “A fun way to play Angry Birds is to imagine that the pigs are people who you don’t like and then you can smack the living hell out of them.“

Sorry, I just smashed your TV screen with Wii

It’s staggering how many people have a Wii in the world and how it has sold over 3 billion copies. But only fat kids don’t have a Wii, but even many elderly people

Cute voices, big explosions, cute worms, big weapons, and more cute worms. That’s Worms for you. A game where worms have decided to take over the world and fight until the last Doomsday. Who has not

self in a computer generated world and do lots of stupid things like troll other people. Oh yeah, you can do it in the real world, too.

shot his best friend with a bazooka and moments later screamed: ”Kingdom for a donkey.“ Talking of donkeys, watch out so that concrete donkey doesn’t crush you one day.

These sort of messages are very familiar to everybody whose friends keep playing Farmville. The joy of growing vegetables in your own computer and wasting countless hours and later on wondering: “What did i just do?” However, there is a golden rule that everybody needs to follow: KEEP SPAMMING YOUR FRIENDS WITH YOUR VEGTABLES ON FACEBOOK, THEY LOVE IT!

Daddy, my wife urinated into the pool

Who has not played Sims? The magic of trapping people in rooms without doors or building a dream house that would make the most famous of architects jealous. When playing Sims, it’s possible to do anything you want. You can put your

Will you help your friend grow an even bigger carrot


Autopsy of an alien Andres Lestal explains the appeal of alien movies. Imagine an alien. The most common image of an alien would be that of a scary scrawny greenish-grey humanoid with a large head and disturbingly huge dark eyes. Although, that does not really sound right. A creature that has developed on a distant planet, in an unseen environment, under unheard conditions could not possibly end up a humanoid. Why would it have two arms and two legs? Perhaps it has other means of perception than eyes and ears. And yet we imagine an alien to be similar to us. Why is that? Movies, books, games, even songs have pictured aliens as such and the image has sunken into the minds of the general public. Films used humanoid aliens because it was the cheaper choice. Why would you build an armada of mechani-

cal tentacled robot aliens when all you had to do was stick a rubber mask on an actor and voilà, you had yourself an alien with the same scare value for a fraction of the cost and there is a reason for that. The human psyche makes a lot of assumptions from faces. Imagine talking to a person and you tend to look away from that persons face for no apparent reason. That is because your brain starts automatically analysing the persons emotions which is usually a distraction from the conversation, hence you feel the need to look away to talk. The face holds a very important place in our

subconscious, which is why movie companies can get away with just a rubber mask to make us feel uneasy. People go to see movies about aliens for a good scare. It is hard to explain and probably would not make sense but people want to be scared. That is a fact. Aliens are the perfect subject for a scary movie. People fear everything different and unknown. Fear of the dark is just that – fear of something you do not see, something that you do not know. If you take a picture of an average person and change a small detail, such as remove the eyebrows, suddenly you do not want to look at the picture. There is something different, something missing and it is unnerving. Then again, maybe we were just programmed to fear our otherworldly overlords.

Signs (2002) by M. Night Shayamalan

Solaris (1972) by Andrei Tarkovsky

Mars Attacks! (1996) by Tim Burton

A movie about an alien invasion and the actual aliens have less screentime than the microphone boom accidentally slipping on screen. Genuinely thrilling. Relies on the viewers imagination and fear of the unknown.

An scientific expedition station orbits a living planet. Crew members encounter physically real hallucinations. These hallucinations are embodiments of real people whom the crew members knew or had a significant memory about. They look and act human but there is always something… odd about them.

A satirical look on the typical B-movie alien flick. Tim Burton with his eccentric humour. The aliens are tiny green men with disproportionally large brains. It is exactly the way they are portrayed that makes them both funny and freeky.

Alien film classics

People fear everything different and unknown.

Justin Bieber’s Baby is going down

Usually these sort of mistakes come out when the movie is being edited and then it is too late to fix the problem. The only solution is to do it all over again. It is recommended to use a tripod when filming but you can also use handy objects like walls, tables, If possible, avoid filming people from top to bottom. This makes them look smaller and lack appeal. Filming people vice versa makes them look more majestic and important. Also,

Henry Narits reveals how to make the next Youtube hit. In the last 20 years filming has achieved great technological advances. Nowadays we do not need to carry huge and heavy cameras with us. Today, for example, we have phones that are able to film in full HD, some even in 3D. The same

applies to editing. Even smartphones nowadays come with different editing software. Programs like Windows Movie Maker and iMovie have made video editing accessible for everyone, so you could film your cat, birthday or make a short

film about your favorite event, like EYP, in a moment’s notice. Here are some tricks and tips on how to make your first short movie be as successful as possible.

WAIT! Don’t got filming yet!

Adobe Story, but you can also find script templates in programs like Microsoft Word. Just take a look! A great script is the basis for a good movie, so take your time writing it.

does not have an external microphone jacket, it is not a good idea to have distance between the camera and the speaker. But there is an easy solution. Most phones come with a dictaphone so putting it into the pocket of your actor might solve the problem. When filming outside look out for the devilish wind. It might create awful sound that is difficult to remove. Although many cameras say they reduce wind noise, none of them is perfect.

If your goal is to make a great short movie, it needs good preparation. Do not get me wrong, you might get great footage by improvising, but that rare to happen. It all starts with a simple idea that you start developing in the script. In your script, firstly, write about what your characters will d o a n d say. T h e script usually does n o t include information about going to film a certain scene or what effects you are going to use when editing. Yet, you still have to keep the location in mind when composing your first sript. It is also a good idea to visit the set before the shooting actually starts. There are many different professional scriptwriting programs like

Script ready? Great. Let’s see what we can use for filming.

Once you have chosen your actors and actresses, found the perfect spot for filming and are mentally prepared for the challenge that awaits you, a camera would be useful, as well. Like mentioned, nowadays smartphones are able to record higher quality footage than many handy cams. You can even add lenses to your iPhone camera. Don’t forget that many digital cameras also have a movie mode that can produce excellent quality footage. The size of the camera doesn’t matter; the thing that matters is what the cameraman does with the camera. Something you should keep in mind is the audio quality. If you are going to have lots of dialogues, you need to be careful. If your camera

Let’s get started with filming, the actual filming.

When you finally get to the filming part, there are also many things to watch out for. If your script is well written and the actors know what to do, everything will go faster and smoother. The director or the cameraman should take notice of what the actors say. It is normal that the cast will use their own words, but it might sometimes change the entire story. So, keep an eye out for any last minute changes. They might bring great additions to your movie, or, on the other hand, not link with your story at all.

tions for filming!

Filming done? Now comes the fun part, let’s start editing.

Freezing outside and being in humid rooms is all over and done with, now comes the fun part where you can sit behind your computer and start putting all your great footage together. It makes sense that you need some sort of program for editing. If you are doing it for the first time, Windows Movie Maker or iMovie will be more than enough. If you are more adventurous, you could try out Sony Vegas, which is more complicated to use, but has more features. Before starting to edit you need to organise all your footage. That is again just a suggestion because later on it will

be easier to find certain clips. Also, get some coffee because editing can take much longer than writing a script or filming in total. When editing your movie it makes sense that you want to use certain music to bring out the drama or action, but you should not forget to change its volume. It is easy to forget about matching it to the sound of dialogue. Furthermore, remember that sound effects are a key part in your movie. Although Youtube and some other sites might seem like a good choice, I would chairs with wheels to make your footage more stable. When you are planning to move with the camera or zoom in and out, it should be as gentle and even as possible.

avoid filming in profiles – it will just look very odd. Keep an eye on the lighting when filming outside. It might happen that the light is not spread out evenly and this can

look quite ugly. A simple umbrella might fix the problem. Be creative when looking for different solu-

recommend using something else to obtain sound files. For example, if you need the sound of high heels walking on a wooden floor, why not make it yourselves with a dictaphone or a camera. You can do pretty much everything by yourselves and it is also more fun. In conclusion it can be said that…

In conclusion it can be said that...

When making a short movie for the first time it is the idea that counts not the execution. Be creative and try to find innovative ways to do old things in a new and modern way or try to think of things that have not been done before because that will make your movie become the next hit on Youtube.


Seven Deadly Sins The Passion for Gluttony

Merilin Nurmsalu, a food-lover, talks about – surprise! - food. Gluttony coming from Latin word gluttire means to gulp down or swallow, over-consume food, drink intoxicants or whatever items to the point of waste. Funnily enough the term gluttony usually refers to being crazy about food. It is also the most common of the seven sins (especially in the USA). As gluttony is the most natural of the sins, how can you distinguish between love for food and over-consumption? Love for food could be associated with emotional eating. For example, what do most of women (in Hollywood movies) do after a break-up? They eat sweets because it offers consolation. What happens to many students who are going through the exam session? They gain weight due to eating more than is actually needed, so food works for them as an antidepressant. How and why is that? It happens due to the chemical reaction that causes the body to release endorphins and dopamine giving the consumer a sense of a “sugar rush”. The addiction of the glorious feeling leaves your body regularly craving not only the sugar but also the euphoric feeling that is brought about by the brain’s reaction. Another reason for gluttony is the love for the whole progress from selecting the best groceries from the store to the end product – a delish dish. Even though it might be a broad hint to over-consumption, it can also be presented as love for art. The people who love cooking are working hard, having passion, commitment, wide smiley faces and big hearts. They do not do it only for themselves, as they want to share their masterpieces for everybody else’s enjoyment.

Then there are the kind of people who like to eat just because they like it. Take, for example, me and you.

They love any kind of food and even if they are overfed, there is still room for a cupcake or a chocolate bar.

They do not do it for themselves, as they want to share their masterpieces for everybody else’s enjoyment.

Call it gluttony or love for food, it is still a passion.

Ride the Puppy


Use of train comparing to other means of transport 27% 27%

Japan Switzerland

16,4% 7,7%

ITRE’s chair Kārlis Caune talks about how it is to commute every day and what you can take from it. Commuting is like having a blind puppy. It is cute, but rather useless. Of course, it is quite nice to have a puppy waiting for you at home. Just as nice as having a reserved seat on the daily train. But then again the puppy can grow up as a blind guard dog, whereas the train ride can become a trip down misery lane.

Remedies for commuting TED

My commute

My misery lane is 48 kilometres and 90 minutes long. Just enough time to get away. Enough to get some peace of mind that will stay. And as much as that may sound as a Guns N’ Roses song, unfortunately it is not. Instead of being one in a million, I am one of the twenty thousand that commute the distance. I am one of those who bring my hometown more than 10 million lats (about 14 million euro) in revenue every year. I am a commuter. And Riga is my blind puppy.

Socialise with strangers

RSA animate

Challenge yourself

The misery

Just like when you ask your mother for a pet, there are several things to take into account. I hate the people I commute with. All the daily conversations are just as pointless as selling a Popsicle to an eskimo. All the sights get duller by the day, and each click of the rails makes you feel as if you were in a social experiment. It is something that I would not wish upon even my worst enemies. Every single day I get on the train begging in my mind, that I would not meet any acquaintances or former study mates. It is just like hoping that your blind puppy would actually catch the yarn ball this time. At the same time you know that it might run straight into the wall for the fifth straight time.

The bright side

On the other hand, this is my time. It is my daily chance to become better at something. Since I







commute daily for three hours I try to challenge myself. I take up every chance to feel the love the puppy can give me, if I only give him the chance. For me, this is something like the night at the pub when you chat up a nice piece of tail. If I play my cards right I just know that I can get the full package of lovely treats she has to offer.


So far my romance has given me video lectures and enormous amounts of literature. The latter has proven to be quite the challenge. I have seventeen bookmarks with lists of books. Books one should read before dying; in high school; when bored; for free; electronically... I could go on for ages. Have I finished at least one of those lists? Yeah, I wish! But it was the puppy of commuting that pushed me into challenging myself. I have now taken up a challenge. A challenge


of reading one book per week for ten weeks straight. All the classics I have always thought about reading are now my best friends during my ride. It turns out that everyone

The commute is my daily chance to become better at something from Poe and Thoreau to Vonnegut and Murakami are quite a friendly bunch.


It is an inspirational bunch of people. Just as the people working with ‘Technology, Entertainment, Design’ and ‘The Renaissance Society of America’. TED and the RSA are just a couple of examples of non-

profit organisations working for the sake of the idea. The one thing I feel is missing from our modern society is doing things for the sake of the idea. Hearing the word ‘ideology’ is making a lot of us simmer. Me as well. But the fact is – ideas make the world go round. To be honest, one of the main words of this session, for me, is ‘inspiration’. Think of all the inspiring people and inspiring talks one can hear during this week. Enough to cure the puppy’s blindness, I would say.

Finding the cure

I am passionate about finding my own cure for the blindness. Books and lectures are simply ways how to achieve this goal. I believe challenging yourself is the real solution. Only if you face the challenge of the puppy can you cure it. Trust me on this one. I might not have the perfect remedy, but I am damn passionate about it.


no not sure eventually yes


in th e Eur opean

an e p uro

ill s urv i

Poll on th Uni o n w



Rather yes



It will be bigger Part of a federal state Have not thought about it


A bit

n he

yo u

nt ex t


i ve ha


tr y un

Mona Sõukand explores what opinions delegates have on the possible scenerios of the EU’s future

rso nal ly



co ur l yo wil ges han

uring out how the life of the bunny exactly ended. A bit more of that dying bunny history. The Book of Bunny Suicides: Little Fluffy Rabbits Who Just Don’t Want to Live Any More was first published in 2003, followed by

the Return of the Bunny Suicides a year later and then in 2007 the special edition with all of the bunny suicides together. Now we have not only the books, but also an official application for iPhone, calendars and n o t e cards. So now you see that it is not only violent, heartless people with a bad sense of humour who enjoy this rabid rabbit. It is a movement of p e opl e. A bunny suicide is something we can all hold onto when the rain is beating relentlessly against our windowsill. Well, sort of.


the Rings and even Noah’s Ark have been featured in the cartoons. The cartoons are often drawn in a way that the bunny’s chosen method is not obvious at first glance, thus leaving the reader fig-

rial c What territo

I would not call myself suicidal. I am a rather lively person. However, I get all psyched up whenever I see a bunny about to commit suicide in Andy Riley’s drawings. And if you know what I am talking about, I am sure you are just as much of a fan as I am. If you don’t know, what the bunny suicides are – let me introduce this mar vellous piece of art to you. Bunny Suicides is a series of on e - i m age black comedy cartoons drawn by Andy Riley, a British cartoonist and script-writer. Each cartoon shows a white rabbit’s attempts to commit suicide creatively. A toaster, a drill, an iron, a DVD player – you name it. A parody from the Wicker Man, a reference to the Terminator and Lord of

Eu e th e v

ou thin Do y

Irma Tukāne discusses bunnies. Special bunnies.

e of t r u t he fu crisis ? ro e


A Very Special Bunny

by Mona Sõukand

k t ha t t h e



L a t e N i g h t R e p o r

B y A n d r e s L e s t a

Apparently the theme of the session is very inspiring as nobody seems to want to go to sleep. The schoolhouse feels more alive than it would on an ordinary school day. Delegates and officials alike have chosen to welcome tomorrow with a smile and some fun games. The ninja game is soon followed by mafia and psychologist. A chance for the exhausted delegates to wrap up the day using the insight they gathered on their teammates during teambuilding as a weapon against them in battle... In a game, of course.

Just like any two year old, the average delegate gets tired and distracted from what he or she is doing and just goes to bed. Some stay awake and partake in somewhat uncommon activities such as line-dancing, poetry reading, band practice and massive consumption of fruit, more specifically bananas.


It grows late. The streetlights have long been switched off. A silent snoring can be heard from certain rooms and yet there is still life in the midst of this deafening sleeping. Some delegates are having intriguing conversations concerning the meaning of life and whether there is life beyond EYP. Rumours say that certain delegates were so keen at the ninja game that they became ninjas and that perhaps a keen eye might glimpse them, as they sneak through the shadows in the corner of your eye, where you might think you saw something, but can never be sure.

Besides the voluntary insomniacs there are the people also known as officials. Both the orga and media room is forever full of bustling people. The organisers find this to be the best time to balance their budgets. There is always someone keeping watch, even if that someone is alone in the dark all night. The journos on the other hand are an odd bunch. The only visible effect on the journalists seems to be that they get slightly less coordinated at night.

Quotes 25

by Annika Ader

„Can I go to the toilet?“ „Yes“ „Finally!“- the mood of the brainstorming „There isnt Greece in Ideal“ „We have to be selfish bitches!“ One INTRE delegate walked past CRIS commitee and heard that they wanted to divide by zero „Everything is a problem“ Fun fact: you can put whatever car sound in your electric car „In Germany, actually...“

EMPL I – they teach people how to live like old people

„If wanting sex is a bad thing, then I am a monster,“ delegate EMPL II If I make a lousy joke, i know I’ll at least have people to laugh at it - yeah, I know, EMPL II ’’You don’t have to write the whole sentence , you can use shortcuts“ „What was the ettepanek“-the last days of English Killu: I’m a man, aren’t I?

One of a kind, fortunately

A possessor of a charming smile and a very British accent, an influential spokesman – a flattering first impression without any doubt, yet so vague. Who exactly is Mats Kuuskemaa, asks Irma Tukāne. N I C E P R O F I L E

“It was one of those moments, when you have to choose whether to take aspirin and climb back in bed or get up and go,” admits Mats. He still wonders what direction his life would have taken, if he had stayed in bed after that fateful party an evening before his first session. He probably would not be sitting with me on the bench outside of the orga room right now. Five years, five Estonian national sessions and eighteen sessions in total, and now – the president of the session. A nice way to finish the active participation in EYP, so to say. Surely, being an expert in all of the topics is challenging and it does

get exhausting at times, but it’s totally worth it. Being president gives the opportunity to finally give something back. Speaking of the theme of the session – human rights is an issue that has to be tackled even if these problems for our society may seem somewhat abstract, which is why the session is wonderful for learning in both the academic and social sense. This year Mats finished his studies in Politics and Economics at the University of Bath. During his studies Mats spent a year in an exchange program in Brussels, travelling around Germany, South Africa and Canada. What is he planning to do next? Mats

is going to work in the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If Mats was a part of the press team, he would write his passion article on coffee. He might mention his favorite coffee mug – extra large and painted like old porcelain. If Mats was to order a meal, he would choose a spicy chicken curry. And he would watch some Yes Minister and listen to some Sigur Rós. When asked about his worst characteristic, Mats says it is his self-challenging nature. He would always challenge himself a bit more, push himself to the limit. It is one of the best characteristics when it comes to business, though.

NATIONALITY Estonian SEASON: Spring AGE 23 COLOUR: Orange ASTROLOGICAL SIGN Taurus FILM: The English Patient NUMBER OF SIBLINGS 3 SNACK: Belgian Crisps HEIGHT 1.89 TIME OF THE DAY: Evening, definitely EYE COLOUR Greenish HAIR COLOUR Light Brown

He might look like a British royalty now, but with his old hairdo, Mats in fact used to look like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons. “His old haircut was unbearable,” assures Monika. He might have a gentleman-like hairdo now, and

cool socks, but it is still considered that “Mats is nuts”. In addition to that, Mats impresses with the most impressive unimpressive A Lele Kita Ponga. He knows the craziest dance moves and makes the weirdest sounds

whenever someone tickles him. Mats’ enthusiastic side is clearly seen when he says his trademark phrases, such as: “Life is so tiring” and “Not impressed”.

“He’s absolutely “The most awkward sense of unique, one of a humor which takes you a year to kind, fortunately” understand but what you’ll never forget” /Larissa/ /Monika/ And so this is our president inside and out. With a help from the vicepresidents (thank you, Larissa and

Moni!) we have an objective review of Mats Kuuskemaa. I speak on the behalf of the whole


session, when I say that we are truly glad that you did get out of bed those five years ago.


Rate My Session Henry Narits and Andres Lestal is on to find out how EMPL I and CULT saw the session. Obviously after several days of committee work the delegates must have formed somewhat certain opinions regarding the session. Delegates from committees EMPL I and CULT were asked to express their opinions so as to let us ‘get a feel’ of ‘where we at’. As the delegates themselves commented, both the chairpersons’ and journos’ work was one of the best they had ever seen. The topics being discussed

How happy are you?



The media coverage



were considered difficult amongst all of the questioned delegates, although, in some cases with joy and that grin that can only be summarised with the words “challenge accepted“. When asked what the delegates did not like, they responded with constructive criticism. Improvements could be made in time management, specifically the actual committee work could start at

How well did the teamwork turn out?



Chairpersons’ work



an earlier time on the first day of the session. For some reason delegates would prefer to have a place to sleep that would also be warm. Who would have known? A first time EYPer commented that it would have been easier to get better acquainted with the EYP format and certain other nuanses, if there would have been a short workshop in the beginning of the session for newcomers.

How content are you with the result?


The food

4,5 4,5 3

The evening programme






We are very glad to admit that the delegates of ITRE and AFET have realised that if everyone is moving towards a similar vision, success takes care of itself. Whether that goal is to put all the waste on the Moon or provide peace and equal human rights in Arab countries. Every single individual is important because that is what makes a team strategic and unique. That is why we have provided you with general information about the delegates. To make sure you had proper desert afterwards testing the creativity of members was a part of our plan as well. Learn and enjoy! Which arm rest is yours at the movie theatre? 1 both

9 both

1 neither 4 right 1 right

1 left

Do prison buses have emergency exits?

YesYes YesYes YesYes Yes No No No

YesYes YesYes Yes No No

Do you yawn in your sleep? 4






Can you cry under the water?

Chicken & Egg Problem Revisited

Mārtiņš Žilinskis and Irma Tukāne double teams LIBE & EMPL II to find out more about them in an unusual way. Ahh, researches. Nothing is better than doing some research on something you truly love. However, when two EYP journos collide, a pretty twisted research was made, and there could not be better guinea pigs to make this research on, as our adorable committees. Just think – if a person will ask only 3 questions, then he better make it count, no? Well, it does not work for us, as the questions we asked were the following: 1) What is your favourite music genre? 2) What was first – chicken or egg? 3) What would you prefer better – white bread or brown bread? Before you call this research meaningless and retarded, think again. Thought about it? Think once more. Actually these kinds of questions are the ones that help us to find out answers to global warming, human rights violations, economic crisis and such. You heard us right, skipper. This article will change the world and beyond. As you can see, our delegates are no simple folks. Their musical Others, such as shufflin’ ones, hip hop and more

Are eyebrows considered facial hair? Yes

by Filips Kapustins & Merilin Nurmsalu



Gender M-2; F-5 Age=ppl 17=2; 18=4; 19=1 sessions=ppl 1=5; 3=2 Languages=ppl 3=3; 4=4

By giving firstly seemed irrelevant questions, you get to know people deeper in a different perspective the taste as we may think. There was even a delegate who wanted a big, hard black loaf of bread and another one who simply defined “bread is bread”. A truly broadminded bunch, remembering the goal being united in diversity. The question of chicken or egg being the first is one of the most debated questions in history, spawn-

ing many theories. While EMPL II stayed true to the egg theory, believing more or less in evolution, LIBE used more non-traditional methods. Even if you could check every theory that was ever made, you would not find second to those mentioned by LIBE. What if neither chicken nor egg was first, but a fish? Or another loved theory by them – the Inception inspired one, proclaiming that first there was a chicken in an egg, having another egg in itself. Go figure it yourself. The lesson of the day? By giving firstly seemed irrelevant questions, you get to know people deeper in a different perspective and for best results deduce it by comparing your committee with canned foods. Thanks to these questions you now know how tasteful, creative, tolerant and smart our delegates are. The results show us that EMPL II and LIBE are equal to the best canned food out there, having the potential to make their own top-class brand. There is no winner of the day, since both committees are astonishing in their own special way. Huzzah to EMPL II, huzzah to LIBE! Bread



Gender M-6; F-4 Age=ppl 16=1; 17=5; 18=3; 19=1 sessions=ppl No 1=6; 2=3; 4=1 Languages=ppl 2=3; 3=4; 4=2; 5=1

taste is diverse, yet good, sticking to real music. Even if some of them may seem as hipster wannabes, they are benevolent in their hearts – just look at their bread choice. Most of them favoured brown over white, and it is not only because of







Black Bread is bread

Music 2 Pop

5 Indie


Marleen Emilie Vilderson Tallinn Jerry Oona Home That Euro is in financial crisis at the moment

Liisa Rajamets Tallinn Lela from Futurama Oona Tartu Difficult, but an important topic.

Mona Sõukand Tartu Alice in Wonderland Mats the Chair Libary Will Euro fail or not?

Karl Erik Vanem Kohila Donald Duck’s evil uncle Me Toilet Estonian old money



Margit Vaik Viljandi Rapunzel Mats the Chair Home Whether euro stays or not by Mona Sõukand & Annika Ader

Emma Johanna Lepasoo Tallinn Simba Margit and Oona Rooftop I can’t understand 2 words, but the topic is really important at the moment.

Kätlin Mänd Jõgeva Odie Karl and Emma Home I would love to get more information about this topic

Oona Aberg Finland Pocahontas Marleen and Peter My hometown I feel like I don’t have enough information to answer

Kate Dreiblathena Latvia Daria Me My bed Wait what?

Peter Lohr German Donald Duck Oona New Zealand We have a lot of discussion about the topic in school and we’re following the news

Mats Tallinn Garfield South Africa Despite having 6 toes – Kate Violent Greek

Annika Tallinn Jerry (from Tom and Jerry) Pati the Chair A cafe in Tallinn Old Town Women and men are not equal, but they should have an equal platform

Krister Paide Tweety, Ed (from Edd, Ed and Eddy) or Road Runner Pati the Chair and Lucas – our foreign members My woven rug or my father’s house in Viljandi countryside Men and women should have different opportunities at work

The two neighbour villages came together in the townsquare and discussed the parasite problem of the midgets, giants and wizards. The meeting was a success and after a nice banana, the discussion themes quickly changed to first crushes, rainbow unicorns and, of course EYP. The questions: name; city you come from; cartoon character, that describes you the best; favourite delegate in your commitee; favorite place; what is the first thought about the other committees topic?

Kuldar Tallinn Dexter Pati the Chair Small bridge in Pirita This problem is bigger in developing countries than in EU

Martin Tallinn Superman Pati the Chair The office of Estonian School Students Councils’ Union It’s not an EU issue

Marili Tallinn Rapunzel Martin Venice It’s an important topic in developing countries, but you can’t have a perfect situation with equality

Mihkel Rakvere Popeye Martin Tartu The rights depend on the cultural reign

Eva Saue Sponge Bob Geku and Kitty (Krister) My bed and Paris Women

Patricia Barcelona Minnie Mouse A cafe in Amsterdam Powerpuff girls (Super Nenos)

Madis Tallinn Dexter’s father Lucas Home I am against gender quotas

Lenar Kohila Bart Simpson Pati the Chair The volleyball court on the beach Women and men are equal

Lucas Düren (Germany) The emperor from Star Wars Annika the Journo Lake Torgelow or my bed That’s a hard one

Elisabeth Tartu (I think she looks like Minnie) Pati the Chair Nature Everybody should have the right to live their own life and have their freedom

Geku From Porkuni, but lives in Tallinn Little My or Stewie Griffin Kuldar Terrace of my house Cultural aspects should be considered in the working enviroment (in developing countries)


Your Questions Answered


Hello there! I am the Entertainment box or in other words - Ebox. You might remember me from yesterday’s coffee-break. I was the one blocking the exit. Sorry about that. But nevertheless, considering the fact that I got so many questions, it is clear that I was noticed. So without further ado here is the first round of the replies to your questions. Enjoy! Why does the apple look so hot?

I’m a female and I have a beard. Should I shave it?

If I was green all over the body, how would you call me?

How will we be punished if we screw up the wooden floor?

Perhaps you have just taken it out of the oven.

Depends. If it is somewhat like Filips’s Lincoln neckbeard, keep it. Suits everybody!

Either dirty or sick. You choose.

I am going to give you that Jaan Poska look

Because he is an under-cover Lithuanian.

Another dream. Somewhat like an Estonian version of ‘’Inception’’.

Why does Filips shave his beard once a month?

Do I look like a psychologist Everytime I eat soup.

by Filips Kapustins

What does Mats see in his dreams?

Let the illegal alWhat iens get out of the is the first thing trunk. to do when you cross the border of Estonia?

Razors are expensive What is the meaning of death?

Why does Filips shave his beard once a month?

How often do you spoon?

Mārtiņš Žilinskis encourages you to join in on a game of Bingo.

12th Estonian National Session of the European Youth Parliament 22-25 October 2011 | Tartu

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