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Tropical Fish Data Sheet Scientific Name: Microgeophagus altispinosa Common Name: Bolivian Ram

Size: 3 inches Typical Marking and Coloration: usually tan with a black line going over it’s eye Origin: Bolivia, Brazil in South America Biotype: Cichlidae Social Habits: very sociable fish and can be kept with others. Compatible Fish Species: get along well with most other fish except for the more aggressive Ram Cichild Captive Breeder:


No High

Captive Breeding Difficulty Level:



Live Bearer or Egg-Laying Brooding Habits: egg layer Water Requirements: water hardness between 6-14 DH Salt or Freshwater:

Recommended pH: 6.5-7.5

Temperature Range:72-79

Tank Requirements:

Size of Tank: 10-20gallons substrate that won’t change ph of the water

Plants: dense planting

Bottom Material:any

Food Requirements:

Adults: Omnivore Is it sold in the community?

Young:Omnivore Yes


Source(s) or Information:

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