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The Larder Training and skills

Cultivating hospitality’s next generation


Cultivating hospitality’s next generation


Cultivating Hospitality’s next generation Hospitality is one of the fastest growing sectors in West Lothian and Scotland. It has a skills gap of 16,000 people by 2020. It is one of the few sectors where you can realistically go in at the bottom and work your way to the very top. The Larder is a bespoke training provider offering industry relevant training that is fun, delivered by industry experts and forward looking. Through our enterprise cafes students gain real life work experience to develop confidence, communication skills and get ready for work.

Work with The Larder to promote and develop the next generation of hospitality professionals.

I enjoyed the course, it inspired me to cook more and I loved how the food tasted. Deans student Healthy Eating Programme

Cultivating hospitality’s next generation


About The Larder The Larder Cook School has been changing lives through food since 2010. Our expertise and passion means that we can deliver food hospitality training for all ages.

We are a social enterprise which means that whilst we run as a business 100% of profits go to helping West Lothian’s most disadvantaged young people gain the skills and confidence they need to move into work. The larder operates a number of enterprise café’s across West Lothian which provide real life work experience for all trainees, builds confidence and prepares trainees for the world of work. Programmes are bespoke to the needs of the group we are working with, our prices therefore vary depending on who we are working with, where and for how long.

“The partnership Whitburn Academy has developed with The Larder has proved to be one of the most fruitful and rewarding the school has established.   The Larder supports some of our most vulnerable and challenging pupils towards gaining a recognised SQA qualification and provides them with a range of essential employability skills.  The pupils have shown a marked improvement in their self-confidence and are developing a clearer picture of the career pathways as a result of their involvement with The Larder.” Paul Durkin, PTC Pupil Support, Whitburn Academy

Cultivating hospitality’s next generation


The attendance levels on the programme are extremely high due to the engagement levels of the young people and from the exciting and well planned sessions. Depute Head Teacher (Acting) Inclusion & Wellbeing Service (Secondary)

Our Courses All of our classes are needs led, nurturing and food based with a maximum of 10 students. We can also work in your school kitchen or classroom. Our courses can be for a minimum of 4 weeks up to a full academic year.

The courses are designed to teach young people about the importance of food and how to cook, skills for life regardless of their chosen career.

Build confidence

Develop Skills

Provide Qualifications

Provide Work Experience

Our programmes include: • • • • •

Healthy eating/cooking Family learning through food Cooking – skills for life Hospitality Skills Training West Lothian Employability Award • Employability Fund • Qualifications • Get Ready for Work

Develop Career pathways

Cultivating hospitality’s next generation

Provide access to Positive destinations


Supporting senior phase students into positive destinations:

Schools programmes

Employability Fund stage 2

Employability Fund stage 3

Employability Stage 4

Into Work

• building confidence • developing skills • building relationships • forming routines • gaining qualifications

• removing barriers • assessing needs • forming habits • gaining qualiifications • gaining work experience • routes to college

• gaining qualifications • gaining work experience • gettting job ready • routes to college

• job matching and brokering • job search support • moving into work

• Kitchen Assistant • Chef • Waiter/Waitress • Café Assistant • Tourism • Hotels

Cultivating hospitality’s next generation






For senior phase students our programmes integrate the following


Cultivating hospitality’s next generation


West Lothian Employability Award Levels 3 to 5

Cultivating hospitality’s next generation


This programme runs over a whole academic year for one day per week and will use food and hospitality as a skills base to develop individuals for the world of work. The Employability Award incorporates core skills with practical personal development skills. The programme is structured to include 40 hrs work experience in Brewster Square café which equips students with a better understanding of the work place and in particular the hospitality sector.

The course will develop the individual’s aspiration and motivation to make a successful transition to work through the development of their job search skills, including developing their own CV and interview skills. Finally the programme will support individuals to identify barriers to work that they may be experiencing and assist them to identify strategies to overcome them.

Outcomes Each student will: • Have a better understanding of the hospitality sector, employers’ expectations and how to get a job in the sector • Be more effective team players • Have improved their communication skills

Structure Each student will be presented for the REHIS Introduction to Food Hygiene Certificate and will experience the following:

• Have increased their prospects of employment • Be more confident in making the transition to work

• Understanding hospitality


• A working café environment

One day per week for 34 weeks of the academic year. £1100 per person.

• Barista training • Introduction to EPOS (working a till) • Customer service • Working Front of House – National 4 unit • Working in a Professional Kitchen SCQF level 4 • Preparing for work – job search, CV and interviews • Understanding employers’ expectations – incorporating work place visits • Understanding the world of work • WLEA 3, 4 or 5

Cultivating hospitality’s next generation


The Larder Programmes The Larder Schools programmes range from one to one sessions and group taster sessions to the West Lothian Employability Award over a whole academic year for 1 full day per week. These are detailed over the following pages. Don’t see what you are looking for? Give us a call as we can develop bespoke programmes to meet the needs of your school and young people.

Taster sessions Taster sessions can be delivered in our bespoke cook school for up to 10 students or in an external venue dependent on suitability. These sessions can be delivered over half a day or a whole day. Each session will introduce students to the hospitality sector as a career choice. Students will: • Learn about hospitality and the varied job roles within it. • Learn how to search for work in hospitality • Have an introduction to cooking techniques and food groups

COST: Half day £250 Full Day £342 for a maximum of 10 students delivered in our bespoke cook school.

Cultivating hospitality’s next generation


1:1 Session These sessions can be for 2.5 or 3 hrs and are costed accordingly for each session. They provide an opportunity for a short term intervention to provide a student with stability in learning as part of an alternative curriculum or part-time timetable. These sessions will be delivered in our bespoke cook school which provides an informal and flexible learning environment. In a one off session the student will gain an introduction to hospitality and learn some basic cooking skills. As part of a longer programme the student will be supported by one of our tutors to develop skills knowledge and confidence for the hospitality sector. The Larder would recommend a minimum of 10 sessions before reviewing progress and agreeing next steps, however the number of sessions is at the discretion of the referring organisation. In a 10 week block the trainee will gain the following skills: • Introduction to food groups • Introduction to basic food techniques • Introduction to bread • Health and safety • Introduction to hospitality as a career choice • Understanding employer’s expectations


3 hr session £107 per session 2.5 hr session £92 per session

We, as a school, have worked very closely with the Larder over a number of years now. Our students thoroughly engage when working with staff and have enjoyed their experiences immensely. The qualifications they gain and the skills they have developed have provided them with the confidence to apply for college and employment in the hospitality sector.  Bob Gray PTC Support Deans Community High School

Cultivating hospitality’s next generation


We now have an outstanding group of young people who have significantly developed their social and emotional wellbeing through the programme as well as their professional cookery skills. Andrew Millar, Depute Head Teacher (Acting) Inclusion & Wellbeing Service (Secondary)

10 Day hospitality programme

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Cultivating hospitality’s next generation


The programme has been developed to deliver 10 full day sessions from 9.30 am to 3 pm for a maximum of 10 students if delivered at The Larder and 12 if delivered in a school. The 10 sessions can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the customer. The benefit of student’s attending the programme in our bespoke cook school is that they get real life work experience in our café.

Structure We have designed each of the sessions to contain an element of practical hospitality activity as well as a range of employability skills. Each session will also incorporate an element of team work and communication, reinforcing these skill sets and their importance in the work place. Every student will gain a REHIS introduction to Food Hygiene certificate. A certificate of achievement will also be awarded for every student to state that they completed short modules in the following hospitality skills: • • • • •

Outcomes Students that participate in this course will: • Have a better understanding of the hospitality sector, employers’ expectations and how to get a job in the sector • Be more effective team players • Have improved their communication skills • Have increased their prospects of employment

COST: The above programme can be delivered for a total cost of £5,500 This price is inclusive of: • All equipment • All learning materials • All ingredients • REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene Certificate • Certificate of achievement in hospitality modules • A portfolio of achievement • An up to date CV • A career map of their chosen career • An access route to get them started in their chosen career

Introduction to professional Cookery Introduction to front of house Introduction to customer service Barista training Point of Sale

Cultivating hospitality’s next generation


Tracy …. is outstanding in terms of her cooking expertise but also in the way she engages our vulnerable young people. Andrew Millar, Depute Head Teacher (Acting) Inclusion & Wellbeing Service (Secondary)

Supporting Junior phase students

Building confidence, developing life skills

Course includes innovative and creative cooking skills to encourage young people to cook (working to a budget) and eating more healthily. As the students participate in our innovative course they will be provided with an opportunity to gain additional qualifications as they train and learn the health and safety protocol for working in a kitchen.


Healthy Eating Programme (6 week course, ½ day a week, 09:30 – 13:30) 6 Learners £2000

Hospitality - Cookery Process: An Introduction NPA Level 3 (D264 09) The young person will learn how to: • Apply a minimum of 5 different cookery processes to a range of foods (Boiling, Baking, Steaming, Grilling, Shallow Frying) • Be able to use the appropriate technique to check readiness of food • Produce attractive and palatable results

Cultivating hospitality’s next generation


Hospitality – Food Preparation Techniques: An Introduction National 3 The learner will learn how to:: • Weigh and measure food correctly • Use a range of simple food preparation techniques • Identify basic food preparation equipment On the last day of the course, the young person can invite a parent / guardian to attend The Larder Cook School for a sit down lunch which will be planned, prepared, cooked and plated to a high standard by the young people participating in the programme.

The larder can also deliver the following courses: Elementary Food Hygiene full day 9.30 to 4.30 pm or two half days. includes 6 hrs learning breaks and multiple choice exam at the end. £550 for a group of 10

Introduction to Customer Service Maximum 6 students over 5 days Cost £1710

Introduction to Barista

Employability Skills

Maximum 4 students for half day. Cost £300

Maximum of 6 students 4 days – Cost £1360 • Building CV • Interview Prep • Application support • Mentoring

Cultivating hospitality’s next generation

Introduction to Hospitality Maximum of 6 over 5 days Cost £1710 • Food prep/Cooking • Introduction to Barista • Menu Planning • Introduction to front of House and Customer Service • Introduction to EPOS


Our Success Stories The Larder is now the only training provider in West Lothian that can support young people along the full employability pipeline from education to employment. We do this in partnership with a number of partners including West Lothian College, West Lothian Council, voluntary organisations and a

range of employers from SME’s to large corporate companies. These partnerships have enabled us to achieve the following successes. The information below is based on courses being delivered at The Larder and may vary slightly if delivered in your school:





Cultivating hospitality’s next generation


Case Studies

Jade’s Story Jade is currently in Italy with West Lothian College, learning more about cooking. When she started with The Larder she would hardly raise her head to speak to you. Now she is travelling around Europe, cooking and engaging with people from all walks of life. She has been accepted to second year of her professional cookery course at West Lothian College. Her mother reported to us that “The Larder was the best thing that happened to Jade as it helped her become more confident in her own abilities”.

Sam’s Story Sam completed the WLEA Level 4 at The Larder and secured a positive destination, working in a café in a local partnership centre. There wasn’t enough work for him after 7 or 8 months and he was paid off. He was referred to our Employability Fund Programme and successfully completed additional qualifications and gained more work experience with a local employer which secured him with a job. Sam is now more confident in his own abilities but the EF programme allowed him to become a more confident chef.

Cultivating hospitality’s next generation

Visit: E-mail: Telephone: 01506 412819 Unit 6 B2 Brewster Square, Brucefield Industrial Estate, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 9BJ, Scotland.

The Larder West Lothian (trading as The Larder Training Academy) is a company Ltd by Guarantee and registered charity | Company number: SC0404466 | Charity number SC042554 | registered address: Unit 6 Brewster Square, Brucefield Industrial Estate, Livingston EH54 9BJ

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