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ome staging, or property presentation, is the process of preparing a property for sale, and helps homes sell in the shortest time and for the most money

possible. It is the process of transforming a home into a desirable product that can be marketed for sale. Many buyers cannot envision themselves actually living in and enjoying a property

when they look at it. Buying property is as much of an emotional decision as a financial one and most buyers need help to see a house as a home they can live in. The type of professional assistance that helps with this is known as staging.

The lure of staging 1. Sight: This one is pretty obvious! Rooms should

3. Touch: Broken and chipped,

be tidy and uncluttered. Photos, trophies, and kids’ artwork should be replaced with simple, classic decor. A buyer needs to be able to imagine their own life in your home. If your budget allows, you may want to temporarily store outdated and oversized furniture. Rent new, modern pieces to create a simple and clean design.

missing or loose tiles, are all off putting to a would-be buyer. Be sure that you do any minor repairs before showing your home.

2. Smell: Be sure that each room is not only tidy, but that it smells clean. However, avoid harsh chemical smells, such as bleach. Many buyers may be sensitive to these smells and will want to make a quick exit.

4. Hearing: An open house can be an event for selling your home, just be sure that barking dogs are taken care of. Have any noisy equipment switched off and don’t leave the television on. Soft background music can work but even peace and quiet is a sound.

5. Taste: Okay, this can be a hard one, depending on who is coming, but a glass of wine or freshly-made coffee for your guests can work. Or you can play up the sense of taste by having freshly baked bread or other enticing foods filling the air. The bottom line? Staging is intended to create an atmosphere for the prospective buyer where they can envision themselves in your home. You create a generic, rather than individual lifestyle with your staging, and through how you stimulate the senses.

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