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Lanzarote offers an ever-increasing range of ingredients and products, and its getting easier than ever to find a taste of home here in the middle of the Atlantic.


here used to be a time when British expats would get together and wistfully chat about the foods they most missed from home. But nowadays those conversations are getting shorter and shorter as suppliers bring products from the UK and other countries into Lanzarote. Marmite, Branston pickle, “proper” tea, and many other British favourites are now simple to locate on the island, and the range is increasing all the time, with an increasing amount of brand-named products on offer. This is good news for residents and tourists. Although dining out on Lanzarote is an absolute pleasure, it´s not something most of us can do every evening, which means it’s necessary to prepare food at home. And many of us, especially those of us who are relatively new to the island, are much more comfortable doing that if we´re using products that we know and trust. Sure, after a while you´ll discover plenty of local stuff that´s easy to prepare and great to eat,

and your meals will improve as a result. But home cooking is also about familiarity – old favourites and perennial classics that you return to time and time again. That´s why expats love to buy specialty baking products, particular cuts of meat and prepared meals that they simply can´t locate in Spanish shops. Most of the British products you´ll find available locally are easily stored, as well, meaning that you´ll always be able to reach for that special favourite condiment in your store cupboard or stock your freezer with food that can be easily prepared in the future – when unexpected guests turn up, for example. It´s also worth remembering that it´s not just British foods that are available – with a little initiative you can also find Chinese and Indian products and an increasing range of international products are stocked by the supermarkets.

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Call DISTRIBUCIONES VIERA on 928 802 346 and ask to see an English speaking sales rep. Arrecife – Road Arrecife-San Bartolomé, 10 – opposite the entrance to General Hospital. 42 | September 2015 | The Gazette

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The Gazette sep 2015  

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