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eauty has involved discomfort for centuries – from tribal piercings and tattoos through Victorian women squeezing themselves into agonizingly tight whalebone corsets right up to today’s obsession with painful and often disfiguring high heels and painful waxing sessions. And even when it´s not uncomfortable, it can still be harmful – makeup that clogs pores and golden suntans that are actually the evidence of skin damage. But it doesn´t have to be that way,

Beauty doesn’t have to be painful or damaging to your body - now’s the time to make the most of natural and beneficial looks and styles. and increasingly there is a movement towards more natural, healthy beauty products and treatments which will not only ensure you look great now and in the future, but also mean you´ll have a genuine smile on your face rather than a rictus of pain.

Treat Yourself Pamper yourself with a beauty treatment that will give your skin a refreshing, nourishing break – there are literally hundreds of options available on the island, allowing you to detox, relax and give your body a wellearned break. This will also have a beneficial effect on your mind, too, and research increasingly suggests that one of the keys to a healthy body is a positive mind.

IMPLANT PROMOTION: First implant of the whole treatment for 300 euros Tel: 828 084 656 - 606 397 300 (English) Open: Mon - Fri 9:00 - 13:00 and 16:00 - 20:00 Sat: 10:00 - 13:00

Arrecife: c/ José Antonio Primo de Rivera, 107.

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Dr. Jorge Cano BDS, MSc, PhD - Specialist in Oral Surgery (GDC 81700)

Registered in the UK University Lecturers in Dental Schools

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The Gazette sep 2015  

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The Gazette sep 2015  

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