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n Repeat edition Dear Gazette, I was amazed to start reading the Gazette this month to find my copy is a repeat of the July edition. I thought my memory was playing tricks. Please tell me if I am going crazy!!! Best regards Jo Sherard Ed: Well done, Jo! You received a stray copy of the misprinted edition that turned the air blue at our offices last month (see editorial on page 3). You´re welcome to hold onto it in the unlikely event that it becomes a sought-after collectors ítem, but we never want to see another of those copies again.

n Fuel shortfall Sir, As a fairly frequent visitor to Lanzarote, I always hire a car from the airport. This time (June) I used Goldcar instead of my usual Auto Riesen. The old adage “If something seems too good to be true it usually is” certainly applies to Goldcar.

The attractive price of £26 for 5 days looked very good. However they then wanted £29 for the uprated insurance (optional). But when I arrived at the airport I was asked to pay €72 for this insurance or pay €950 on my card for the excess in case of any damage. On top of this I had to pay €93 for a full tank of petrol, I was told that when I brought the car back I would be refunded on my card whatever was left in the tank. Smelling a rat, I ensured that the tank was full when I returned the car. I received an email confirming that the tank was 8/8ths full, but I only got €63 back on my card. When I asked for the outstanding €30 back I was told that this was so I didn’t have to bother filling the tank up on its return? But I did fill it up, yet I was still charged. Upon checking the Auto Reisen site, they have a policy of “No rip off on fuel” whatever was in the tank when you pick it up is what you return it with, I will be back again in August. Guess who I will be using for my car hire. Dale Birch, Sheffield


eaders are reminded that views and comment expressed within the Postbag pages are those of the contributors and may not necessarily reflect the opinions or standpoint of The Gazette staff. It should also be noted that The Gazette is an independent publication free from political persuasion or governmental censorship.

n Postcard problems Dear Gazette, I have been coming to Lanzarote for 26 years. When I was in Puerto Del Carmen in June I bought some postcards from a photographic shop. The man asked if I would like to purchase stamps. I said “OK” and he told me they would get back home faster than the ones bought in the post office where I usually buy them from. They were put in the small green box which is outside some of the shops. The stamps from this shop were €1.60 each! They have not been received by my friends in England up to this date. Yours Diane Knell Ed: It looks like you´re yet another victim of Easy Post, Ms. Knell. This franchise was fined €100,000 in early 2012 for administrative offences that breached the Spanish postal law, yet continues to operate. A quick search reveals that you are by no means the only tourist to suffer mislaid or delayed postcard deliveries. We would advise always using the official Correos service and posting mail in the yellow boxes with the bugle logo. Currently, a normal postcard sent from the Canaries to the UK should cost 90 cents – almost half of what you paid.

n Bus request Dear Gazette, My wife and I have been visiting your beautiful Island for the past 15 years, (Puerto del Carmen) and we usually stay at the same villa each time we arrive. We are both in our late sixties, sometimes finding it difficult to walk very far. I would like to request whether a bus stop could be placed half-way on the Avenida Italia stretch of the highway. We stay on the Avenida de Francia and when wanting to travel to Arrecife or Puerto Calero we have to walk to the next stop which is at the San Antonio Hotel.

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