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Zoo Garden

That first birthday is a vital milestone for any new business, so I gives us great pleasure to congratulate Zoo Garden on completing their first year in business.

n La Ormiga The childrens’ fashion shop La Ormiga has opened its doors at the Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife. Already well-known at Spanish fashion shows, this relatively new company owes its rapid success to an excellent quality-to-price ratio and a range of clothes that allow the smallest members of your family to dress in style and comfort. La Ormiga is a young, innovative company which has swiftly revolutionised childrens´ fashion in Spain with its perfectly selected collections that reflect the latest market trends. Always original, always elegant and always of the highest quality, La Ormiga offers attractive, wearable clothes for children from 0 – 16 years, at temptingly competitive prices. Come and see the very best of childrens’ fashion at La Ormiga, at the Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife.

n Home products

on Lanzarote

Overseas Supermercados has now opened its doors in the Playa Honda Industrial Zone. Located just past AfricaMar and the roundabout leading up the hill to Güime, Overseas Supermercados is the only place on Lanzarote where you can by products from the quality British Waitrose chain, as well as frozen goods from Iceland. As well as these two household names, there are thousands of other British-branded products on offer. So drop in for a chance to enjoy all those UK products you´ve been missing.

28 | September 2015 | The Gazette

Located next to Casa Ajey on C/Cervantes in San Bartolomé, Zoo Garden is a combined pet supplies shop and florists, allowing you to make the most of both the animal and plant kingdoms. So whether it´s petfood or a potplant, a dog lead or a funeral wreath, you know exactly where to go!

n Seeing good,

looking good

As the summer holidays end and the sun gets lower in the sky, there´s no better time of year to sort out a new pair of glasses or sunglasses, and if the height of style at competitive prices is what you´re looking for, a visit to see Opti+ (Optimas) Vision’s new autumn collection is an absolute must. Located at 72 Avenida de las Playas in Puerto del Carmen and also at the Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife, Opti+ Vision offers a range of stylish designer brands that will tempt and enchant you. The girls at Opti+ are passionate about glasses, and their enthusiasm is sure to rub off on you.

n One million in the

Yellow Submarine

Submarine Safaris SL was established in Lanzarote in the summer of 1997. They are proud to announce that they have now taken one million people to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean on the “Yellow Submarine”. The millionth client was treated like a celebrity, with a confetti entrance and champagne on arrival at the reception centre after their dive They were also given special framed certificates and a gift box of submarine goodies. Paul Bunce, MD said, “This is a great milestone for the company and we look forward to the next million” For more info please visit Facebook : Submarine Safaris SL Twitter : @Submarinesafari Instagram : SubmarineSafaris

n Learn the Lingo Do you want to save time and money, increase your social abilities and feel like you´re genuinely part of the beautiful island you live on? If so, there´s one tip that is more important than any other: learn Spanish. There´s no better time than September to learn Spanish, and there´s no better place to learn it than Academia LILS in Puerto del Carmen. Whether its groups or individual classes, go to www. to find out more.

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