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Arrecife Road Closure

A section of Arrecife’s seafront will be closed until Christmas as roadworks take place, meaning detours will be in place until then.

the Gazette, saying “Once works are finished traffic will be able to use the road in both directions. However, we are monitoring traffic use in the area and may decide on further restrictions in the future depending on these observations.” The initial works are intended to resurface the road and eliminate the few parking places that existed in front of the Post Office and the Club Nautico. Work will also be undertaken to pedestrianise various streets behind the seafront.

Criticism has also been levelled at the decision to cut down at least 20 mature acacia trees which used to line the seafront. “It´s a crime” said one elderly local man in the area, gesturing at the row of stumps left behind. Samuel Martín Morero explained the chopping down of the trees, saying “The project was approved after a detailed analysis of how trees can be permitted to develop their root systems without affecting pavements, which was Samuel Martín Morera what was happening. The aim is also to create a zone which removes architectural obstacles. It´s worth remembering that many of the trees in this area were already cut down due to the fact that their roots were causing problems, while others were sick.”

Arrecife´s seafront last month


he roadworks are the first stage of the Intervention on Arrecife´s Seafront project, announced last year, and have already caused controversy, with the Ayuntamiento initially failing to make it clear whether the completed project would be open to traffic or limited to public transport only. Arrecife´s Planning Councillor, Samuel Martín Morera, clarified the situation to

14 | September 2015 | The Gazette

When asked when the project would be completed, Samuel Martín said that, after consultation with the constructors, Arrecife Ayuntameinto had reached an agreement meaning that the seafront will be open again in four months, on a date falling before Christmas. ADVICE: Access to Lanzarote Marina from the east and to the Gran Hotel from the west is normal. However, the seafront zone between Arrecife´s Ayuntamiento and Visanta will remain closed until further notice. Parking in the capital is almost completely unaffected by the works. Unless you know Arrecife well, visitors are advised to use either the inner or outer ringroads to get from one side of the city to the other.

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The Gazette sep 2015  

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